Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 649 – We can’t go, not without the Monk

Chapter 649 – We can’t go, not without the Monk

We can’t go, not without the Monk

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The Death Mountain had already existed in this world even longer than Jiang Chen’s very existence, having at least a few thousands years of history.

“‘Death Mountain,’ just the name alone is already horrifying.”

Big Yellow said as he looked towards Jiang Chen.

“Do you know anything about the Death Mountain?”

In Big Yellow’s heart, Jiang Chen was a peerless being as there was nothing that he wouldn’t know, that included the knowledge of the Divine Continent. Big Yellow had faith that Jiang Chen would definitely have the answers to all the questions.

“The Death Mountain has existed in this world long before the Greatest Saint is born. I heard that there’s a super large sect in the Divine Continent, called the Colossal Sect. At that time, the Divine Continent wasn’t merely a separated land between the major domains and the Pure Land. The Colossal Sect just perished within one night and no one knows the reason why. Thousands of disciples are buried underneath the mountain. As the grieving aura left by the dead bodies are too thick, many experts attempted to find out what actually happened, but they all died there. Therefore, it was called Death Mountain from thereon. There’s a permanent formation that was created by the lives of the Colossal Sect’s elders. Not even a Great Saint can unseal it, and many have already died due to the formation.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Since the formation is so deadly, why do they still ask us to go inside, to die when it opens after ten days?”

Big Yellow was confused.

“That formation was created due to the foundation of Heaven and Earth. It is even connected to the terrifying Seven Stars. However, every thirty years, the formation will have a weak phase. Many major powers picked this day to unlock the Death Mountain, and begin exploring to find unknown treasures that lied underneath the mountain. Although the treasures have been sealed by the Colossal Sect a long time ago, it is still drawing a lot of attention from the ma.s.ses. Seems like in ten days, the weak phase will begin.”

Jiang Chen said. Previously, when he entered the Death Mountain, he had obtained some benefits. When he became a peerless Great Saint, he immersed himself into Martial Arts. At that time, all he wanted to do was to open the Celestial World’s gate and he had already lost interest in the Death Mountain. Since then, he hadn’t entered the mountain again. Thus, he had no idea about the secrets that lied within the mountain. However, the legend was right, there wasn’t much to explore in the mountain.

“It has been so many years. Despite it only being opened every thirty years, all the treasures within it must have already been taken away.”

Big Yellow curled his lips, already losing interest about the mountain.

“You’re wrong. There’re still a lot of spatial zones within the Death Mountain. Either they are overlapping each other or they keep on switching coordinates. Also, the long period of closure will cause the emergence of many magical potions and elixir. The treasures inside the mountain cannot be estimated.”

Jiang Chen said as he too felt very interested in the Death Mountain.

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled after hearing Jiang Chen’s explanation. He was especially interested in precious items since he had the ability to sense their existence. Since a lot of treasures were not yet discovered beneath the mountain, he should try his luck there.

“If that’s the case, we must go in there to try our luck. However, our strength isn’t enough yet. If there’s a group of Minor Saint cultivators inside, do we even stand a chance to get the treasure?”

Big Yellow asked.

“It is impossible for all the treasure to be discovered by them. If there is a Minor Saint cultivator who enters the mountain, his aura will activate the formation which, in turn, will also lock the Death Mountain again. For those who wants to enter the mountain, this is without a doubt a catastrophe. Thus, the five major powers won’t allow any Minor Saint experts to enter it. The decision of who will enter still relies upon the sect’s hand. Come on, let’s go and find out.”

Jiang Chen said. He only understood a portion of the Death Mountain. His knowledge about it wasn’t updated since a hundred years ago. Perhaps there might have been some changes in the mountain. Nonetheless, he had to hear what the sect had to say about the conditions to enter the mountain.

At the inner sect’s Martial Art Arena, many disciples were discussing about the opening of the Death Mountain.

“So the forbidden area, Death Mountain, only opens every thirty years. It is finally our turn. It will be our honor to explore it. I heard that the mountain contains three different levels of spatial zones. With our Combat King level of strength, we should be able to enter at least its second level.”

“This is certainly a rare opportunity to train and explore. There’s a rumor that the Death Mountain was once occupied by a super large sect, and it became a forbidden area after the sect perished. There are a lot of treasures inside, but it is very dangerous to venture into it. Despite the fact the Death Mountain will be in a weak phase after ten days, the danger inside won’t be reduced. Once we get there, we have to be extra cautious.”

“We’ll depart after ten days time. We’ve to prepare well. Every time the mountain is unlocked, it will be crowded with cultivators. Besides the five major powers, there will still be many minor powers and sect-less cultivators that will enter the mountain in an attempt to discover any lost treasures. When that time comes, the situation inside the mountain will be chaotic.”


Everyone was discussing about the Death Mountain. This was a matter that only happened every thirty years. The five major powers didn’t monopolize the Death Mountain. They opened it to the public so that even a normal cultivator without a sect could enter. There were some lucky cultivators who obtained something great inside, and turned into an impressive person. There were also some unlucky people who died there and was turned into dark souls.

The mountain really deserved its name ‘Death Mountain,’ the whole mountain was filled with a dense death aura. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the cultivators from venturing into it. Many of them risked their lives to explore the mountain. To the major powers, this was an ‘on the verge of death training’ that would allow their disciples’ ability to enhance drastically. As the saying went,‘those who survive are the winners.’ Those who couldn’t, would perish inside the mountain.

Lan Yi and Lin Kang were also present at the arena. When they saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they quickly greeted them warmly. The crowd went into silence and stopped all their conversations when they saw Jiang Chen, and their eyes were filled with respect and fear.

“Brother Jiang.”

Many people greeted him with a respectful tone, no one dared to miss their chance to pay homage to him. Many disciples looked highly upon Jiang Chen after the battle in the Huang Ling Desert. He had also crippled the hateful the chief steward and Man Hong when he arrived in the sect, the incident had made them admire him.

As for Lan Yi, she felt very awkward to speak to Jiang Chen after witnessing his violent techniques in the battle, she somehow feared him now.

“En, it seems that you all have to fully prepare for the trip to the Death Mountain. Your preparation must be more than perfect as the reason why they named it one of the forbidden areas is because there are just too much unknown danger that lies within it. Besides that, we even have to deal with the other major powers’ disciples and also a few other cultivators who may stab us at our backs. This trip to the Death Mountain is a matter related to the entire Mysterious Domain, we can’t afford to have any mistakes.”

Jiang Chen reminded everyone with a smile on his face. They could not believe that this was the same man who had a very ruthless expression on his face three days ago while crippling others. This was due to the fact that his current expression made him look very attractive.

“Thanks for your reminder, brother Jiang. I think that you must also be going to the Death Mountain. As long as we follow you, we won’t be afraid of anything.”

Someone said. They suddenly felt relieved after seeing Jiang Chen’s smile. The entire atmosphere instantly became less tense. They began to understand that Jiang Chen was only cruel to his enemy, but he was very approachable to his allies.

“When I arrive, I won’t have the time to help you all. Even if that’s the case, you don’t have to be too worried about that. If you see the Dark Devil Religion or the Tan Family, just mention my name. I have a connection with the young master of the Dark Devil Religion, and the Tan Family’s young master, Tan Zhi Hao, has saved my life once in a critical moment. You can all choose to ally with them.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Brother Jiang, the Dark Devil Religion is evil. Our relations.h.i.+p with them is never good.”

Lin Kang said it warily as he felt that it was twisted to ally with the Dark Devil Religion.

“Humph! In my eyes, those people in the Dark Devil Religion are a lot better than those of the righteous sects. Even though the Dark Devil Religion teaches their students to be evil and violent, they are still not forbidden ally with. You all have to act according to the situation. If any conflict happens between you and them, use my name or the name of their young master, Han Yan.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Brother Jiang said this for our own good. Everyone should listen to brother Jiang so that we won’t have any problems in there.”

Lan Yi said loudly.

“Exactly. We’re all viewing brother Jiang as our leader now.”

Someone said.

“Lan Yi, is there any condition to enter the Death Mountain this time?”

Jiang Chen asked her.

“There is, the main condition is that the disciple’s grade must be in between Combat Soul Realm and the Eighth Grade Combat Emperor and if they satisfy the criteria, they can choose whether or not to partic.i.p.ate in the expedition to the Death Mountain. They have to consider the consequences of allowing high grade cultivators to enter the mountain since that will cause the mountain to be sealed again. Thus, the highest grade that one can have to enter Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, anyone with a higher grade than that isn’t allowed to enter.”

Lan Yi said.

“Eighth Grade Combat Emperor…. It seems that it will be very compet.i.tive.”

Big Yellow mumbled.

“Compet.i.tion is fun, isn’t it?”

Jiang Chen smiled. If it didn’t even pose a challenge, wouldn’t it be pointless for him to go there?

If it was in his past life, he wouldn’t even be interested in the Death Mountain. This is because the treasures that he used to have in the past was just too much, but it was a different case now.

His treasures were left in the deepest region in the Saint’s Cliff which meant that he couldn’t temporarily enter it. This had stirred up his interest in the Death Mountain.

“Although Brother Jiang is strong and can defeat a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, there are still others that you cannot belittle. There are a lot of geniuses in the core sect, especially since the disciples of the Freedom Palace, Skyhill School, Tan Family and Dark Devil Religion. They are definitely parties that we can’t afford to underestimate.”

Lan Yi reminded.

“En, I know. You all should prepare.”

Jiang Chen nodded as he left with Big Yellow.

“Little Chen, there are only ten days’ time, what do we do now? Wait here?”

“Let’s go and find Tyrant. We cannot go into the mountain without him. That dude has activated all his potential relic power after being enlightened. I believe that he is a Combat Emperor now.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Keke, we haven’t met him for a long time. Now, I missed that shameless monk a little.”

Big Yellow chuckled.

Later on, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left Nebula Sect and headed for Ran Feng Monastery. They weren’t interested to be on a team with their fellow sect members. All they wanted to do was to enter the Death Mountain with Tyrant.