Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 684 – Battling Nan Bei Chao Again

Chapter 684 – Battling Nan Bei Chao Again

Battling Nan Bei Chao Again

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*Hu Hu*

As soon as Big Yellow’s voice faded, a scary wave of wind started to blow behind his back. The wind had been imbued with a very strong Qi. It rolled upwards, soaring for the sky in a twinkle. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s facial expression changed. They quickly turned around and saw a golden light being condensed into a golden cloud, a truly divine sight.

Then, a silhouette appeared atop the golden cloud. It’s a young man in golden robes, and his golden hair fluttering in the breeze. His entire body was full of golden light akin to one who had been soaked in an ocean of gold for a very long time. He was like a G.o.d who had descended from the heavens. The Qi that he was emanating could intimidate everyone.

“Nan Bei Chao!”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exclaimed simultaneously. They knew this young man all too well. Back in Black Sect in the Qi Province, they were incapable of completely exterminating this person, one of Jiang Chen’s biggest regret. This was because he knew that someone like Nan Bei Chao would find him in the future to cause trouble again if he didn’t die.

Big Yellow was part of the Dragon-Horse race, a highly proud being. Nevertheless, even he had to admit that Nan Bei Chao was a G.o.d’s favored son. The great geniuses of the major powers’ vastly differed from Nan Bei Chao. If there was someone who could be compared to Jiang Chen, it would be Nan Bei Chao.

“Jiang Chen, we meet again at last.”

Nan Bei Chao’s expression was emotionless as he blankly looked at Jiang Chen. The only hint of what he was feeling was the trace of killing intent in his eyes.

Jiang Chen feared that Nan Bei Chao would be the only one who was able to leisurely enter the Death Mountain after it was closed, making it possible for him to find the spatial zone that Jiang Chen was located in.

“Nan Bei Chao, on that day, you were akin to a pitiful dog who ran off with its tail between its legs. I never thought that you would be able to hold your breath until now. It had surely made you suffer.”

Jiang Chen crossed his arms around his chest and said in a faint tone. Actually, he was very surprised. He could see that Nan Bei Chao was at the Sixth Grade of Combat Emperor. It varied greatly from what Nebula Kidd had said when he predicted that Nan Bei Chao was a First Grade Combat Emperor.

“Little Chen, this dude is a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. It seems like we have a problem here.”

Big Yellow said using his Divine Sense. He was now a powerful Fifth Grade Demon Emperor. If the enemy was an ordinary Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, he would be able to easily get rid of him without the help of Jiang Chen, biting the enemy to death. Unfortunately, the man before him wasn’t an ordinary Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. He was Nan Bei Chao. Although he was only at the Sixth Grade, he should be seen as an Eighth Grade.

While Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were checking their enemy’s level of strength and other changes, Nan Bei Chao was doing the same thing and he was slightly startled by Jiang Chen’s level of strength.

“Freedom King said that you were only a Second Grade Combat Emperor at the time you entered, seems like you have just reached Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. Such an incredible speed of advancement would really shock the ma.s.ses. It seems that it would be a little difficult for me to crush you like an ant now.”

Nan Bei Chao was very arrogant in his speech and was a very impatient man. He feared Jiang Chen despite him only having a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor cultivation base. Only Jiang Chen could make Nan Bei Chao speak so much before fighting. He knew Jiang Chen very well and his prowess. Whoever confronted Nan Bei Chao with a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor’s level of strength other than Jiang Chen would be equal to one committing suicide.

“A defeated person dares to boast shamelessly here. If I were you, I would immediately find a corner to hide to avoid being shamed.”

Big Yellow was never polite in his speech, especially to his enemy.

“Humph! It’s a miracle that this dog hasn’t been caught and stewed by someone.”

Nan Bei Chao made a cold humph. He had a deep impression of Jiang Chen as well as this dog. He didn’t rush to attack as he continued to stare at Jiang Chen, like two old friends trying to reminisce their old days.

“Jiang Chen, I have long known that you will come to the Divine Continent given your talents. It was just that you had come earlier than I had expected. I initially thought that it would be after I have conquered the entire Divine Continent and was wors.h.i.+pped by all living things, I would then want you to kneel before me and repent for your sins. I never imagined that you came here so early.”

Nan Bei Chao was wildly arrogant, claiming that he would conquer the entire Divine Continent and be wors.h.i.+pped by all living creatures. It seemed that only Nan Bei Chao could say these kind of words. Not even the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, Jiang Chen, had the courage to claim that he would be wors.h.i.+pped by everyone.

Nan Bei Chao cultivated the Monarch Heaven Art and the path that he was going for was the path of a monarch or an emperor. He was a being who was innately arrogant.

“You sought refuge at the Freedom Palace?”

Jiang Chen ignored all of the boastful words Nan Bei Chao had said. Even then, he still knitted his eyebrows. He had heard about the Freedom King and could imagine that Nan Bei Chao was now on the same side as him. Nan Bei Chao must be wanting to use the Freedom Palace’s power to conquer the whole Mysterious Domain and slowly devour the entire continent as a way to cultivate his Monarch Heaven Art. This situation was similar to the one where Nan Bei Chao depended on Zhao Chong Yang’s strength to dominate the Qi Province. Of course, the Mysterious Domain was way larger and wasn’t comparable to a small Qi Province.

However, Jiang Chen did know that Nan Bei Chao had wild ambitions. He wasn’t going to be satisfied after merely conquering a domain. Now that he had built his own power, he would do as he said: conquering the entire Divine Continent.

Nan Bei Chao possessed the Immortal Physique and with the aid of his follower, the White Tiger, it would help him achieve his target quickly. Jiang Chen felt that Nan Bei Chao had improved so much because he had encountered some sort of fortunate event.

“Seek refuge? It’s called conquering. Freedom King has to depend on me to expand his palace. The Mysterious Domain will belong to me sooner or later. When that time comes, you have already lost the capability to stop me.”

Nan Bei Chao said. Back in Qi Province, he would’ve become the conqueror if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s interference. If he had successfully conquered the Qi Province, his Monarch Heaven Art would be much scarier by now. It was because of that failure that his cultivation of the art as a powerful monarch was significantly harder as he was not allowed to have failures in his path.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged glances. It seemed that they had acquired a big secret regarding the Mysterious Domain. Freedom King was like the previous Fen Tiange. Under the control of Nan Bei Chao, he was already planning how to devour the whole domain. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised to hear this kind of secret as he had already antic.i.p.ated that the domain would descend into chaos the moment he heard about the presence of Nan Bei Chao from Nebula Kidd.

“Nan Bei Chao, you are truly a genius who owned an Immortal Physique, and going on a glorious path of a monarch. Unfortunately, you have met me, so your path won’t be smooth sailing anymore. The result of your attempt in this domain would be the same as the one in Qi Province.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi trembled. His whole body was filled with gus.h.i.+ng combat intent. He had never underestimated Nan Bei Chao, but he was more determined and confident to show Nan Bei Chao who the true son of divine destiny was.

“Haha…Jiang Chen, you are really too naïve. You have no idea how strong I am now. It would be so easy for me to kill you now that it would be like squas.h.i.+ng an ant. I am the true son of divine destiny. I’m unstoppable. Today, I will let you know how powerful I am. The only purpose that I came here is to kill you, to reclaim back the pride that I lost!”

Nan Bei Chao laughed loudly. The humiliating defeat in Qi Province had inflicted a wound that wouldn’t be forgotten for the rest of his life. The most effective way to heal the wound would be to kill Jiang Chen. Once Jiang Chen was killed, his thoughts would be trouble-free, and the blemish hindering him on his Monarch Heaven Art’s path would also disappear completely.

“Is that so? Then, you should try doing that, and we’ll see who dies.”

Jiang Chen’s black hair was fluttering in the air without the slightest fear. He had advanced his grade to the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor and was able to duel with someone as powerful as Nan Bei Chao right now.

Truthfully, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt very lucky to find the Pure Soil here. Jiang Chen would’ve been no match for Nan Bei Chao today if he hadn’t acquired the power of the Pure Soil.

“Little Chen, he has a Third Grade Minor Saint Divine Beast White Tiger with him. Won’t it be seeking death if we fight him?”

Big Yellow conversed with Jiang Chen secretly using Divine Sense worriedly.

“You fool! Don’t you know that that beast is a Third Grade Minor Saint? How can such a powerful being enter the Death Mountain?”

Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow an annoyed glance. Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled suddenly when he realized that anyone above the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor wasn’t allowed to enter the Death Mountain. In that case, they could confront Nan Bei Chao.

“Big Yellow, don’t hold back your power when we fight. We’ll jointly attack with all that we got and exterminate him here.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a murderous glint. Nan Bei Chao was his greatest enemy. He wouldn’t miss any chance to defeat or eliminate him.

“Jiang Chen, welcome your death!”

Nan Bei Chao’s Monarch Qi rushed towards the sky. Instantly, he struck with unparalleled prestige. His hand dug into the air, tearing down the spatial zone nearby. A brilliant large golden palm seal which looked like a giant hill charged towards Jiang Chen, enveloping him. That attack carried a tremendous amount of force that has the ability to crush a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor into a patty.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. He jumped into the sky and rushed towards the giant palm. He shook both his hands, and were now completely covered with dragon scales and it turned into a giant dragon claw. A powerful True Dragon Palm was casted, some of the spatial zones were also torn down by it. He lunged forward to meet the golden palm, its Qi was on par with Nan Bei Chao’s palm seal.

The Dragon Transformation Art was just too scary. Such an ancient and old art with forty-six thousand dragon marks. It made Jiang Chen so powerful that a casual attack of his could create a force that was as big as an ocean, stifling the breath of the audiences.

*Hong Long*

The True Dragon Palm and Golden Giant Palm Seal collided, demolis.h.i.+ng the spatial zones around them, causing it to be in ruins. The air was burnt, and a deafening sound trembled the entire spatial zone as if it had received a destructive attack.