Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 686 – The Power of the Saint Bone, Another Suppression

Chapter 686 – The Power of the Saint Bone, Another Suppression

The Power of the Saint Bone, Another Suppression

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*Hong Long*

The sky and land both shook. The entire spatial zone had been shaken quite seriously. It was imaginable that after Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao’s battle, this whole spatial zone would be destroyed and would cease to exist.

Three terrifying Combat Dragons rushed into the Heavenly Sky, hitting against the Sun, Moon and meteors and created an intense collision and destructive Qi that lingered in the air everywhere. It was like the falling of the Heaven and Earth, it was absolutely horrifying. This abrupt combat really startled one’s heart and trembled one’s gut.


Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao bellowed at the same time. The three Combat Dragons and the Heavenly Sky collided against one another and exploded. The explosion created a powerful and very fierce impact to the surrounding. Under such a destructive impact, the spatial zone started to tear apart inch by inch, countless number of cracks occurring on it.

*Hong Long*

The domineering waves continued to affect every part of the spatial zone. Finally, it couldn’t stand it anymore. This spatial zone had become unstable after losing the support of the Pure Soil, so it literally couldn’t withstand the crazy fight of these two mad men.

The spatial zone finally broke into pieces and dissipated into nothing.


Wails were heard. There were some cultivators at the border of the spatial zone that were sacrificed. Under the impact of that force, everything was evaporated into nothingness after just one hit. It was calm before the explosion in another spatial zone. However, the ground and mountains shook all of a sudden, large cracks appeared in the sky as if the whole world was going to be engulfed. It looked like a scene of the end of the world.

In this spatial zone, there were quite a number of people. There were a few powerful Seventh Grade Combat Emperors among them. At this moment, everyone’s head was looking up at the black smoke that was billowing from somewhere else. It was like a terrifying black hole that emerged from the void. The destructive energy was so clear that they felt like it was going to devour them all. Their faces turned frightful when they saw the people nearest to the spatial zone being eliminated.

“What happened? Very strong movements of energy like the entire world is going to collapse.”

“That is a very powerful combat wave. It seemed like it was caused by an intense battle, truly terrifying. The spatial zone was completely wrecked. Who actually is it?”

“Quickly, look! There are two silhouettes, it seemed like they are fighting.”


Someone saw two silhouettes coming out from the cracks of the spatial zone. Their movements were so fast that it felt as if one was looking at a series of after-images battling and moving. They had destroyed another spatial zone and s.h.i.+fted their battlefield to this spatial zone.

“Dammit! So fierce!”

Big Yellow was able to rush out of the cracks but his face was filled with pride. That was right, he was very proud. It was because the destruction of the spatial zone forced Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao to bring the battle here. However, the big formation that he set up was not damaged, it wasn’t destroyed along with the spatial zone. Thus, his formation was still able to prevent Nan Bei Chao from escaping.

It seemed that only Big Yellow could cast such a great formation technique.

“Look! That white silhouette is Jiang Chen. He is battling someone. G.o.d! He was just a Second Grade Combat Emperor not long ago, but now he is already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. His combat strength would be devastatingly powerful.”

“My G.o.d! It has been only two hours since I entered this spatial zone. In just two hours…. he actually advanced two grades continuously…from the Second Grade to the Fourth Grade. Is he really human? Can someone who could initiate the heavenly tribulation be so powerful?”

“This dude’s abnormality is indescribable. He is merely a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor but the combat strength he possesses is enough to kill someone three grades higher than him. He need not worry about facing an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor either as he could destroy the spatial zone. Who is that blonde young man? He seems to be even scarier.”

“Yeah, we have never seen that man before. When did such a freak emerge in the Mysterious Domain? He seems to be only at the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor but he can actually match that abnormal monster, how is he unknown to the public before this?”


Everyone was shocked. The huge battle above the sky was shocking. There were quite a number of people here that came from the herb garden, they had witnessed the fight between Yan Hui, Li Long and Jiang Chen where Li Long and Yan Hui died. What shocked them the most was that Jiang Chen merely used two hours to advance two grades, an insane level of achievement.

Another person that shocked them was his opponent. It was a blonde haired young man that came out of nowhere and wasn’t even seen or heard before in the Mysterious Domain. His gestures carried a bursting and domineering aura which portrayed the Qi of a high monarch that made people automatically respect him. Some low-grade cultivators were subdued as they felt the urge to wors.h.i.+p him in their hearts.

This was a scary figure, but why was he unrecognized by the public? This was where they were taken aback.

However, the battle between these two shocked them even more. A lot of them seemingly felt very fortunate to be able to witness the battle between these two monsters. Also, a battle like this would bring them great benefits.

*Hong Long*

The five elements of the Combat Dragon Seal and the Heavenly Sky casted by Nan Bei Chao had finally vanished. These two skills had completely crumbled the spatial zone but there was no clear winner. Until now, it was unclear who would win, they secretly raised their thumbs up to each other even if they were the greatest of foes. They had to admit that their opponents were very good fighters.

“Jiang Chen, I have the Monarch Punch that can blow the heaven and earth. I want to see whether you can withstand it or not.”

Nan Bei Chao moved. His Yuan Force was like an ocean, like Jiang Chen’s boundless force that couldn’t be exhausted. He punched with a ‘bang.’ The simple punch carried some kind of special power, causing the winds to run wild. A giant golden punch with an intense monarch aura was charging at Jiang Chen.

“Seems like I can’t hold back, I have to kill him.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glinted with a brilliant light. His combat aura was overwhelming and his left forefinger started to shake intensely. In a twinkle, it grew a fold larger as a saint aura and golden lights were emanated from it.

“Profound Nine Solar Finger.”

Jiang Chen yelled and casted the Profound Nine Solar Finger. It wasn’t a mere finger, it carried the power of the Saint Bone that ignited the true power of the Profound Nine Solar Finger, unleas.h.i.+ng the endless power from within.

*Hong Long*

The spatial zone in the sky was ravaged once more. Nine giant golden fingers akin to mountains rushed out. Each and every giant finger was life-like, with intricate patterns inscribed on it. Afterwards, all nine of them fused into one in the blink of an eye. The size remained but the Qi had increased by multiple folds.

This is the power of a Saint Bone. It was unstoppable and had an aura that could conquer the world. It crashed against the Monarch Punch under everyone’s gaze.


It was as if the entire world was drowned in an unpleasant noise. The onlookers were all deaf for a moment with paled faces. Fortunately, these two people were fighting in the sky. If they were fighting on the ground, all of the spectators would’ve been involved in the battle and die, turning into grey dust.

This was the reason why these two Combat Emperors were battling in the sky and had to find a new place to do it. Their powers were too strong, a casual attack could cause large amount of damage which no ordinary man could possibly hope to bear.

“Faster! Move back, get as far away as you can as soon as possible.”

Someone shouted. These two people were preparing to cast their ultimate skills. Even an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Both the Profound Nine Solar finger and Nan Bei Chao’s Monarch Punch were impeccable skill. The collision of these two attacks was akin to a catastrophe.


Nan Bei Chao received a great recoiling force and moved three steps backwards before stabilizing himself. In front of him, Jiang Chen’s body only shook slightly. The power of the Saint Bone was the greatest. It had even gained the upper hand as it collided with the Monarch Punch.

Nan Bei Chao couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. He felt aggrieved as he couldn’t accept what was happening. This situation was similar to his previous battle with Jiang Chen.

‘Am I going to lose to Jiang Chen again? My strength is even two grades higher.

No. this is impossible! I can’t lose again! It’s unfair, how can he be so powerful?!’

Nan Bei Chao couldn’t accept the fact presented to him. Jiang Chen also felt slightly intimidated by Nan Bei Chao as his technique was ever-improving. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, killing Nan Bei Chao would be an impossible feat.

“Nan Bei Chao, why don’t you stay today?”

Jiang Chen said coldly. He knew, deep down inside that although the Saint Bone could suppress Nan Bei Chao, it couldn’t kill him. He had to rely on his broken pot again. The magma inside the broken pot could eliminate anyone below the Minor Saint Grade. Currently, he still had two more chances to use it. If it could kill Nan Bei Chao, it would be worth it even if it was used twice.

“That broken pot again?”

“My G.o.d! Is the broken pot still usable?”

“He is finished, the blonde young man is finished. The broken pot will launch a world-shaking attack and the blonde youth will certainly die.”


The moment Jiang Chen took out the broken pot, the facial expression of many people changed. They had witnessed the power of the broken pot, no one knew better than them how devastating the broken pot was. Li Long, who was at the peak of the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, was so vulnerable under the broken pot’s attack that he was exterminated without leaving any remains behind.

After seeing Jiang Chen’s broken pot in his hands, Nan Bei Chao’s facial expression turned wary. His instinct told him that the broken pot in Jiang Chen’s hand wasn’t just a normal pot and the threat of it wasn’t minuscule.