Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 658 – A Pill, A Gift

Chapter 658 – A Pill, A Gift

A Pill, A Gift

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There was a layer of Qi rippling all over Jiang Chen’s body. His Qi was increasing consistently. Tyrant and Big Yellow didn’t show any tremendous changes in their facial expression as they knew how crazy their friend was, but Sot Old man was freaked out. After Jiang Chen had reached the Second Grade Combat Emperor, the excess Qi was pumping out of his body, which gave a certain pressure to this Fifth Grade Combat Emperor.

In other words, Jiang Chen, who had achieved the Second Grade Combat Emperor, was probably stronger than a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor in terms of combat strength. This was unbelievable. It was the first time Sot Old Man had seen a being as powerful as him. After thinking back to his ability to initiate the tribulation, it made sense for this young man to possess such great power. He shouldn’t use ordinary eyes to judge this young man in the first place.

After the Nine Cycles Major Tribulation, Jiang Chen’s potential power had been ignited. He had acquired a great benefit. The dragon marks in his body didn’t stop increasing until it condensed another thousand more dragon marks after the advancement..

From the beginning until now, Jiang Chen had acc.u.mulated forty three thousand dragon marks in his body. He had reached the middle state of Second Grade Combat Emperor with an extra thousand dragon marks, which had strengthened his combat skill by many times. With his current combat ability, he was able to defeat a Fifth Grade Combat King and was capable to fight a Sixth Grade. If he used his Saint Bone power, he could have taken a Sixth Grade Combat Emperor’s life. These were all due to the Dragon Transformation Art.

However, Jiang Chen still felt a little disappointed as the Dragon Transformation Art failed to undergo a new transformation. A surge of anger raced from his back while thinking those who caused this to happen.

The Dragon Transformation Art had reached this stage. Jiang Chen recalled when he first cultivated the art. The description of the art stated clearly that there would be dramatic changes on the art once his body acc.u.mulated a hundred thousand of dragon marks.

Now, he had gathered more than forty thousand dragon marks, the art became more mysterious than before. Those True Dragon Combat Techniques, the blood talisman in the Inferno h.e.l.l, the dragon blood essence and the dragon roar from his deep soul had indicated as what the description had told Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen felt that even if he had condensed a hundred thousands of dragon marks, it definitely wasn’t the maximum potential of the Dragon Transformation Art and it wasn’t the end yet.

Of course, he himself didn’t know what the final point of the technique was. He had to continue to discover and unlock the mysteries during the process of his cultivation. Nonetheless, there was one thing he was certain about, cultivating this art wouldn’t bring any disadvantages to his body, but instead it allowed him to go further in his cultivation path, making him stronger.

Forty three thousand dragon marks were in his body now, it gave him excess confidence in the expedition into the Death Mountain. As for the metamorphosis of the Dragon Transformation Art, he had to wait for it. It was the same as Tyrant’s enlightenment that came naturally by chance, not by effort or deliberation.

Jiang Chen rose up slowly from the rock and knew instantly what had happened simply by glancing around his surroundings.

“Brother Jiang, you are awake.”

Sot Old Man said, revealing a pleasant smile.

“How long have I been asleep?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“A few days, tomorrow will be the opening day of the Death Mountain.”

Sot Old Man said.

“Seems like we aren’t behind schedule yet. Sot Old Man, are you also preparing to enter the Death Mountain?”

Jiang Chen looked at Sot Old Man and realised that he had also fully recovered from his injuries.

“You’re right. I’m a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor and is eligible to enter the Death Mountain. I also want to find out something interesting that lied under the mountain.”

Sot Old Man nodded and said.

“Will your young master come too?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Young master will definitely come. This is a big event in the Mysterious Domain, thus he must partic.i.p.ate. Brother Jiang will be able to visit him tomorrow.”

Sot Old Man laughed and said.

“Haha. Very good. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has become a young master. I really want to see how much he has improved.”

Jiang Chen let out a pleasant laugh. He had an unexpressed feeling when he thought of meeting his good buddy soon.

“Brother Jiang, shouldn’t we head for the Death Mountain now? There must be a lot of people over there by now.”

Sot Old Man asked Jiang Chen what to do next as if he needed Jiang Chen’s permission on his decision.

“The Death Mountain will be open tomorrow. We don’t have to rush. Sot Old Man, I will give you one treasure to allow you to advance your grade to the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor before we head for the Death Mountain.”

Jiang Chen turned his palm and retrieved a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, then brought it before Sot Old Man.

“This Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill is refined by my own hands. Once you have absorbed the pill, not only will it enhance your physical strength, your advancement won’t be a problem anymore.”

Something as precious as Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill wasn’t going to be taken out by Jiang Chen easily. It would be impossible for him to give that as present to someone else. However, Sot Old Man wasn’t a stranger to him, he was the follower of Han Yan, which meant that he was one of them. Plus, Sot Old Man had saved him before, he had never forgotten about his help at the time in Liang Province.

Jiang Chen was cruel towards his enemy but very kind and generous to his allies. The situation he was in now was different, he lacked experts on his side. If Sot Old Man could advance to the Sixth Grade Combat Emperor, it would undoubtedly be a good thing, and when the time comes, he would be capable enough to handle the unsolved troubles.

“What? Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill?”

Sot Old Man who was focusing at the pill on Jiang Chen’s hand exclaimed. He recalled that Jiang Chen really had refined pills during the tribulation, but he didn’t expect it to be the legendary Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill.

Even with Sot Old Man’s knowledge, the most he knew about the pill was from the legend, as this pill was too difficult to be refined, not even the strongest person in this world could produce the pill.

Therefore, this pill only existed in myths, it had never appeared in Divine Continent before. He never thought that it would appear before him.

He was well aware of how precious this pill was. If the existence of such pill were to be spread, it would cause a reign of terror.

Today, this legendary divine pill came to find him, even with the composure of a Fifth Grade Combat Emperor, he couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“This…brother Jiang, this pill is too valuable, I can’t accept it.”

Sot Old Man’s voice was slightly s.h.i.+vering. Not even he could estimate the value of such pill. If it was some other person holding this pill, Sot Old Man would have robbed it given his personality, but it was Jiang Chen who was holding it, of course he couldn’t be inclined to accept.

“People of Dark Devil Religion are always forthright. Take it when you are given. If you don’t want it, I’ll keep them.”

Jiang Chen acted like he was going to keep the pill.

“I want it.”

Sot Old Man swiftly took the pill from Jiang Chen’s hand and chuckled at him. “I was just being polite just now. Brother Jiang is right, we, the people of Dark Devil Religion are always straightforward. I will remember your kindness. If there’s any errand that you require help, I’ll be the first to help out without refusal.”

Sot Old Man stopped all his unnecessary bashful actions. He could also feel that Jiang Chen was a straightforward person. If he continued to act bashfully in front of Jiang Chen, he might be looked down by the young man. By getting this pill, it allowed him to advance his grade in a very short period of time. For their current situation, it was undeniably good.