Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 672 – The Broken Pot Showed Its Strength Again

Chapter 672 – The Broken Pot Showed Its Strength Again

The Broken Pot Showed Its Strength Again

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The attack from the magma was too scary. It was vibrating and moving violently which enhanced the attack even more. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to defend both the attack and also the terrifyingly high temperature.

Their gazes were on Jiang Chen the moment he rushed out. The only hope they had was the person in front of them, Jiang Chen. If he couldn’t deal the magma, it would launch attacks at the spatial zone. When that happens, everything in the spatial zone would be destroyed, including them, and this place would then be a land of death.


The magma which formed light curtains became wild all of a sudden when it felt the counteracting party. Three light pillars of magma turned into magma dragons to punish the intruder as they charged at Jiang Chen from different directions.

“Nonet Flood Dragon Ma.s.sacre.”

Jiang Chen’s pupils showed no fear. He casted the Nonet Flood Dragon Ma.s.sacre, and the nine dragons howled. These dragons weren’t just formed by the Yuan Force, they were also formed by large amounts of True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flames. They weren’t afraid of the three magma dragons at all.

Jiang Chen initiated to attack the magma to test its strength. His Nonet Flood Dragon Ma.s.sacre that was casted fully could straight away kill a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

*Hong Long*

Two extremely hot energy collided, causing a wave of energy to burst out. It was so powerful that the core of the magma light curtain was moving frantically and was completely drowned in the magma river and flames, including Jiang Chen. None of his shadow could be found.

“Not good, Jiang Chen was engulfed by the magma.”

Someone shouted with a pale expression.

“d.a.m.n! That magma is too scary. Jiang Chen was really rash to confront the magma light pillar. Is this equal to seeking death?”

“He is finished. Jiang Chen is dead. No one here can defeat the magma now.”

A lot of people’s faces were full of despair. Regardless if they were Jiang Chen’s enemy or friend, he was their only hope. If Jiang Chen was dead, no one could save them. Han Yan and Sot Old Man were strong but they were people of the devil religion which meant that their cultivated devil techniques would be suppressed by the magma. They were no match for it.


However, during their moment of despair, a silhouette jumped out of the magma. If he wasn’t Jiang Chen, who else would he be? They saw that Jiang Chen was like a fire dragon that continuously drifted through the magma. His body was constantly being attacked by the magma but nothing happened to him.

“Big brother is fine, fantastic!”

Zuo Ling Er made a happy jump. The others heaved a sigh of relief and felt shocked by it. This Jiang Chen was really terrifying. A Second Grade Combat Emperor could actually drift around in the magma without being harmed. This ability itself was crazy.


The magma light pillar became stronger and made another attack to Jiang Chen. His eyes were both red. The heat and the hot poison released by the magma couldn’t make an impact to his body, but its attacks were too strong. Not even Jiang Chen could stand it.

“Heavenly Earth Pure Water.”

Jiang Chen kept his True Thunderfire and True Dragon fire. A cold fog appeared on the surface of his body. When the chilling fog appeared, the attack from the magma dampened. The temperature around Jiang Chen was also reduced, as if the magma was facing its natural enemy. Its attacks started to slow down.

The Heavenly Earth Pure Water was the coldest thing in the world. Since his strong flames couldn’t suppress the magma, he should use a skill of the opposite property to do it. Now, it seemed that the power of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was effective towards the magma.

However, this wasn’t what Jiang Chen wanted to do. He intended to eliminate all this magma by using the Heavenly Earth Pure Water. The problem was, this magma had been here for a very long time which meant that there were souls literally living within it that were impossible to eliminate.

Of course, that was just a quick thought. He chose to confront the magma to test its true power. As for how to deal with it and save the lives of these people, he already had other ways.

If he was alone, he could’ve pa.s.s through the magma river and straight away entered another spatial zone to search for possible treasures. But now, he had to consider the other people as well, those odd cultivators were innocent. If they died because Tyrant had removed the monument, he couldn’t handle the guilt. Of course, Tyrant wouldn’t give out the monument that he had retrieved.

Besides, this magma was extremely useful to him.

Jiang Chen’s body was s.h.i.+elded by Heavenly Earth Pure Water. He turned into a ray of light, moving very fast, he flew upwards away from the magma. His black hair danced through the wind, his white robe was rippling and his glare was like a torch while he was watching the rolling magma below.

“What’s he doing?”

“The magma doesn’t affect him anymore, is he going to get past it while ignoring our lives?”

“I don’t think so. His friends are still here and also the disciples of the Nebula Sect. Even if he doesn’t care about our lives, he would still care about his friends’ lives.”


Someone recalled Tyrant’s phrase ‘none of my business’ and was afraid that Jiang Chen would really go off and left them here to die.

Truth be told, Jiang Chen wasn’t that kind of person.

When all of their attentions were put on him, Jiang Chen turned his palm to take out an item. When they could see clearly what it was, they nearly fainted. This dude actually took out a broken pot in a moment of emergency.

That was right, it was a broken pot! If one looked closer, you could even see the ancient symbols carved on its surface.

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled when he saw the broken pot. He had never forgotten about it. Back when the Icy Island was opened, the broken pot rushed out. Its fiery light was as brilliant as one of the magma light pillar now and its power was great.

“Master dog actually forgot about this treasure. This dude is really smart, he wants to keep all the magma into this broken pot. However, I’m not sure whether the broken pot can hold the magma, if it can, this magma would be a very destructive tool.”

Big Yellow’s eyes widened. He was the most familiar about that treasure. He knew that it was a rare treasure the moment he saw it.

Jiang Chen was looking at the broken pot. Since he had obtained this broken pot after killing a Combat Soul expert, it had become a useless garbage. It was thrown to one corner. He only remembered it when he faced the terrifying magma. Perhaps, this broken pot could keep and contain the magma. If it was successful, he could use the stored magma to cause a destructive attack next time.

“Let me try.”

Jiang Chen pulled open the mouth of the pot. He was currently drifting above the magma. He put a large amount of Yuan Force into the broken pot. All of a sudden, the pot trembled frantically in his hand as if it could sense the terrifying Qi of the magma.


As the trembling became more intense, Jiang Chen could feel that the weight of the broken pot kept on increasing, it was as if he was holding a mountain in his hand.


A wind suddenly rushed out of the broken pot. That was the force of attraction. It turned into a tornado and a magma light pillar was then sucked into the broken pot in a twinkle.

Jiang Chen’s face was full of delight. It seemed that he wasn’t wrong in his presumption. The broken pot was a rare treasure that could contain the magma. The stored magma light pillar would then be shrunk by more than a hundred times. That was because it was being purified by the broken pot and what would be left would be the essence of the magma.

“A very terrifying treasure. It can actually extract the essence of the magma instantly. Alas, the magma here is too much. I have no idea if this broken pot has such an enormous appet.i.te that will allow it to fully absorb all of them.”

Jiang Chen was surprisingly happy. The broken pot began to tremble even harder as if it felt Jiang Chen’s criticism. Its force of attraction became stronger and it sucked in three magma light pillars at one time.

The magma light pillars were rising up to the sky, all of them were sucked in by Jiang Chen’s broken pot simultaneously.

“Quickly, look. The magical treasure that Jiang Chen is holding is a scary one. It can even suck in the magma.”

“Great, that treasure is awesome! If all of the magma is sucked into that broken pot, the danger will be gone. However, it sounds a little difficult as there are too much magma here and the broken pot is only a small one.”

“What do you know? You can’t judge a true treasure by its appearance. The internal s.p.a.ce in his pot might be very big that it can suck all the magma, saving us.”


Most of the cultivators’ faces looked surprised and delighted. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen would have such an amazing treasure? Not only did he not fear the magma, he even wanted to directly contain the magma. He’s truly terrifying.

“Brother Jiang’s tricks are endless, I never thought that he had such a treasure.”

Sot Old Man heaved a sigh and felt very impressed by Jiang Chen.

“Truly, a dude who creates miracles.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but shake his head. He thought that he had known Jiang Chen’s every trick for he had followed him for a long time. Nonetheless, what he saw now proved him wrong. Jiang Chen’s tricks were unpredictable and Tyrant couldn’t help but to give him a thumbs up.

“Brother Jiang is really a rare genius who appears only every ten thousand years. Nebula Sect will become very terrifying with his existence.”

The two disciples of Nebula Sect felt convinced by Jiang Chen’s abilities. Everyone on the scene had already thought of pa.s.sing through the magma and entering into another spatial zone, but none thought of using this heaven defying trick.