Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 614 – As FIerce As Lion

Chapter 614 – As FIerce As Lion

Chapter 614 – As FIerce As Lion

“Hehe, Little Chen, it seems like you have offended someone important. We have a huge trouble ahead of us now.”

Big Yellow chuckled, his face didn’t seem the least bit concerned for Jiang Chen. Lan Yi was speechless when she saw the st.u.r.dy big yellow dog. He then gave Jiang Chen a strange look. She thought that people normally keeps a fierce or rare beasts by their side, but this youth was keeping a big yellowish dog beside him. He really did have an unusual hobby.

Although Jiang Chen had shaken the entire Liang Province, that wasn’t enough to let everyone in the Mysterious Domain know. His ability to initiate disaster was shocking, perhaps only some of the big powers knew about this. But, these disciples didn’t, they didn’t have any impressions of Jiang Chen at all. For them, he was just a stranger.

“It is them who have offended the person they shouldn’t have offended.”

Zuo Ling Er said, showing her high confidence for Jiang Chen’s ability.

The group’s gazes fell on Zuo Ling Er, they were thinking that this girl hadn’t even grown some mature brain cells before talking. Bringing a dog was already troublesome and it made them wonder why would he bring an inexperienced and naïve little girl to Nebula Sect. They knew that beasts were allowed in the Sect but outsiders and strangers weren’t. Jiang Chen didn’t tell them and they didn’t ask either. Since this place is Huang Ling Desert and not the headquarters of the sect, they didn’t bother asking about it. But certainly, they wouldn’t have guessed that the little girl was also one of the sect’s newly-recruited disciples.

“What time will the Earth rank geniuses reach here?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Some of them are already here. The last should be here by tomorrow and they’ll all be here. The amount of demons in Huang Ling Desert this time is unusually more and they are all ferocious and cunning, making them a very hard enemy to fight. Merely ten days’ time were given to complete the mission, therefore, many disciples partic.i.p.ated. Many of them were still outside of the deeper regions of the desert. It’s because they were struggling to fight as they don’t understand their enemies.”

A disciple said.

“All of them will be here tomorrow? And Hu Song wants to kill the leader of the demons? I’m afraid that he will be disappointed.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk on his face. He had a hidden plan in his mind. He thought that since he had provoked Hu Song, he must play along. Jiang Chen was never afraid of things going out of control.

“Keke, Little Chen, to you, competing with those people on the Earth rank is pointless, isn’t it? Even if it is that Hu Song, he is not qualified to fight you.”

Big Yellow smiled coldly. He knew well enough how powerful Jiang Chen is. He was a special Eighth Grade Combat King. An ordinary First Grade Combat Emperor wouldn’t be a match for him. Also, his friend’s techniques were numerous, making his enemy vulnerable. All the inner-sect disciples were Combat Kings, the top ten on the Earth rank were at least of the Ninth Grade Combat King. For those weak people, even Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow could finish them in split second.

However, Big Yellow’s words made those blue robed group roll their eyes with disbelief. They felt that the dog didn’t know how to speak his words, it did not even put Hu Song in his eyes. Jiang Chen was scary, but he was only a Combat King. It’s impossible to be compared with a Combat Emperor like Hu Song. For them they were just boasting and bull-s.h.i.+tting.

“I’m not saying that I want to compete with them.”

Jiang Chen smiled deeper. He looked at Big Yellow, “Big Yellow, let’s accomplish a big mission.”

“Bingo! That’s why I said I know how you think, it is going to be very exciting this time. Before those geniuses come, I won’t leave even one fur behind.”

Big Yellow had seen through Jiang Chen’s plan and he felt incredibly thrilled. He liked Jiang Chen’s decisive actions. In Nebula Sect’s inner-sect disciples, he believed that there wasn’t anyone that could fight Jiang Chen or anyone that could equal his strength. They would clear the entire desert, eliminating all demons, including the leader. When Hu Song came, there wouldn’t be anything left. If they knew Jiang Chen was the one who eliminated all the demons, his name would become famous before he even entered Nebula Sect. How stimulating was that?

This was the way, it must be this way!

The group was stunned, they were trying to figure out what the youth and the dog was planning to do. Of course, no one would be able to, even if they squeezed all their brain juices to find out why.


Suddenly, something was shaking heavily below the ground as if a big earthquake was going on. They could see layers of sandy ground bulging up continuously like something horrifying was drifting beneath them. It seemed that could drill itself out any time. It became waves of sands that rippled layer by layer, yellowish sand mingled with the air and strong wind, changing the weather drastically.

“Not good, this must be a giant demon, it has came under us.”

Lin Kang shouted in terror. A few of the disciples’ faces turned ugly. They could sense the sudden emergence of a ma.s.sive amount of demons, roughly a hundred of them including the powerful demons. These demons clearly had sensed their existence and the dead body of a beast. They were rus.h.i.+ng over in all directions, besieging them.

The enemy obviously outnumbered them. Even if they combined their strength, there was no way to fight with the demons. The group grimaced and feared for the incoming enemies, they automatically stayed behind Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry, let me protect you guys. These demons are here for their death.”

Zuo Ling Er patted her chest to guarantee them. But they couldn’t listen to her, she must be kidding dangerously. They better stuck to Jiang Chen, they suggested the kid to stand aside.

Sand waves dashed to the sky like yellow pillars that have appeared out of nowhere, wreaking havoc on the spatial zone.


Violent roars rumbled from all directions. The roar continued until giant monsters drilled out of the sandy ground one by one. Their body was surrounded with intense demonic aura. Their skin had s.h.i.+ny scales, their mouth were full of sharp tusks, and their eyes were red. After they saw the humans, they lunged forward.

A sixty meter demon charged at Zuo Ling Er. It must have thought that Ling Er’s skin and flesh were soft, it had to be nice to eat them.


Zuo Ling Er shouted. She swooshed past the incoming demon, then stop on the its head. The comparison between them was like an ant and a cat, she was absolutely tiny.

Ling Er raised her clenched fist, gold brilliant light illuminated from the fist before punching down to the demon’s head.



The demon wailed in agony, its skull was crushed by Zuo Ling Er. Blood spurted from the cracks and a demon soul was grabbed by her. She kept it.

My G.o.d!

The blue-robed group widened their blurry eyes, and changed their impression of the little girl instantly. How could this harsh kid be that powerful? A punch can kill an Eighth Grade Demon? It was effortless. This was astonis.h.i.+ng. They could see the Qi that was released by Zuo Ling Er, it was beyond their grades, which meant that she might be a Ninth Grade Combat King.

d.a.m.n it! A twelve-year-old girl was a Ninth Grade Combat King? Was this a joke?

However, the truth couldn’t escape their eyes. Ling Er was as fierce as a lion. While they were still stunned, she had already killed four powerful demons. Every demons died under her one punch, it’s as easy as killing a chicken. The current event was giving the group a big blow. They called themselves geniuses, but comparing with this girl, no one would have the courage to call themselves geniuses anymore.

They finally understood. The little girl wasn’t a follower of Jiang Chen. She was likely to be one of the newly-recruited disciple of Nebula Sect. It seemed that the sect had gained a peerless genius.

*Hou* *Hou*

Demons roared insanely, charging at anyone. The ground was occupied mostly by demons, there were almost a hundred of them. There were two Ninth Grade Demon Kings amongst them. To the blue-robed group, this was a catastrophe.

“Big Yellow, attack! There’s no need to be polite.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow.

“Kaka, Master Dog has been frustrated and impatient.”


Big Yellow shouted, lunging forward with his head that illuminated a golden light. Everything he pa.s.sed through never stood up again. Those ferocious demons weren’t his opponent, Big Yellow’s head directly smashed them into pieces, including the Ninth Grade Demon King. None of them could bear Big Yellow’s attack at all.

The group opened their mouth as if they had seen the scariest thing in the world. This dog was crazily powerful, cras.h.i.+ng a Ninth Grade Demon King to death just like that. Was this even logical?

“Why are you guys still standing there? Waiting for the demons to eat you all?”

Jiang Chen stared at them, a brilliant Fiery Sharp Spear appeared in his hand. It was the spear that he robbed from Kong Yang in Yuan Yang City. It was an Emperor Grade Weapon. He raised his spear and pierced it violently at the group of demons. A golden ray rushed out from the tip of the spear, carrying scorching flames. The ray was like a sharp sword, never leaving anything it touched uncut. This move pierced through more than tens of demons, forming a hole in their body, the wounded demons all died on the spot.

After another swing of the Fiery Sharp Spear, tens of demons died instantly like ants dying when they were stepped on. It seemed that the demons were letting these three to slaughter them, but in truth they were just totally defenseless.

The group was extremely shocked. Weapons were ready in their hands, they fought those demons that charged at them. They had never seen such slaughtering of demons. These two people and a dog were peerless.

At the same time, they felt happy for the three’s arrival. If it wasn’t for their help, they could already imagine their deaths should these demons emerged.


Ling Er was killing excitedly. She didn’t feel a slightest bit of discomfort being in such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene, as if she was born with a violent gene and slaughtering was her hobby.