Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 647 – No Punishment

Chapter 647 – No Punishment

No Punishment

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Jiang Chen was overbearing. He was both emotionless and ruthless. This had always been the course of his actions when dealing with his enemies. Due to that,, his enemies wouldn’t have any favourable outcome every single time. He would give no quarters, even to his fellow Nebula Sect disciples. Since his compound was destroyed and he had lost his cultivation area , he and Big Yellow stayed in the chief steward’s compound without hesitation. This place was better than his previous compound.

As for the chief steward, he had become a piece of garbage which was left outside the building, with n.o.body caring about his current condition.

Jiang Chen closed the door of the compound, as he did not want to see anyone, he proceeded to continue his seclusion. He attempted to recall the image of his dragon form again so as to allow his Dragon Transformation Art to undergo another transformation. As he recalled how the rare opportunity was ruined by Man Hong and the others, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of fury.

The disciples who were watching had already left the scene, but the fact remained that Nebula Sect would not be peaceful ever again. The incident had become very serious. There’s no possible way for them to remain calm, since it was the first time that such an incident happened. Cong Zhong Sheng should probably be the most pitiful steward in the inner sect now.

As for the remaining inner sect stewards and elders, would they dare to offend Jiang Chen now? They didn’t even have the courage to condemn him.They knew that they couldn’t afford to offend such a violent person. The consequences of doing so were unbearable for them. The only thing that they could do was to report the incident to the upper ranks of the Nebula Sect.

“This is horrendous, an absolute catastrophe..They were all crippled. They are better off dead than being alive”

“Too ruthless, we can’t afford to offend such a person. Those who do so would be seeking death for themselves.”

“However, I heard that this brother Jiang was really a domineering individual. He has plunged the entire Liang Province into chaos. A disastrous talent like him will always become a source of trouble regardless of where he goes. That kind of invincible feeling is really good. If I can become like him, having the bearings of a supreme being, then my life will be worthwhile.”

“Stop dreaming and look at yourself in the mirror. Someone like you wants to compare yourself with him? I don’t think that it’s even possible in your next life.”


Jiang Chen’s name had spread all over Nebula Sect immediately, from the outer sect to the core disciples. None of them didn’t know about him, even those powerful Combat Emperor geniuses stuck out their thumbs up whenever Jiang Chen’s incident was talked about. They weren’t as good as him when they were at his level.

In the compound, Jiang Chen was simply sitting on a green rock while knitting his brows.

“What happened to you, little Chen? Your actions were too violent, I can’t believe that you really crippled them all.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but ask, out of curiosity. He knew of Jiang Chen’s personality very well. He could be cruel and ruthless to his enemy, but due to his tactful behaviour, he wouldn’t act too violently in the sect. He probably would find a chance to settle the debts with Hu Song outside the sect, but instead, he did it all inside the sect.

“They are lucky that they are still alive. I was in a state of enlightenment at that time, and I could’ve achieved the second transformation in under an hour. I could’ve have acquired power and techniques that I couldn’t even imagine and advance into the second or third grade of the combat emperor realm. It was the three of them who intruded into my room which caused me to awaken from that state, disrupting the process .”

Jiang Chen said as his eyes gleamed with a cold light. He had just entered into a state of enlightenment and that state was no different compared to Tyrant’s case. It would only happen by chance. The more effort you put through in searching for it, the harder it is to appear.

“Dammit! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I should have killed them.”

Big Yellow changed his att.i.tude after hearing what Jiang Chen said. He finally understood why Jiang Chen had acted so ruthlessly. The loss he suffered was too big. The state of enlightenment was uncontrollable. An ordinary person wouldn’t even have a single enlightenment their whole life. Last time, due to Tyrant’s enlightenment, his cultivation increased instantly to the peak of the Ninth Grade Combat King, and he would probably be a Combat Emperor by now.

A loss like this was inestimable. Big Yellow felt that if he was in Jiang Chen’s shoes, he would bite them all to death on the spot.

“I won’t be concerned about those types of people, but it does slightly trouble one sometimes, akin to flies. They are harmless but they are unceasingly annoying…The best way to solve the problem is to pinch the flies to death so that they can’t trouble you anymore.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“Nonetheless, one of them is a core disciple, which means that he isn’t ordinary. Today, you have crippled him. That will certainly cause a major movement in the sect. I’m afraid that the upper ranks of the Sect will seek for you.”

Big Yellow was concerned for Jiang Chen as he was thinking that this dude had just arrived in the sect and had already created such a disastrous and unprecedented incident, which meant that he wasn’t paying any respect to the sect. The upper ranks definitely wouldn’t allow him to continue being like this.

“Don’t be overly concerned. The upper ranks wouldn’t dare do anything to me. Continue your cultivation in peace. I want to go into seclusion again to see if I can find the inspiration again.”

Jiang Chen said with a calm tone. Nebula Kidd had known about his real ident.i.ty. Even if he had caused chaos within the sect, Kidd wouldn’t do anything to him.

In the inner sect, a few elders led by the vice chief steward carried the chief steward, Man Hong, and also the two Hu brothers who were all crippled to the Elder’s Hall. At the moment, the seven Feng Yun brothers and Hua Gu Yi were also present. They were the most powerful elders who took care of every matter regarding the sect.

“Elders, we seek your judgement. This Jiang Chen is really ferocious and absurd. It was only a small conflict but he has crippled them all. A violent person like him isn’t any different than the Devil Religion cultivators. Jiang Chen doesn’t even respect the rules of the sect. If he is not punished severely, his behaviour will become even wilder and totally out of control in the future.”

The vice chief steward said with a mournful tone.

“Yeah…this is too wild. He, as an inner sect disciple, doesn’t even respect us. He ignores all the rules and regulations of the sect. If he continues to be like this, where’s the dignity of Nebula Sect going to go to?”

“I beg you elders to sentence him according to the crime that he has committed. Teach him a lesson.”

“I beg the elders to avenge the chief steward. He, a Third Grade Combat Emperor, was crippled by Jiang Chen just like that, meaning that half of his life is over.”


The elders felt equally helpless which was evident on their face as they were gritting their teeth as if they were the ones who were crippled by Jiang Chen. In truth, it wasn’t that they hated Jiang Chen, it was the fear of him. If there was such a wild disciple like him who existed in the inner sect, the stewards wouldn’t even be able to manage their day-to-day task anymore.

“Such an unfilial disciple, he is absolutely lawless. Elders, what are your thoughts?”

Feng Yun Yi slammed on the table with his palm, creating a crack on the rock table.

“His boldness is a little over the top, and he is extremely presumptuous, but I have to say that he is a genius that we probably won’t see in ten thousand years. Try to imagine someone who is able to defeat a Third Grade Combat Emperor while they are only a Ninth Grade Combat King? Now that he has reached the First Grade Combat Emperor, he has no problem getting rid of the Fourth Grade Man Hong. A genius like him is needed really badly by the sect. It’s a waste to not accept him as a personal disciple.”

Feng Yun Yi said with his big mouth. Not only did he not blame Jiang Chen, he even praised him.

“Geniuses are indeed hard to find, but he doesn’t fear the consequences of breaking the rules. If he doesn’t receive the necessary punishment, how do we maintain our reputation as elders? As for accepting him as a personal disciple, a wild and intractable disciple like him won’t even be willing to call us as his master.”

Feng Yun Liu said.

“Hua Gu Yi, what do you say?”

Feng Yun Yi looked at Hua Gu Yi.

“Say what? These few dudes sought for troubles themselves. It was because they weren’t capable enough. A dignified chief steward that was beaten up by a new disciple just like that. This is truly shameful. You still dare to have the face to report this situation to me. Jiang Chen has been interrogated by master personally and that proves that there was no problem with him. He is surely loyal to the sect. So, do you all want to punish this genius just because of them?”

Hua Gu Yi was a barbaric lady but her words were forthright. Of course, she stood on Jiang Chen’s side. Part of the reason was because she loved her new personal disciple, Zuo Ling Er, as Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with her was extremely good. If Jiang Chen were to be punished, Zuo Ling Er would be in pain as well. Hua Gu Yi really doted on her and didn’t want her to get hurt.

“Yes, geniuses are hard to find but that doesn’t mean that they can be lawless. He has been acting lawlessly since he arrived in the sect, totally looking down on our sect’s rules. A genius like him must be punished for his mistakes, at the very least he must learn some lessons from his mistakes.”

“That aligns with my thoughts. If no punishment was given to him, we’ll all lose face. He has crippled a chief steward as soon as he reached the First Grade Combat Emperor. I’m afraid that we will be nothing to him once he has grown to a certain level.”

Another two from seven Feng Yun brothers also made a comment about the incident. They agreed that Jiang Chen should be punished for his crime as the incident had already spread all over the sect.

“All you elders, please, be the judge for us. If you don’t pa.s.s judgement to him, who will dare to take care of the inner sect in the future?”

The vice chief steward was about to cry.

“That’s enough. Seeing your stupid face, are you even an elder? Where’s your bearing as an elder? It sickens me. If you all aren’t capable, I can replace all of you with only one word.”

The temperamental Hua Gu Yi couldn’t continue to see it anymore. She cowed them instantly, making the vice chief steward s.h.i.+ver in fear and looked at the Seven brothers.

Feng Yun Yi frowned and murmured.

“If we’re to punish him, what kind of punishment should it be?”

While they were still discussing about how to punish Jiang Chen, a silhouette appeared in the Elder’s Hall like a ghost. The silhouette looked illusory, had a green robe , owning an extraordinary Qi, and his eyebrows were carrying a formidable arrogance.


Seeing his arrival, everyone in the sect bowed quickly, and payed their homage to him. This was the Divine Sense of Nebula Kidd, no one dared to ignore it.

“Jiang Chen is a rare genius that appears every ten thousand years. Nebula Sect must nurture him with good care. I’m informed about this incident and it definitely isn’t his fault.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Nebula Kidd’s silhouette disappeared.