Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 667 – Tan Zhi Hao’s Encounter

Chapter 667 – Tan Zhi Hao’s Encounter

Tan Zhi Hao’s Encounter

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As the voice of the junior dropped, a golden light lunged towards his direction. It was the silhouette of Big Yellow.

*Ka Cha*

A melodious sound was followed by a b.l.o.o.d.y splash. An arrow-like object pa.s.sed through the two men’s faces. The two of them s.h.i.+vered and realized that one of their comrade’s head was gone. Only the body was left standing there.

At one side, a big yellow dog as st.u.r.dy as a horse was holding a b.l.o.o.d.y head in his mouth. Big Yellow’s eyes revealed a fiendish look. He threw the head to one side and said, “ Pooh, Stinky, very disgusting. I have no idea where this garbage come from. A garbage that grumbles so much about how to divide the treasure. Master Dog wants you to know how to write the word ‘Death.’”

Tan Family? Yeah, it had a very high reputation as one of the five major powers, but it was nothing in Big Yellow’s eyes. Big Yellow’s line of thought was very simple. The treasure was found by him, so he would only say four words to those who came to divide his treasure: ‘Sorry, go and die.’

Big Yellow hated it the most when people had the word ‘arrogant’ written all over their faces. Not even he, Master Dog, had the capability to be this arrogant. A Ninth Grade Combat King dared to make indiscreet remarks in front of a group of Combat Emperors. This caused Big Yellow to decide to use death to teach him how to be a better man. Of course, he couldn’t continue to be a man anymore.

Also, Big Yellow did things based on Jiang Chen’s facial expression. These people of the Tan Family obviously weren’t Jiang Chen’s friend. They wouldn’t have the chance to be friends with Jiang Chen and the rest of them as there were only enemies in front of the treasures in the Death Mountain.

Sot Old Man was the only one who was startled by Big Yellow’s cruelty. He had never thought that this dog would kill someone without a warning. The rest were unaffected, especially Jiang Chen and Han Yan, because they knew Big Yellow all too well. Based on his crime just now, getting his head bitten off by Big Yellow was deemed to be a pleasing death.


The disciple’s headless body fell to the ground with blood still spilling out of the large opening. The faces of the other two Combat Emperors of the Tan family changed suddenly. They eyed Big Yellow with fury and intense fear.

“You…You dare to kill our people?”

The Third Grade Combat Emperor’s tone was slightly s.h.i.+vering. He suddenly regretted rus.h.i.+ng up the stairs. They had sensed that there were people in the palace, but they didn’t expect to see Jiang Chen and his friends. How could they match these people? He had the urge to whack that Ninth Grade Combat King junior for his stupidity even if the person had already died. Jiang Chen didn’t even fear killing the elders of the Freedom Palace in front of so many people, so he wouldn’t hesitate to kill the disciples of the Tan Family as well.

Also, Jiang Chen was now the disciple of the Nebula Sect and befriended by the Dark Devil Religion. These two were two big mountains who supported him. Thus, how could he fear the Tan Family?

“Jiang Chen, you dare to go against us, the Tan Family won’t forgive you.”

That Second Grade Combat Emperor barked while the Third Grade Combat Emperor beside him rolled his eyes frantically, wanting to stuff anything into his mouth to shut him up. The most important thing to do now was to leave the scene as soon as possible, not to verbally threaten their opponents. This type of threatening would only work for certain type of opponents. The people in front of them obviously wouldn’t be threatened by it at all.

“Killing one is killing, killing three is also considered killing.”

Sot Old Man’s eyes revealed a glittering light. He struck one of his palms on that Second Grade Combat Emperor’s chest without giving him a chance to defend himself. His chest was pierced through by Sot Old Man’s palm attack and he died on the spot.

Sot Old Man was also a violent man. No one wasn’t cruel in the devil religion. There was a time when Sot Old Man had taken his revenge on his foe and had killed more than three hundred people in one night. This was the reason why he was called ‘Sot,’ which meant insane or mad.

Sot Old Man didn’t pause after killing this man, he raised his palm and struck the last person, the Third Grade Combat Emperor.


Jiang Chen quickly stopped Sot Old Man when his palm was an inch away from the man’s chest and he turned to Jiang Chen.

“I have questions to ask him.”

Jiang Chen simply waved his hand and Sot Old Man moved backwards to the side of Han Yan. Jiang Chen walked slowly to the disciple and he got really scared. He felt extremely unlucky to meet these kind of people. Two of his comrades had died. With Jiang Chen’s means of killing, he wouldn’t be allowed to live anymore as Jiang Chen would always destroy any unsettled trouble.

“I want to ask you, where is Tan Zhi Hao?”

Jiang Chen’s gaze was as sharp as a cold blade. The disciple of the Tan family could feel as if his entire body had entered a cold pond. Even his soul was s.h.i.+vering from the coldness. He knew that he would be dead soon but didn’t dare to not answer Jiang Chen’s questions. He replied with a faltering voice.

“Tan Zhi Hao is being held in prison.”

“What’s Tan Zhi Hao’s status in your family?”

Jiang Chen continued to ask.

“Lineal master, his status is above me.”

He didn’t dare to hide the facts.

Jiang Chen had even more doubts. He had guessed Tan Zhi Hao’s extraordinary status in the Tan Family. It seemed that his status was on par with Tan Zhi Bao, a lineal master, but what made Jiang Chen confused was how did this lofty lineal master got imprisoned? Also, Tan Zhi Hao’s talent was pretty good, absolutely worth the time for the Tan Family to nurture him.

“Why is he imprisoned? What has he done?”

Jiang Chen continued.

“Trespa.s.s…ing the Ancestral Shrine.”

The disciple stuttered.

“Why did he trespa.s.s the Ancestral Shrine?”

Jiang Chen continued to inquire about Tan Zhi Hao’s encounters in the Tan Family. For a large family like the Tan Family, they treated the Ancestral Shrine as a forbidden area. Ordinary disciples wouldn’t have the chance to enter. Tan Zhi Hao wasn’t a reckless man. He wouldn’t have broken the law and trespa.s.sed the forbidden area for nothing.

“It was Tan Zhi Hao’s grandfather. In the Tan Family, he is one of the Tan Bloodline owners. He was brought up by his grandfather. A few years ago, his grandfather went to search for something in the Tan Family, but didn’t return. For all these years, Tan Zhi Hao’s status in the family wasn’t considered very high and there were other young masters who was qualified for a status higher than him, but because his grandfather was a highly prestigious person in the family, no one dared to lay a finger on him. Not long ago, the family had found his grandfather’s corpse and brought it back to the Ancestral Shrine. Tan Zhi Hao wanted to go in there to wors.h.i.+p his grandfather but he encountered an obstruction, so…”

Apparently, the disciple knew the background of Tan Zhi Hao well. He wanted to tell Jiang Chen everything he knew, hoping that he could perform well enough to preserve his life.

Before the disciple finished the rest of the sentence, everyone on the scene understood what he was trying to say. Obviously, Tan Zhi Hao had always been supported by his grandfather. After his grandfather departed to search for something, his status in the family worsen. He was always being bullied. Now that his grandfather had died, he lost a strong pillar of support, no one would take him seriously anymore. And for those young masters who bullied him, they didn’t feel guilty for their actions.

Tan Zhi Hao wanted to pay homage his late grandfather which was human nature. As a grandchild who loved his grandfather, he wasn’t given the permission to do it to his grandfather, which certainly enraged him, causing him to trespa.s.s the Ancestral Shrine without permission.

With Tan Zhi Hao being a criminal now, he probably wouldn’t have the chance to turn over his current situation. After all, this was a cold-blooded family that might have already given up this young man for his mistake. His situation was somehow similar to Tan Lang. At that time, Tan Lang was also casted away due to a minor mistake that he had committed in the Asura Palace.

However, Tan Zhi Hao’s situation was more problematic than Tan Lang’s.

“That Tan Zhi Hao is really unlucky.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but saying what he’s thinking.

“Let me ask you again, there is a person named ‘Tan Lang’ following Tan Zhi Hao’s side, is he also imprisoned?”

Jiang Chen continued to obtain more information about his friend. In his heart, he was more concerned about Tan Lang’s safety than Tan Zhi Hao. For a family as large as the Tan’s, the conflicts were never less than a sect’s, especially conflicts regarding the matter of lineal masters. The only thing that Tan Zhi Hao could blame was his fate, but Tan Lang was in the Tan Family because of Jiang Chen’s recommendation. He would definitely blame himself if anything were to happen to Tan Lang.

“As for this…I am clueless…”

The disciple answered. His tone and expression were solemn, it doesn’t seem like he was telling any lies.

Jiang Chen nodded. To the Tan Family, Tan Lang was akin to an insect. It would be understandable for them to not know about him. He knew the person in front of him wouldn’t dare to lie. In fact, Jiang Chen had already guessed the situation Tan Lang was in. As he was a person who valued friends.h.i.+p, he was certainly in the same prison cell as Tan Zhi Hao now. If Tan Lang was fine, Jiang Chen should have came to find him.

“Okay, done. You can go now.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? You are letting me go?”

The disciple of the Tan Family was so stunned, he wasn’t able to react. Jiang Chen had always been known to be violent and brutal, he didn’t even hesitate in killing the elders of Freedom Palace in public. He was obviously a devil king. His two comrades had been killed. According to this devil’s personality, he should be eliminated as well. Now that he was released, he felt like he was dreaming.

“Why? You don’t want to go? You still want to divide the treasure?”

Jiang Chen said in a calm tone.

“Noooo……I do not dare...”

That man quickly denied the statement. Without even caring about the dead bodies of his comrades, he vanished in the blink of an eye. He feared that if he left a little later, Jiang Chen would have changed his mind and decide to kill him. Even if he had escaped far away from the palace, his soul still didn’t feel calm, he could not believe that he was still alive. The scene just now was no different than escaping from a ghastly h.e.l.l.

The disciple couldn’t find the reason why Jiang Chen released him. Perhaps, it was because he was telling the truth and that satisfied Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang, why did you let him go? We should cut off the roots to kill the gra.s.s.”

Sot Old Man couldn’t understand and felt that this wasn’t Jiang Chen’s style of action.

“I, Jiang Chen, kill whenever I like. I will kill when I want and will not when I don’t want. I have learned a few things from him. There wasn’t a problem using that in exchange for his life. As for the part about the Tan family being my enemy, do you think I’m concerned about that?”

Jiang Chen simply explained. That Third Grade Combat Emperor wasn’t a threat to him at all, killing him or not wouldn’t make much of a difference. Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid that the Tan Family would seek revenge on him. Furthermore, the relations.h.i.+p between the Dark Devil Religion and the Tan Family had always been very poor.