Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 624 – No Hair Left

Chapter 624 – No Hair Left

Chapter 624 – No Hair Left

After the end of the battle, the first light of the morning sun s.h.i.+ned upon the desert. There were also sand storm that rippled the yellow sand in the air. This was always the weather of Huang Ling Desert. It wouldn’t change.

At this time, everyone raised their head to look at the white-dressed young man floating in the sky. The expression in their eyes were occupied by admiration. Jiang Chen had become the war G.o.d who was then seared and sealed in their memories. As aggressive young men and geniuses of Nebula Sect, it was hard for them to admire someone. Nevertheless, they felt compelled to pay their utmost respect to the youth in white before them. The female disciples’ eyes sparkled along with the bright light. From their looks, they would probably do anything for Jiang Chen whenever he opened his mouth.

“Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!”

Not knowing who the one that started the shout was, the shouting of his name continues. It was loud and clear even in the sky. Jiang Chen, this time, carried the glory of a War G.o.d. They recognized him as the incarnation of the G.o.d of War. He let the shouting continue.

Jiang Chen raised his head to look at the rising sun from the east. His eyes shot out two beams of light. He was enjoying being at the heaven defying and supreme position. The superior glory of his previous life would recur in his current life. He was now on the path towards it, taking every step closer to the top. He believed that one day, he would regain his supreme position in the world. That day wasn’t very far away.

At this moment, Yu Wei and the other two moved and brought along with them an injured genius from the Earth Rank to Jiang Chen. The four of them then held their fists to him, “Brother Jiang is a true rare genius, and I’m impressed.”

Their words were genuine. As the second genius of the Earth Rank, he had never praised anyone before. It was impossible for him to say that he was impressed with someone or something. Today, he was sincere, it wasn’t a flattery. They could imagine the consequences if Jiang Chen wasn’t there. Their lives would likely be in jeopardy.

Jiang Chen’s existence had quicken the completion of the task. It was a hot-blooded method which had boosted most of the disciples’ morale. It was rare to see an Eighth Grade Combat King to be so strong. His current grade was able to eliminate Devil Emperors. It was unacceptable at first even though their eyes saw it.

“So you guys aren’t going to thank me, Big Yellow, for what he has done?”

Big Yellow came to the side of the four men, and said while his head faced the sky.

They immediately held their fists up at Big Yellow, “If brother Dog didn’t lend out his hand, we would all be in danger and it would be even impossible to retrieve the devil soul. This devil’s soul must be yours to take.”

Yu Wei took out the black bat-devil’s soul and pa.s.sed it to Big Yellow. Although he was a little reluctant, he knew it clear as day. If it wasn’t for Big Yellow’s sudden interference, not only would they be unable to retrieve the devil soul but their lives would also be gone.

“Master Dog don’t give a d.a.m.n to this toy. Give it to that kid.”

Big Yellow turned his gaze to Jiang Chen.

Yu Wei looked back at Jiang Chen, “I am Yu Wei, the second genius. The devil soul of the devil leader will be given to brother Jiang.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He had quite good impression on Yu Wei, at least he was better than Guo Xudong.

“It is killed by you all, keep it.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Brother Jiang, this devil soul is equivalent to an Emperor pill. It is clearly announced when the sect a.s.signed us the quest. Whoever can retrieve the devil soul of the devil leader the reward is an Emperor pill. It’s such precious thing, brother Jiang should keep it.”

Yu Wei said.

Jiang Chen felt good about this second genius from the Earth Rank’s actions. If it was someone else, he wouldn’t be kind enough to give the devil soul to another person. He might even rob the devil souls away. Jiang Chen knew very well about the importance of the Emperor pills to the Earth Rank geniuses, especially Yu Wei. Once the Emperor pill was refined, his grade could immediately advance to Combat Emperor realm and became a core disciple. This was their main aim of coming to Huang Ling Desert, but Yu Wei was generous to give such a precious devil soul to him. It was a very honest act.

“I already have two devil souls from the devil leaders that I can exchange for two Emperor pills. I suppose you also understand the effect of the pill. One person can only consume one pill. The next consumption of the pill will give no effect. Thus, you should keep that devil soul, take it as a gift for our first meeting.”

Jiang Chen patted Yu Wei’s shoulder gently. Yu Wei was delighted. The devil soul was also important to him. He didn’t want to find an excuse for not accepting the devil souls that seemed unreasonable again. He kept it and said to Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang’s kindness today will be marked in my heart. When brother Jiang arrives at Nebula Sect, whatever problem you have will be my problem as well.”

Yu Wei understood that his chances of getting a devil soul from a devil leader was at the minimum through this expedition. Besides the strong and dangerous devil leader to be dealt with, there was a highly compet.i.tive party in Nebula Sect. Hu Song had stepped into the Combat Emperor realm plus his full preparation for the expedition. Yu Wei wouldn’t have the chance to retrieve anything. To his surprise, Jiang Chen’s interference messed up their original plan.

The one who gained the most was Jiang Chen in the battle. He himself had gotten many high ranked devil souls. Those two devils' souls from the devil leaders would be used to exchange for two Emperor pills. Big Yellow didn’t need any of it. However, he and Zuo Ling Er needed the pills. She could use the pill to step into the Combat Emperor realm. While he would use it to advance his grade, the Ninth Grade Combat King.

From afar, Guo Xudong and Hu Lai saw everything that had happened. Their faces were filled with unexplained expression of shock and disappointment.

“Brother Guo, he is so powerful and all the devil leaders were killed. I see, opposing him isn’t the right choice.”

Zhang Da said.

“This dude has killed all the devils. When my brother comes, there won’t be anything left. No devil leaders to kill means no way to get the Emperor pills. This is a great loss to me.”

Hu Lai worried about his own Emperor pill.

Guo Xudong glanced irritatingly at Hu Lai. He was the garbage to be blamed. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have created conflicts with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s action today would be highly valued by the high ranks in Nebula Sect. He and Zuo Ling Er’s heaven defying abilities would attract the High Elders to take them as their core disciples. They had gone against Jiang Chen, which wouldn’t bring any good fruit to them.

At this very moment, powerful Qis came from afar the sky. The other disciples of Nebula Sect arrived to the scene. Besides the rest of the disciples in the Earth Rank, the most important figure finally showed up. He was the number one genius in the Earth Rank, Hu Song, a First Grade Combat Emperor.

“Look, Hu Song is here. I predict a good show is going to happen. Brother Jiang has beaten up Hu Lai and Guo Xudong, he won’t let this matter go.”

“Even if brother Jiang doesn’t seek for a fight with Hu Song. He will deliberately find Jiang Chen to settle their conflict. He is here for the devil leader. However, not even a single devil is left in the desert. He can’t even get a hair. How can he be satisfied?”

“Yeah, nothing’s here. This is a real joke. If Hu Song really picks a fight with brother Jiang, there is no guarantee that he can defeat him.”