Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 650 – Shadowy Killer

Chapter 650 – Shadowy Killer

Shadowy Killer

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The Ran Feng Monastery looked the same as it was previously, before it was destroyed. It was exactly the same building as before. After Tyrant had stayed in the monastery, he had been in a position that would receive privileged treatment from both the abbot and the Zuo family members, with none of them daring to show the tiniest hint of disrespect to him.

The Zuo Family couldn’t forget the great kindness of Tyrant’s master. Now, Tyrant’s appearance had brought another great help to them. They were unable to repay the kindness that the pair had provided them. Thus, Tyrant’s decision to continue his meditation in the Ran Feng Monastery was certainly their honour.

*Hu… Hu…*

Exactly at noon, the scorching and hot sun was s.h.i.+ning upon the land as the dark clouds were thousands of miles away from the clear sky. Not even a mild wind existed in the air. Suddenly, a golden light rushed out of a room in Ran Feng Monastery, creating a blazing heat wave above the building and the sound of ‘Hu…Hu…’ could be heard.

The golden light was condensed by pure Buddha Light, on top of it was covered with complicated Sanskrit, and a resounding chant that could make anyone’s soul calm down instantly.

It was a brilliant pillar of light that released a very strong Qi. Big Yellow and Jiang Chen who were returning from the Nebula Sect saw what happened as they could see the pure Buddha light from very far away and felt a sense of familiarity from the Qi.

“Quickly, look, it’s Tyrant. We’re at the right time. He had just made a breakthrough.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled and said in surprise.

“A very pure light indeed. It seems that the Relic has provided the maximum amount of help to Tyrant. This isn’t the Qi of a First Grade Combat Emperor, it's the Qi of a Second Grade Combat Emperor. This dude stepped right into the Second Grade straight away. Being an upper rank disciple of Great Master Ran Feng and also a peerless genius of the Buddha Sect.He clearly was truly out of the ordinary.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise his friend. Tyrant was undeniably an extraordinary genius in the Buddha Sect and Jiang Chen had never underestimated him a single time. One of the reasons was because he inherited Ancestor Greenlotus’ inheritance, who was was the number one Monk in the Buddha Sect. Under the teachings and nurture of Great Master Ran Feng, he would be a supreme Buddha sooner or later.

“Waka…kaka…Second Grade Combat Emperor? Is he bulls.h.i.+tting? Let’s go and have a look.”

Big Yellow quickened his pace. A dog and a man changed into two green gases as they reached above the building in the blink of an eye.

“Who are you?”

A loud shout demanded. More than ten senior monks flew to the top. The first was Abbot Yuan Ming. Every one of them acted like as if they were facing an enemy’s attacks because it was Tyrant’s crucial moment. They were safeguarding him from being disturbed, no one was allowed to enter the building.

“There’s no need for such a big movement, abbot.”

Jiang Chen said hastily.

As their speed were too fast, Abbot Yuan Ming and his fellow monks could only recognize Jiang Chen from his voice. All of them heaved a sigh of relief after confirming his ident.i.ty as the abbot’s face revealed a surprising delight.

“It’s brother Jiang.”

Abbot Yuan Ming greeted him politely.

“You’re overly formal, abbot. Let’s go down to talk or we’ll disturb Tyrant with such a ruckus.”

Jiang Chen said. Everyone quickly descended and went back into the monastery. Abbot Yuan Ming could sense the Qi coming out from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, it had the strong pressure of a Combat Emperor. His facial expression changed as he was slightly terrified, how long had it been? Isn’t it too fast for him to advance to Combat Emperor?

“It surprises me that in this short period of time, you have reached the Combat Emperor realm. I have to congratulate you.”

Abbot Yuan Ming said as he suddenly thought about Zuo Ling Er. “How’s Zuo Ling Er now?”

“There’s no need to worry about her, she’s really fine. Her innate talent had attracted all of the Great Elders. Due to that, she has been accepted as a personal disciple by one of the Ninth Grade Combat Emperor elders. She’s already a Combat Emperor now, meaning that her bright future is unimaginable.”

Jiang Chen said. This time he didn’t bring Zuo Ling Er with him. The reason was that she was too precious to Hua Gu Yi. He couldn’t bring her whenever he wanted. Zuo Ling Er had obtained the Emperor Pill which meant that she had to be a Combat Emperor now given her talent.

“This is the acc.u.mulation of our ancestors’ virtue.”

Abbot Yuan Ming got overly excited, his eyes welled up with tears after knowing that Zuo Ling Er had become a Combat Emperor and a personal disciple of a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor. Jiang Chen was right, she had an inestimable future given her innate ability.

*Hong Long*

All of a sudden, a deafening sound was heard. The golden pillar of light that was seen above the building dissipated faintly and fell in the room as if it was nothing.

*Ka Chi*

When the door of the room opened, Tyrant was wearing a golden robe. His palms were held together, his face was like a solemn senior monk. They didn’t know why, but Big Yellow and Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh at his current look.

Tyrant immediately changed his expression after seeing them and smiled, “Little Chen, Big Yellow, I thought you two have been to the Nebula Sect? Why have you all returned? I know, it has to be because you guys’ image were too bad, so you were expelled by the sect.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, master dog’s image can instantly put you to shame ok? Master dog is doing extremely well in the Nebula Sect and there has been a group of girls who are willing to become master dog’s follower.”

Big Yellow boasted shamelessly, as if he was really telling the truth which made Jiang Chen almost kick him in in the head.

“Tyrant, it seems that the enlightenment this time has helped you tremendously. You have reached the Second Grade Combat Emperor.”

Jiang Chen walked forward and patted gently on Tyrant’s shoulder.

“Congratulations to great master for his advancement, we should celebrate this.”

Abbot Yuan Ming congratulated.

“Abbot, I have words to say with my brother, you can all leave us here.”

Jiang Chen said to Abbot Yuan Ming.

Abbot Yuan Ming was an understanding man. Jiang Chen must have something important to say, to return from so far away just to seek Tyrant. He quickly led his fellow senior monks out of the monastery.

“Little Chen, why have you all come back? Of course, you’re here just in time. If you came two days later, I will be gone.”

Tyrant said.

“Gone? Where?”

Big Yellow asked.

“Back to the Western Continent. My master said that once I reach the Combat Emperor realm, he will allow me to return to accept the ancestors’ inheritance and also to impart two seal techniques to me. He would also allow me to retrieve the Buddha Sect’s ancient scripture that was left behind by my ancestors. I’m now a Second Grade Combat Emperor so I’m preparing to return to my master and begin another level of cultivation. It’s very thoughtful of you guys to come pay me a farewell visit before I go.”

Tyrant blurted his own words and guessed their intentions.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes unpleasantly as he laid his leg on Tyrant’s b.u.t.t. Tyrant’s natural att.i.tude was no different than Big Yellow’s foolish arrogance which was totally incurable.

“You can’t go back now. Come with me to the Death Mountain. After coming out from the mountain, only then could you return to the Western Continent.”

Jiang Chen said. Despite the fact that Tyrant was all over of himself, he said a single fact which was that they wouldn’t have seen him if they were just a little late.

“The Death Mountain? Isn’t that the forbidden area of Mysterious Domain? I heard that it only opens every thirty years. It’s going to be opened again?”

Tyrant’s eyes sparkled. As a cultivator of the Divine Continent, he had heard the story of the Eight Forbidden Areas. Although he wasn’t from the Mysterious Domain, he knew the that Death Mountain would open once every thirty years.

“You’re still considered smart. It will be opened in ten days’ time. There will be a lot of violent cultivators from the five major powers that will partic.i.p.ate in this exploration. This is also a good chance to train up. Beneath the mountain lies a wealth of treasures, we don’t have any reason to miss this opportunity.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Seems like it is very coincidental. That means that I can’t go back now. Going in the Death Mountain to train is truly something good. My master wanted me to travel this far so that I could train and toughen myself up. Nonetheless, even if there are treasures underneath the mountain, it had already existed for a very long time. I’m afraid all of them have already been dug out.”

Tyrant asked the same question Big Yellow asked.

“What do you know? There are undiscovered spatial zones in the mountain that held items of the Colossal Sect. The layers of spatial zones are overlapping against each other, which means that the treasure isn’t limited to just a few. In addition, the long period of time has allowed some unknown creatures to exist under the mountain. Therefore, we’ll give the responsibility of finding the treasure to Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen smiled. In the aspect of treasure hunting, he admired Big Yellow the most for this ability. Since he and Big Yellow had teamed up, he didn't need to delicately search for any lost treasure. It wasn’t because he hadn’t have this ability. As the Greatest Saint, his abilities were unlimited, but with Big Yellow’s help, he could save the effort of finding the treasure himself.

“Alright, then we’ll go to the Death Mountain. After that, I’ll head straight for the Western Continent. Oh yeah, how’s your life in Nebula Sect? Did you all encounter any trouble? I see that the two of you have already become Combat Emperors as well, this is truly abnormal.”

Tyrant nodded as he had decided to go with them to the Death Mountain. He might not be able to get any treasure, but at least he would get to train in the forbidden area.

“We did have some small problems, but it’s all settled.”

Jiang Chen said indifferently.

For the upcoming days, Jiang Chen stayed in Ran Feng Monastery, spending a few leisurely days with his friends.

In the third day of midnight…

Jiang Chen was meditating in his room when a wave of bone-chilling murderous aura came out of nowhere. By the time Jiang Chen sensed the killing intent, a cold, long and narrow sword appeared in his sight, it was like something that had emerged from the depths of h.e.l.l. With incredible speed, it aimed for Jiang Chen’s throat as it appeared before him in the blink of an eye.

*Pu Chi*

As the long sword pierced through Jiang Chen’s body, the shadowy person showed some satisfaction and immediately, Jiang Chen’s body faded like an image.

Jiang Chen saw the shadowy silhouette but it had disappeared suddenly.

“Since you have come, don’t leave now.”

Jiang Chen shouted. He locked the shadowy figure’s Qi using his Great Soul Derivation Technique and tore open the Spatial Zone as he chased after the intruder.

Judging from the sword attack, it was a sneaky attack from shadows. The attack was silent but deadly as if it was coming from the dead itself. If it is was someone else, the person wouldn’t have been able to escape this deadly attack. It was fast and cruel. Jiang Chen could tell that this was the doing of an experienced a.s.sa.s.sin that wouldn’t fight his target if he failed so that he could retreat. This was clearly a planned a.s.sa.s.sination.