Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 612 – You look Disgusting!

Chapter 612 – You look Disgusting!

Chapter 612 – You look Disgusting!

Two humans and a dog were travelling comfortably, their speed was fast. Merely half a day’s time was used for their travel. It was evening when they reached Huang Ling Desert. After pa.s.sing through mountains, a wave of hot air welcomed them. The sand in the wind made them squint just to see the front, the weather also changed drastically.

A vast piece of desert stretched before them. It was a very huge land, their eyes couldn’t find its end. They could hear the howl of the wind through the desert, in front of them was very blurry as if dust had blocked their view. It’s a sandstorm! The storm rumbled into their ears.

This was the enormous Huang Ling Desert that was covered mostly by sand, and the rest were deserted mountains.

“So this is Huang Ling Desert? It has a very bad weather…”

Zuo Ling Er frowned.

“I sense a very intense demonic aura, it seems that this place had never been safe.”

Big Yellow shook his st.u.r.dy tail as his eyes glowed, he felt intoxicated to fight with the brutal demons very soon. Now that he had reached the Ninth Grade Demon King, not even a First Grade Combat Emperor could be his opponent. His combat strength was beyond imagination, any ordinary demons would face death when they see him.

*Whoosh* *Whoosh*

They could see light rays from time to time racing forward into the deeper region of the desert. It seemed like the other newly-joined disciples has arrived.

“Let’s go in as well.”

Jiang Chen nodded, then he led the way and flew forward.


After flying for about a thousand miles, a brilliant light appeared below them, racing towards Zuo Ling Er’s direction. It was yellowish, similar to the color of sand. If one wasn’t careful enough, it was impossible to discern it.

“A demon is hidden down there. Die!”

Zuo Ling Er saw it coming, she prepared to punch the incoming light.

“Be careful, this light is poisonous.”

Jiang Chen was faster than Zuo Ling Er, deflecting the light before she could touch it. He casted his True Dragon Palm and extended his hand down to the ground. His giant Dragon Claw covered a part of the land, and pulled up a pile of sand and a twelve meter poisonous scorpion. The scorpion was of the same color as the sand, it had camouflage itself with it, making it difficult to find its existence. Its poison was lethal and deadly. However, this scorpion’s grade was too weak, it hadn’t even reached the Demon King realm. It struggled under the giant Dragon Claw, but it was useless. Even if it had extruded a lethal poison to the Dragon Claw, it was no use because Jiang Chen was immune to any poison.

“Big brother, kill it! It looks very disgusting.”

Zuo Ling Er grimaced.

*Ka Cha*

Jiang Chen exerted force on his True Dragon Palm, crus.h.i.+ng the poisonous scorpion. It was then followed by raging flames that incinerated its entire body without leaving any remains. As for its demon soul, Jiang Chen wasn’t interested in it at all. He wasn’t interested at a demon soul which hadn’t even entered the Demon King realm. It was just useless to obtain it, and he wasn’t in need of its lethal poison.

“Big brother, even though the ugly scorpion had poison, I could easily kill it, you don’t have to make any move.”

Zuo Ling Er complained for her big brother’s sudden attack.

“Ke ke, I have forgotten that you are also quite powerful.”

Jiang Chen made two deliberate cough. The thing that prompted him into action was the poison he detected from the light. He was afraid that Zuo Ling Er would get hurt by it, but he forgot that Zuo Ling Er was a Ninth Grade Combat King. A tiny scorpion like that wouldn’t do any harm to her.

In truth, the scorpion wasn’t a demon, it was just a beast that lived on the desert. However, it was a violent creature, which could be harmful to ordinary people.

Huang Ling Desert was too large. In their journey, they hadn’t met anyone besides that thing.


After flying for another thousand mile, they sensed a battle ahead. Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er made eye contact and nodded to go and take a look.

There was a sand dune at the front. On the surface of it were roughly ten people that were in two separate rows. Right in the middle, a giant demon laid on the ground with its skull smashed and broken. There was a hole on its skull, and its demon soul had been acquired by the people around. There was a group of people who were wearing the same clothes, blue robes with an array of stars carved on their chest.

These people’s grade weren’t that powerful, they were just in the Combat King realm. The lowest was a Fifth Grade and the highest was an Eighth Grade. There were seven people on the opposite side. The leader was an ordinary youth and a girl who wore s.e.xy dress with a make-up, a pushed up breast, and a fair skin. Although she wasn’t comparable to Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu’s unmatched beauty, she was still deemed to be a beautiful woman.

On the other side, there were four men. The leader was a young man who was full of beard and looked ferocious. He was a peak Eighth Grade Combat King. By the looks of it, the larger group found the smaller group intimidating.

“Hu Lai, don’t cross the line, this demon was killed by us, what’s your connection to its demon soul?”

That s.e.xy girl spoke, full of rage.

“We have contributed in killing this demon, if it wasn’t for our group’s help, do you think you can defeat this demon? Hand over the demon soul now!”

The bearded man seemed to be called Hu Lai, his face looked like smiling even though he was not. His gaze were fixed on the clothes of the fascinating girl, scanning it from top to bottom.

“This is absurd, you all appeared at the time when we almost killed this demon. It is obvious that you are robbing our prey away. Even without your help, the demon would still die in our hands.”

The young leader was angry, but he sounded to be in fear of Hu Lai. His tone wasn’t emboldened by rage.

“Lin Kang, I warned you not to go against me, you won’t have pleasant ending.”

Hu Lai humphed coldly at Lin Kang, not putting him in his eyes.

“Hu Lai, we came here today to train in our own means, why do you want to be so hard on a demon soul?”

The blue robed youth wanted to express his anger, but he knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Hu Lai. He could only swallow the unfairness.

“To be hard on you, so what? Either you hand over me the demon soul, or ask that blue robed girl to stay in my bedroom for a night. So how is it gonna be?”

Hu Lai’s eyes sparkled with obscene light, making no effort to hide his indecent gesture, scanning the blue robed girl’s body again with his bare eyes.


The three people behind Hu Lai laughed.


The blue robed girl was infuriated, but she still got it under control.

“Blue-robed senior sister, why not hand it over to him? His brother is a popular figure on the Earth rank that we can’t afford to provoke.”

A disciple behind the blue robed girl said.

“Little sister, if you promise to stay beside me I can guarantee your prosperity in the Nebula Sect. This is a great opportunity. You have no idea how many female disciples of the sect are interested in me.”

Hu Lai laughed lewdly. He was originally ugly and his distasteful laugh disgusted people.

“Big brother, this BIG BEARD MAN IS DISGUSTING!!!! I can’t continue to watch anymore!”

At this time, a sound erupted behind the sand dune.

“Who was that?!”

Hu Lai turned his head and clamored. There was actually someone who said he was disgusting, that person must be tired of living. Until now, there wasn’t anyone in the Nebula Sect who dared to oppose him.

Everyone looked over the source of the sound, trying to see who had such an audacious courage to insult Hu Lai. They saw a white robed youth walking over, beside him was a little girl that seemed about twelve years old. The girl looked like a doll, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, it was very adorable. She walked in confidence and in big strides. There was a big yellow dog beside her. This dog looked robust and st.u.r.dy, even stronger than a fine horse which was very rare.

“You Big Beard dared to use your lewd gaze to stare at a lady. It’s absolutely shameful and disgusting. I have vomited three times already before walking out.”

Zuo Ling Er pointed at Hu Lai, sounding domineering.

Her words literally stunned everyone on the scene, especially Hu Lai. It was like a dream, a lolita came out from nowhere and pointed at his nose, scolding him... This was an insult!

The others were worried for this girl’s bold action. Who was this girl? She was too bold to be like this. Plus, did she come to Huang Ling Desert because she had nothing else to do? Didn’t her parents tell her that this was a dangerous place to be in?

However, the blue robed girl felt satisfied with the little girl’s response, she instantly felt fond of her.

“Little girl, what did you just say?!”

Hu Lai finally reacted and became very furious.

“She said that you are disgusting, My G.o.d, you certainly look ugly, even Master Dog can’t help feeling repulsed by such a distasteful face. You are very brave in letting people see you, I admire you for that.”

Big Yellow’s mouth was excellent at insulting people. To people like Hu Lai, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to throw an insult.

“Where did this dog come from? Coming here to die?”

A disciple beside Hu Lai shouted.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually shouted in front of Master Dog? Do you believe that I will fart you to death?”

Big Yellow glanced at the disciple.

“The Nebula Sect’s disciples are here to train and take care of the demons, but you all are fighting just for a demon soul…how embarra.s.sing…”

Jiang Chen said while he stood with his arms crossed at the back. He already knew that these were all the disciples of Nebula Sect. It seemed that not only the newly-recruited disciples like them were here for the test, there were also many inner sect disciples who had come. He was speechless, these disciples were fighting for just a demon soul?

“Hey kid, do you know who you are talking to? You wanna die?!”

Another disciple beside Hu Lai said while pointing at Jiang Chen’s face.

“I hate those who point at my face!”

Jiang Chen humphed coldly.


The disciple made a few steps back and coughed out blood after screaming. Everyone was shocked, this young man’s humph actually made a Fifth Grade Combat King spit blood. This was rather too shocking. Just how powerful was this young man?