Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 607 – Aggrieved Battle

Chapter 607 – Aggrieved Battle

Chapter 607 – Aggrieved Battle

Kong Yang was furious. Even though he still didn’t pay any respect to Jiang Chen, he had stopped underestimating him. Everyone could see that a flaming suit of armor had covered Kong Yang’s body, an incredibly scorching heat energy had burst out from his body, forming a sea of fire in the sky.

The member’s of the Zuo family did not look too well. Although Jiang Chen had cultivated a fiery skill, his grade differed too much from Kong Yang’s. Now, Kong Yang was going to launch an attack using the Heavenly Fire Art, and they had no idea whether Jiang Chen could withstand the attack.

*Ka* *Ka*

Kong Yang’s blazing hands were rolling continuously, a three meters size ball was formed within. The fireball carried a ma.s.sive destructive force, its scorching heat made the spatial zone crack.

“Heavenly Fire Energy!”

Kong Yang suddenly clamored. The gigantic fireball turned into a flow of light and rushed towards Jiang Chen. Besides the destructive force of the fiery energy, another scary part of it was its scorching temperature, its heat wave could make someone have difficulties in breathing in an instant.

Majority of the people witnessed this attack of Kong Yang for the first time. Since he was the strongest person of Yuan Yang City, his attack would obviously be out of the ordinary. The energy could stifle mountains and rivers, most of them held their breaths and were worrying how could Jiang Chen, who was only an Eighth Grade Combat King, be able to withstand this attack.

“Very awesome, Kong Yang. It isn’t easy to continue cultivating Heavenly Fire Art to this level. If I haven’t cultivated the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, I am no match for you since I am only an Eighth Grade Combat King. Unfortunately, the gap of power between the Fiery Python and the Heavenly Pure Water is too big, the fire attributes will be completely restrained by the water effect.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile. He didn’t seemed nervous at all while facing such an enormous fireball. He raised his arms slowly, blood-red dragon scales were surfacing on his skin, then the dragon scale started to froze with silvery white frost.

“Water Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen exclaimed. Yuan force was boiling in his body, he moved his palms forward and pushed, a silvery white dragon roared while rus.h.i.+ng out from his palm. The moment the Water Dragon fully appeared, the temperature in the sky dropped dramatically, even the spatial zone was frozen. Frost was formed on places or things where the Water Dragon pa.s.sed by. The coldness chilled everyone to the bones even though they were far away from the Water Dragon. Its emergence dispersed all the heat wave created by Kong Yang, as though it had lost all the heat to the surroundings, vanis.h.i.+ng rapidly.


The roar of the giant Water Dragon continued while opening its big fierce-looking mouth. To everyone’s surprise, the Water Dragon swallowed the entire fireball into its throat. The fireball was originally scorching hot, but after moving nearer to the Water Dragon its fire attributes were restrained, not a single force or power was unleashed from the fireball as the cold air was too strong, dooming almost every flame on earth. The Water Dragon was deadly to any flames because of its power to restrain or inhibit any fire attributes, reducing the power of the flame by half or more.


After the Water Dragon had swallowed the fireball, it was blown out and turned into cold light before disappearing into the air. The remains after that was ice-cold air that bit the bones, there wasn’t any heat left. The collision just now shook Kong Yang, it caused his body to sway slightly, and his face looked drawn and pale. This impact didn’t create a slightest harm on his body, but both of his eyes were glaring at Jiang Chen, as though he had seen a grim reaper.

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. The first spell he casted was fire, how could it suddenly turn into a frost water seal? Frost and heat, they are of different properties, not to mention they are impossible to blend together. How could he integrate both elements into his body?”

His body convulsed uncontrollably because of fear. Cultivators of fiery skills knew the fire attributes more than anyone. Even if a person possessed an exceptional body, there was no way to cultivate another element that would oppose fire. This was impractical, fire and water could not be cultivated into the same body without a clash of attributes.

Furthermore, his opponent’s frost attributes were very fierce, his Heavenly Fire Art was rendered completely useless, and not even forty percent of the fiery attack was unleashed. This had shorten the gap of grade between the two, making Kong Yang feel gloomy and aggrieved.

“G.o.d…what have I just seen? Was that a Water Dragon? The water seal has an extreme cold attribute which is terrifying, as though I have sunk into an ice cave, very cold. Kong Yan’s Heavenly Fire Art became totally vulnerable in front of the Water Dragon Seal. Did you all see that? This attack gave Jiang Chen the upper hand.”

“Unbelievable!. He just casted the Fire Dragon Seal that was of pure fire, and later a seal that was of frost attribute? How did he do that? Those two elements opposed each other. How can he possibly absorb those two elements into his body? Truly amazing…”

“This is the reason they called him ‘an evil initiating disasters.’ He is too scary. He has the ability to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor, and now he is restraining Kong Yang’s ability, making his fiery skill useless. It is not certain how this battle will end.”


Amazement flooded everyone. His attack wasn’t just amazing, but also terrifying. This battle had turned into a suspense, arousing the bystanders’ excitement. The image of Kong Yang winning the battle was wiped out from their minds. Everyone thought that Jiang Chen had an alien body which could cultivate two opposing elements, water and fire, no one was able to confirm what miracle Jiang Chen could bring.

“Haha…Excellent, I never thought that brother Jiang is this horrifying, able to combine the cultivation of water and fire together. Very awesome.”

Zuo Yi Yang looked unexpectedly delighted. The Zuo family members should be the happiest people in the Central Square.

“That attack just now was fierce. My confidence for him was never much, but now that the situation has changed. No one knows what the conclusion will be.”

“That’s right, no wonder brother Jiang was very confident before this battle. Although his combat power isn’t on par with Kong Yang, he could stop Kong Yang’s Heavenly Fire Art’s attack. That is to say, Kong Yang can only unleash half of his combat strength to fight Jiang Chen. This will certainly increase brother Jiang’s chances of winning.”

“Agree, we doubted brother Jiang’s ability before. Now it seems that was unnecessary and offensive. When he said that he could fight, that meant he really had the confidence.”


The elders of the Zuo family were all carrying smiles on their faces. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t defeated Kong Yang yet, his performance was satisfying, giving them hope again.

“Big brother you are the best!”

Zuo Ling Er was super cute, waving her hands like doing a quick boxing performance while cheering for Jiang Chen.

Up in the sky, Jiang Chen was standing opposite to Kong Yang with steady breath. His mission today was to kill Kong Yang, not defeating him. It wasn’t an easy task even if his Water Dragon Seal could limit his power. Kong Yang’s actual strength and power were way stronger than him, and he is a Second Grade Combat Emperor. Therefore, to kill Kong Yang, he shouldn’t be hasty. He had to completely induce confusion to Kong Yang’s state of mind, causing him to have a mental breakdown, and then struck. Thus, he wanted to see Kong Yang burning with frenzy and rage.

“Kong Yang, I have said that you weren’t my opponent. If you choose to die now in public, I will give you a chance. It’s still better than being defeated by me and that will bring an eternal shame to you and your family.”

Jiang Chen said emotionlessly.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

As expected, the bad-tempered Kong Yang became mad instantly after hearing his insult. Layers of heat wave rushed out of his body, creating another sea of fire. His aura now wasn’t as strong as before, the coldness left in the air weakened the flames by thirty percent.

“Jiang Chen, don’t think that restraining my fire power will allow you to defeat me. This is a ridiculous joke. I will show you the difference between our grades. Water is undeniably used to extinguish fire, but it depends on the degree of fire.”

Kong Yang was furious, his fiery red hair rippled through the wind. He then raised both of his palms, casting again the Heavenly Fire Art by pumping his maximum fiery force into it. Strange fiery seals were squeezing out of his palms continuously, gradually forming a fiery wheel.

“Heavenly Fire Gyro Wheel!”

Along with Kong Yan’s sudden shout, a Fire Dragon with a size of about one hundred twenty meters emerged with a loud crash. The Fire Wheel was like an indestructible barrier of protection, sufficient enough to pulverize anything in the world. The spatial zone fractured as the Fire Dragon pa.s.sed by, leaving visible cracks. Its destructive power shook the people’s spirit.

“Humph! All kinds of fire will be extinguished before my Heavenly Earth Pure Water.”

Jiang Chen’s face was calm. Regardless of how much fiery force was exerted, Kong Yang’s fiery attack would be extinguished. Jiang Chen’s white clothes rippled, his dragon claw reemerged, thirty five thousands of dragon marks undulated in his body, providing Jiang Chen boundless amount of energy. This time Jiang Chen summoned a total of three Water Dragons.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

The Water Dragons roared violently, each was at least a hundred meter big, as if real dragons had descended from the Heavens. Three of the Water Dragons besieged the Fire Wheel with great speed, the frosty air released from their bodies buried most of the flames. The Qi of Heavenly Fire Gyro Wheel was dropping rapidly like it had confronted an enemy who appeared to be its predator.


The three Water Dragons roared once more, their long bodies twined around the Fire Wheel.


Fire and water would oppose one another. The force of this collision was tremendous, damaging the spatial zone in the sky, making the surrounding air chaotic and unpleasant.

The Heavenly Fire Gyro Wheel was invincible, but it couldn’t win against its insulator, water. Under the attacks of the three Water Dragons, it was slowly vanis.h.i.+ng. While still retaining most of their shapes, the dragons continued to hunt for its prey, thrusting towards Kong Yang.


Kong Yang exclaimed and quickly stopped the Water Dragons with another strong attack to destroy them. He felt a serious blow sent to his body that made him step more than fourteen steps back to find his balance. His Qi became unstable. His emotions now was full of unexpressed complaints and blames. No one could feel his aggrieved feeling for the battle. He was supposed to be on the top of Jiang Chen when comparing their combat strength, but because of the insulation of fiery attributes, he was prevented to fully unleash his power. This type of battle was really frustrating.