Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 661 – Engaging in Battle

Chapter 661 – Engaging in Battle

Engaging in Battle

The hidden combat aura of the two groups were about to erupt. The Freedom Palace had lost two Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. The ones that they lost were elders which meant that it varied a lot compared to disciples. Elders represented the dignity of the sect, if the murderer of the elder wasn’t being hunted down or was compensated, the sect would be looked down upon by the others and would eventually become laughing stock of all.

Guo Shao Fei was taken aback. The incident suddenly stirred his interest in this junior brother Jiang, but he had to make sure that the morale of his sect wasn’t weaker than his opponent’s regardless of what had happened between the elders of the Freedom Palace and Jiang Chen. Guo Shao Fei couldn’t show any weakness.

Guo Shao Fei wasn’t a fool. Especially the figures on the Earth Ranking, none of them were fools, they were all as smart as a whip. Everyone knew of the crime that Jiang Chen had committed, but he wasn’t even slightly penalized for any of those crimes. Obviously, he was adored by the upper ranks of the sect or even the sect master. Jiang Chen was a rare genius that could initiate the heavenly tribulation, which meant that this kind of genius would only appear every ten thousand years. Guo Shao Fei naturally wouldn’t treat such a person as his enemy. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was also his junior brother, meaning that Guo Shao Fei should protect him.

“Not only were the elders of the Freedom Palace murdered by a mere First Grade Combat Emperor, they even dare to announce such a shameful incident openly to everyone, truly shameless.”

At this point, an enigmatic voice sounded. Everyone turned and found the source of the sound, it was from the Dark Devil Religion’s group. It was Han Yan who spoke. He couldn’t let these unfriendly people of the Freedom Palace continuously denounce his friends.

“Right, Jiang Chen has colluded with the Dark Devil Religion. He used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill two of our elders because of Sot Old Man. The Nebula Sect is a righteous sect, can they even tolerate own disciple working with the Dark Devil Religion?”

The elder who escaped from Jiang Chen said when he saw Han Yan. He wouldn’t miss the chance to condemn Jiang Chen even further regarding his collusion with the Dark Devil Religion.

“What did you say old man? What’s wrong with our Dark Devil Religion? We have more n.o.ble men who are even n.o.bler than yours. It had to be because your elders besieged our elder, making Jiang Chen couldn’t help but to interfere.”

A young man with an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor level of strength shouted. His name was Mo Sang. He was at the same as Guo Shao Fei and was a rare genius in the religion. If the young master hadn’t appeared all of a sudden, it would’ve been him who would lead the expedition this time. None dared to look down on him, every word he spoke had a lot of weight.

The people of the Dark Devil Religion started to respond. In the beginning, they didn’t know why the young master had joined in the arguments between the Freedom Palace and the Nebula Sect. Now, they all understood that it was related to their religion as well. Jiang Chen’s murder was to save an elder of their religion. In that case, they wouldn’t do nothing about it. The impression that they had of Jiang Chen slowly improved and became better.

“You people of the devil religion, always committing wicked acts. Anyone has the right to punish you people. Even if it was me who met your elder, I’ll definitely kill him.”

Tan Zhi Bai of the Tan Family pointed his folding fan with the tip and said. Initially it was a conflict between the Freedom Palace and the Nebula Sect but in a twinkle, the Dark Devil Religion and Tan Family had gotten involved in the conflict.

“See, the inharmonious major five have begun a conflict because of Jiang Chen.”

“I heard Tan Zhi Bai and Mo Sang have engaged in a battle before. So, their resentment against the Dark Devil Religion isn’t so surprising.”

“Let’s see what’s going to happen next. It’s becoming even more heated up. Look, the Skyhill School has come. The Death Mountain is going to open soon, but no one knows whether these five power will initiate a fight before it opens.”


The Skyhill School didn’t appear to be interested in the current conflict. They only stood in their groups as if they were a bystanders like the odd cultivators.

“What is the Tan Family? Do you have the right to kill us? Try to do that now if you have the guts, I’ll be sure to tear you apart.”

Mo Sang was infuriated. A wave of devil aura shot out from his body. A slight disagreement would always prompt the people of Dark Devil Religion to fight, this had always been their personality. They could be cunning and sinister, but they were always very straightforward in a battle and they didn’t follow any rules.

“You want a piece of me? Bring it on! I’m not afraid of you.”

Tan Zhi Bai made a clap with his folding fan and jumped to the sky. Mo Sang naturally didn’t feel threatened as well, turning into a devil light and rushed towards the sky. In the blink of an eye, the two of them clashed in battle and their battlefield was the sky, making the whole area below dark.

“Hehe…They are battling now. This is really exciting.”

The leader of Skyhill School chuckled. He had a good and masculine look and seemed to be around the age of twenty seven or eight. He had a moderate body shape and glittering eyes which made anyone able to easily recognize him as the most outstanding person of the group. He was called Yan Hui and his grade was the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. Currently, he was watching the battle between Mo Sang and Tan Zhi Bai with a leisurely face and a comfortable mood.

These two leaders were fighting intensely. If it didn’t go well, it could simply turn into an ugly battle. Now, even though the Death Mountain hadn’t opened yet, if there was a big fight outside the mountain, it would be very interesting.

On the other side, the Freedom Palace and the Nebula Sect were still in conflict, each of them refused to give in to the other. Jiang Chen had a good reputation in the Nebula Sect, particularly in the inner sect as he was an idol of countless disciples.

“Guo Shao Fei, we, the Freedom Palace, won’t leave this matter unsettled. Someone from the Nebula Sect must account for this incident, so you should pa.s.s Jiang Chen to us.”

Li Long continued to say.

“Go and find my big brother yourself if you are able to. I doubt your ability though. Even if he stands before you, I don’t think you are able catch him.”

Zuo Ling Er shouted while clenching her fists so hard that a cracking sound was heard. If it wasn’t for her inability to fight this man, she would have already struck him given her forthright att.i.tude. How could she ever allow someone to keep on defaming her big brother?

Not very far away, four silhouettes appeared in a flash. There were three men and one dog. On the way, they saw the intense battle between Mo Sang and Tan Zhi Bai.

“Why are they battling?”

Tyrant was stunned.

“That is our rare genius, Mo Sang, but why is he fighting against the Tan Family?”

Sot Old Man felt startled.

“It seems that the relations.h.i.+p between Dark Devil Religion and Tan Family isn’t that good after all. I have a friend in the Tan Family, he is Tan Zhi Hao, and he will be helping you guys to reach a compromise in the conflict. Now that we are going into the Death Mountain, getting one extra friend is better than getting an enemy.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He could feel the prominence of Tan Zhi Hao’s ident.i.ty in the Tan Family. As Jiang Chen had saved his life before, the Tan Family would certainly consider him as a friend.

Jiang Chen had no idea what had happened outside the mountain. Due to the quarter’s booming Qi, they were noticed by a lot of people very quickly. This strong Qi drew many people’s attention. The first who saw them coming was the group from the Freedom Palace.

“It’s Jiang Chen. He finally appeared.”

“Now, kill him!”

Two elders of the Freedom Palace bellowed and led the way towards Jiang Chen’s direction. w.a.n.g Yi twisted and rushed over to join them. These three were the team who was hunting for Jiang Chen. Now that they had seen him, their murderous aura erupted.

“Look, that young man in white is Jiang Chen, he is very young…”

“Ya, seems like the Freedom Palace isn’t going to let him go this time. I have no idea how is he going to deal with them.”

“That is Sot Old Man from the Dark Devil Religion. Jiang Chen really has colluded with the devil religion. The Freedom Palace is right about this.”


Many people were staring at Jiang Chen. Three men from the Freedom Palace lost their patience and had went towards them to block their path.

“Jiang Chen, you killed my elders, die now!”

w.a.n.g Yi bellowed, his murderous aura bursting forth from his body.

“People of the Freedom Palace! Humph!”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk and a cold humph. “Sot Old Man, block this dude for me.”

Without any hesitation, Sot Old Man instantly met his charge. He was now at the pinnacle of Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, and is certainly able to hold back w.a.n.g Yi. His devilish aura rose to the sky and using the dark ,cold Devil Weapon he was holding, he slashed it at w.a.n.g Yi.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t use the Heavenly Tribulation anymore, I want to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve.”

The two elders gritted their teeth, Positioning themselves in the left and right direction of Jiang Chen and attacked him. The three attackers from Freedom Palace were too fast for one to react. It would be too late for a rescue team to be saving Jiang Chen and Sot Old Man.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t require any help.


The light from the sword s.h.i.+ned brilliantly, Jiang Chen’s tyrannical aura was coming out of his body when the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand. The sword was so divine that the surface was fully covered with blood red dragon marks. The sword was now a very powerful Emperor Weapon,being many times stronger than before.


Without saying a word, Jiang Chen slashed at the elder who escaped in the wilderness. This slash shook both heaven and earth. When the sword had locked his Qi, the initially confident elder could feel his confidence crumbling, he sensed the Qi of h.e.l.l, the taste of death.

In a moment of panic, the elder drew out his weapon and attempt to deflect Jiang Chen’s attack.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen’s attack was too powerful for a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor to defend against The power of his Heavenly Saint Sword was inestimable. Stunning the eyes of many people, the sword slashed through the elder’s body. He wailed in agony and died. His body was slashed into half and fell from the sky.


Another elder who was also lunging toward Jiang Chen exclaimed. They looked at Jiang Chen as though he had just seen a grim reaper. The original bursting Qi suddenly dimmed as if it had disappeared, similar to a low tide.

“Since you have come, why don’t you die together?”

Jiang Chen met him with another strike. The light of the sword turned into a piece of web, completely containing the elder. His slash was too fast for the elder to react. It was an all-out attack, the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor couldn’t resist it


It was another wail, another elder of the Freedom Palace was dead!