Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 663 – The Opening of the Death Mountain

Chapter 663 – The Opening of the Death Mountain

The Opening of the Death Mountain

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Jiang Chen’s face didn’t look good. He thought that the Tan Family was his ally. However, from the looks of it now, it was impossible for them to be his ally but they could possibly be his enemy. Jiang Chen didn’t continue the conversation. Even with the presence of Tan Zhi Hao, he couldn’t do much to help alter the situation. Jiang Chen had to find another way to solve it once he came out from the Death Mountain.

The fiery aura among four of the major five powers was strong even if they hadn’t really engaged in a war. If it wasn’t due to the big event which was the opening of the Death Mountain being the top priority, they would have already started a b.l.o.o.d.y war ever since they found out about Jiang Chen’s bold action. This place wasn’t suitable for that kind of activity at all as it wouldn’t bring any benefits to any of the major powers. The Freedom Palace, the one who wanted Jiang Chen dead so badly, would have numerous chances to take his life once he entered the Death Mountain.

Suddenly, five strong Qis’ flew towards the crowd from different directions with a very fast speed. Many disciples who were in lower grade couldn’t even catch a glimpse of their silhouettes. They appeared above the sky within a split second.

It was like they had made an appointment for a meeting as they had all appeared at exactly the same time.

Their emergence quietened the crowd down at the scene. An intense Saint Aura was released from their bodies like a high tide wave in the sea, totally covering the sky. The people felt pressured by these auras that their souls s.h.i.+vered slightly, stirring up their sense of admiration for them.

The silhouettes were Nebula Kidd of the Nebula Sect, Freedom King of the Freedom Palace, Skyhill Taoist of the Skyhill School, Tan Zhen Tian of Tan Family and Wu Yi Mo of the Dark Devil Religion. They were either called the five great heroes or the legendary five tyc.o.o.ns. Sects like the Nebula Sect and the Freedom Palace had their masters’ names inherited by every successor. Each generation of sect masters would be named as Nebula Kidd and Freedom King as this was the law. It represented prestige and strength.

These five Fourth Grade Minor Saints were strong enough to represent the entire Mysterious Domain’s peak Combat Strength. Everyone’s gaze fell upon them with burning eyes, especially those odd cultivators and some disciples of minor powers. They were all excited to be able to see the legendary tyc.o.o.ns in person. It wasn’t something that they had even dreamt of, especially not all five of them together. This matter was enough for them to boast in front of those who didn’t have the chance to come when they returned.

Freedom King was wearing a purple coat armour on his st.u.r.dy body. After he arrived, he saw the two dead bodies. He recognized them as they were the elders of his palace based on their uniforms.

“What happened? Who killed the elders of my Freedom Palace?”

Freedom King raged. A strong aura suddenly rushed out of his body, inciting fear among the crowd.

“Master, this was the doing of Jiang Chen of Nebula Sect. He killed four of our Fifth Grade Combat Emperors elders.”

Li Long greeted Freedom King with fists and pointed at Jiang Chen’s direction.

After his sentence was finished, the five tyc.o.o.ns fixed their eyes on Jiang Chen. They could feel that Jiang Chen Qi, he was merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor, but how could he possibly kill a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor? Wasn’t this too unbelievable?

Nebula Kidd was the one who was startled the most. Back when Jiang Chen first entered the Nebula Sect, he was merely a Ninth Grade Combat King. Within a short period of time, he had reached Second Grade Combat Emperor and he was able to kill Fifth Grade Combat Emperors with that level.

However, even if he also was surprised by Jiang Chen, he was the most calm of all as he knew the true ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen. He didn’t feel very shocked by the fact that Jiang Chen could do such a heaven defying act. Since he was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, if he hadn’t created such heaven defying miracles, it would be very unnatural.

Nebula Kidd became more confident to work with Jiang Chen after seeing his drastic improvement. His future was probably in Jiang Chen’s hands now. Following behind the back of the once Greatest Saint wouldn’t bring any disadvantages to him.

“Humph! A weak kid dares to kill my elders! You are seeking death!”

Freedom King made a cold humph. He launched an attack with his palm-like claw at Jiang Chen. Who wouldn’t know how powerful a Fourth Grade Minor Saint was? His Qi was strong enough to immobilize Jiang Chen.

To Freedom King, he was a very rare genius, but he was an enemy now. He was as fragile as an ant in front of a Minor Saint and could be pinched to death easily.

*Hong Long*

Nebula Kidd casted a skill, he couldn’t allow Freedom King to kill Jiang Chen. His defensive skill met Freedom King’s.

“Freedom King, you are belittling me, isn’t it? This is my disciple, you can’t kill him as you like.”

Nebula Kidd was enraged. His relations.h.i.+p with Freedom King hadn’t been very good, and Jiang Chen was very important to him. If a master didn’t stop his opponent from killing his disciple, he would be laughed at by everyone for his cowardice.

“Nebula Kidd, you wish to start a war with me just because of a disciple?”

Freedom King’s face was solemn.

“Bring it on. I’m not afraid of you. You are also one of the tyrannical lords of this generation, but as a Fourth Grade Minor Saint, how shameful it is for you to bully a Second Grade Combat Emperor? Won’t you become a laughing stock once this news is spread? Or perhaps you don’t have a young one to represent you?”

Nebula Kidd’s words showed his determination.

“Haha…Freedom King, this is too shameful. It is already shameful enough that your Fifth Grade Combat Emperors couldn’t handle a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Let your core disciple deal with him if you have the guts. There is no need for you to handle him personally because even me feel humiliated for you.”

The master of the Dark Devil Religion, Wu Yi Mo, laughed, not willing to let go of the chance to send an insult to Freedom King.

Freedom King’s expression changed, he made a cold humph and stopped his attempt to attack. To personally handle a Combat Emperor by himself was really a shameful act. There were more than enough core disciples who could get rid of him.

Freedom King gave the orders secretly using his Divine Sense to the core disciples. “Listen, don’t let me see this young man walk out of the Death Mountain alive.”

Li Long motioned his body and bowed at Freedom King after receiving the order.

“Alright. No more delays. We should hurry to open the Death Mountain.”

Tan Zhen Tian said.

After that, the five masters came together and built three imaginary pa.s.sageways in the spatial zone that connected directly to the internal part of the Death Mountain.

“Look! The Death Mountain is going to be open in no time. The five Minor Saint Tyc.o.o.ns opened it with their combined strengths.”

“We are going to enter the mountain for an expedition, I have been expecting this for a long time.”

“I must get something good when I enter.”


Many had started to feel nervous. This was the day that they had been waiting for. They have all been preparing for this big event to happen and would rush into it as soon as it was opened.

Very quickly, the three pa.s.sageways turned solid in the sky above their heads.

The three pa.s.sageways were of different lengths and would lead to different places under the Death Mountain. There were three levels that were being opened. Every level had a different difficulty and danger. The first level was suitable for Combat Soul, the second level was for the Combat Kings and the third was for the cultivators of Combat Emperor.

“Let’s go, we are going in.”

Some had flew up wildly and chose the pa.s.sageway according to their level of grade and entered in a flash. The entrance of the pa.s.sageway was enormous, big enough for them to enter in a large group like a swarm of wasps.

The geniuses of the five major powers were also getting into different pa.s.sageways according to their cultivations. Fundamentally, very few of them would choose the pa.s.sageway that leads to a higher level of difficulty than what their current grade can handle. Even a very powerful Combat King wouldn’t choose to enter the third level, because the higher the level, the more dangerous it becomes. They were here to seek for treasures, not for their deaths and none would bet their lives on this expedition.

“Big brother, let’s go in together.”

Zuo Ling Er stood beside Jiang Chen.

“Who’s this little girl?”

Han Yan asked. He had already found out that there must be a special relations.h.i.+p between these two when Zuo Ling Er stood out to defend Jiang Chen.

“This is Zuo Ling Er, my good foster sister. This is my good brother, Han Yan.”

Jiang Chen introduced them to one another. Han Yan smiled. He felt slightly shocked to learn that this twelve-year-old little girl had already reached Second Grade Combat Emperor. He wouldn’t want to compare such genius with those in the Eastern Continent.

“Ah Han Yan, this is Tyrant. You can call him monk, he is also one of my good friends. We have faced life-and-death trials before.”

Jiang Chen patted Tyrant’s shoulder while introducing him.

“Young master.”

Tyrant put one palm on his chest and said with respect.

“Great master is being too polite.”

Han Yan quickly responded.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t continue seeing this anymore, one raised his leg, and the other opened his mouth, then attacked Tyrant from left and right.

“Will you die if you don’t pretend?”

Jiang Chen was speechless for this shameless monk although his solemnity could really convince people. Han Yan had obviously been deceived by his elder monk face.

Han Yan hadn’t met Tyrant before, but he could see it from how Jiang Chen and Big Yellow treated him. He could guess what type of person this monk was, probably another weirdo.

“Let’s go. The others have already entered. We can’t be left behind.”

Tyrant said and quickly flew towards the pa.s.sageway on the third level like a fleeing suspect.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen said. A few people flew into the same pa.s.sageway. Not long after Jiang Chen had entered the channel, he suddenly felt a very strong wind attacking him from behind. The force was too strong for him to handle even with his current grade.

“Seeking death!”

Han Yan was infuriated. A wave of devil aura billowed from his body and he turned into a st.u.r.dy black pillar of light, colliding with the attack behind.

*Hong Long*

The huge impact caused the entire pa.s.sageway to be shaken. The one who made the sneak attack wasn’t anyone unfamiliar, he was Li Long of the Freedom Palace. Han Yan defended the attack with his Sixth Grade Combat Emperor’s strength, but he was slightly pushed away due to the strong impact.

However, Han Yan’s face remained calm. If he completely activated his bloodline, he could undoubtedly confront Li Long.