Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 682 – Refining the Pure Soil

Chapter 682 – Refining the Pure Soil

Refining the Pure Soil

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The lower they go, the harder the soil become. Their movement became limited. The soil was this hard because they were exposed to the effects of the pure soil for many years, they had all become extraordinary soil. They were almost as hard as steel and released a thick Soul Qi, and if not for that the herbs in the garden wouldn’t grow so vigorously. Even the Dragon Ginseng had developed into a fine Ginseng that had sentience because of the soil. There shouldn’t be a spatial zone under the Death Mountain that was overflowing with Soul Qi.

Despite the soil being very hard, it wasn’t a problem for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Both of them were fast. They drilled three hundred meters below the ground in a very short amount of time. They had entered a very deep layer underground, the soil there was almost unbreakable and further below was s.h.i.+ning with golden light as if a world of wonder awaited them.

“Seems like this pure soil is a great treasure. Despite residing so deep underground, it can still affect the soil above. But this depth is a little too much if we are to keep digging, we’re going to dig through the nether world soon.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but mutter.

“The nether world is an independent world and we can’t get through it just by digging underground. The pure soil is just further down below.”

Jiang Chen said. He and Big Yellow were like two golden drills that kept on making a ‘kaka’ sound while drilling downwards, they went deeper by another fifty feet very quickly.

Ahead of them, on their left side was an independent spatial zone that was only three meters wide. There wasn’t anything in this area, it was totally hollow. In the s.p.a.ce, a golden light had materialized and had been weaved into nets similar to spider webs, they are very close to one another. The terrifying Soul Qi rendered their breathing difficult.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s gaze fell on the spatial zone at the same time. They saw a golden coloured thing drifting in the middle of the spatial zone. The thing was as large as a fist, its body was emitting a golden light and it was circling slowly on its own, it looked truly divine.

“Pure Soil!”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow shouted at the same time. Big Yellow said happily, “This is the legendary pure soil, and it is really rare. This is an invaluable treasure. A Heavenly Earth Saint item, it is really rare and very hard to obtain.”

“For such a small piece of pure soil to release such a great Soul Qi that can render the entire spatial zone to develop such great changes and to allow the growth of so many herbs, it is truly extraordinary.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh with an impressed emotion.

Big Yellow licked his lips and wanted to ingest this pure soil so badly. Seeing his foolish face, Jiang Chen quickly pulled his tail.

“Why are you pulling my tail? Master Dog knows this toy has much more benefits to you than me, so I choose to not eat it. You take it and absorb it.”

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen with his mouth still dribbling. Jiang Chen felt touched about this. All this while, most of the treasure found by Big Yellow were in the possession of Jiang Chen.

“The earth is one of the five elements, it is also one of the basics for a cultivator. This pure soil is a divine item of heavens and earth. Anyone who gets this pure soil will obtain boundless benefits. If I were to absorb this pure soil, my Earth Dragon Seal will be completed. Amongst the five elements, I have completed fire, water, and earth. I am only left with wood and gold, but I only need half of the pure soil to cultivate my Earth Dragon Seal. We’ll divide it into half, and I’ll start refining it here in this small spatial zone.”

Jiang Chen said. The power of the pure soil was very great so he didn’t need all of it. Half of the soil had enough Soul Qi to cultivate his Earth Dragon Seal, the other half should be given to Big Yellow as today’s discovery of the soil was all due to Big Yellow’s contribution. If it wasn’t for his super sharp sense for treasures, they wouldn’t be able to find the pure soil.


Both of Big Yellow’s ears contracted after hearing it. With a swoosh, this dude turned into a golden light and dashed into the spatial zone. He opened his mouth and bit off half of the pure soil with a ‘ka cha’ sound, and swallowed it with a grunting sound.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes after seeing this. This dog would not show any warnings when it comes to eating, but he was a bit impressed with Big Yellow’s teeth as the pure soil was at least ten times harder than any ordinary beast’s teeth but it was bitten off by him just like that.

After Big Yellow finished the pure soil, he quickly moved to one side to silently refine it. The power of the pure soil was so great that if it wasn’t refined quickly, the power inside would burst and the body would explode.

Jiang Chen smiled. The stronger Big Yellow was, the more beneficial he was to him. Now that they have so many enemies waiting for them, the most important thing to do was to advance their level of grade. Big Yellow possessed the Dragon-Horse Bloodline and had a very strong pool of energy. If his level of grade improved, he would become very terrifying. It was possible that half of the pure soil was enough to push Big Yellow’s grade to the Fifth Grade Demon Emperor.

Jiang Chen took a step and came before the small spatial zone. He grabbed the remaining half of the pure soil; he felt as if the item weighed thousands of pounds.

Jiang Chen sat with his legs crossed, tuning to his optimum condition. The pure soil was in both of his palms, he started refining it bit by bit. Currently, he was at the peak of the Second Grade Combat Emperor, and after he finished refining, he could push his level of grade to the peak of the Third Grade Combat Emperor. In addition to the metamorphosis of the Earth Dragon Seal, he had confidence that he would be able advance further to the Fourth Grade.


The Freedom Palace of the Mysterious Domain

The huge door of the Freedom Palace Mountain was on par with the one in Nebula Sect in almost every aspect, be it the size or the scale. At the centre of the Freedom Palace, there was a golden tower that was erected higher than the clouds. This was a restricted area and people usually were not allowed to enter.

The apex of the golden tower was the most restricted of the restricted places. There was a hall which could only be entered by one man, Freedom King. Not even the highly prestigious elders and Minor Saint experts had the eligibility to enter.

At this moment in the hall, there was young man sitting there. He was wearing a golden robe, his face showed resolution. There was an aura of might coming from his forehead, his hair was gold and his body was carrying an air of an emperor from top to bottom. It was as if he was a real emperor that would draw people’s respects and fear.

Atop the young man’s head, there was a cloud of white fog similar to the air of immortals that followed him. That was the aura of one of the heaven’s favourite son, and it always s.h.i.+ned upon the man.

If Jiang Chen was here, he would have no troubles recognizing him. He was Nan Bei Chao.

There was another very st.u.r.dy White Tiger along his side. The st.u.r.diness of its body could match Big Yellow’s. There wasn’t a single crooked hair on the White Tiger. His fur was entirely white and was glimmering with plain golden light.

On the White Tiger’s forehead, there was the powerful word ‘MIGHT’ that would catch anyone’s attention. His pupils were filled with emotions. It raised his head, being extremely arrogant. It was the arrogance coming from his bones.

This was the Divine Beast White Tiger, also known as the legendary divine beast. It actually appeared and was crouching beside Nan Bei Chao, and it seemed very tamed and was not fierce at all.

This was the White Tiger, in spite of being only at the Third Grade Minor Saint it defeated Nebula Kidd. However, Nan Bei Chao was absolutely not what Nebula Kidd said that he was just a First Grade Combat Emperor. He had already reached the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, in fact, it was the peak of the grade.

Nan Bei Chao sat cross-legged at the center of the hall on a golden ha.s.sock, his eyes were closed and his Qi was increasing at random times.

Above the hall, there was a golden throne drifting in mid-air. The throne was very large and carried a respectable and mighty Qi.

In a flash, a person appeared on the throne. He was wearing a purple combat robe and seemed to be around his forties. His entire body from top to bottom was carrying a Saint aura that made him superior to anyone. This purple robe didn’t belong to anyone but Freedom King.

“Humph! Absurd! Such a yellow-skinned kid dares to disrespect me?”

Freedom King seemed very angry with something, he slapped his palm on the table and it made a crus.h.i.+ng sound.

“Who could actually cause my king to be so furious?”

Nan Bei Chao slowly opened his eyes. He asked faintly while his back was facing against Freedom King. He didn’t show any sign of respect while talking to Freedom King. In the entire Freedom Palace, he was the only one who dared talk to Freedom King in such a way.

Nonetheless, Freedom King didn’t seem to be offended by that.

“There is a genius that appeared in Nebula Sect, such a genius only appears once every ten thousands years. He can initiate heavenly tribulation and has killed two of my elders. He also disrespected me, he is really seeking death!”

“What? He can initiate heavenly tribulation? There is such a person in the Mysterious Domain, I really want to meet this person.”

Nan Bei Chao twitched his face slightly and rose from the ha.s.sock slowly, and turned to face Freedom King.

“Of course, despite the fact that he’s a man that can initiate heavenly tribulation, he is still no match for Prince Nan Bei, he can’t be compared to you. Prince Nan possesses the true immortal physique and inherited the will of the immortals, how can a mortal like Jiang Chen be compared to you.”

Freedom King smiled. He knew the ident.i.ty of Nan Bei Chao. This man possessed the Immortal Body and tamed the Divine Beast White Tiger beside him. Freedom King naturally didn’t dare to patronize such a man as he would definitely become a real emperor, he was never to be underestimated.

“What? You said that man is called Jiang Chen?”

Nan Bei Chao exclaimed. It wasn’t just his mouth moving, when he recalled of this name, both his eyes instantly revealed a strong hatred and murderous aura. This name was his biggest wound. That white silhouette was someone he had to eliminate even in his dreams. Jiang Chen had given him an insult that couldn’t be undone and it will follow him for the rest of his life.

“What? Prince Nan Bei knows that Jiang Chen?”

Freedom King was stunned while looking at Nan Bei Chao, he actually knew Jiang Chen.

“We had have some confrontations between ourselves last time. I never thought that he would appear in Mysterious Domain, very well…perfect…it seems that I won’t be lonely anymore in the Mysterious Domain. This time I will let him know that I am the true heaven’s descendant who had the physique of an emperor that no one could oppose.”

A strong murderous aura rushed out of Nan Bei Chao’s body. He didn’t need to guess that this ‘Jiang Chen’ was the Jiang Chen in the Eastern Continent. In this world, there wouldn’t be two men who could initiate the heavenly tribulation.