Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 662 – Brothers Reunion

Chapter 662 – Brothers Reunion

Brothers Reunion

It was too fast, there was no doubt about it. Jiang Chen’s simple slashes had gotten rid of the two Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. The scene was extremely domineering. Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. Even Sot Old Man and w.a.n.g Yi who were battling felt the same way and they stopped their battle. Even the intense battle from far away between Mo Sang and Tan Zhi Bai stopped. This was the first time they saw Jiang Chen, but they never thought that this young man could be so wild that he even dared to kill two of their elders in front of the Freedom Palace. In fact, this wasn’t simply killing, it was also slapping the Freedom Palace’s face, defaming them.

“My G.o.d! Is he Jiang Chen? I have heard about his cruelty and emotionless style of dealing with things. The rumours didn’t judge him wrongly. He is a being that would kill without even blinking his eyes. Even though the Freedom Palace is just ahead of him, he dared to killed the two elders before them. This boldness is absolutely unparalleled.”

“Unmatched, no one can match with him. This is called tyrannical. Not even caring about who it is, he will just cut your body off.”

“I have never seen such a powerful man, but what surprises me the most is that Jiang Chen is merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor. The Fifth Grade Combat Emperor elders didn’t even stand a chance to at least defend themselves when he attacked. This is too scary. So this is why they call him the man who can initiate the heavenly tribulation. His combat strength is truly heaven defying.


Everybody on the scene was startled by the battle. The entire crowd was having an adrenaline rush now because of Jiang Chen. Many of them had never seen him before, some had only heard of his name today since the Mysterious Domain was a big place and thus it wasn’t illogical for some to not know about him. That scene had imprinted a strong impression of Jiang Chen in everyone’s head that he would definitely become well known as he had done something that no one else would dare to do.

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Saint Sword, the tyrannical aura surrounded his body from top to bottom. He strode to w.a.n.g Yi and clamoured, “Scram!”

This clamour was as loud as thunder. It trembled w.a.n.g Yi’s eardrum so much that he could hear a buzzing sound. As a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, he wasn’t supposed to fear him, but he didn’t know why, perhaps it was influenced by Jiang Chen’s powerful Qi and his cruel killings . w.a.n.g Yi couldn’t help but walk two steps backwards.

“You garbage! you want to kill me with just e this?”

Jiang Chen gave him a scornful look and flew towards the Nebula Sect with large steps, followed by Tyrant and Big Yellow. Sot Old Man was the last, attempting to prevent w.a.n.g Yi from performing a sneak attack.

“Why would I fear him? He is merely a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Even if he can kill a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, so what? He is still no match for me, but why am I afraid of him?”

w.a.n.g Yi had the urge to self-injure himself to punish his foolish reaction. He was intimidated by his opponent, a mere Second Grade Combat Emperor opponent? What a disgrace!

“Big brother!”

Zuo Ling Er welcomed her big brother delightfully. They had been separated ever since they entered the Nebula Sect. This was the first time that they met each other. She felt very happy when she saw how divine her big brother was, her eyes, s.h.i.+ning like stars , full of admiration.

“Not bad, Xiao Er!”

Jiang Chen touched Zuo Ling Er’s head gently. She was now at the Second Grade Combat Emperor, which was did not meet his estimation.

“Junior Jiang, you were a little reckless back there.”

Guo Shao Fei said. Jiang Chen had killed two elders of the Freedom Palace in front of so many people, which was undoubtedly reckless. In other words, the conflict between Jiang Chen and the Freedom Palace wouldn’t vanish until either one of them die.

However, Guo Shao Fei was looking at Jiang Chen with eyes full of praise. He clearly saw what Jiang Chen had done just now. If it was him, he wouldn’t be able to kill the elders even if he was a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, or at least not as easy as Jiang Chen did.

“Big brother, Guo Shao Fei is from the core sect. He is the leader for this expedition.”

Zuo Ling Er introduced.

“I disagree with brother Guo. They wanted to kill me, was i supposed to just stand there and be killed by them?”

Jiang Chen greeted brother Guo with his fists. His first impression of brother Guo wasn’t bad at all.

The disciples of the Nebula Sect were looking at Jiang Chen with an admiring look, including the core disciples. Many of them had heard of but hadn’t seen this man, especially the outer disciples. Although it was the first time they saw him, they had already viewed him as a War G.o.d.

“Jiang Chen, you’re truly audacious!”

Li Long of the Freedom Palace was infuriated. They had lost another two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors before the opening of the Death Mountain. Furthermore, the elders were killed in front of them, causing shame to the palace. If they couldn’t get rid of Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t have the face to continue existing in this domain anymore.

Jiang Chen didn’t respond to Li Long’s threat, and walked towards the Dark Devil Religion. It showed that he didn’t bother what Li Long was saying. This was a huge insult to high rank grade cultivators like Li Long.

“Are you seeking death?”

Li Long raged and lunged towards Jiang Chen.

“Li Long, you want to kill our people in front of us?”

Guo Shao Fei blocked the way, giving no opportunity for Li Long to strike Jiang Chen.

“Guo Shao Fei, get out of my way! This is a matter between Jiang Chen and the Freedom Palace.”

Li Long’s eyes were fiery red when he bellowed.

“You, an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor attacking a Second Grade Combat Emperor, don’t you feel ashamed? I dare you to find a Second Grade Combat Emperor among your people to fight with him.”

Guo Shao Fei confronted him. If he backs away, he will be considered a weakling, and would be looked down.

Guo Shao Fei’s words made many people rolled their eyes frantically. Allowing a Second Grade Combat Emperor of the Freedom Palace to fight Jiang Chen did not vary from putting him to his death

Li Long gritted his teeth, he had no other choice. He knew it would be impossible to seek revenge on Jiang Chen in front of Guo Shao Fei, and the Freedom Palace couldn’t afford to start a war with the Nebula Sect as it would bring great loss to the Freedom Palace.

Li Long’s revealed a murderous gaze. He must kill Jiang Chen, it would be hard to find a chance to do that after entering the Death Mountain.

Jiang Chen walked straight and reached before the Dark Devil Religion, Sot Old Man greeted Han Yan with his fists.

Nonetheless, Han Yan attention was directed not only on Sot Old Man, but on Jiang Chen as well. He had been watching him ever since he arrived.

“You are still as domineering as always, wherever you go.”

Han Yan said.

“Young master of the Dark Devil Religion, is this bulls.h.i.+t? You are a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor now, seems like you have been living an easy life.”

After Jiang Chen finished, he extended his arms to hug his friend, Han Yan did the same. They ignored everyone’s gazes around them and gave each other a warm ,big hug.

It was a strong hug that was full of brotherhood, which couldn’t be understood by outsiders. It had been a long time since they stepped into the Divine Continent together. Finally, the brothers could reunite again. That pleasant feeling wasn’t describable.

They weren’t people that were good at expressing their feelings. In fact, they didn’t need to as this hug expressed everything.

“Have the two finished hugging? Are you ignoring master dog’s existence?”

Big Yellow couldn’t stand this anymore and opened his mouth , biting Han Yan’s back side.

“You stupid dog! You haven’t changed one bit!”

Han Yan landed his leg on Big Yellow’s head. Later, the two men and dog were laughing happily in front of countless people without any care. Jiang Chen didn’t care about the current situation, all he desired was to be able to do what he wanted.

This scene was witnessed by everyone. Many understood why the young master would defend Jiang Chen at the beginning during the denunciation. It wasn’t as simple as because Jiang Chen had saved Sot Old Man, they could tell these two had knew each other for a long time, their relations.h.i.+p was far greater than any ordinary friends.h.i.+p.

The people of the Dark Devil Religion looked at Jiang Chen in delight. They instantly became a fan of him due to his actions. It proved that their young master was also a domineering being, to be befriended by such a person.

At this point, Mo Sang and Tan Zhi Bai stopped all of their movement and went back to their own group, but their urge to fight each other never stopped.

Judging from the current situation, even if someone initiated a battle, no one would be willing to fight as everyone was here to enter the Death Mountain to acquire some benefits. Battling here wouldn’t bring them any benefit.

Jiang Chen turned to scan the group of the Tan Family. His gaze swept through the crowd but didn’t find either Tan Zhi Hao or Tan Lang. It made him frown suddenly. Tan Zhi Hao was already a Combat Emperor when they were at the Liang Province, he wouldn’t miss an expedition like this. He felt weird that he couldn’t find his friends in the Tan Family group.

Jiang Chen greeted the leader of the Tan Family and said. “I’m Jiang Chen, a friend of Tan Zhi Hao.”

This was the only thing that he could say. He only revealed his relations.h.i.+p with Tan Zhi Hao deliberately to tell them that there wasn’t a need to fight as they were allies.

“Humph! Tan Zhi Hao, he can’t even fend for himself. What does your friends.h.i.+p with him got to do with us?”

Unexpectedly, Tan Zhi Bai smiled coldly and said.

“What do you mean?”

Jiang Chen’s face changed. It seemed that Tan Zhi Hao had faced some difficulties in the Tan Family. His favourable feeling towards the Tan Family had faded instantly as he revealed two cold lights from his eyes.

“Only a piece of garbage.”

Tan Zhi Bai said in a plain tone while the folding fan was moving in front of his chest.

This was something that Jiang Chen had never expected. He was a good friend of Tan Zhi Hao. If his friend were to encounter some troubles, he couldn’t do nothing about it. This might even involve Tan Lang. It was he who had suggested Tan Lang to follow Tan Zhi Hao back to the Tan Family. If Tan Lang was being treated badly, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.