Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 608 – The Opportunity has Come

Chapter 608 – The Opportunity has Come

Chapter 608 – The Opportunity has Come


The whole crowd let out a commotion. Everybody was once again astounded. This time it was like a storm that came without notice. If Jiang Chen was lucky before because Kong Yang didn’t show his full strength, this wouldn’t be the case. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be lucky twice. Kong Yang casted his ultimate skill but it was still crushed by Jiang Chen. Also, he was injured badly than the first round. This was crystal clear to every bystanders below.

“My G.o.d, Kong Yang failed again…By the looks of it, he is absolutely not an opponent for Jiang Chen.”

“Bad, this is sad for Kong Yang. If they are fighting using their combat strengths, Jiang Chen is definitely no match for him. But, Jiang Chen cultivated a water attribute skill that suppressed Kong Yang’s Heavenly Fire Art completely. It is clear that while Kong Yang was battling with Jiang Chen, not even half of his combat strength was unleashed. This got to be frustrating for him.”

“Truly unbelievable. If Kong Yang dies under Jiang Chen’s hands, that will become the biggest joke of Yuan Yang City.”

“Let’s see, Kong Yang may have some more powerful skills and weapons that he hasn’t shown us. He possesses a King Weapon. If he uses it with his Heavenly Fire Art, he may have a chance to turn the situation over.”


At this time, the Zuo family members were more than delighted, especially those who looked down on Jiang Chen before. Those who thought that it was risky and it would put Zuo family to shame by allowing him to fight the battle. All their worries and concerns suddenly disappeared. They now considered themselves lucky that the Patriarch didn’t listen to their advice, otherwise, the Zuo family would be doomed, and thus, their advices would become their guilt.

A very positive emotion permeated all over the Zuo family members as opposed to the Kong family. Everyone of the Kong family members looked pale while grimacing. None of them had ever thought that Jiang Chen would be this powerful. He had overwhelmed a Second Grade Combat Emperor because of the suppression of attributes. That was so shocking because he was only an Eighth Grade Combat King.

“How did this happen? Patriarch won’t lose to Jiang Chen, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Patriarch’s skills are not fully unleashed yet. Although Jiang Chen’s a devil, he is only an Eighth Grade Combat King. I believe that our Patriarch can defeat him.”

The Kong family might appear confident about their Patriarch, but in truth, they were clueless about that, now that the disparity between the two cultivators above them were obvious. Jiang Chen who was dressed in white stood high up in the sky, calm and steady, he didn’t look like he came here to fight a battle. He looked more like a kid coming here to have fun. His face overflowed confidence.

Compared with Jiang Chen’s composure, Kong Yang’s was the exact opposite. His emotions had become chaotic, at this point, not only was he hurt physically, his mind was disoriented by the terrible blow. In a fight like this, mental breakdown was the most fatal part.

“How is it? I have said that you are not my opponent.”

Jiang Chen said. He knew that every word he said was going to stab into Kong Yang’s fragile heart.

“What kind of water is that? How could it be this terrifying? Any ordinary water can’t create an impact on my Heavenly Fire Art at all.”

Kong Yang wanted to rush Jiang Chen and shred him into pieces, but he still asked curiously. He really had no clue what kind of water in this world could be this powerful that it could suppress his fierce Heavenly Fire Art, making him vulnerable in front of an Eighth Grade Combat King.

“You want to know? This is my trump card, why would I tell you about it?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you thought suppressing my fiery attributes will help you win the battle? That’s too naïve, isn’t it? I don’t believe that your Water Dragon can be used continuously. Do you know casting such a powerful combat skill will consume a lot of your energy? When your energy is drained, I will kill you.”

Kong Yang humphed coldly, revealing an unfriendly smile on his face.

“Is that so? You can have a try.”

Jiang Chen almost smiled. During Kong Yang’s contemplation after the second attack, he figured a way to end Jiang Chen’s life. He was going to apply the war of attrition, betting on his consumption of Yuan Force. This had to be a joke. Perhaps, Kong Yang thought that he, as a Second Grade Combat King, have an abundance and a vigorous pool of Yuan Force than Jiang Chen, even his speed of recovery of Yuan Force is fast. On the other hand, Jiang Chen, an Eighth Grade Combat King, had attacked with his ultimate skills, which meant that he had used up vast amount of his Yuan Force. Kong Yang didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could keep up with him, planning to get rid of his opponent when his Yuan Force is depleted.

It seemed that it was according to Jiang Chen’s calculation. However, in reality, Kong Yang’s plan would work if Jiang Chen was an ordinary cultivator. The sad thing was that Jiang Chen had cultivated the Dragon Transformation Art, which had made him an abnormal. There were thirty five thousand dragon marks inside his body that could provide Jiang Chen a steady flow of unlimited energy, which couldn’t be used up. Anyone who tried to apply a war of attrition on an opponent like Jiang Chen would end in tragedy.

*Hong… Long…*

Kong Yang took the first move, his body was burning with flames while summoning the Heavenly Fire Gyro Wheel, and thrusted at Jiang Chen. This time, Kong Yang changed his combat strategy, he would fight as a guerilla, he would change his position instantly after the first attack. Hee felt that when he was in front of Jiang Chen, not only was he dominant in terms of his Yuan Force, but also his speed. He didn’t believe that a tiny Eighth Grade Combat King could match his speed.

Too bad, he was disappointed again!

*Hong… Long…*

The following battles were in a disarray. Kong Yang was constantly launching attacks at Jiang Chen. But, Jiang Chen was merely using his previous trick, Water Dragon Seal, to defend himself against Kong Yang’s continuous attack.

As for the speed, with the blessings of Spatial s.h.i.+ft and Wolf Shadow’s Nine s.h.i.+fts, Jiang Chen’s speed was never behind Kong Yang, which was terrifying.

Two people was in an intense battle for half an hour. Every fiery attack launched by Kong Yang was suppressed by Jiang Chen’s Water Dragon Seal. Besides his body getting hit by the force of suppression, his clothes were drenched with sweat. His emotions became disorientated, waves of nausea urging him to cough out blood. In just thirty minutes, a Second Grade Combat Emperor turned tired and looked like a dog. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was completely fine, brandis.h.i.+ng his Water Seal Dragon as though he didn’t have to worry about his Yuan Force level.

“Darn it! Are you an alien?”

Kong Yang couldn’t help but curse at him. At this time, his emotion was really in disarray, there wasn’t an ounce of energy for him to take care of his image anymore.

“This Jiang Chen is too scary. Kong Yang apparently wants to wear Jiang Chen out using the war of attrition, but he is the one who wore out eventually. What kind of alien is this Jiang Chen? Is his energy really unlimited that it can’t be used up forever?”

“Who would have thought of this kind of battle. If this battle continues to progress like this, I’m afraid that Kong Yang won’t be gaining any advantages.”

“He is truly a mutant. His skill was designed specifically to suppress Kong Yang’s skill. This is a bad fortune that can bring down eight generations of Kong Yang.”


The bystanders saw clearly how much the battle had progressed. Kong Yang wasn’t doing very well, he would be defeated by Jiang Chen if he continued. In the current situation, Jiang Chen was gaining the upper hand not only because of the suppression of fire, but also in the aspect of energy, speed and emotional status. Kong Yang would be undeniably defeated, unless he still had a last trump card. Otherwise, he is powerless.

“Big brother is fantastic! Big brother is awesome!”

Ling Er was riding on Big Yellow’s neck while cheering. Smiles overflowed the faces of the Zuo family members seeing that Jiang Chen was winning the battle. They weren’t concerned about whether Jiang Chen could kill Kong Yang or not, what mattered most was that the Zuo family must obtain the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p of the Nebula Sect.

Up in the sky, Kong Yang finally stopped. Exasperation overwhelmed his entire body and mind, his disorientated mind blurred him from the current situation. If he was intelligent enough, he would have admitted defeat or turned around and left, as Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to make him stay. But being the Patriarch of the Kong family, his dignity was more important than anything else, he thirsted to take Jiang Chen’s life, regaining his pride. This was what Jiang Chen expected to see, it was his planned outcome.

“This kid is really a monster that has an infinite amount of energy. I can’t continue on like this, otherwise, I will be the first to fall. It seems I have to use my ultimate skill to kill him off.”

Kong Yang’s eyes were filled with flames, not forgetting about his desire to kill Jiang Chen. His arm motioned, a three meter Fiery Sharp Spear appeared in his hand, flapping sounds were produced when the red flames wrapped the entire spear. A simple wave of the spear produced a strong Emperor Aura, trembling the spatial zone. This was a powerful weapon that Kong Yang didn’t want to show, he never thought that he would use it to fight an Eighth Grade Combat King.

“Jiang Chen, to be able to die under my Fiery Sharp Spear is your honor!”

Kong Yang clamored. The long spear whooshed as Kong Yang dashed forward.

Jiang Chen facial expression remained steady.

*Keng* The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand after the sound. The surface of the sword was wrapped with a layer of frost, lowering the temperature of the surroundings down. With Jiang Chen’s ability, he was able to completely integrate the Water Dragon Seal and Heavenly Saint Sword together to launch an attack. Even if Kong Yang was using an Emperor Weapon, he would still be suppressed by Jiang Chen.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced a loud howl and collided with Kong Yang’s Fiery Sharp Spear like a long dragon. Although the Heavenly Saint Sword was a King Weapon, it had been upgraded to the peak of King Grade Weapons, it unleashed a power that was never weaker than any ordinary Emperor weapons.


The two scary weapons crashed together, breaking the spatial zone again. Due to Heavenly Earth Pure Water’s suppression, Kong Yang was knocked back even if he had used an Emperor Weapon.

“This is my chance.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled, besieging Kong Yang using Wolf Shadows’ Nine s.h.i.+fts. He knew that Kong Yang would be dispirited after the failure of his final attack. This time would be the best chance to counter attack, he could kill Kong Yang.