Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 664 – An Ancient Palace

Chapter 664 – An Ancient Palace

An Ancient Palace

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“Li Long, are you seeking death?”

Han Yan and many others were infuriated This was the pa.s.sageway to the spatial zone. If a fight were to happen in the area, it would cause havoc and many would suffer ghastly consequences, they would be sucked into the slit of the spatial zone, and would be stuck there forever.

“Li Long, if you want to die, don’t bring us along. I will be the first to retaliate against those who launch any attacks in here.”

Tan Zhi Bai’s Qi was bursting from afar and said loudly. That scene just now was breath-taking. The collision of their skills had shaken the entire pa.s.sageway slightly, and had created some tiny cracks. If this continued, the pa.s.sageway would be broken and by that time, it wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone.

Li Long’s secret attack had caused many people to become furious. Tan Zhi Bai wasn’t the only one. In fact, all of them were angry about that incident. Even the disciples of the Freedom Palace wiped off cold sweats of fear and thought that Li Long was too rash, such an act would make everyone his enemy.

Li Long made a cold humph after seeing all their responses, he failed to kill Jiang Chen just now because he never thought the young master of Dark Devil Religion was so powerful. It would be virtually impossible for him to launch another attack. Once he had offended all of them, he would be a common target when they entered deeper into the Death Mountain.

“I will kill you.”

Jiang Chen looked at Li Long behind him, and said in a cold and hostile tone. He had already set his target to Li Long. When he was determined to kill someone, there was one thing that he would ensure, which was to let the other person die before him.

Han Yan gave Li Long an angry glance at and said, “Let’s go, let’s ignore him for now.”

People were moving rapidly deeper into the Death Mountain. In an instant, a white fog was formed in front of them. It was a very thick fog that covered everything ahead, and not even the high grade Combat Emperors could see through it.

However, there was one who could see through the blurry fog. Jiang Chen’s eyesight was way sharper than any of them or maybe it was due to the power of his Great Soul Derivation Technique. In the fog, he could clearly see what lied behind it. There were layers upon layers of spatial zone entrances everywhere. These entrances wouldn’t give anyone any chance to choose which way they wanted to go, because there was a powerful force that would erupt and suck anyone who was nearby without any warning.

“Big brother, the white fog in front looks gruesome, is it dangerous?”

Zuo Ling Er asked curiously.

“It is a very thick fog, even I can’t see what’s inside of it. Perhaps, there is an unknown danger lying behind it. This place is called the Death Mountain and death can happen at any time.”

Han Yan said.

“No need to worry. There isn’t any danger ahead. We haven’t entered completely into the inner part of the Death Mountain yet. There are just an abundance of spatial zone entrances. Anyone who enters any of the entrances will be sucked into it and sent to a different spatial zone. The spatial zones under this mountain are countless, they are overlapping one another as this place was once inhabited by the Colossal Sect many years ago. Therefore, there will be a lot of treasure left behind. It depends on the spatial zone, some brings good luck, some are dangerous and some are both. Whatever we get depends on our luck. All of you, come and stick near me, I will use my force to create a s.h.i.+eld that will allow us to squeeze ourselves into the same spatial zone.

Jiang Chen said it in low tone.

They nodded and immediately came nearer Jiang Chen. Without a doubt, they had high confidence in Jiang Chen. There weren’t anyone who could see through the mist but him, which was not surprising at all.


Jiang Chen strode forward and the others followed rapidly. In a split second, they had reached the edge of the white fog and a shapeless energy was released from Jiang Chen’s body, enveloping everyone.

The moment they stepped into the foggy area, many couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. They saw numerous entrances of spatial zones, every one of them was like the head of an ancient wild beast, a dark and cold Qi was coming out of the hole. The Qi had a very great power of absorption. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s energy that was pulling them together, they would be sucked into different holes.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had foresight that this would happen and prevented them from wandering off from the group.

The spatial zone pa.s.sageway in this place was virtually no different from the others, so it was pointless to choose an entrance. When Jiang Chen was about to be sucked into one of the entrances, Big Yellow promptly said, “Go into the left one, quick!”

Jiang Chen was already near the entrance and was continuously being sucked in by the strong Qi of the hole. It would be extremely difficult to change the direction now. However, he had to follow Big Yellow’s words, because this dog must had sensed something from it.

“Tell me earlier next time!”

Jiang Chen had the urge to vomit out blood. He casted the True Dragon Palm to forcibly oppose the absorption force. The contrasting force made Jiang Chen suffer tremendously, he trembled as he walked towards the hole suggested by Big Yellow in a flash.

After Jiang Chen and the rest had entered into it, a dark shadow like the forces of evil followed behind them. This being had never appeared before, no one knew when this shadow had emerged. It was like that it had come specifically for Jiang Chen and had chosen the same pa.s.sageway as them.


“Someone has entered, we can’t delay no more. All the treasures will be gone if we are late.”

An odd cultivator shouted. Consequently, a group of people frantically rushed forward into the white mist. Every one of them who entered was sucked into a different pa.s.sageway and was sent to different areas.

As riches and luck had to depend upon the heavens, wherever they were sent to right now would be their fate. This was a symbol of one’s luck. Some might be able to obtain treasures that would amaze the entire world, others might be sent to the land of death and die, ending up as desolate bones.

Each of the silhouettes were covered by the white fog. All of them disappeared within a few minutes. After they had all entered into a particular hole, the pa.s.sageway of the spatial zones behind them vanished. The opening of the Death Mountain only happened for a few minutes as none of the five masters of Minor Saint rank dared to stay near the Death Mountain for long because that might activate the energy of the forbidden area and devour everyone within it. At that time, anyone who was in the mountain would die, something the five of them couldn’t afford to happen.


In a flash of a light, Jiang Chen and the others entered an independent spatial zone. There were also many others who had entered with them. The ground was very different from what they expected.This place was dark and a wave of ghastly Qi lingered in the air, causing people to feel pressured.

“We have reached the inner part of the Death Mountain. We have to be more careful.”

Sot Old Man reminded.

The moment Jiang Chen found his balance on the ground, he felt a sudden wave of cold aura behind him. He abruptly turned his head and found an empty s.p.a.ce behind, he found nothing. Even if he hadn’t seen anyone behind him, the murderous aura just now was crystal clear.

“Dark Shadow.”

Jiang Chen frowned as his eyes glittered with a brilliant light. The Dark Shadow had finally appeared. That’s what they always do: they would continue to haunt someone until that person was killed.

Jiang Chen didn’t show any signs of surprise. He was waiting for the Dark Shadow’s a.s.sa.s.sin to make a move . He knew that the a.s.sa.s.sin was finding a chance to kill him. Jiang Chen had always raised his guard against the Dark Shadow’s a.s.sa.s.sin ever since the last incident in the monastery. He couldn’t underestimate the a.s.sa.s.sin who came this time. This a.s.sa.s.sin had to be a lot stronger than the previous one, and therefore, Jiang Chen had to be very careful even though it was impossible to guard against them.

“Big Yellow, what have you sensed?”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow and knew that there had to be something great that existed in this area because Big Yellow had chosen it.

“I have no idea what it is, but I can tell you that there is a treasure hidden here.”

Big Yellow said intuitively. It was his intuition for treasure; his innate ability to detect any treasure was an awesome mystical power.

“Big brother, seems like that there’s nothing here.”

Zuo Ling Er looked around and saw nothing apart from the dusky fog and the ancient dark Qi that made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Ling Er, don’t be afraid. We’ll go to another area to find out.”

Jiang Chen said while choosing another direction to go. All of them strode quickly behind Jiang Chen and past through a desolate field before they could see a giant thing lying ahead.

“There is a building in front, probably left behind by the Colossus Sect. Let’s go over and find out.”

Han Yan said.

They increased their speed and came before the building.

It was an ancient palace that had been built for an unknown number of years. There were marks on the exterior of the palace, they were scars from a long time ago. The palace was huge. Despite the fact that this building had already been here for so many years, it still looked magnificent to the extent that anyone would fix their eyes on this admirable building for a long time.

Big Yellow sniffed and said, “There is treasure here, but also danger.”

Everyone felt nervous but also became excited after hearing Big Yellow’s latest update. The gate of the palace was open, waves of fog were spilling out of it. The air was stale, the Qi of death in the air caused discomfort to everyone.

“Go, let’s go in and see. Everyone has to be careful. Ah, Han and Sot Old Man, the three of us will lead them.”

Jiang Chen looked at Han Yan and Sot Old Man. In the team, they were the strongest. If there was a dangerous situation, they would be the first to deal with it.


Han Yan and Sot Old Man nodded. Together with Jiang Chen, they walked one step after another into the palace. The moment they reached the gate, an irritating stench of blood drifted from inside. They saw two dead bodies lying in the palace with their eyes wide open. Their hearts were dug out and their facial expressions were hideous, showing the terror they had experienced before their death, as if they had seen the scariest being in the world.