Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 674 – Absolutely Shameless!

Chapter 674 – Absolutely Shameless!

Absolutely Shameless!

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G.o.d! Someone was inside the herb garden?

How could this be possible? There was a very strong seal set on the area, no one could ever enter it. Moreover, this garden had been here for a very long time, why would there be anyone in it? Could it be someone from the Colossus Sect who had luckily survived?

That is impossible. The Colossus Sect had been completely eliminated. Those who survived had all turned into dark souls, but this person in front of them didn’t look like a dark soul at all.

However, they didn’t have the mood to think about these things, they were busy staring at the person with a s.h.i.+ning green glow. That person was as tall as a human and as strong as a horse, he had quite a good-looking face and seemed to be in his twenties.

Of course, everybody wasn’t looking at his pleasant face, but the Dragon Ginseng which had been swallowed down into his throat.

Your sister![1] That was a fine Dragon Ginseng, it had grown a soul and became intelligent, it was a very invaluable precious herb. It was an unimaginably unusual thing. It could spark up the life force of a dead man, allowing his bones to function again. These people were stunned when they saw the Dragon Ginseng being eaten and felt that it was wasted on this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Wait, what did that b.a.s.t.a.r.d just say? Did he say he was eating these kind of stuff every day, and his taste buds were turning insensitive and plain as a result of that?

d.a.m.n you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! There was actually someone who disliked the taste of the Dragon Ginseng. What also infuriated them was that this guy was having these fine herbs every single day of his life? G.o.d, please strike him to death by lightning.

“Why is there someone in the herb garden and how was he able to get in? Who is he?”

“Look, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s body was glowing with a green light from top to bottom. That is the effect of the herb. It seems that that man has been consuming these herbs here every single day, turning his body into a precious physique.”

“Heaven defying! Whatever that b.a.s.t.a.r.d belch out will be full of the medicinal force. How did he get in? He just ate a fine Dragon Ginseng, this is such a waste of G.o.d’s gift.”


Everyone’s eyes turned red and had the urge to kill him. They could sense the herb aura from the guy’s body, so they knew that he wasn’t telling any lies. He was really eating Dragon Ginseng of a fine quality everyday. Besides the Dragon Ginseng, there were also many rare ancient herb, but they had no idea how many of them had been abused by this man.

All the cultivators were gritting their teeth at the person in the herb garden, they wanted to pull that dude out and eat him up separately. There were three dudes who also had their mouths wide open, they were Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Big Yellow. Their expression were akin of being startled. They didn’t blink once while staring at the man in the herb garden. Besides a startling feeling, they also felt surprise.

The person in the herb garden looked very strong. After he swallowed the Dragon Ginseng, he heard some noise and looked up to see that so many people were giving him a glare that told him to puke the ginseng out for them.

These angry stares didn’t make him feel uncomfortable. Instead it made him feel very excited and happy, and cried as a result of his happiness. “Finally, there are living humans!”

“Ah Nan.”[2]

His name was spoken and he heard it. He stopped crying and moved. He tried to locate the source of the sound and saw Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Big Yellow. He shouted excitedly and wildly at them, then he rolled and crawled to the edge of the herb garden, knelt down and started crying again.

“d.a.m.n! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is such a disgrace. How could such a young lord cry like a baby bear?”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but criticize him.

This man wasn’t a stranger to them, it was Nangong Wentian. Since Jiang Chen had entered the Divine Continent, he had lost contact with his friend, Nangong Wentian. However, he had never expected to meet him here. He was still worrying about Nangong Wentian before this. Now, he felt relieved as he saw him in a good condition. This dude was considered to have a good luck to obtain such a great treasure.

They could feel the Qi of a peak Sixth Grade Combat Emperor in his body, which was only a step away from the Seventh Grade. The scary part wasn’t his grade, it was the quality of his body. No one could guess how much herbs this dude had taken, it is as if he had become some kind of a human herb. In other words, this person’s body was full of magical body cells. If you could cultivate beside him, your grade would improve drastically. If his blood was drawn, one bowl of it would cost as much as a city and his flesh would be sold out instantly.

“Friends! I finally have the chance to reunite with my friends… Little Chen, Big Yellow, and Han Yan quickly get me out of here. This place is about to drive me mad!”

Liquid was flowing out of Nangong Wentian’s nose and eyes. It was like he had found his closest family members, and it made him so excited that he didn’t know how to express it. He felt even sad when he recalled all the days he had to go through in this sealed place.

When everyone heard what Nangong Wentian said, they felt another urge to bash this guy up until he became paralyzed. Such a treasured place had been degraded by him so much to the point that his mouth felt unpleasant because of eating these plain herbs everyday. Was his statement even acceptable?

Didn’t he know that many people here dreamt to experience his circ.u.mstance? These people would die just to experience what he did.

Absurd, truly absurd, he actually knew Jiang Chen and his friends.

“Ah Nan, breathe slowly and calm your down.”

Jiang Chen consoled him quickly.

How could Nangong Wentian not feel overly excited when he saw so many people, especially the ones he knew?

Jiang Chen’s comforting words didn’t stop his sobs, it actually worsened it.

“This is humiliating.”

Han Yan put his palm on his forehead. This young lord was considered heaven defying for crying like this even though he was an adult male.

“Young master, who is this guy? Do you know him?”

Sot Old Man asked curiously.

“He is the friend I have told you about before, Nangong Wentian. We arrived in the Divine Continent together. I have no idea how this dude ended up here.”

Han Yan explained.

Sot Old Man was startled to hear this, this crying man was actually Nangong Wentian. His impression of him made him unable to greet him.

“Big brother, this guy has obtained so many benefits but he still wants our pity. His continuous crying still wouldn’t stop.”

Zuo Ling Er couldn’t take it anymore.

“Amitabha, this man is really shameful.”

Tyrant muttered.

“Tyrant, you finally said something nice.”

Big Yellow nodded in agreement.

“Nan, if you were to continue crying, we are leaving.”

Nangong Wentian stopped all his wailing when he heard the warning. It doesn’t matter if it was true or not, he still changed his face into a happy one. This guy can change his facial expression faster than flipping the pages of a book.

“Little Chen, quickly find a way to get me out of here. I have fallen into the cracks of the spatial zone and when I came to this place. Then, I have fallen into this stupid herb garden. I attempted to get out but I realized that there was a layer of seal preventing me from leaving this garden. My grandmother! I have been eating so many herbs and medicines here and was bored to death. If you guys didn’t appear, I will go crazy.”

Nangong Wentian said.

His statement stirred up another wave of curse from the crowd. Most were scolding him for his shameless behavior and others were envious of his luck. They could tell from his tone that he wasn’t just stuck in here for a day or two. When they thought of how many herbs had been abused by this man, they felt furious and wasted, and had the urge to kill him.

“You know that there is a seal outside, so how am I gonna get you out?”

Jiang Chen spread his arms wide.

“Big Yellow, ya, Big Yellow is an expert in the seal art. Quickly, break this seal and let me out!”

Nangong Wentian looked at Big Yellow.

“The seal here is gradually weakining. It won’t take long for it to disappear entirely. If you try to break it, it will cause the seal to respond by creating an overwhelming force. Don’t you see that there are so many people here, yet they didn’t dare to touch the seal? You just have to wait for a little bit more. When the seal is gone, you can come out.”

Big Yellow said.

“Good, this is very good. I can finally go out. Ha! Ha!”

Nangong Wentian felt a sense of happiness after confirming that he could get out in no time, and laughed.

“Ah Nan, listen to me.”

Jiang Chen lowered his voice and used Divine Sense to directly talk to him.

“Before this seal fades away, keep those herbs that are older, especially the herbs that have turned into a fine herb.

Jiang Chen’s face revealed an insidious smile. There were too many herbs here, everyone would race into the garden once the seal disappeared. As there were a lot of people here, the scene would be uncontrollable when everyone entered the herb garden.

It was a gifted chance from the heavens for Nangong Wentian to be stuck in the herb garden. If this dude took all the herbs with him, no one outside could do anything about it. However, he wouldn’t let his friend act like this, he only wanted his friend to keep those precious and ancient herbs and the rest would be left for others. If he really did rob all of these herbs away, it wouldn’t be very good and it would definitely cause a wave of dissatisfaction.

“Alright, as I am already too fed up with the taste of these herbs, I will get you some.”

Nangong Wentian turned to the herb garden and ran towards the internal part. He had eaten more than enough herbs and it would be a waste if he ate more as the herbs wouldn’t have any effect on him anymore. He was now getting the herbs for Jiang Chen and his friends.

It was obvious that Nangong Wentian was very familiar with this place. He made a sway on his body and reached an area fully grown with herbs in a twinkle. He extended his arm to pluck them. He plucked two fine Dragon Ginseng then kept into his Qi Sea.

“What’s that b.a.s.t.a.r.d doing? He took another two fine Dragon Ginseng? My G.o.d!”

“Look, that is a giant golden lotus. Its roots are coming out of the ground, and he is pulling it out!”


Many were shocked all of a sudden, they could only watch Nangong Wentian pulling the giant golden lotus out of the ground and keeping it in his Qi Sea. After finis.h.i.+ng his job, he didn’t forget to wink at those who were looking at him, this man truly deserved some beating.


^ Chinese curses like 'your grandmother,' 'your mother,' and 'your sister' basically means the same thing, it's just based by a person's preference.

^ The "Ah" in "Ah Nan." is a Chinese way of addressing friends. Expect more of them in the upcoming chapters.