Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 660 – The Rising of Fiery Aura

Chapter 660 – The Rising of Fiery Aura

The Rising of Fiery Aura

Guo Shao Fei of the Nebula Sect is a genius who also on the Sky Ranking. He had always been very well known in the sect. No one was surprised that he appeared at the Death Mountain. The people who attracted the crowd’s eyes was the young master of Dark Devil Religion and Zuo Ling Er.

These two had only recently emerged in the Mysterious Domain. The term ‘young master of Dark Devil Religion’ alone was enough to intimidate a lot of people. It was the ident.i.ty of the master’s foster child. Just by owning this ident.i.ty, he could intimidate almost everyone, regardless of where he went to.

Although Zuo Ling Er’s wasn’t as strong, but she had the biggest potential. You couldn’t find someone as gifted as this twelve-year-old Combat Emperor. Even in the Immemorial Family in the Pure Land, you couldn’t find a monstrous genius like her. Her very existence in the Mysterious Domain was a miracle.

After Han Yan arrived, his gaze fell upon the Nebula Sect’s group, trying to make a quick recognition, but disappointment filled his face after that, as he was not able to find the person he wanted to see. If Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were here, he would be able to recognize them from the group instantly.

The news of Jiang Chen joining Nebula Sect reached Han Yan as well. This young master had been asking someone to keep tabs on Jiang Chen’s movement in secret.

“Not in the group of the Nebula Sect? It seems that he hasn’t come along with them, but how can these two miss such a great event?”

Han Yan smirked. He knew his two good friends too well. Those two were twisted devil kings that were only afraid of world peace. Wouldn’t it be meaningless to partic.i.p.ate in this Death Mountain expedition without them? Furthermore, they wouldn’t miss this great chance to train themselves.

*Hong Long*

Waves of powerful Qi were drifting towards their direction again. However, it wasn’t coming from a person. Judging from the Qi, it wouldn’t be weaker than the Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion’s group, so it went without saying that this had to be from the five major powers.

A team of experts were flying in the sky, not far away from where they were from. This was the group fromm Tan Family. The leader was also a young man who had a very powerful Qi. The expedition to the Death Mountain was actually a compet.i.tion between geniuses. Every major power had sent their best genius to this big event so that it wouldn’t be disgraceful and silly for them. Normally, these geniuses were the leader of a team and at least at the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. It would be very shameful to have someone who had a lower level than their compet.i.tors’ leaders to lead the team.

“Look, it’s the Tan Family. That young leader in white whose s hand is holding a fan seems like Tan Zhi Bai. He is the aborigine of Tan Family which, is different from those non-native disciples. His ident.i.ty is very prestigious and his grade isn’t lesser than Guo Shao Fei.”

“The Tan Family is a huge clan. It is also the reason why they can be one of the major powers. The family itself is very strong, having geniuses in abundance. Thus, their overall strength aren’t lower than the other four powers.”

“Ya, seems like this expedition is going to turn into a dragon versus tiger battle. If these geniuses can get precious treasures underneath the Death Mountain, their future will be boundless.”


Talks and noises filled the atmosphere, as everyone was discussing about the partic.i.p.ating disciples of the five major powers. The crowd looked at them in admiration, thinking how blissful and honourable it would be to be a disciple of one of the major powers.

The young leader of Tan family stood at the centre of the group. Although the formation of the Death Mountain was weakened, no one was allowed to enter until all the leaders of the major powers had arrived.

“Quickly, look. The people of Freedom Palace.”

Someone shouted while seeing a few of the Freedom Palace’s representatives landing down. A youth also led the group, but this young man looked very st.u.r.dy, had thick hair and his face was mostly bearded. Anyone could tell that he was the burly type of person. His height was two heads higher than an average person, his bicep muscles were pus.h.i.+ng outwards, making it look tight like a small hill. Obviously, he was a physique cultivator.

“That is Li Long, a figure in the Sky Ranking, representing the Freedom Palace. I heard that he has trained his muscle to the maximum. He can break a lofty mountain with just one punch, which in itself is very terrifying.”

“I really admire these geniuses. With their gifted innate talent plus the various cultivation resources, how possibly can we, odd cultivators, be compared with them?”

“It’s no use admiring them. That is why we have to enter the Death Mountain to seek for unexpected treasures. If we are lucky, we can be just like them, becoming the best among all cultivators. Even if we can’t join the major powers, it’s still not bad to join others.”


The odd cultivators’ words were full of praise of admiration and envy towards the geniuses after seeing their elegant demeanour. However, the truth was always cruel. If they wanted to change their current situation and status, they needed to put in ten times more effort compared to others to be able to achieve their goals.

After that, three people walked out of the Freedom Palace’s group. These three men were the people who sought for Jiang Chen and Sot Old Man in the last few days. The first was w.a.n.g Yi, a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. Then, he pointed at the Nebula Sect’s group.

“Jiang Chen of Nebula Sect, show yourself now.”

w.a.n.g Yi’s voice was so loud that no one could miss it.


Surprised mumbling erupted from the crowd and all their gaze fell upon w.a.n.g Yi. They could see that his expression is unfriendly. Those who had talked about Jiang Chen before rolled their eyes immediately. It seemed that this young man was a devil that caused nuisance, there would never be peace in wherever he goes. It wasn’t just a nuisance, he had offended the Freedom Palace. This was before the opening of the Death Mountain, and someone from the Freedom Palace already wanted to find Jiang Chen so badly, it made them wonder what had actually caused these people to be so angry.

The originally calm and steady Han Yan released two stream of cold light after hearing what w.a.n.g Yi had just said. He didn’t care whether Jiang Chen should be denounced, his friend had already offended too many people. As his brother, he would lend out his helping hand even if it means going against the whole world, he wouldn’t hesitate to stand on his side.

“Who are you? You dare order my big brother to get out? Are you seeking death?”

Zuo Ling Er was the first person who couldn’t take it. w.a.n.g Yi’s tone made her furious. She took a step forward and pointed at him.

“Where did this yellow skin girl come from? You of Nebula Sect better hand over Jiang Chen to me, or else, it will mean going against us.”

w.a.n.g Yi said while gritting his teeth.

“So what if we are opposing you? You think you can dominate the entire Mysterious Domain? furthermore, junior brother Jiang isn’t here.”

Guo Shao Fei said coldly. He began to grow interested towards this junior Jiang Chen who he hadn’t seen before but just heard of. He had known about all the incidents that were related to Jiang Chen in the sect. He had to admit, this young man was really a devil who liked offending others. He had even offended Freedom Palace, one of the major five. However, Guo Shao Fei wasn’t concerned about that as the Nebula Sect never feared the Freedom Palace.

“That Jiang Chen has killed two of the Fifth Grade Combat Emperor elders from the Freedom Palace. We have to settle this grudge, this is related to our dignity. Guo Shao Fei, you should hand Jiang Chen over to me before the opening of the Death Mountain. The harmony here should not be destroyed, because that won’t bring you any benefits.”

w.a.n.g Yi continued to bellow his words.

“What? Jiang Chen has killed two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors? Wasn’t he a Combat King? Even if he has stepped into the Combat Emperor realm, how could he kill a Fifth Grade?”

“Absurd! How powerful is this Jiang Chen? He can even kill a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. This is truly unbelievable!”

“That’s right, if this is true, it explains why the Freedom Palace is so angry about it. They have lost two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors, it is a big loss to them.”


Before Jiang Chen could appear, he had become a hot topic of everyone.

“Humph! Who do you think you are?You dare to talk to me in such a way? Ordering me to hand over people to you? I think you simply don’t know what is the meaning of death.”

Guo Shao Fei let out a cold humph, belittling w.a.n.g Yi. Logically, he wouldn’t care about w.a.n.g Yi because of the difference in their level of grade. If w.a.n.g Yi was shouting at him in the past, he would have easily crush himed with one finger.

“He may not be qualified, what about me? Guo Shao Fei, Jiang Chen has killed two of our elders. We have the right to speak.”

The tall and st.u.r.dy guy, Li Long took a step forward. He didn’t attempt to show his anger, but his voice rumbled like lightning that was so ferocious.

“Li Long, are you kidding me? Junior brother Jiang is merely a First Grade Combat Emperor. Even if he is powerful, how can he possibly kill two of your Fifth Grade Combat Emperor elders? Or are you implying that your Fifth Grade Combat Emperors are so weak that even a First Grade Combat Emperor can kill them?”

Guo Shao Fei smirked coldly but he was startled inside. He knew the Freedom Palace wouldn’t be joking with him about this matter. The two elders must have died under the hands of Jiang Chen. This really shocked him as defeating a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, Man Hong and two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors were two different things.

“If he was in his First Grade Combat Emperor grade, he won’t stand a chance, but that young man initiated the heavenly tribulation. He used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill two of our elders. I am certain many of you have seen the aftermath of the tribulation.”

The elder who successfully escaped said.

Everyone was startled again after hearing what the elder just said. Heavenly Tribulation? That should be a very far-fetched incident. Although many had seen the condition of the ruined wilderness, they never thought that it was caused by a tribulation.

“I have long heard about Jiang Chen, a monstrous genius that can initiate the heavenly tribulation. Turns out, he used the power of the Heavenly Tribulation to kill the elders of the Freedom Palace. No wonder.”

“He is a truly heaven defying man. The loss that the Freedom Palace suffered is immense, they have even lost their precious dignity. They definitely won’t let this matter go. Jiang Chen still hasn’t appeared, making the two large sects’ suppress their fiery aura that’s waiting to explode.”