Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 648 – Unlocking the Forbidden Area

Chapter 648 – Unlocking the Forbidden Area

Unlocking the Forbidden Area

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Nebula Kidd’s appearance startled all eight elders. To them, the sect master had always been in the highest position in the sect. Even though he held that position, he would always busy himself with cultivation. This meant that he wouldn’t even spend a little time to bother about the matters of the sect. He didn’t even pay any attention to the core disciples, much less the disciples of the inner sect. Today, he emerged because of Jiang Chen, it could only mean that Jiang Chen was held in high regards by him.

Of course, Nebula Kidd had to pay a lot of attention to Jiang Chen. He was, after all, the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. Now that Jiang Chen had entered the sect, it was both beneficial to him and also for the Nebula Sect itself. Jiang Chen’s techniques wasn’t something that they could measure.

Furthermore, the Greatest Saint had always been his idol. He had reasons to believe that Jiang Chen would walk the path of superiority in this life. It was a great honour to be able to follow such a man like Jiang Chen and by following him, not only would he would be able to obtain unimaginable benefits, he might even have the chance to become a Great Saint in the future.

The vice chief steward was stunned.Now, none of them would dare to speak a word about Jiang Chen’s punishment anymore. Since the sect master himself had appeared to protect Jiang Chen’s safety, it meant that he was determined to nurture this monstrous genius. If they were to continue their accusations, they would get themselves into trouble.This was because no one could oppose Nebula Kidd in the sect.

“Why are you all still here? Master has already given his decision. The next time you see Jiang Chen, you must stay as far away as you can. Don’t try to offend him again. If Cong Zhong Sheng didn’t deliberately provoke Jiang Chen at the beginning by forfeiting his Emperor Pill, today’s incident wouldn’t have happened.”

Hua Gu Yi said with an unfriendly tone.

“That’s right. Jiang Chen can be wild and ruthless, but according to my knowledge, it was Cong Zhong Sheng, Man Hong and the Hu brothers who intentionally seeked a fight with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t even have any intention to cause trouble. In addition, a respectable chief steward like him who was beaten up horribly by a disciple still dares to come and file a case against Jiang Chen, isn’t this called what they call ‘being shameless’?”

Feng Yun Wu said. He had clearly changed his stance in regards to punis.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen. The seven brothers of Feng Yun weren’t stubborn fools. They understood their master’s will. Nebula Kidd appreciates Jiang Chen which meant that no one should dare to offend Jiang Chen anymore.

Punis.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen wasn’t possible anymore, but that doesn't mean that they would help him. Fights amongst the disciples were usually none their concerns. So, if Jiang Chen were to create a mess involving the core disciples in the future, the only thing that they would do was to act blind about it.

The seven brothers of Feng Yun and the others nodded. They had no choice regarding this but to nod since Jiang Chen was a disciple who was personally protected by the sect master. Even if they were the prestigious elders, they wouldn’t dare lay a finger on him as they still had to think for the future. It was just like what Hua Gu Yi had said, how could they risk a rare genius because of a few garbages.

Finally, the vice chief steward carried the already crippled chief steward and proceeded to leave the Elder’s Hall to return to the inner sect.

“Vice Chief Steward, what should we do now?”

An elder asked.

“What can we do now? Either we offend Jiang Chen all the way or we don’t offend him at all. He is under the protection of the sect master which means that we can’t afford to offend him. Even without the sect master’s help, we still can’t offend that man. The chief steward is a good example of that. Anyway, Jiang Chen is already a Combat Emperor, so he will be transferred to the core sect a few days from now. The inner sect can finally regain peace after sending that evil star away.”

The vice chief steward said. If they couldn’t get rid of him, then they could only avoid him.

In two days’ time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had already completely occupy Cong Zhong Sheng’s compound. It was just like the doves who had invaded a wounded magpie’s nest. Currently, the inner sect was restless.. Everyone was waiting for the higher ups to pa.s.s judgement onto Jiang Chen as many of them had seen the vice chief steward bringing the chief steward to the Elder’s Hall to file a complaint against Jiang Chen.

It was disappointing that they hadn’t receive any news from the Elder’s Hall after two days. No news of chastise. There was not even any words of condemnation from them, as if it was nothing for them to lose a chief steward.

“Did you all see that? The eight elders are clearly standing on Jiang Chen’s side. They don’t even have the slightest opposition against him.”

“This is rather strange. He had already caused such chaos which meant that the Elder’s Hall should have at least said something about it. The strange thing is that, they didn’t. It was as if nothing happened.”

“Isn’t this logical? Like I said, Jiang Chen is a very rare genius. None of us can be compared to him. The sect will be more than happy to have such a rare genius. Why would they condemn Jiang Chen? Even though they already know that Man Hong and the chief steward had been crippled by him, they are just a bunch of cripples now. The sect will never punish a genius just because of them.”

“This is the reality of the world. Ability and capabilities are the best bargaining chip in anything, even if something is considered lawless. A genius like brother Jiang coming to our sect is certainly our honour. The sect has to gingerly nurture his talent.”


Many people were immersed in the topic. The reality had always been like that. The greater you are, the more people would respect and take care of you. On the contrary, if Jiang Chen had bore the oppression of the chief steward quietly, not only wouldn’t he be sympathized, he wouldn’t even get respect from other disciples.

During this two days, Jiang Chen remained in seclusion inside his room. The bored Big Yellow was wandering aimlessly in the inner sect as he flirted with pretty girls.

“Hi Beauty! Come and have a talk with me about life.”

“Pretty, I see that your breast size is too small. Master dog has a secret that can double the size, want to try?”

“What? You look very familiar, I have no idea where we have met before. Hey, don’t go…”


Big Yellow was walking around the inner sect. Both of his legs were straightened, trying to walk around like a human. Every time he saw a female disciple, he would flirt with them which made a lot of them not dare to walk out of their rooms. Many girls had rated Jiang Chen lowly because of Big Yellow. They could already imagine the relations.h.i.+p between this dog and its master. The l.u.s.tful dog wouldn’t make the master look any better.

Of course, in many female disciples’ heart, Jiang Chen was still very admirable. Despite the fact that he wasn’t really a nice guy. If he were to give them a glance or two, they would feel extremely lucky. As a girl, who wouldn’t want to find someone as good-looking and as strong as Jiang Chen, full of husky masculinity from top to bottom?

In these two days, none of the girls entertained Big Yellow. He felt very disappointed and went back to the compound as he looked at himself in the mirror.

“Dammit, a bunch of girls who doesn’t have a good taste! Master dog is truly full of power and grandeur, a truly magnificent being. Why can’t I find someone who would talk to me? This is a failure, an absolute failure.”

Big Yellow sighed every time he paused. The mirror was the best way to measure one’s beauty. The longer he looked in the mirror, the more attractive and satisfied he felt. He felt that he was the most handsome being in this world. Even if he was a dog, he felt compelled to praise his own looks. Automatically, he knelt down and knocked his head on the ground before the mirror a few times.

‘I admire you, I extremely admire myself.’

This scene was accidentally seen by the just awoken Jiang Chen, as he automatically forced out the saliva from his mouth and almost spurted blood. His leg flew and landed on Big Yellow’s head.

“Pariah dog, can you not be so in love with yourself?”

Jiang Chen felt speechless towards Big Yellow’s action, but Big Yellow was a fine being which gave Jiang Chen even more ways to critique his faults.

“You told me that master dog is very handsome, but why are the female disciples running away from me as soon as they see me?”

Big Yellow spoke sternly.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes after hearing this. He had already known what Big Yellow did in the past two days without a shadow of a doubt. He must have been flirting with the girls in the sect. He imagined the words that Big Yellow spoke to the girls and couldn’t help but to grab Big Yellow’s ear. “Why can’t you just stay obedient in the sect? My image is ruined because of you!”

“Screw your image. Your current reputation is infinitely good. When the girls hear your name, their eyes will glitter with admiration. I think that you should get rid of all of the girls with just one word. We’re males after all! We can use the number of girls we have to prove what we have achieved.”

Big Yellow showed a face that meant that he was knowledgeable when it comes to women, and bitterly educated Jiang Chen about it.

“Shove off, I don’t want to speak to you.”

Jiang Chen was speechless.

“Oh, I saw a group of old men carrying the fainted chief steward to the Elder’s Hall to file a complaint against you, but two days have already pa.s.sed but nothing was heard, this is rather strange.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but blurt his thoughts out when he thought about it.

“There’s nothing strange about it. They are crippled now, why would they punish me just because of a few cripples?”

Jiang Chen’s face was filled with confidence. He had already antic.i.p.ated that this would happen. Even if the eight elders were really here to punish him, Nebula Kidd would appear to stop them.

“You are always perfect in your calculations. What about your seclusion? Any results?”

Big Yellow asked.

Jiang Chen shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Enlightenment only happens by chance. I was disturbed last time and it will be more than difficult to re-enter it.”

Jiang Chen tried very hard in the past two days, trying to get a better look of the image of his dragon form. Sadly, he couldn’t even get a blurry figure and eventually, he gave up on it. Every time he thought of this, anger would rush to his head and made him want to beat up Man Hong and the others again. It was truly infuriating.

“That state depends on chance and luck similar to Tyrant’s. When the time comes, you must not resist it. You’ve been disturbed this time, so you have to wait for the next.”

Big Yellow simply blurted out what he wanted to say as he wasn’t the one who lost the enlightenment. Nonetheless, he had a point. What else could Jiang Chen do? Should he beat up Man Hong and the rest of them to their deaths and then continue to beat their corpses after they died? It still couldn’t compensate the loss in any way.

The next day, a piece of news spread all over the sect. The Death Mountain, which was one of the Eight Forbidden Places in Divine Continent would open in ten days’ time. The five major powers of the mysterious domain had to a.s.sign one young disciple to train and toughen themselves up in the Death Mountain. This news created a wave of excitement among the disciples.

There were Eight Forbidden Places in the Divine Continent. They were located in eight different domains. The Divine Continent was made up of these eight major domains and the Death Mountain was one of the Forbidden Places that was located in the Mysterious Domain.