Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 683 – Fourth Grade Combat Emperor

Chapter 683 – Fourth Grade Combat Emperor

Fourth Grade Combat Emperor

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Nan Bei Chao’s golden robe rippled, his pupils glittered like a scorching sun, full of blazing flames.

“I want to head to the Death Mountain to meet with my old friend again.”

“Prince Nan Bei, don’t be rash. There can be numerous people who are named Jiang Chen, it may not be him.”

Freedom King didn’t expect Jiang Chen’s name to stir up Nan Bei Chao. He had known him a little longer than a day and found out that Nan Bei Chao was a very calm person who always maintained his composure even when a mountain crumbled in front of him. Nan Bei Chao had never been emotional in front of him. Today, he had unveiled a part of his emotions after hearing Jiang Chen’s name. It seemed as if he had suffered some kind of loss because of Jiang Chen for him to react so emotionally.

“It has to be him.”

Nan Bei Chao was sure of his words. Sometimes, what one was concerned the most about wasn’t one’s friend, but one’s enemy. For instance, Jiang Chen could easily figure out what Nan Bei Chao’s intention in the Mysterious Domain was. The moment Jiang Chen knew about his appearance here, he knew that the domain was going to fall into chaos. Nan Bei Chao had the same intuition, he knew that if Jiang Chen existed in the domain, his domineering path would be obstructed. If there was anyone who could obstruct him from going forward in his path towards becoming an emperor, it would be Jiang Chen. Nonetheless, it was because of their existence which caused so much intensity that it made their cultivation path not as dull as it was.

As the saying went, ‘Even heroes valued their greatest foe.’

“However, the spatial pa.s.sageway into the Death Mountain is closed for now. I’m afraid Prince Nan Bei can’t go in for now.”

Freedom King frowned. If Nan Bei Chao wanted to enter the Death Mountain, he had to go in alone, leaving his White Tiger behind as it was a powerful Minor Demon Saint. If it entered with him to the Death Mountain, it would cause some unimaginable disasters inside.

“It doesn’t matter. I have the physique of an Immortal and inherited the will of heaven. I can go anywhere. I have my ways of entering the place.”

Nan Bei Chao said. With a sway of his body, he disappeared completely. He headed for the Death Mountain while leaving the White Tiger behind in the Freedom Palace.

The White Tiger could only watch the fading silhouette of Nan Bei Chao in the air as it continued to lie down and snooze. He had never even glanced at the Freedom King, not even once since the beginning until now. White tigers were an arrogant race who would never put anyone in their eyes, except Nan Bei Chao who was acknowledged by it.


Inside the Death Mountain. In a small and narrow spatial zone, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were still in their meditative state. Their body were s.h.i.+ning with a golden light which made them seem very divine. Their Qis’ were continuously increasing. The power of the pure soil was too strong. Earth was one of five elements. After Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were done refining - not only would their grade advance - their physiques and Yuan Force would also be enhanced, providing enormous benefits.

There were people coming in the spatial zone, they had sensed the unusual Soul Qi but they weren’t able to find anything related to it. There was only an empty herb garden that was left with nothing but the stench of blood and combat Qi lingering in the air.

“There had to be a big battle that occurred here. Look at that herb garden, there must have been a lot of herbs grown inside, but unfortunately we are too late for that. They were all be taken by the others.”

“It’s really bad…Those herbs must be very valuable.”

“Our luck is too poor.”


The people who entered circled the entire area once then left. They didn’t feel anything extraordinary here. As for the b.l.o.o.d.y battle that happened before they came, it didn’t surprise them very much since the dead bodies were already carried away by the disciples of the two major powers.

*Ka! Ka!*

Two clear sounds were suddenly produced from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s body. That was the sound of advancement. At this moment, Jiang Chen had successfully condensed a thousand dragon marks and had reached the Third Grade Combat Emperor. Big Yellow on the other hand, had pushed his grade to the Fourth Grade Demon Emperor.

Each of them advanced one level of grade, but their Qi didn’t stop increasing there and they hadn’t awoken yet. The benefits that were brought by the pure soil weren’t only these.

Big Yellow’s Dragon-Horse bloodline became more vigorous. The speed of his refining increased. It seemed that it would only take one or two hours to completely refine the entire half of the pure soil. At that time, he would surely reach the Fifth Grade Demon Emperor.

At the same time that Jiang Chen was refining the pure soil, the Earth Dragon Seal of the five elements circulated automatically. A heavy and large Soul Qi coursed through Jiang Chen’s veins and finally to his Qi Sea. Dragon marks were continuing to form without slowing down.

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred……one thousand……

An hour later, Jiang Chen finally completed refining the pure soil. His Earth Dragon Seal was completed. The surge of energy from the Earth Dragon Seal’s bursting power accelerated the formation of dragon marks upto forty six thousand before it stopped abruptly. Jiang Chen successfully advance to the Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. He had advanced two levels this time, from the Second Grade to the Fourth Grade. The amplification of the refining had brought unexpected results to him.


A wave of Qi rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body, crumbling the soil below him. The crumbling force trembled the entire land, as if there was an earthquake happening.

*Hong Long*

Suddenly, another deep noise was heard. The land immediately cracked into lines. Big Yellow had also awoken. He had successfully reached the Fifth Grade Demon Emperor. His supposedly large and st.u.r.dy physique had grown half of its original size. He was fully covered with a golden fur, not having a single mixed-coloured hair. The dragon horn at the centre of his head grew by an inch, the tip of the horn illuminated with sparks. His Qi of divine beast had become even more intense.

Behind Big Yellow, a divine shadow of a Dragon-Horse was s.h.i.+ning continuously. The shadow was fully golden. There were two dragon horns on its head. If one looked closely, there was something bulging up at the centre, it was actually the third horn.

If this situation was seen by the entire Dragon-Horse race, they would excitedly jump. This kind of Dragon-Horse only appeared once every tens of thousands of years, and they would call him the king of their king.

However, the shadow of the Dragon-Horse disappeared when Big Yellow opened his eyes. His features remained and nothing changed besides the little increment of his horns’ length, body size and level.

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen and saw an extraordinary Earth Dragon circling him. The size of the Earth Dragon continued to grow larger as a terrifying Qi was released from it. The appearance of the Earth Dragon had turned Jiang Chen into some kind of an underground king that made all the Soul Qi rush to him.

Nonetheless, the true scariness was the destructive force of the Earth Dragon. This was a combat technique which could deal a considerable amount of damage.

“Dammit! This kid is getting all over of himself!”

Big Yellow made a sway of his body then left the spatial zone and shot upwards. He had already known what would happen upon seeing Jiang Chen’s current condition. He just started to circulate the Earth Dragon Seal. When the Earth Dragon was fully condensed, the entire herb garden on top would be completely destroyed.

Big Yellow didn’t want to lose his life because of that, so the most sensible thing to do was to leave that area.


Big Yellow drilled his way out of the ground. By the time he came out, a world-shaking rumbling sound occurred underground. Then, the land where the herb garden was at shook. An Earth Dragon that was about forty meters large drilled out of the land and spiralled up to the sky, and an explosion happened. That was an indescribable explosive force that totally blew the entire herb garden away. Smoke filled the atmosphere and flares of fire were seen.

After that, a white silhouette flew from below. His pupils were glowing and his black hair was dancing in the breeze like a peerless lord that looked down on all the living creatures.

He just stood there, the superior Qi that his body was releasing made him look like he was a natural born lord. A large whirlpool was formed above his head that was roughly three hundred meters wide. Outside his body, a shadowy blood-red dragon was dancing and circling around him. Both of his hands were full of dragon scales, it’s truly a magnificent sight.

“This dude is becoming scarier, his cultivation technique is so abnormal!”

Big Yellow couldn’t help commenting on Jiang Chen’s cultivation. Jiang Chen’s combat strength had been multiplied after advancing to the Fourth Grade Emperor. With his current combat strength, he would be able to get rid of a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor easily. He even had the strength to deal with an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s advancement had created a big mess on the place. Fortunately, there weren’t any cultivators here or else it would draw some kind of unwanted attention from the people. This spatial zone was like a spatial springboard, any cultivators who came here would just pa.s.s through without thoroughly checking the place. Now, this place had become very peaceful and quiet. In the entire spatial zone, there were only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Little Chen, how do you feel?”

Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen and asked.

“It is more than I expected. I feel like a punch of mine can kill a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor. I can even fight an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor.”

Jiang Chen’s face revealed a smile. He felt so much better with his current condition.

“Unfortunately, after I was interrupted from the enlightenment, I couldn’t find it back. However, I have a feeling that if I completed the cultivation of the five elements, the Dragon Transformation Art will undergo another metamorphosis, bringing boundless benefits and surprises.”

Jiang Chen felt that his previous enlightenment was a waste, but he had an intuition when his Earth Dragon Seal underwent a transformation. After the metamorphosis of the Dragon Transformation Art, he would acquire the power of transforming into a real dragon himself.

However, it would be extremely difficult to complete the cultivation of these Five Elements of Combat Dragon Seal. He was lucky enough to find the Pure Soil and Pure Water. Now, he only lacked items for the element of Wood and Gold, but these things couldn’t be deliberately acquired, it depended on one’s luck.

“Let’s go. This place is already in ruins. After we have retrieved the Pure Soil, this place will very quickly become like the other spatial zone, desolate and filled with stale air. We will go to the other spatial zone in search for other treasures.”

Big Yellow said.