Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 675 – Entire Body Spurting Blood

Chapter 675 – Entire Body Spurting Blood

Entire Body Spurting Blood

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When they realized what Nangong Wentian was trying to do, they cursed and sweared at him and wanted to rush over to tear him apart. Nangon Wentian treated these angry glares and shouts as non-existent and strode towards some unknown herb and plucked it. No one could tell how long this herb existed here, but it was as large as a big tree. Each of its leaves had extraordinary effects. This herb could cost more than a city.

Very quickly, up to five or six of the ancient and rare herbs were swept away by him. People’s eyes turned furiously red from seeing these herbs disappearing one by one.

“This dude needs to be killed. He wants to s.n.a.t.c.h all the herbs away? This is outrageous!”

“d.a.m.n him! He’s gonna waste the herbs, any of these herbs can bring rejuvenating effects to my body, now they are all taken away by this dude, this isn’t fun at all.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Stop! I want you to stop!”


The crowd was getting intensely desperate, they were all angry. Everyone was gritting their teeth. If they were allowed to enter, they would certainly lunge at him and bite him to death.


Nonetheless, Nangong Wentian laughed like Big Yellow. He felt extremely good seeing so many angry eyes. It was too good. Since he had been contained in his herb garden for a very long time he wanted others to share his unexpressed feelings. It was definitely intoxicating.

The happiness that was built on other people’s suffering was a splendid experience.

Nangong Wentian randomly said ‘hi’ to them from time to time and tried to provoke them, he also did some offensive gestures while collecting the herbs. The unpleasant feeling of losing the great herbs added with the extremely annoying face of Nangong Wentian could even cause the person with the highest moral to curse.

“Wakaka! Ah Nan, nice one. There is a Jimsonweed aged thousands of years in front of you. Pluck it for brewing wine.”

Big Yellow was bouncing up and down, feeling very excited for the rare herbs he was going to get. Most of them couldn’t take it anymore after hearing his words. Big Yellow then crouched in the air and made a ‘puff’ sound when his legs touched the ground. This dog was more shameless than the b.a.s.t.a.r.d inside the garden. That was a Jimsonweed of more than a thousand-year-old, it could heal different kinds of injuries and is considered to be a Saint medicine. This dog just wanted to use it to brew his wine, go to h.e.l.l.

“Behind you. Yeah, that Dragon Fruit Tree, pull it up with its roots. Such a big tree can be chopped off to make a bed for me. It must be comfortable to sleep on this wood.”

Big Yellow continued to say.

*Sounds of cursing*

Some people were dumbfounded. Using the trunk of the Dragon Fruit Tree to make a bed? Was this dog igniting G.o.d’s wrath? Even the most useless and reckless G.o.d wouldn’t do this.

On the tree, there were a few blood red dragon fruits. They were already ripe, and was a true and precious food which were very rare outside. These few dragon fruits costs more than a city.

Nevertheless, Nangong Wentian followed what Big Yellow said. Without replying, he wrapped his hands around the Dragon Fruit Tree and pulled it up with the roots, keeping the entire plant while chuckling loudly.

“Your Mother!”

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d will ignite G.o.d’s wrath!”

“The precious food is ruined!”

Someone’s tears trickled down was.h.i.+ng their faces. Aren’t they satisfied with the dragon fruits? Must they really pull out the entire tree as well?

“This is truly a waste of resources.”

Sot Old Man couldn’t bear it and let out a sigh. He had acknowledged the friends of his young master being unusual. As for Big Yellow, he was the weirdest of them all. Tyrant was also beyond expectation as well when he faced the monument of the magma river. Now, there is another outrageous man, Nangong Wentian.


Tyrant grinned. His words didn’t match his grinning face. Although he had just met this Nangong Wentian for the first time, he had a good impression of him. This should be what they had always said, for people who had a lot in common, there was only regret if they didn’t meet sooner.

“Jiang Chen, quickly ask your friend to stop. We all found this herb garden. All the herbs should be given fairly to us, it is not for him alone.”

This time, one man shouted to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen turned to him. That man was a powerful Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. He had just arrived, he was wearing the uniform of the Freedom Palace but he wasn’t Li Long. He should be some genius of the Freedom Palace. It may be due to his high level of grade that his face carried an arrogant expression.


Jiang Chen just made a humph because he was too lazy to even reply. He didn’t feel any good out of the Freedom Palace. If this guy didn’t offend him, Jiang Chen wouldn’t do anything about it. If he did, Jiang Chen would definitely show him some skills.

“Jiang Chen, you think that I won’t dare to kill you? Let me tell you this, you have offended the Freedom Palace and that means you are dead.”

That disciple of the Freedom Palace was infuriated. A wave of murderous aura came out from his body. Now that he had met Jiang Chen in this spatial zone, he would not hesitate to get rid of him instantly. Freedom King had already given the orders to take him down in the Death Mountain before they entered. However, he didn’t dare to make a move here as the herb garden in front was too precious. The seal was going to disappear soon and his attempt to attack might cause a negative reaction from the seal and it would be locked down again. In the end, no one would be able to get into the herb garden, he definitely didn’t want this to happen.

“Shut up! Who are you to dare to bark in front of me?”

Han Yan shouted coldly at the guy. Of course, he had given the disciple enough respect. He was the young master of the Dark Devil Religion which was comparable to the status of a core disciple in the Freedom Palace. Even if his position wasn’t as high, his high level of grade was at the peak of the Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, allowing him to belittle this guy.

“Humph! The young master of the Dark Devil Religion is trying to be imposing here, but your intimidation won’t make any impact in front of the Freedom Palace.”

This time, a cold tone came from far away. All of the people could see them clearly. A few disciples of the Freedom Palace flew over from far away and it was lead by Li Long.

When Li Long arrived, he fixed his gaze on Jiang Chen, not trying to hide his murderous aura. His failure to kill Jiang Chen was his greatest regret.

“Brother Li.”

The one who challenged Jiang Chen looked at Li Long and greeted him.

“Leave him alone for now. Once we have the herbs in our hands, I will personally kill him. No one will stop me.”

Li Long said confidently. Of all the people who entered the Death Mountain, Li Long’s grade was the highest. He didn’t fear anyone. From his hypothesis, Jiang Chen could only depend on his two most powerful allies, the young master of the Dark Devil Religion and Guo Shao Fei of Nebula Sect. He didn’t need to worry about the young devil at all. Moreover, Guo Shao Fei, his possible obstacle hasn’t appeared yet, perhaps he was still wandering around in another spatial zone. Thus, if he wanted to kill Jiang Chen, it would be easy since no one here could save him.

“It seems very crowded.”

Now, some people appeared again. There were more than ten from the Skyhill School’s experts coming forward. The leader, Yan Hui, whose facial complexion was as clear as jade among them was currently at the peak of the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, which was same as Li Long’s.

After seeing Yan Hui’s appearance, the group from the Skyhill School’s disciples who came earlier moved quickly to their leader’s back like a swarm of bees, as if they had found the backbone of their team.

“Brother Yan Hui, look. There is someone in the herb garden who is s.n.a.t.c.hing away the ancient herbs. Look at his speed of s.n.a.t.c.hing the herbs, I think all of the good stuff will be gone by the time the seal is gone.”

Someone said. While he was speaking, he saw Nangong Wentian putting in another herb into his Qi Sea, making him so angry to the extent that he wanted to spurt out blood.

Yan Hui’s gaze was fixed on Nangong Wentian with a peculiar expression in his eyes. He didn’t express any unhappiness about him s.n.a.t.c.hing all the herbs. He turned to Li Long and asked in a plain tone. “Brother Li, what do you think?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Since you have come, we will each get half of it. When the seal disappears, you and I will capture that person together. At the same time, we will also get the herbs. So it will be ours in the end. Also, I can see that this person is bursting with herb aura, we should also divide him in half.”

Li Long smiled. He was confident and determined that Nangong Wentian was a prey. It didn’t matter how many this prey s.n.a.t.c.hed away from the herb garden since all of the herb would be returned to him again. He would strike when the seal disappears, capturing that person and getting the herbs back.

“Seems like you and I have the same thoughts.”

Yan Hui nodded. Whatever Li Long said was what he wanted to do as well. Now, the precious herbs weren’t only the herbs in Nangong Wentian’s Qi Sea, but also his body. To the two of them, this was a very lucky encounter. If they could get those herbs, they could create a earth-shaking transformation in their bodies given their abilities and it would push their grades to the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor, giving them the chance to reach the Minor Saint grade quicker.

The conversation was overheard by Jiang Chen and Han Yan. Both of them released rays of cold light from their eyes that carried a murderous aura. Jiang Chen didn’t have any conflicts and disputes with the Skyhill School. However, if that Yan Hui dared to attack Nangong Wentian, he wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate him.

“Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds viewed me as their prey? Am I so easy to kill?”

Nangong Wentian gave a glance that showed violence and a sinister expression to Li Long and Yan Hui. Even if Jiang Chen and Han Yan couldn’t stop these two, he wasn’t a person they could afford to offend. To kill him? Even Li Long, a powerful cultivator wouldn’t find it easy to do that.

Nangong Wentian grabbed another fine Dragon Ginseng in his hand and bit half of it, spitting the other half to the ground, and stepped on it a few times. This was seen by countless of them. All of them felt like spurting out blood, it was a fine Dragon Ginseng. OH G.o.d! A piece of the Dragon Ginseng was enough to cause people to fight to their deaths. This dude actually threw it on the ground?

“Ah Nan, time is of the essence. Don’t play with the cats and dogs anymore, hasten your job.”

Jiang Chen said to Nangong Wentian. He didn’t try to lower his tone this time, everyone could hear him clearly, especially ‘the cats and dogs.’ Many couldn’t help but mutter, feeling offended. He used a cat and a dog to describe Li Long and Yan Hui? It seems that only Jiang Chen was bold enough to do that.