Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 615 – Everybody Freeze

Chapter 615 – Everybody Freeze

Everybody Freeze

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*Pu Chi*

The Fiery Sharp Spear had pierced into another Ninth Grade demon’s skull, crus.h.i.+ng it into pieces. The power of the Emperor Weapon increased in Jiang Chen’s hands because of the combined power of True Dragon Fire and Lightning True Fire. It was even more powerful than in Kong Yang’s hands, something demons couldn’t endure.



Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow became streaks of light that were continuously killing the surviving demons. They were both ferocious, slaughtering demons as if chopping gourds and melons. On the contrary, the disciples of Nebula Sect were driven frantic by the demons. They were having a hard time killing their enemies even though they were together. Two people, including Jiang Chen, had already crushed most of the enemy’s forces. The others shouldn’t have any problems dealing with the remaining demons.

At this very moment, many of the sect’s disciples sensed the powerful waves of combat from different places in the desert. They all s.h.i.+fted their attention to the source. They were the newly-recruited disciples just like Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er.

“A very strong combat aura, I can feel the devil aura erupting to the sky. Indeed, there are a lot of demons. Seems like our comrades have been besieged, should we go have a look?”

“Do not be hasty. The amount of demons is overwhelming. If we go there, I’m afraid we can’t do much to help to the situation. I can sense the intensity of the battle, one of the top ten geniuses has to be there.”

“Fantastic, the more the better! I’ve just joined the sect, this is a great opportunity for me to perform a ma.s.s killing.”


Many of them headed to the source of the battle. A few disciples who were rookies just like Jiang Chen were desperate to achieve something big. So, they travelled faster than anyone. However, all movements they sensed before suddenly stopped, the waves of combat faded and disappeared completely, along with the sand storm.

“What happened? I could feel an intense battle just a while ago, now it is gone in just a split second. Can it be that the battle is over? So fast?”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

They doubted the matter, it was there just now. Some had already prepared for the fight. They were stunned that the battle was over. They had to find out what was going on.

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

They were fast and disappeared with a flash of light. When they finally arrived, they all stood rooted to the ground. Their eyes widened, not believing what they had just seen.

Within a forty mile radius of the desert was in havoc. Big holes and pits were left after the battle, but this wasn’t the scary part. They saw in terror, the dead bodies of demons were scattered all around the place. The bodies weren’t complete anymore, there were different body parts here and there. Blood stained all over the ground, a stinging stench of blood mingled in the air. There were more than a hundred of strong demons there. However, without exception, all of them died.

The person had to be extraordinarily powerful to slaughter these demons within a short period of time. It was truly nerve wracking.

Then, all the attention was focused on the group of people standing at the center surrounded by the dead bodies of demons. With the exception of a white-clothed youth and a little girl, the rest were dressed in blue robes which meant they were disciples of Nebula Sect.

At the moment, Lan Yi and her comrades were looking at the bodies again, and they felt a rush of fright in their hearts. They couldn’t forget these three ferocious slaughterers for the rest of their lives. Killing those demons was just like blowing dust away for them. The three of them were truly heaven defying geniuses. Thinking back at the dog’s boastful comments earlier, they realized he wasn’t boasting after all.

“What the h.e.l.l? So many demons? It seems like there is a Ninth Grade Demon King’s body. It wouldn't be them that killed those demons, right?”

“Impossible, those two are Lan Yi and Lin Kang. I know them. They would definitely die if they met these demons. Take a look at the white-clothed young man and the little girl. I think they are new. Don’t tell me that it is them who killed the demons!”

“Certainly not, the demons are too many. It’s impossible for them to kill it all with such speed. I think there had to be an accident, perhaps a genius came to help them and just left.”


The scene shook their minds, the people who just arrived were shocked. The demons were unbelievably many, it couldn’t be gotten rid of so easily.

“See, most of the demons souls haven’t been dug, Haha…I cannot be leaving those prizes there.”

“It is true, there are so many demon’s souls. It is foolish not to dig them out.”

Most of them started to see what the few just noticed, it was those demon souls that weren’t dug out yet from the brutally slaughtered demons. That was because Jiang Chen was just too lazy to dig those inferior demon’s souls out He only dug out those demon souls that were at least Seventh Grade or above. He wasn’t interested in the rest of them.

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

About twenty to thirty people suddenly appeared in the sky, flying towards the demon’s dead bodies. They were afraid that delaying would allow others to dig their targeted demon’s souls away. Two or three new Ninth Grade Combat King disciples moved the fastest. To the other disciples, they were strong but were still new. They had to prove themselves by getting as many demon’s souls as possible. That would be the proof of their capabilities.


Jiang Chen shouted suddenly. Those disciples who were about to dig the demon souls stopped their movements and looked at him.

“Are these the dignified Nebula Sect’s disciples? Are they always getting rewards without paying any contribution or effort? These demon’s souls aren’t related to you in any way. If you all want them, kill for them. Don’t forget. This is a training, not a treasure hunt!”

Jiang Chen said bluntly. He wasn’t used to seeing these kinds of people, coming here to steal their prizes and acting like Jiang Chen didn’t exist. If they wanted the demon souls, they could ask for it. He was sure he would give it to them in an orderly manner. These were all killed by them, what they just need to do was to act appropriately. Did such free things exist in the world?

“Who are you? You mean, these demons were all killed by you?”

A Ninth Grade Combat King disciple looked at Jiang Chen. His tone was a little rude. He could feel Jiang Chen’s Qi, it was merely an Eighth Grade Combat King. Although they still couldn’t find out who did these to the demons, they didn’t believe this young man in white did it.

“It’s not only me, it was us.”

Jiang Chen said. The word ‘us’ included Lan Yi and her comrades.

“Haha…you said you all killed them? Who will believe it? You are merely a step earlier than us. Could it be that you all want to claim all of these demon’s souls? Judging by your clothes, apparently, you are one of the newbies. In that case, we all have the equal right to claim them. Why not just share them equally?”

That person laughed, neglecting Jiang Chen’s comment. He pierced into the skull of the demon with the short blade in his hand.

“Trying to steal things through reason? You are a typical person that needs to be beaten up.”

Jiang Chen moved a step and came before the disciple. He raised his hand and slapped him. To deal with this kind of person, he couldn’t care much to argue with him. Thus, slapping him was the best solution.


A clear and loud sound was heard. Jiang Chen’s palm reached that Ninth Grade Combat King’s face, making him wail in pain before he was sent thirty metres away. His body landed on a dead demon’s body and bounced off to the ground. It shocked everyone. The disciple was lying motionlessly on the ground and had lost the ability to stand up. Half of his face was swollen and blood filled his mouth.


The scene caused a wave of commotion. Everyone stopped what they were doing, especially those who had looked down on Jiang Chen. Now, they looked at him in terror like they had just seen a terrifying beast.

“What the h.e.l.l? Who is this guy? He is powerful. A slap from him and a Ninth Grade Combat King couldn’t stand up anymore.”

“Yeah, he’s very frightening. That person is a newly recruited inner-sect disciple. He must be stronger than most of us. He is a Ninth Grade Combat King, but he didn’t even have the chance to react. This is shaking me, could it be that those demons were really killed by that white-robed man?”

“Senior sister Lan Yi, who are these powerful guys?”

No one was calm. Someone asked Lan Yi through True Qi transmission.

“I have forgotten to introduce him to you all. He is one of the newly-recruited disciples, brother Jiang Chen. Also, senior sister Zuo Ling Er is one of them. You all aren’t guessing wrongly, these demons were all killed by them.”

Lan Yi said loudly. She now knew Zuo Ling Er’s name and called her senior sister without hesitation. Despite the fact that she was just a twelve-year-old girl, her level and the way she killed those demons were all witnessed by her. She wouldn’t feel reluctant at all to call her that.


Everyone exclaimed, their eyes were full of disbelief. They thought Lan Yi was just joking with them at first but they found out that she was telling the truth when they remembered how Jiang Chen slapped the Ninth Grade Combat King to the ground. They felt that this new disciple was too powerful.

And, Lan Yi actually called that little girl senior sister? Wasn’t that absurd?

Regardless of whether what Lan Yi said was real or fake, they wouldn’t dare to touch those dead bodies anymore. Even if Jiang Chen wasn’t the one who killed the demons, since he was just too frightening, no one could afford to offend him.

“Lan Yi, these demon souls are yours. You and your comrades may dig them out and distribute them equally.”

Jiang Chen talked to Lan Yi and Lin Kang. He was very clear of what kindness and fairness were. Lan Yi and her comrades were the ones who fought with him just now and he was not in need of those demon’s souls. Naturally, they should be given to them, instead of giving to those appropriation freaks.