Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 657 – Second Grade Combat Emperor

Chapter 657 – Second Grade Combat Emperor

Second Grade Combat Emperor

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Even though Big Yellow was very confident about himself, Tyrant and Sot Old Man were feeling the opposite. They were nervous as their opponents were just too strong. A Sixth Grade Combat Emperor and two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors. A team like this was just too powerful for them to handle. Jiang Chen was still lying and wasn’t ready to engage in battle. Sot Old Man, though he’s a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor hadn’t fully recovered from his injuries yet. Even if he was in his peak condition, the result wouldn’t vary much.

The Divine Sense were like three shapeless sickles, scanning every possible area of the valley, not leaving even a stone unturned. As Big Yellow and the rest were Combat Emperors, they could create a dissimilar dimension. These dimensions were built in the macrocosm. However, when a stronger cultivator came, he could easily detect the newly-created dimension, which would make escaping way harder than it should be. Moreover, it took tremendous effort to build one as it couldn’t simply be built instantly. Therefore, they decided to hide in the cave.

w.a.n.g Yi was a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, a precious genius of the Freedom Palace. His combat strength was many times stronger than the other two elders. Big Yellow’s formation was incredible enough to even veil them from the two Fifth Grade Combat Emperors who had scanned them just now. They didn’t pause in the process but still found nothing.

The three of them were circling around the area but couldn’t find a trace of Jiang Chen.

“They’re not here, let’s go to another place.”

An elder said.

w.a.n.g Yi knitted his eyebrows tightly. He scanned the valley once more before leading the elders to another place.

Tyrant and Sot Old Man heaved a big sigh after sensing that their enemy’s Qi were getting further away. The scene just now fasten their heartbeats, they were almost found out. This explained why their pulse was so fast. If they were to be found, there would be a fierce battle and they might even lose their lives.

“Dammit! Why are the two of you so nervous? Are you two not confident of my formation?”

Big Yellow swore at them. He didn’t feel a bit of satisfaction from their expression. He was certainly confident of his own formation.

Both of them looked at each other and gave Big Yellow a thumbs up simultaneously. Their praise for him was sincere and they were impressed with his formation, which polished their impression of the boastful Big Yellow, because even a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor’s Divine Sense wasn’t able to detect his formation. Finally, they could quietly rest in the cave. With Big Yellow’s formation, there wouldn’t be a mistake because the Freedom Palace wouldn’t send a Minor Saint just to kill Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow’s formation is truly something. I can peacefully meditate now. My injuries aren’t that serious, it will take at most three days to fully recover.”

Sot Old Man said before he meditated again. His state now wasn’t full of fear like before. He was more relaxed now as he didn’t need to worry about the hunt of the people from the Freedom Palace anymore. Furthermore, those people who came here wouldn’t return to the same place again.

For the following time, Big Yellow was so bored until he fell asleep on the ground, snoring. Tyrant meditated, his mouth was muttering the Lotus incantation. Jiang Chen was lying in his original position, there was golden light drifting around the surface of his body at random times. Old Sot Man was petrified like a fossil, he had fully entered into the state of self-meditation.

As for the team of the Freedom Palace, they gave up eventually like what Old Sot Man had antic.i.p.ated after they had gone very far and searched everywhere but couldn’t find a trace of the Qi of Jiang Chen and Sot Old Man.

“My mother! We’ve searched for three days straight, the Death Mountain will open in a few days’ time.”

An elder said. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart when he thought that Jiang Chen wasn’t taken care of. He had already witnessed the terror of Jiang Chen. The scary Heavenly Tribulation gave cold chills every time he thought back.

“Let’s go to the Death Mountain first. This is a big event of the Mysterious Domain. I believe that Jiang Chen is going there too. Let’s wait until they reach the Death Mountain, and that day will be the day of his death. Let him live for these few days.”

w.a.n.g Yi said it with a cold tone.

“That youth isn’t easy to be dealt with.”

The elder frowned.

“Humph! The reason that he can kill Thunder Core and an elder was because he borrowed the destructive power of the Heavenly Tribulation. He’s merely a First Grade Combat Emperor, how powerful can he get? I don’t believe that he can cause another tribulation in the Death Mountain.”

w.a.n.g Yi made a cold humph while flying to the direction of the mountain.

The valley had been quiet. Sot Old Man had entered into full meditation state for three days straight. He finally opened his eyes and two streams of light shot out from it, trembling the spatial zone, perfectly releasing his original Qi as a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. There was a terrifying devil aura lingering outside of his body.

“I have finally fully recovered. I need to take revenge.”

Sot Old Man said in cruel tone. He wasn’t someone to be offended. None of the devil religion’s people could be offended, particularly Sot Old Man who sought revenge even for the smallest grievance.

*Weng Weng*

There was a buzzing sound in the cave. The golden light around Jiang Chen’s body became stronger. His condition had improved so much that his pitiful face disappeared and the expression of fort.i.tude returned to his face.

“Brother Jiang is recovering quite fast, it seems that his body will be completely healed in less than a few days. Ya, you are all here because of the Death Mountain?”

Sot Old man was looking at Tyrant and Big Yellow.

“That’s right. Jiang Chen has joined the Nebula Sect and he’s one of their disciples now. We were on our way to the Death Mountain and met you in our journey.”

Big Yellow said.

“The Nebula Sect is one of the strongest five. Nebula Kidd will be madly delighted for someone as gifted as brother Jiang to join his sect. It will take less than a few years for the Nebula Sect to dominate the entire Mysterious Domain because of brother Jiang’s existence.”

Sot Old Man’s had a long term vision. A rare genius like Jiang Chen had entered the Nebula Sect. To the other four major powers, it was a huge threat, but Sot Old Man considered himself lucky as his young master was brother Jiang’s good friend. So, even if there was any big changes happening in the domain, Dark Devil Religion wouldn’t be affected a lot.

“That’s of course. Oh, I just want to ask this, is your young master Han Yan?”

Big Yellow opened his mouth and asked. Although he had guessed who their young master was, he hadn’t gotten the confirmation from Sot Old Man.

“Yes. Our young master is called Han Yan. At the time that he was lashed out by the windstorm of the spatial zone and was badly hurt, he luckily meet our master. When our master found out that he had an Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, he felt extremely delighted and brought him back to the religion and accepted him as foster child. When I left, young master is cultivating in the Devil Blood Pool meaning that he must have been out now. He will be joining the expedition in the Death Mountain as well.”

Sot Old Man said.

“Haha…Han Yan, that kid also wants to join the expedition, this is very good. I can’t believe that that kid has made so much progress that he has become a young master of a major power when he comes to the Divine Continent. The two of us were constantly being hunted down everywhere we go. Compared to him, our situation is infuriating.”

Big Yellow refused to accept his friend’s rapid progress. While he was comparing he and Jiang Chen’s encounters all the way here and Han Yan’s, he felt that the difference was like heaven and earth.

“Big Yellow, who’s Han Yan?”

Tyrant couldn’t help but ask. He had heard that Jiang Chen was a friend of the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. Now, he knew that they had known each other long time ago.

“We came from the same place. Initially, there were five of us, but after we encountered a spatial zone windstorm, we were separated…”

Big Yellow told them everything about Han Yan, Nangong Wentian and Wu Ningzhu. He could wipe out his concerns about Han Yan off now since he had become a young master, but Nangong Wentian and Wu Ningzhu’s whereabouts were still unknown which still concerned him.

Sot Old Man and Tyrant were very shocked to hear that. In fact, they came from a very far place like the Eastern Continent. They had never expected so many outstanding geniuses, such as Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, Han Yan to emerge from there.

In the next few days, Jiang Chen was still in the state of coma and hadn’t awoken. In these few days’ time, the Death Mountain was crowded with people.

There were a lot of them who had reached the mountain. Numerous cultivators gathered, they were both from the major and minors powers of the Mysterious Domain. All of them wanted to try their luck to seek for the treasure that lied in the Death Mountain. The geniuses of the five major powers had appeared simultaneously, but none of their more powerful experts had come yet.

On the ninth day which was a day before the opening of the Death Mountain, the sleeping Jiang Chen finally had some response. The golden coc.o.o.n outside his body broke and crumbled. The originally lying Jiang Chen had sat up but he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. Powerful waves of Qi were rus.h.i.+ng out of his body that shook the entire mountain above them.

At this point, Jiang Chen had fully recovered. A small movement of his body created small lightning sparks. The Nine Cycles Heavenly Tribulation had toughened his body to an unimaginable strength and his physique wasn’t the only thing that was enhanced tremendously.

In Jiang Chen’s body, dragon marks started to condense. The way that he advanced his level was the same as the advancement in Combat King. For every level he advanced, it required two thousands dragon marks. Within a few minutes, two thousands dragon marks were completely formed.

Jiang Chen was as still as a mountain while gathering large amounts of Heavenly Rank Restoration pills to help him in the advancement. Every advancement of his was a large project that could make anyone stick out their tongue in shock.


His aura became stronger. If it wasn’t Jiang Chen who controlled the power, the whole mountain would have collapsed.

“Second Grade Combat Emperor.”

Tyrant and Sot Old Man’s eyes glittered. As they had felt Jiang Chen’s dramatic change of Qi, their faces revealed a pleasantly surprised look.

Later on, the two thousands dragon marks weren’t the limit. After Jiang Chen had reached the Second Grade Combat Emperor, the dragon marks still continued to condense.