Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 656 – The Formation of Big Yellow

Chapter 656 – The Formation of Big Yellow

The Formation of Big Yellow

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As soon as they left the scene, many silhouettes arrived in the area. Many people had seen the big incident from afar. Such immense Heavenly Tribulation, it was very difficult for people not to realize it. The reason that they didn’t come earlier was because the tribulation was too powerful.

The isolated field was like an aftermath of a disaster. Many of them had their facial expression changed. They could guess that someone had been here to confront the tribulation but this was their first time they’d seen such scary disaster. It made them ask, ‘Who is that man?

Among them, there was an old man in yellow robes. This was no doubt the elder of the Freedom Palace, a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. While he was looking around the field that had been in ruins after the somewhat end-of-the-world disaster, his body was slightly s.h.i.+vering. As for the dead bodies of the other elder and Thunder Core, where were they? They had certainly turned into ashes or nothing under the violent tribulation.

“That kid is too strong, he must not be allowed to live anymore. We have to think of a way to exterminate him or else , the consequences will be disastrous.”

The elder said in a cold tone. Who would hope for their enemy to be stronger than them? Someone who was as monstrous as Jiang Chen would only cause disasters in the future. Adding the fact that he advanced far too quickly, if he really developed himself into a powerful extent, then, the nightmare of Freedom Palace would be realised.

Ten thousand miles away from the scene, there was a secluded valley that was surrounded by mountains, including wet and dark caves. A few silhouettes appeared suddenly. After a moment of checking the geographical area, they entered one of the caves.

Although the cave was a little wet, it was still considered clean and wide. There was a large green rock, which was a suitable object to place Jiang Chen on.

“Seeing Jiang Chen in this condition, he need a few days’ time to heal. We have to wait here until he has recovered before we go out.”

Tyrant said.

“You are all Jiang Chen’s friends?”

Sot Old Man looked at Tyrant and Big Yellow. Although he had never seen this man and the dog before, he could feel the special relations.h.i.+p between these two and Jiang Chen. The dog was also no stranger to him. When the young master sent him on a mission, he had told Sot Old Man about his friends. The young master told him that there was a dog who always followed Jiang Chen, a tall guy who held a ruler who was called Nangong Wentian and also Wu Ningzhu, a woman in black that had unparalleled beauty.

“Right. We are sworn brothers.”

Tyrant nodded.

“I’m Sot Old Man of the Dark Devil Religion.”

Old Sot Man cupped his fists as he said it to Tyrant and Big Yellow. Although he was a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor and they were his juniors, he didn’t put himself high up as a senior. After all, his life was saved by one of their friends.

“I know you. You were the one who helped little Chen in the Liang Province. Master dog was watching you secretly. You are not a bad person, old man. Or else, little Chen wouldn’t have risked his life to save you.”

Big Yellow said proudly.

Old Sot Man didn’t say any words as he lowered his head to look at the pitiful Jiang Chen lying on the green rock, motionless, he felt a surge of grat.i.tude. He felt that saving Jiang Chen that time was the best thing he ever did. Otherwise, he would be dead by now.

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to be anxious. The life force of this dude is even greater than a c.o.c.kroach. That Heavenly Tribulation cannot be escaped from. Nevertheless, It will bring a lot of advantages to him. If I’m not wrong, his grade would advance to the Second Grade Combat Emperor after he awaken.”

Tyrant said with a smile. He had seen how tough Jiang Chen was, especially the time when he was seriously injured in the Liang Province, but even that failed to take his life.

“Nonetheless, I think brother Jiang isn’t going to wake up for a period of time. We have let one elder slip away and the Freedom Palace won’t let this matter go just like that. It will send higher grade experts to seek revenge. Hiding here won’t be able to allow us to escape their senses. It is only a matter of time before they discovered us here, but bringing brother Jiang to flee isn’t feasible as well.”

Sot Old Man said worriedly.

“Flee? Why would we flee? We will stay here, we won’t go anywhere. Observe my technique.”

At the time Big Yellow finished his words, he swooshed as he went out of the cave. The old man could see him mutter incantations while two of his dog hoofs were crawling in mid-air, casting divine talismans that condensed into a large formation, fully sealing the entrance of the cave.

After he was done, he returned to the cave and said to Tyrant and Sot Old Man.

“Master dog has set up the formation. As long as it isn’t a Minor Saint who comes to visit us, no one will find out about us.”

Big Yellow looked very confident when he said this. He had mastered the formation holy book, meaning that his achievement in formations and seals far surpa.s.sed everyone else.

Sot Old Man’s face revealed a look of fear. He walked slowly to the cave entrance. Even with his eyesight, he couldn’t detect the existence of the formation. He wasn’t a man who had no knowledge of formations. He had seen many powerful formations but as for a formation that was as profound as Big Yellow’s, it was his first time seeing it. If it wasn’t for seeing Big Yellow setting up the formation, he wouldn’t believe that a formation was set up.


Sot Old Man couldn’t help but gave Big Yellow a thumbs up. His eyes were full of praise. He glanced at Jiang Chen and realised that this genius had such a divine creature who followed him.

“I see that your injuries aren’t light as well. Try to make good use of the time to heal.”

Tyrant said to Sot Old Man. As a disciple of the Buddha Sect, he didn’t feel very good about people of the devil religion, but he was a friend of Jiang Chen which changed the entire situation. He wasn’t someone who obeyed the law blindly and conventionally. His life was one without the restraint of the rules and laws of Buddha Sect. He wouldn’t judge a person according to the rules most of the time. This old man had saved Jiang Chen before, so he considered him his friend.

Sot Old Man nodded. He retrieved a healing saint medicine out of his diantian and consumed it. After that, he sat down and meditated, focusing on the healing of his injuries.

Big Yellow and Tyrant walked to the cave entrance and guarded there.

Jiang Chen was lying motionless but there were tremendous changes happening in his body. The Nine Cycles Major Tribulation had brought him endless advantageous changes, igniting the hidden potential strength inside of him. The Dragon Transformation Art was still circulating, the stored lightning force was continuously toughening Jiang Chen’s bones and muscles. Every muscle cell was able to obtain a very good activation. It was imaginable that when Jiang Chen awoke, his physique would be enhanced to an insane level. After he had advanced to the Second Grade Combat Emperor, he might be able to send a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor to h.e.l.l with just a punch.

The Dragon Transformation Art was a terrifying technique, it even had very high recovery ability. As the power of lightning was exerted on his muscles, his injuries were being repaired by the technique. Those ignited potential powers would only explode from his body when his wounds were completely healed. At that time, the dragon marks would condense rapidly and push his grade to the Second Grade Combat Emperor.

Despite the fact that Jiang Chen seemed very weak and looked seriously injured, his body was still vigorous, which was countless times better than the time he was at the Western Continent. His bursting vitality was related to the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.

The pill was just too powerful, it was a Saint pill. Even if he had swallowed more than one, which meant that the second pill didn’t have as much of an effect, it was still very helpful to his current condition.

Jiang Chen didn’t make a mistake in his predictions. He antic.i.p.ated that he would become like what he had now become after confronting the Nine Cycles Major Tribulation, therefore, he swallowed a pill earlier. Or else, the time need for his recovery would double.

One day later.

Three powerful Qis appeared far from the area. The three of them were wearing the uniform of the Freedom Palace. One of them was the elder who had escaped from Jiang Chen yesterday. The other one was same as him, he was also a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor. The young man who led them had the most powerful Qi, a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor.

This was the core disciple of Freedom Palace, a genius that was out of the ordinary and none of his Sixth Grade Combat Emperor peers was his opponent.

“Search delicately everywhere. We must find him!”

An elder said cruelly.

“This young man can initiate Heavenly Tribulation, this is a representation of his monstrous innate talent. His advancement speed is unimaginable. He has to be exterminated as soon as possible to eliminate future troubles.”

The elder who had escaped said. He had witnessed how scary Jiang Chen was, and was absolutely sure that his existence would be a huge threat to them.

“Humph! Daring to kill our Freedom Palace’s elders! It is death that he wants! Where would the dignity of the Freedom Palace be if he is not taken care of?”

The young man made a cold humph. His face was carrying a very arrogant aura, which was very common among geniuses.

“w.a.n.g Shao personally joined us this time which means that we have to kill this man by any means necessary to reclaim our Freedom Palace’s dignity!”

The elder flattered the young man. Although they were the respected elders, their statuses weren’t as great as the core disciples. There was no need to say it if he was a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor. Someone like him was extremely useful to them in the future. Therefore, no matter if it was at the Freedom Palace or Nebula Sect, many elders would fawn to the core disciples.

“There’s one valley there, perhaps they are hiding inside. Let’s go there and have a look.”

The young man who was called w.a.n.g Shao said. His real name was w.a.n.g Yi, he was one of the hall of fame for core disciples. He was going to partic.i.p.ate in the Death Mountain discovery but was now here to hunt and kill Jiang Chen.

Three silhouettes suddenly appeared in the originally quiet valley. These two men casted their Divine Sense together to scan the entire valley, not leaving an area untouched.

“Mother! People of the Freedom Palace really did come.”

Tyrant saw the three men through the entrance and swore.

Old Sot Man could sense the strong Qi and stopped his meditation. He walked to the entrance with a fully prepared look.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to identify my formation.”

Big Yellow said with confidence.