Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 665 – Terrifying Dark Souls

Chapter 665 – Terrifying Dark Souls

Terrifying Dark Souls

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Everyone gasped. The two people in front of them suffered tragic deaths and their bodies still lingered with the Qi of death. It seemed like they had been attacked by scary beings, even their hearts were dug out.

“A very cruel means of killing. These two are First Grade Combat Emperors. Based on their expression, they didn’t even have the chance to react before their hearts were taken out.”

Tyrant said. Many could predict what had happened to them. These two were odd cultivators that had just come in. They must have entered because they a.s.sumed that there were treasures hidden here, but had never expected that such a bad thing would happen. The blood on the floor hadn’t dried up yet. Obviously, they were killed not long ago. It was possible that they were killed just before Jiang Chen and the others came here. However, they hadn’t detected any big movements when they came in. Perhaps, these two people died without even having the chance to let out a cry.

It was way too terrifying, not even giving these two a chance to make a sound before they died. Who could have been this powerful?

While they were still discussing, a wave of gruesome wind blew over as a green sharp claw suddenly charged out of thin air without any signs or warnings. It came with an incredible speed and was going for Jiang Chen’s heart. The claw was full of Qi of Death, and its gloomy coldness s.h.i.+vered people’s soul.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph. The hidden creature probably could made a sneak attack on a First Grade Combat Emperor, but it would be extremely difficult to do that to Jiang Chen.


The claw violently struck Jiang Chen’s chest and a sound of metals jingling was produced, along with a brilliant spark. A golden armour appeared on the surface of Jiang Chen’s chest, blocking the attack of the unknown being. The armour was the Firethorn Combat Armour. Jiang Chen had reached to a mastery where the armour would reveal itself whenever it sensed danger.


The attack was a failure. The claw emitted a black Qi of death before it disappeared back into the darkness. However, before it was halfway back, it was caught by Jiang Chen in a flash. Jiang Chen’s palm was now full of dragon marks and had turned into a razor-sharp dragon claw.

The unknown figure’s sharp claw that was full of green fur trembled strongly and emitted even more Qi of death. This Qi was deadly. It was more poisonous than any poison in this world. Nevertheless, this was ineffective to Jiang Chen. It was absolutely harmless to him because of his Dragon Transformation Art that could inhibit almost anything.

“Get out of there!”

Jiang Chen clamoured. He exerted strength into his dragon claw and pulled the thing from the darkness. It was a skeleton man that had stayed here for a very long time, his body was wrapped by a thick Qi of death and a layer of green fur that smelt like stench of a rotten corpse.


After it became visible, its mouth was moving in a wave-like motion, creating a very unpleasant and piercing sound as if it was the sound of sawing a log. Its jaw dropped and dashed forward to bite Jiang Chen.


Zuo Ling Er exclaimed, she had been a treasured girl that had never seen such a horrible creature before. Despite the fact that she had exceptional combat strength she was only a kid, which meant that her mind-set hadn’t reached to a certain maturity yet. Therefore, it was common for her to be shocked by this violent creature.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were cold. The human skeleton only possessed the combat strength of a Second Grade Combat Emperor, which didn’t make Jiang Chen worry at all no matter how fast the skeleton could move or how strong its Qi of death could be. Jiang Chen broke the sharp claw of the skeleton and clawed on its skull with his dragon claw, crus.h.i.+ng it.

The human skeleton only had a moment of struggle before its Qi completely dissipated and fell to the ground.

“Big brother, that is very scary. What’s that thing?”

Zuo Ling Er asked.

A few of their faces turned ugly. They had never seen such creature before. The skeleton had to be a human previously, but they didn’t know why it had turned into such a scary creature after death, it had gone beyond their comprehension. Even Sot Old Man who had lived in the world of cultivation for about a half of his life had not encountered such creature before.

“That is dark soul.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Dark soul?”

Tyrant and the others asked. This was their first time hearing this ‘dark soul’ thing.

“That’s right. There are many unusual things in this world. Some people died with everlasting regret because they have things that they cannot let go of. People like this would condense a certain aura of grief on their bodies after they die. If there is a conducive environment, they will turn into a very scary dark soul that only kill living beings. They are born without any conscience, thus they are very cruel and emotionless. The dark soul in front of us has been existing in this place for a very long time. The only thing he knows is how to consume human hearts which shows that he has completely lost his conscience. Their bloodthirsty nature makes them kill anyone that comes into the area. Moreover, because they have existed in this place for a very long time, they can move in fast speed and are mostly untraceable, making them very difficult to deal with.”

Jiang Chen said. He had entered the Death Mountain before and had encountered dark souls at that time, but that dark soul wasn’t as powerful and horrid as the one before them.

“Everyone has to be extra careful from now on. There isn’t only one dark soul in this place. This two people was obviously attacked by two dark souls simultaneously, leading to their instant death.”

Jiang Chen reminded his friends again.

“Dammit! Where do these dark souls come from?”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but ask.

“It was the souls of the disciples of Colossal Sect. No one knows what happened at the time when everyone from the sect was killed. Many disciples and elders turned into dark souls to continue to protect their belongings. They will treat anyone who comes in as their enemy and will kill them without any hesitation.”

Jiang Chen said.

They suddenly felt sympathetic towards the dark souls, but that wouldn’t free these dark souls from their miserable form, and they would undoubtedly attack any living being who entered their property.

“This palace should be a treasure vault, but it is still unknown as to how many treasure are still kept inside.”

Jiang Chen looked around but found nothing. The palace was empty. Then, he found a stairway that led upwards. The surface of the staircase was covered with dust so thick that it increased the thickness of every block of the stairs by three times.

“Keke, there must be something good upstairs, come, let’s go up and find out.”

Big Yellow said and strode forward. At this point, another claw popped out of the air and headed towards Big Yellow’s head.


The sharp claw clashed with Big Yellow’s head. As his head was too hard, the claw failed to break his skull. Since Big Yellow didn’t prepare for this attack, he was knocked away and fell to the ground.

Big Yellow was cursing at the abrupt attack from the creature. He made a circle on the ground and stood up. His mouth was still swearing about the shame the unknown creature caused him.

Some Qi of death remained on Big Yellow’s body, but that didn’t harm him.

“Be careful. The dark soul here is untraceable. It hides in the shadows in the air. We can’t sense their existence, it seems like going upstairs won’t be an easy task.”

Tyrant knitted his eyebrows.

“Dammit! This group of stupid ghosts. I dare you to come out and fight me one on one, I’ll bite you to death!”

Big Yellow raged. It had always been the others to get the worst of anything, he had never felt something worst in his life and it pained him for not being able to take revenge on his attacker.

“Big Yellow, come back here!”

Jiang Chen barked at Big Yellow. “All of you, stand at this doorway. I’ll clear off every dark souls in here before you all come in.”

“These dark souls are untraceable, how can you wipe them out without knowing where they are?”

Han Yan said.

“Dark souls are afraid of fire. They probably aren’t afraid of ordinary fire, but they are afraid of mine. My flames can make them visible.”

Jiang Chen smirked. He strode into the internal part of the palace. The dark souls didn’t launch any attacks, it was as if they knew this young man in white wasn’t a person to be trifled with, but Jiang Chen could sense their movements.


All of a sudden, a wave of flames shot out of Jiang Chen’s body. Using his body as its centre, the flames erupted out, turning the entire part of the palace into a sea of fire. Jiang Chen’s flames was as hot as sun and sparks of electricity clapped in the fire. It was the True Thunderfire that had undergone three tribulations and had been enhanced to a very scary level. Now that the True Thunderfire had fused with the True Dragon Flame, it was now considered to be the most powerful flame in the world, a definite counter to dark and cold properties.

“Brother Jiang’s flames are terrifying. His flames has strong insulation against our devil aura.”

Sot Old man’s face had a shocked look. He had never seen such wild flames before. That kind of sun-like Qi could disrupt the circulation of devil Qi in his body. This made him feel very fortunate that Jiang Chen was a friend of the young master. If he was an enemy, the threat would be very great.

“Little Chen still has many other terrifying techniques. Even I, with my Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, the differences between us doesn’t vary much.”

Han Yan smiled and said. He didn’t sound envious at all. As his brother, the stronger Jiang Chen became the happier he felt for him.

*Chi Chi*

The dark soul were burnt by the flames, they struggled painfully and seemed to be in a state of agony.

“Since you have died, you should die peacefully. Let me help you escape from your misery.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was as loud as thunder. He exerted his True Dragon Palm and crushed the dark soul into pieces.