Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 673 – Someone Is In the Herb Garden

Chapter 673 – Someone Is In the Herb Garden

Someone Is In the Herb Garden

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This technique is undeniably heaven defying. No one had imagined that the power of the broken pot would be so great. It seemed like Jiang Chen was going to suck up all the magma into his broken pot.

In just a few minutes’ time, half of the magma was already sucked away, the remaining magma would definitely face the same fate.

As the broken pot continued to show its strength, Jiang Chen’s facial expression also changed. He realized that the s.p.a.ce in the broken pot wasn’t as big as he had expected. The reason it could contain so much magma was due to the power of purification. Every time the magma was sucked in, it would be purified instantly and be left with only its essence.

Until now, the broken pot was half-filled with magma essence which was a lot more powerful than the original magma.

“According to what is happening, this broken pot should be able to fully suck all the magma of this river. By that time, the broken pot will be full of its essence and if it is used to attack, the force will be unimaginably great.”

Jiang Chen muttered to himself. The magma itself was very scary, now that it had been purified into essence. Using the power of the broken pot, the released magma would create a very powerful and destructive attack that even Jiang Chen didn’t dare think about.

“His mother![1] With this toy, if someone were to offend me, I will use this to spray on him.”

Jiang Chen grinned with delight and couldn’t help but give Big Yellow a praising look for chosing the correct spatial zone. Besides the Heaven Rank Restoration pills, he acquired an extremely useful tool that could be one of his trump cards. Also, Tyrant had retrieved the monument which was a rare and precious treasure.

“What a powerful pot. It has such a large s.p.a.ce. Half of it is already contained, seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult to suck them all up.”

“This is too good, as long as we get rid of this path-blocking magma, not only are our lives spared, we can also pa.s.s through this place and enter another spatial zone in search of the true treasure.”

“This time we are indebted to brother Jiang again. Although this man is arrogant, he can still be nice and at least he is better than those arrogant geniuses of the major powers.”


Many people felt a sense of grat.i.tude towards Jiang Chen. Although he was very powerful and impressive, full of arrogance and very rude. People could sense that he was only cruel to his enemy. As long as you do not offend him deliberately, Jiang Chen is still a very nice person.

After a few minutes, the last magma pillar was sucked in. The river that was once full of magma was now dry. The high temperature of the area returned to its optimal level, it is not as hot as before.


Someone shouted delightfully. Everyone’s face showed a relaxed expression. Their moods were now more positive than the previous disappointed mood that they had felt. The obstacle in front of their path was gone, now they could continue their journey into a different spatial zone.

Many people looked at Jiang Chen with grat.i.tude, especially those odd cultivators and the core disciples of Nebula Sect.

Jiang Chen was holding the broken pot, its weight was equivalent to thousands of kilograms. He didn’t understand the ancient symbols that were carved outside the broken pot. However, he casted his Great Soul Derivation Technique into the pot and through his senses, he knew that the magma essence inside the pot could be used three times. In other words, Jiang Chen could release the magma essence three times, after that, the broken pot would become useless.

“Three times…Not bad.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He could imagine the power of the magma essence and the strength of the broken pot. Once released, not even Combat Emperors could handle it. Of course, he would only know the overall power of it when it was released.

“Everyone, the obstacle is removed. We can leave now.”

Jiang Chen turned to the crowd and said.

“We will remember your help, brother Jiang.”

Someone held his fists at Jiang Chen. Many people started to change their impression on Jiang Chen. Anyhow, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s help, even if they didn’t die, they would be trapped here in the spatial zone. Then they had to wait for a month before the five legendary tyc.o.o.ns open the Death Mountain again and their trip would be totally wasted.

Many people flew through the dried up magma river. After flying for a few hundred miles, there was an image of a spatial barrier. The other spatial zone lied behind this barrier, they had to get past it.

As for the current spatial zone, there wasn’t anything precious there. Only the palace in which the treasures had already been taken away by Jiang Chen. The monument was retrieved by the monk, and even the destructive magma was taken by away Jiang Chen’s magical treasure. So, it could be said that there’s nothing left in this spatial zone anymore, not even a tiny piece of a treasure.

Big Yellow directed them to enter this spatial zone, the benefits would definitely be promising.

“Hey, monk, what’s the monument about? Why couldn’t Master Dog lift it off the ground but you could?”

Big Yellow was still unable to settle down because of the monument incident, he couldn’t help but asked Tyrant.

“I have yet to study it. Back then, I felt some sort of familiarity with this monument but I never thought that I could actually lift it up. I guess it’s because I have too much Qi, so much that even the monument couldn’t handle it. Ya, it should be like what I said.”

Tyrant said in solemn tone.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow opened their mouths at the same time. Big Yellow immediately got far away from Tyrant, completely peris.h.i.+ng his thoughts of wanting to know about the secret of the monument.

“Big brother, they have all entered the other spatial zone, we should too.”

Zuo Ling Er said.


Jiang Chen nodded. They flew through the spatial barrier and vanished in a blink of an eye and entered into the other spatial zone.

In a flash, Jiang Chen and the rest reappeared. They saw green mountains, forest, birds and a thick Heavenly Earth Yuan Force lingering in the air. This place was really conducive for cultivation.

“A very dense Heavenly Earth Yuan Force. It is much greater than the one on the mountains of Nebula Sect.”

Zuo Ling Er felt refreshed.

Everybody was amazed by the environment. The differences of the environment in this place and the previous spatial zone was comparable to that of heaven and h.e.l.l. It certainly feels like a holy land.

“It's very hard to imagine that the there is such a place under the Death Mountain after so many years have pa.s.sed. This environment is definitely suitable for cultivating, anyone will be able to gain a lot while cultivating here. One day of cultivation here will probably be equal to ten days of cultivation outside.”

Sot Old Man’s eyes glittered with amazement. He was constantly looking around the environment, confirming that this place was indeed a true 'Holy Land' for cultivating.

“Kakaka! There must be treasure in this place!”

Big Yellow laughed.

“Big Yellow, what did you find?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Isn’t this simple? The Death Mountain is supposed to be a dead land, it will be impossible for such a great land to exist. Look at those flowers and gra.s.ses, they are blossoming and well grown. This place is filled with Heavenly Earth Qi of soul. There must be a reason for this place to exist. I guess there must be some kind of treasure that causes this sort of thing to happen, it has to be it.”

Big Yellow said.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled after hearing Big Yellow's reason. Since it was Big Yellow himself who told him that, Jiang Chen would believe it.

“Let’s go to the deeper region to find out more.”

Han Yan said. Their group didn’t delay any further and flew towards the deeper region quickly. They could feel that the s.p.a.ce in this spatial zone wasn’t that big. but had a very vigourous Heavenly Earth Yuan Force. There were ancient green pines that were three hundred meters tall, shooting through the air above.

After flying for ten minutes, they saw many people heading towards the same direction, making the place crowded all of a sudden.

This spatial zone was a deeper zone than the previous. They could see that many cultivators had already entered into this spatial zone.

“Big brother, why are so many people going there”

Zuo Ling Er asked.

At this time, two people greeted Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er quickly after they saw them. One of them said, “Brother Jiang, it seems like there is some sort of treasure in front, why are you all not going there yet?”

These two were the disciples of Nebula Sect and were very impressed by Jiang Chen.

More than four hundred people were already present a hundred miles ahead, surrounding the land.

When Jiang Chen approached, he saw a huge herb garden. He remembered the time when he's in Icy Island, there was also an herb garden there, but the difference in size between this one was large.

This huge herb garden had a radius of more than fifty miles. Its internal part was grown with rare and invaluable herbs. Many of the herbs were full of Qi of soul, and one could roughly tell how old these herbs were with just one look.

There was a Dragon Ginseng that turned into a small human, it kept on bouncing around in the herb gardens, which made those who were watching dribble.

However, this herb garden was blocked by a layer of seal. Outsiders couldn’t enter, but the sealing power was starting to decrease. They were all waiting for it to completely vanish so that they could all rush into it.

“Mother! This is the great treasure! Look at that Dragon Ginseng! It has grown into its essence, if I can eat him, my body will evolved again!”

A cultivator licked his mouth. The cultivators were all aiming for the jumping Dragon Ginseng, they were prepared to be the first one to catch and eat it.

Nonetheless, at this moment, a large hand appeared in the herb garden and captured the Dragon Ginseng. They saw a person illuminating a green light emerging behind the magnificent large herb and grabbed the Dragon Ginseng, ignoring the struggles of the little thing and ate it.

“Dammit! Every time I eat these natural stuff, my mouth will go plain.”

That person said in the same manner as Big Yellow. His comment caused instant fury from the crowd.


1.^ h.e.l.l yes! That's what it means, but as stated in the previous chapter we want to keep the Chinese-esque vibe of the novel as much as posssible.