Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 666 – The Delicious Feast of Big Yellow

Chapter 666 – The Delicious Feast of Big Yellow

The Delicious Feast of Big Yellow

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Even a stronger dark soul than the one before couldn’t withstand Jiang Chen’s flames as the suppression was so overwhelming and deadly that they couldn’t bear the flames. In a brief moment, the burning flames made the dark souls visible and all of them had shown themselves.

There were six of them hidden in this place. Jiang Chen had killed two of them before, it means that there were only four of them left. They were all human skeletons and had very gruesome facial expressions. However, they all shrieked in pain while they were burnt in the sea of fire.

Although these dark souls had strong combat strength and could even kill Combat Emperors, they had a huge disadvantage: they weren’t supported by Yuan Force. They could only depend on their powerful bones and the Qi of death. Nevertheless, their Qi of death would just be incinerated the moment it neared Jiang Chen’s flames. In other words, they had become completely vulnerable and defenceless under his flames. Even without killing them directly, they would all be burnt to ashes.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t want to torture them as he felt sympathy for these dark souls’ miserable experiences. Therefore, a wave of powerful energy burst out of the sea of fire, crumbling the four dark souls completely. He wiped them all out, not leaving any of them behind, granting them a quick and pleasant death.


After all dark souls were incinerated, the flames faded, returning to Jiang Chen’s body. All of the Qi of death disappeared after the inner area of the palace was heated up, giving them a pleasant feeling right away.

“Big brother is awesome!”

Zuo Ling Er jumped up and down happily while looking at her big brother in admiration.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

Jiang Chen simply swept the dust on his sleeve and strode towards the stairway.

“We don’t know if there are still dark soul upstairs.”

Han Yan said.

“Not really, the dark souls only guard the ground floor, upstairs should be the treasure vault.”

Jiang Chen smiled. When Big Yellow heard the word ‘treasure,’ he became so impatient that he turned into a golden light immediately and rushed upwards.

Above the palace, the area was big and was decorated with many items. Despite the fact that this place had been left untouched for a long time, the glittering brilliance couldn’t be covered. These were the divine weapons of the past. Now, they were all just drifting in the air. Blades, spears, swords, halberds and many others…everything that could be used for killing were here. Even the weapons of the lowest quality were limited edition Combat Weapons. There were many King Weapons and around forty Emperor Weapons as well.

There were at least a few hundred weapons altogether. A Combat Weapon was extremely important to a new cultivator. Even in the Divine Continent, Combat Weapons were very valuable. These weapons were enough to be used by a mid tier power.

“There are so many weapons here…It is merely a palace but there are so many treasures here. You can’t even begin to imagine how much treasure this sect had in the past.”

Sot Old Man’s eyes revealed a cool light and let out a sigh as the weapons confused his eyes.

“This floor doesn’t only contain weapons.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze wasn’t on the weapons as he wasn’t interested in them at all. Comparing these things with his Heavenly Saint Sword, they were garbage unless they were Minor Saint Weapons or Great Saint Weapons.

His gaze fell onto the floor, and he saw grey chests. It was grey because of the dust, its original color shouldn’t be like this.

“These chests were used to store magical treasures, there should be valuable items inside.


Big Yellow laughed. He felt the same way as Jiang Chen did, the both of them were totally not interested with the weapons here. Big Yellow rushed to a chest impatiently and opened it.

Suddenly, the light shone in all directions. The chest was full of pills. Every one of them glimmered with a golden light, the thick pleasant smell of the pills filled the palace, replacing the stale smell.

“It’s Heaven Rank Restoration pills, numerous of them! There’s probably over a hundred million of them!”

Sot Old Man exclaimed. The chest wasn’t very big, but the s.p.a.ce inside wasn’t small. The s.p.a.ce of some things couldn’t be judge by its exterior appearance. The value of the chest containing the Heaven Rank Restoration pills was too precious. Such a valuable item was truly intimidating.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He didn’t mind letting go of the other treasures, but these pills were the most important to him now. Although he had an abundant amount of Heaven Rank Restoration pills with him now, his advancement in the Combat Emperor realm would require a tremendous amount of these pills. It would never be enough for him.

“This is really a good thing.”

Jiang Chen’s eyebrows curled.

“It’s just some useless medicine.”

Big Yellow curled his lips, showing no interest towards the pills. His advancement was about the same as Han Yan’s, they cultivated using the energy of their bloodline. They don’t need any pills to support them. Therefore, the pills weren’t attractive to him.

Big Yellow quickly opened the second chest. However, it was the same as the first chest, full of Heaven Rank Restoration pills. And both the third and fourth chest contained Heaven Rank Restoration pills.

Seeing all these pills, Big Yellow’s face turned green. It was disappointing, very disappointing.

“A lot of pills…”

Zuo Ling Er’s eyes twinkled like stars. Besides her, Jiang Chen also had a flower blooming like smile. Such great wealth was really too good to be true. All of these pills would be sufficient for his advancement in the Combat Emperor realm until the Minor Saint realm.

“Dammit! There are NO good things here! There is one more left, if this also contains stupid items, I’ll eat the whole chest!”

Big Yellow gritted his teeth and unlocked the last chest. He saw elixirs in the chest, different kinds of them. Although the long period of time they were inside the chest had reduced the effectiveness of these elixirs, they were still very hard to be found.

There were Dragon Fruits that illuminated a blood red light, Dragon Ginseng that had been kept for a very long time, Frosty Lotus of Heavenly Mountain……


Big Yellow’s eyes became focused and then let out his usual laugh, then he opened his big mouth wide and bit on the Frosty Lotus of Heavenly Mountain. Big Yellow was a cla.s.sic glutton. After finis.h.i.+ng the lotus, he crunched on all the elixirs with his big mouth. Under everyone’s stunned gaze, Big Yellow used only a few minutes to finish and swallow every elixir like how a tornado sucked up houses. After eating, he belched loudly.

“My G.o.d! He ate all the elixirs?”

Sot Old Man’s eyes widened with shock, even Zuo Ling Er had her mouth slightly open. Those were rare items and the amount of elixir in the chest was larger than the chest itself, no one could imagine the exact area of storage s.p.a.ce used for storing all the elixirs . These invaluable elixirs were completely ruined by Big Yellow.

Of course, Sot Old Man wasn’t shocked by the loss of the rare elixirs but on how did this big yellow dog could stuff them all up into his stomach. The consumption of a huge amount of elixirs would bring crazy effects to the body. Too much energy inside the body would make the body burst, but nothing happened to Big Yellow after he finished consuming them.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan looked at each other and couldn’t help but shake their heads simultaneously. However, Big Yellow would acquire an enormous amount of energy after consuming these elixirs. The energy of these elixirs would push his grade to the next level. If he didn’t, then he should feel sorry for these elixirs.


What happened next was that a golden light started to glimmer on the surface of Big Yellow’s body. The effects of the elixirs started to work inside him. To an ordinary being, such energy was already unbearable, but Big Yellow could bear it; it was his abnormal feature. His Qi rose rapidly like a tsunami and the force from his bloodline started to appear. Within minutes, he had pushed his level to the Third Grade Demon Emperor.

It continued until it reached peak of the Third Grade Demon Emperor before stopping, he was only one step away before reaching the Fourth Grade. Such methods of advancement was really shocking.

“Wakaka! Nice, really nice. Master dog is feeling good!”

Big Yellow laughed, and was bouncing up and down like a kid. After he had reached the new grade, his confidence was bursting out of him. He could feel his enhanced combat strength that would allow him to even get rid of a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

“This is the scary part of the bloodline of a divine beast. His strength becomes greater as his level of grade goes higher.”

Tyrant said. It was the Dragon-horse bloodline that flowed in Big Yellow’s veins, which couldn’t be judged by common sense.

All the elixirs had been consumed. Big Yellow felt very satisfied about it. He didn’t care about the previous Heaven Rank Restoration pills and weapons anymore, but he couldn’t give up on them either because this was his fine luck, how could he miss it?

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

At this time, sounds could be heard from the stairs. Three silhouettes walked up to the stairs. The three were wearing the uniform of the Tan Family. They were the geniuses of Tan Family, one was a Third Grade Combat Emperor, the other was a Second Grade Combat Emperor and the last one was only a Ninth Grade Combat King. A Combat King actually came into the third level? Truly confident.

“Whoa! There are so many pills and weapons! Haha! I’m going to be rich!”

The Ninth Grade Combat King ignored Jiang Chen’s group’s existence as he eyed the weapons and the Heaven Rank Restoration pills, as if those things already belonged to him.

However, the other two Combat Emperors didn’t feel the same way as their junior did, instead they knitted their brows as they noticed that the people here were people that they couldn’t afford to offend. Jiang Chen even dared to kill the elders of the Freedom Palace, he was irrefutably cruel. Moreover, the Dark Devil Religion’s young master’s cruelty was not any lesser than Jiang Chen’s.

“You are from the Tan Family?”

Jiang Chen looked at the three men with a pair of cold eyes. Since he knew about the latest news of Tan Zhi Hao, he didn’t feel any good about this family anymore.

“Yeah, we are the disciples of the Tan Family. Jiang Chen, since we have found these treasures together, we must divide them. I think we should divide it evenly, the first half is for us and the other half for you. You have offended the Freedom Palace and should ally with our Tan Family and be our friends, am I right?”

The Ninth Grade Combat King said to Jiang Chen. A mere Combat King dared to boast about the Tan Family’s pride? They doubted if this guy had some problems with his head, couldn’t he see what situation he was in?