Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 623 – Burning Hot Blood

Chapter 623 – Burning Hot Blood

Chapter 623 – Burning Hot Blood

Big Yellow’s posture petrified the four men. They stood rooted to the ground, not knowing why he wanted them to leave the area. Wasn’t this the time they should jointly face the bat-demon? Could it be that he was confident to take it down?

These questions were going to be answered very soon. The most regretful thing Yu Wei and his team did was to not follow Big Yellow’s instruction to get as far away as possible.

*Hong… Long…*

A noise rumbled so loud that it shook the heaven and earth. A wave of green air was released from Big Yellow’s b.u.t.t. The green air moved like a deadly poisonous gas in the air. The frantically violent black bats wailed in pain before falling to the ground, then dying after a few twitches.

“d.a.m.n! What’s that?”

Yu Wei couldn’t help saying that, but he couldn’t continue anymore.

“Yuck…d.a.m.n smelly…my goodness. This is a dog’s fart…blargh…I’m dying smelling this.”

“Wah…Wah…G.o.d! A fart?”

“For G.o.d’s sake, kill me…blargh…”

Now Yu Wei and the other three weren’t standing there anymore, they ran away from their previous positions while puking along the way. There was no mistake, they were fleeing. During their confrontation with the bat-demon they didn’t attempt to run. However, the dog’s fart was unbearable. They wanted to curse Big Yellow but they couldn’t when they thought of his warning earlier, it was them that were to be blamed for not listening to him.

*Hong… Long…*

Another rumbling noise was created along with Big Yellow’s laugh. His Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart was peerless and undefeatable. More black bats died, some collapsed then died, while some were just smoked to death. Swarms of black bats were falling from the sky, they were severely injured before they died.


Even the leader of the bats gave out a long loud screech of suffering. It took the attack of the fart directly. Its body was now fully wrapped with the green air. The stubborn air stuck to its skin and into its bones, making it impossible to fling it away.

Although the Invincible Whirlwind Spirit Fart couldn’t cause its usual maximum damage at the demon leader, the suffering caused by it was not bearable by ordinary demon. Yu Wei and his comrades understood this clearly.

“…the h.e.l.l…G.o.dly…”

“Perfect. I have never seen such fine quality dog. This fart’s power was invincible, not even a Devil Emperor can bear it.”

“Too scary, luckily I wasn’t near the battlefield. Or else…I don’t even want to think about it…”


The disciples gave their thumb ups to Big Yellow, praising his powerful skill. But, powerful wasn’t the word to describe it, it should be invincible. Even Zuo Ling Er was frightened to open her small mouth. For all this while she only knew he had a steel head, she was totally clueless that he had such an abnormally powerful skill.


The bat-demon puked tremendously. It employed all of its effort to get rid of the green gases and flew to a direction away from the battle. Big Yellow quickly followed suit, it seemed that he wanted to test his power with the demon leader.

“Go, we’ll fight.”

Yu Wei said to the other two. The three of them held their weapons in their hands and chased the demon leader. They wanted to end this bat-demon with Big Yellow.

The battle on the other side continued. Jiang Chen and the demon leader were having an intense fight. The demon leader kept shouting ‘Wa…Wa…” while in the battle. However, he was many times more powerful than it, thus he was in control of every round of the battle.

“So such genius exists in the world. But, I have to kill you and stop fooling around with you.”

The demon’s face revealed a cold smile. Its body exploded suddenly, turning into a roughly three hundred metres long monster. On his body was layers of black scale, a devil aura started to spill out from its body. Its current Qi was many times stronger than his previous form, it was too strong for a First Grade Devil Emperor.

“Brother Jiang be careful, this demon leader has entered into an evil enchanted state. It will become harder to defeat.”

Lan Yi reminded.

Jiang Chen smirked.

“I’m not scared even if he entered into an evil enchanted state.”

This demon leader was hard to deal with before it turned into its evil enchanted state as its devil aura was covered with demon aura. It made it hard for Jiang Chen to kill it, perhaps it might slip his grip and flee. Now, however, that it had entered into its current it is not much different than a devil. Its combat strength increased, but it also meant that Jiang Chen’s restraining power against it increased at the same time. Apparently, this was a favorable situation for him to complete his mission.

“Kid, you are a monstrous genius. Now, I want to eat you. I’ll eat your flesh and absorb its essence. Then I will advance to Second Grade Devil Emperor. Haha…”

Its laugh was as loud as thunder. Its giant body was like a mountain, lunging at Jiang Chen.

“Want to eat me? I’m afraid you can’t even move your teeth to gnaw me.”

Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit was unleashed. A sea of fire appeared around him, summoning the Fire Dragon Seal again. Either it was the True Dragon Fire or Lighting True Fire, they were both the enemy of devils. He had no doubt about it. The time when he was in the Devil Soul Realm, he enhanced his restraining power for devils to the maximum.


The Fire Dragon rumbled. It penetrated the spatial zone, leaving a traces of long flames and collided with the giant demon. The heaven defying devil aura from the demon changed. After meeting the Fire Dragon, it shriveled like a mouse seeing a cat. The collision of the Fire Dragon destroyed all its devil aura in an instant. The demon stared at the Fire Dragon in terror. Fire was a natural enemy to devil aura, inhibiting all the strengths of the demon leader.


Ultimately, the dragon penetrated all its barriers and crashed into the demon leader. The roughly three hundred-metre long demon was knocked back by about hundred meters before it could find its balance. The scales on its body had been destroyed by the impact and explosion. It’s obvious that the attack had severely injured it.

“What flame is this? How can it be this powerful? It even incinerated my devil aura.”

The demon’s eyes widened with disbelief. Its expression changed while looking at Jiang Chen. It developed an intense feeling of fear. Or to say in another way, it wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen, but his fire.

Jiang Chen didn’t give the demon leader a chance to counterattack. He held the Fiery Sharp Spear and charged forward. The spear wasn’t the same as before, it was enchanted with two types of powerful fiery crows. Its strength was boosted to a higher level, completely exerting all of its potential power. The spear turned into a Fire Dragon and struck the demon leader.


The demon leader raged. It raised its hard claws hastily to defend against Jiang Chen’s attack. Its claws were sharp and indestructible and were carrying a thick devil aura.

*Pu Chi*

Unfortunately, even its sharp claw couldn’t withstand the attack of the scary spear. Under the suppression of the flames, all the devil aura were eliminated. The spear directly pierced through the claws and the scorching energy from the spear shot out, breaking it into pieces.

The demon gave out a loud cry. It was infuriated. When it prepared to launch another stronger attack, nine figures with the same features as Jiang Chen had already surrounded it. The demon’s eyes were blurred, it could only see nine spears coming onto it at the same time.

The demon faced the same situation as Kong Yang and its response was also the same: it attacked any figure.

*Pu Chi*

The conclusion was the same as Kong Yang, the demon pulverized all of Jiang Chen’s shadows but left the true Jiang Chen’s attack, making it extremely vulnerable. The spear pierced through its skull, its vital part.

The strike of the Emperor Weapon was accompanied by all of his strength. It was a deadly strike to the demon leader. Its skull was left with a hole while it wailed in pain. Another motion of the spear extracted a brilliant demon soul from the skull, it then went back to Jiang Chen’s hand.

Meanwhile, the bat-demon was besieged by the three men and Big Yellow. It was forced to its end, half of its body was severely injured and its wings were damaged. The moment it saw the demon leader was killed, its fighting spirit faltered completely. The two men and Yu Wei didn’t wait and pierced their weapons through its body, killing it instantly.

“All demon leaders are defeated. Kill, kill all of these demons!”

“Haha…Not one of them can be spared.”

The disciples went insane, they were shouting like madmen. Their morale rose to the maximum, slaughtering the demons with ease. The three leaders of the demons had died. Where would the demons get the motivation to fight now? They were fleeing. Why would the disciples miss this golden opportunity? They hunted the demons down like hunting their prey.

A while later, shouts from slaughterers sounded, it was so loud that it shook the sky. They united to surround the entire battle field, not letting any of the demons to flee. After a few hours of battle, all of the demons were slaughtered. None was alive. The entire deeper region of Huang Ling Desert were covered with the demons’ dead bodies and blood flowed like a river.

It was a heaven and earth shaking war. It lasted literally a whole night. Now the light gradually appeared from the sky. Most of the disciples’ body were stained with blood, some were theirs and some from the demons’. No one felt exhausted after a night of battle. Instead, everyone was intoxicated! They had never enjoyed a battle so much.

Before they departed from Nebula Sect, the time given was ten days. No one would have thought that the mission could be completed in just a day. The task was complete, all demons were cleared off the desert, and everyone got their prizes. The biggest gains this time wasn’t the demon souls, it was the heart-stirring battle. It was a burning hot-blooded battle. None of them had experienced it. Although it was only for a short moment, they could feel the hot blood burning inside of them. It was a feeling in which they couldn’t describe in words.