Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 625 – Aggressive Encounter

Chapter 625 – Aggressive Encounter

Chapter 625 – Aggressive Encounter

One story ended and another began. After the devils were cleared away from the desert, what would happen next would make everyone tense. They knew about the conflict between Jiang Chen and Hu Lai. Today, Hu Song had arrived and he wouldn’t simply let it go. Hu Song, as a First Grade Combat Emperor, was ranked number one on the Earth Rank. His was strong, stronger than any ordinary First Grade Combat Emperor. He had prepared well for this expedition. He aimed to slaughter the devil leader, showing that he had the a way of killing a powerful devil.

Jiang Chen was able to kill the devil leaders. They all witnessed his capability from the battle. If Hu Song was going to fight Jiang Chen, it was hard to tell who would win.

Those who just came felt a surge of fright down their spine when they saw what happened to the desert. Although they had no idea about the detailed event, the dead bodies lying everywhere were sufficient to tell them that there was a heaven and earth shaking battle that happened here.

“My G.o.d! So that’s the reason why I didn’t encounter even one devil on the way. Could it be that all of them were killed?”

“How did this happen? All the devils of Huang Ling Desert were killed. Are we late? There is nothing here. How can this be happening? When did the inner sect disciples become this strong? What happened?”

“Don’t tell me it was the elders that killed all these devils? Impossible. If it was them, what’s the use of us in partic.i.p.ating this expedition? Isn’t this toying with us?”


They newly-arrived disciples didn’t get it, totally not knowing what had happened. But, there was one thing that they were certain: the entire devil forces were wiped out in Huang Ling Desert, none was left alive. This indicated that their journey here was in vain, not even a hair was left.

The most frustrated one should be Hu Song. With his sense, he could literally feel that nothing was left here, in other words, the devil leader was already dead because it wouldn’t allow its forces to be slaughtered freely by the disciples, it would come out to stop them.

This wasn’t the doing of the elders. More than a hundred disciples were stained with blood. That indicated that they had fought in this battle. The problem was that all the devils were eliminated but almost none of the disciples were severely injured. How could this be possible? When did the inner sect disciples become so powerful?

When Hu Lai saw his brother, he greeted him with delight. Guo Xudong followed him. Even though their injuries had almost recovered, their swollen and green-blue bruises on their face were still there, strongly suggesting that they had been beaten up by someone.

“What happened? Who beat you guys?”

Hu Song was stunned. It was clear that these were bruises created from punches. But in Nebula Sect, there was no one who dared to touch his little brother. That person was virtually seeking death. To his surprise, Guo Xudong was also beaten up. He was a genius on the Earth Rank. Who could have beaten him? Even the second ranked genius, Yu Wei couldn’t do that.

“Big brother, you must help me seek justice. It was Jiang Chen. Yes, that Jiang Chen and that stupid girl.”

Hu Lai was in tears when he remembered the insult and the torture that he had suffered, leaning completely against his brother’s shoulder.

“Jiang Chen? Who’s Jiang Chen? Who’s the stupid girl?”

Hu Song touched his head, feeling a little lost. The names that Hu Lai said were new to him, he was sure that there were no such names in Nebula Sect.

“Brother Hu, the incident is like this. The sect has opened its recruitment for inner sect disciples to many big cities and domains. Many newly-recruited disciples have joined the expedition in Huang Ling Desert. Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er were among them. But these two individuals were extraordinarily strong, we were no match for them…”

Guo Xudong spaA new and overly arrogant disciple like out every detail of the event without hiding anything. From Jiang Chen slapping Hu Lai to their fight with Zou Ling Er, and then his capability to wipe out the devils and even the devil leaders.

Guo Xudong didn’t try to lower his voice. The disciples who just arrived heard his entire story, their eyes dilated, as though they were dreaming. It was a dream that they have never dreamt of: a new disciple who dared to do all of this and was also able to kill all of the devils.

Now, their eyes were fixed on Hu Song. This incident was obviously a ma.s.sive disgrace to him. He had declared in Nebula Sect that he would kill the devil leader for his brother to exchange for the Emperor pill. He had never thought that there would be nothing left when he got here. The feeling was like when a boy had his hair gelled, worn a nice suit, wore a pleasant cologne and had prepared everything for the date and waited in the restaurant, then the girl rejected him, how pitiful.

“Big brother, we cannot let that kid go. He attacked me and killed your devil leader., His actions was obviously belittling your role and reputation in Nebula Sect.A new and overly arrogant disciple like him must be taught some lesson. If not, he will go wild in the future.”

Hu Lai said while gritting his teeth. He resented Jiang Chen so much that he wanted to eat him alive. Now that he has his big brother, he regained his arrogance. In his heart, his big brother was invincible. Even if Jiang Chen could defeat the devil leader, it didn’t mean that he could also defeat his big brother. This was blind admiration.


Hu Song snorted and scanned the group of disciples, and asked coldly, “Which of you is Jiang Chen? Stand out.”

This was something that was fated to come. Jiang Chen smiled and landed from the sky in front of Hu Song and said in his usual composure, “I am. I heard that you are the first genius on the Earth Rank. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Hu Song’s eyes was like a torch, glaring at Jiang Chen. He hadn’t expected that Jiang Chen would be so young, probably younger than twenty years old, and he had already reached such level. That shook him slightly.

“A new disciple dared to be this arrogant. You dared to attack my brother and even the geniuses on the Earth Rank. You are truly audacious.”

Hu Song said with an unwelcomed tone. It was because of this young man in front of him that he had been made an object of ridicule in Nebula Sect. He said that he would kill the devil leader in Huang Ling Desert and bring the devil soul back in front of everyone. Now, there was no devil leader, not even a devil soul that he could bring back. It was all s.n.a.t.c.hed by this new disciple. If he went back with empty hands, his peers would laugh at him and say that he was worse than a newbie. Even if he became a core disciple, people would look down on him, which was unacceptable to him.

“I don’t care who the h.e.l.l you are or how great you are in Nebula Sect. I warn you that I’m not a person who you can afford to offend, thus, don’t pick a fight with me.”

Jiang Chen said solemnly. Those who knew him understood that this was the gentle warning, not boasting.

Hu Song let out a puff and laughed. He felt that he had just heard the funniest joke in the whole world. A newbie just used such a tone to threaten him. If that wasn’t a joke then what was that? However, not one of the disciples laughed. They didn’t think that it was a joke, they felt Jiang Chen’s sincerity in his words. In whatever ways they see it, Jiang Chen wasn’t someone Hu Song could afford to go against. Perhaps Hu Song was powerful enough to fight Jiang Chen. But, Jiang Chen’s monstrous talent wouldn’t take long for him to overtake Hu Song and leave him so far behind.

“Without a doubt, you are arrogant. n.o.body dared speak to me in such a way before. Jiang Chen, if you hand over the devil soul of devil leader to me, our conflict will be solved. I will put all of this behind. What do you say? This is my bottom line.”

Hu Song said using the tone of a n.o.ble while speaking to a commoner.

“d.a.m.n head. You are very shameless, aren’t you? If you want the souls, find it yourself. You should blame yourself for arriving late. Let me tell you, there are no devil’s souls left here, only loads of farts.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but interject.

“Where did this dog came from? You want to die?”

Hu Song was furious. What was his status and position in Nebula Sect? Jiang Chen’s disrespect was still pa.s.sable. Now even a dog wanted to insult him?

“Brother Hu, that dog isn’t ordinary.”

Guo Xudong reminded.

“Big brother, kill this dog and bring it back to stew.”

Hu Lai said violently.


“This battle will be aggressive. It seems that it is really unavoidable. Jiang Chen won’t give the souls out. He won’t accommodate Hu Song’s requests.”

“That’s right, this Hu Song is too much. Brother Jiang’s achievement today was glorious, he has made a great contribution to Nebula Sect and we have obtained many benefits just by following him. Now, Hu Song is here to rob the fruits away. Is there something this good in the world?”

“You guys said that they are going to fight one another? Then who will win?”

“It’s hard to determine. Even though Jiang Chen is only an Eighth Grade Combat King, we have witnessed his strength. Hu Song is a First Grade Combat Emperor. Moreover, he has prepared for battle for a period of time, he probably has a secret technique for his enemy. If the battle really begins, the conclusion is hard to predict. But, I hope that brother Jiang will win so his ident.i.ty and path will be greater than Hu Song.”

“Agreed. I also hoped for brother Jiang to win since he has brought us so much benefits. That Hu Song only knows how to bully people, and he gave no benefits.”


The disciples of Nebula Sect could see what was happening. Today’s situation was inevitable. The only solution to solve the conflict between Jiang Chen and Hu Song was through real blades and spears in the battlefield. No one is qualified enough to interfere in this battle, but their hearts were full of expectation. If the new disciple, Jiang Chen, could defeat the first genius on the Earth Rank, Hu Song, a miraculous record would be created. This was a show that they must watch. Many were expecting Jiang Chen to produce miracles.