Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 613 – A Figure on the Earth Ranking

Chapter 613 – A Figure on the Earth Ranking

Chapter 613 – A Figure on the Earth Ranking

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“What are you people? You dare to attack Nebula Sect’s disciples?”

Hu Lai sounded aggressive. Although he had seen through the young man’s ability, he was still not afraid of him. First, he was a peak Eighth Grade Combat King, he was never less powerful than any of them. Second, he was a disciple of Nebula Sect, he didn’t believe anyone would disrespect the sect unless they didn’t want to live.

“I am also a disciple of Nebula Sect.”

Jiang Chen turned his hand over and a jade plate appeared on his palm. Hu Lai and the others instantly knew Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty. They were sure about it, there was no mistake. No one had ever dared to forge the jade plates.

“You are the new inner-sect disciple’s recruits? I never thought that you all have to come and join the expedition before entering the sect. I am Lan Yi. It’s my pleasure to meet you, senior brother.”

She bowed slightly at Jiang Chen. The sect’s recruitment for inner-sect disciples wasn’t kept as a secret. She showed her courtesy and respect to Jiang Chen because she knew that the requirements for this time’s disciples.h.i.+p was just as high as before. They were the rare geniuses from many different states. As the position for disciples.h.i.+p was limited to each region, the compet.i.tion was intense. The ones who succeeded were undoubtedly special, they are at least at the Ninth Grade Combat King. Plus, she had seen how Jiang Chen injured a Fifth Grade Combat King with just a humph that he coughed out blood. She also felt some pressure from him, which meant that he was the strongest amongst them. Therefore, calling him ‘senior brother’ was a necessary courtesy.

“Junior sister is too polite.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“So you are a newbie? Since we all belong to the same sect, I will forgive you for being disrespectful just now. As long as they hand me the demon soul, I will treat this matter as though it never happened.”

Hu Lai changed his att.i.tude and behavior after seeing Jiang Chen’s jade plate. But, according to his character, he would always get whatever he wanted. Thus, he must obtain the demon soul to retain his reputation.

“Your name is Hu Lai? You should feel sorry for your name. Today I will teach you a lesson. For the things in this world, only those who spent an effort to acquire something are privileged to have it. That demon soul is already in their possession, so it belongs to them. If you are capable enough, you can go and steal it. Sadly, your luck is bad today because you encountered me. I am a person who doesn't like to be a troublemaker. But sometimes, I care about people’s stuff. To be blunt, I don’t like you. I agree with what they said, you look d.a.m.n disgusting! So, I advise you to quickly disappear from my sight before I get angry.”

Jiang Chen squinted both of his eyes while speaking. It was difficult to build a good impression of somebody, but resenting someone was always easy. The thick-bearded guy in front of them was a person who naturally attracted resentment from people.

“What did you just say? It seems like you still don’t know my ident.i.ty. Kid, don’t think that your combat power can help you to be arrogant here. Our sect isn’t comparable to your little tiny area. You better apologize to me immediately, or else I will let you know what is ‘regret.’”

Hu Lai was furious. He had given this kid a chance, like giving him an inch but wants to get a mile. This was unacceptable, even when a Ninth Grade Combat King met him during normal days, they would be courteous and polite.


Before Hu Lai could finish his sentence, a palm slapped his face. The slap was full of force, causing him to roll three times before stopping. Jiang Chen’s speed was too fast that Hu Lai, an Eighth Grade Combat King, couldn’t react.

*Ke* *Ke*

Hu Lai coughed painfully, coughing out two of his teeth stained with blood.

“You, you…You dared to slap me?!!”

Hu Lai mumbled his words. His rage overwhelmed his logic, he charge towards Jiang Chen.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen raged. One of his foot kicked and landed on Hu Lai’s big face. Hu Lai whined before he flew a hundred meters away and fell heavily to the sandy ground, forming a deep pit. After that, he fainted.


The rest of the disciples breathed cold air while looking at Jiang Chen with terrified eyes. This youth was very strong. Hu Lai was just one step away from Ninth Grade Combat King but he couldn’t even withstand a single blow from him. Most importantly, when Jiang Chen struck Hu Lai, he was really like a newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger. Despite all of that, they felt a sense of comfort when they saw Hu Lai was beaten up like that, it was the dream that they had longed to come true.

“I have forgotten to tell you, I hate the most when people rely on their ident.i.ty to bully others!”

Jiang Chen said while darting an angry glance at Hu Lai who was lying immobile on the ground.

“You… What’s… your name?”

A disciple that followed Hu Lai said. His voice was trembling with fear.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen declared his name openly. There was no point in hiding his ident.i.ty as he was joining the Nebula Sect anyway.

“OK! Jiang Chen! When this expedition is over, you will be finished! There will be people coming to find you, to make out the bills you have incurred! No, everyone here in the desert will find you.”

He quickly carried the unconscious Hu Lai after finis.h.i.+ng his sentence and disappeared like smoke. The other two didn’t dare to delay and immediately followed suit.

“Thank you very much for brother Jiang’s help.”

Lin Kang held his fists at Jiang Chen and the rest followed. Although Jiang Chen had just become a disciple of Nebula Sect and hadn’t even gone to the sect, they still called him senior brother. An influential sect like this never fixed anyone’s t.i.tle according to the person’s seniority, it all depended on the person’s capability and strength.

“Just trying to lend a hand, I usually interfere when I see an unfair situation.”

Jiang Chen said with a carefree grin.

“But, brother has injured Hu Lai. That will bring big trouble.”

Lan Yi frowned in worry. She felt very grateful for Jiang Chen’s action. A hot-blooded personality but has a composed demeanor were very attractive to any women including this girl. His bravery in kicking Hu Lai’s a.s.s delighted everyone. She had grown irresistibly fond of him instantly. Of course, it was just her it didn’t involved Jiang Chen’s feeling.

She thought that since Jiang Chen is a newbie and there were some things that he had to know.

“What’s the big trouble? Tell me more.”

Jiang Chen said with ease.

“Brother Jiang, there are things you don’t know about Hu Lai. He isn’t that powerful, but his brother is. His brother, Hu Song, was the number two on the Earth ranking. He entered the Combat Emperor realm recently. Although the list haven’t been updated, he is already publicly recognized as the number one. Which will make him one of the core disciples soon. Plus, Hu Song has a good relations.h.i.+p with the core disciples, he is not a person to be trifled with. Now that you hit Hu Lai, Hu Song won’t let this go. That was why no one dared to offend Hu Lai.”

Someone said.

Jiang Chen nodded. He had already antic.i.p.ated this situation. There had to be someone who backed him up, if not he wouldn’t be such an arrogant p.r.i.c.k.

“What ranking?”

Jiang Chen asked. He wasn’t interested with Hu Song. Instead, he would like to find out more about the ranking.

“Brother Jiang has just become one of us and don’t know a lot about the sect. There are a total of two list, the Sky Ranking and the Earth Ranking. The former is the list of the most powerful core disciples, a far-fetched goal for us to achieve. The latter is the list of inner-sect disciples, it is updated every year. The reason the sect built these two systems is to stimulate the disciples to train hard and be compet.i.tive. The disciples that have been ranked among the top ten in the Earth Ranking are the genius of geniuses. The sect always valued these disciples and paid extra attention to them.”

Lan Yi explained. Nebula Sect is a strong power in Mysterious Domain, no one knew how many disciples it had. Among the abundant amount of disciples, it was imaginable how compet.i.tive it would become under this circ.u.mstances. Without a doubt, only those who were talented could be listed in the Earth Rank. Hu Song was ranked second before he even entered the Combat Emperor realm. But now, his level is at the First Grade Combat Emperor, making him eligible to be listed on the Sky Ranking system.

“That’s right, Hu Song was very strong. Since brother Jiang has beaten up Hu Lai, I’m afraid Hu Song won’t let this go easily. Also, he’s going to come to the desert because we were informed that a Combat Emperor Demon King will appear. Whoever kills that thing the sect will reward him with an Emperor pill. This pill is very useful to a Combat King cultivator. If a person who is at the peak of Ninth Grade Combat King, he can reach the First Grade Combat Emperor realm instantly after taking the pill. Also, any ordinary Combat King who consumes the pill can directly bring his level to a higher grade. This expedition is only limited to the inner-sect disciples, no core disciples are involved. Those geniuses on the Earth Rank have fully prepared for this hunt. Many of them formed alliances to defeat the Demon King and obtain the Emperor pill. Hu Song is still qualified to come because he hasn’t been officially acknowledged as one of the core disciples.”

Lin Kang felt terrified as he talked about Hu Song.

“An Emperor pill is already useless to a Combat Emperor, isn’t Hu Song’s partic.i.p.ation in this expedition wasting his time?”

Jiang Chen said. He was quite interested with the Emperor pill. The refinery of the pill had to go through a difficult process as the raw materials were special. He hadn’t even have completely refined an Emperor pill. The pill had no side effects to cultivators, and it would advance the consumer’s grade by one. To the inner-sect disciples of Nebula Sect, the price was undeniably attractive.

“If Hu Song is here to kill demons, it is probably for Hu Lai.”

Lan Yi said. Hu Song is Hu Lai’s brother, he wanted to help his younger brother obtain the reward but it still was inexcusable and very unfair. As for the blue-robed disciples, they were here to kill some demons so that they could exchange the demon souls with important cultivation resources.