Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 609 – Yuan Yang City Was Shaken

Chapter 609 – Yuan Yang City Was Shaken

Chapter 609 – Yuan Yang City Was Shaken

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

In the torn spatial zone, nine figures who looked the same as Jiang Chen appeared, each of them carried a long sword. They charged at Kong Yang who was at the center.


Kong Yang’s face turned ugly like those who had died under Jiang Chen’s Wolf Shadow’s Nine s.h.i.+fts. His messed-up emotion blurred him. If he was at his best state, he would have found which was the real Jiang Chen. It was a pity that his current condition wouldn’t allow him to do so. He was at his weakest, thus he was unable to detect Jiang Chen’s true form.

“My goodness! What skill is that? How many more skills did Jiang Chen hasn’t shown?”

“Is this a skill of replication? No, this should be a profound skill! I don’t know whether Kong Yang can withstand this attack.”

“Look, they launched the attack together.”


Everyone was shocked once more by Jiang Chen. He had been changing their beliefs every time, making it difficult for them to imagine how much power he actually had.

The Zuo family members should be the most stunned and also the happiest, especially Zuo Yi Yang, he felt relieved for his lucky and sensible decision.

“Kong Yang, welcome your death!”

When Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword touched Kong Yang, he yelled once more with the other eight. The rumbling sound of Nine Days Eagles’ howl sent another panic down the already confused Kong Yang’s spine.


Kong Yang cried. In his helpless condition, he could only counter attack like those poor fellows who also died under Jiang Chen’s Wolf Shadows’ Nine s.h.i.+fts. He attacked all the figures, dispersing his combat power. He had already suffered heavy injuries from their previous confrontations. Now that his combat power was dispersed and the Qi of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water suppressing the fire attribute of his Heavenly Fire Art made him a weakling.


Kong Yang’s attacks destroyed all the shadows, leaving only the true form who didn’t stop thrusting forward. The Heavenly Saint Sword carried boundless power and struck, destroying Kong Yang’s Fiery Sharp Spear at an incredible speed.

*Puff!* *Argh!*

It was too fast, there was no chance for Kong Yang to launch another counter attack after he was puzzled by the nine illusory images. However, only an arm was cut off, fresh blood was spurting intensely. This was because Kong Yang’s reaction was quick, otherwise, his entire body would’ve been slashed into half like Kong Yan.

Kong Yang was frightened, finally sensing Jiang Chen’s violence and felt the threat of death. He didn’t attempt to stay any longer, he waved his Fiery Sharp Spear to tear open the spatial zone, flas.h.i.+ng into it. As the Patriarch of the Kong family, as his last gasp of survival he finally chose to flee.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him. His current strength was too weak to run away from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s face revealed a cold smile. He struck with True Dragon Palm, enveloping Kong Yang completely and pulled him out from the spatial zone alive.


Another commotion swept over the crowd. This time, they were petrified. Kong Yang had lost, he had lost the battle completely.

“Kong Yang is finished. Now that he has fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands. He doesn’t even have the slightest strength to defend himself. It is unexpected that the dignified and also the strongest person of Yuan Yang city was defeated shamefully in battle. This Jiang Chen is truly terrifying.”

“Do you all think that Jiang Chen will kill Kong Yang?”

“I think he will, he is a merciless person that turned the whole Liang Province into chaos. A person no one can afford to offend. Also, the conflicts between them will be left unsettled if Kong Yang is released. It will also leave a root for disaster in the future. Although one of his arm is chopped off, he is still a Combat Emperor.”


Sounds of arguments flooded the air, today’s battle had excited and amazed them. The conclusion of the battle was out of their expectations.

Most of them guessed that Jiang Chen would kill Kong Yang because he didn’t fear the Kong family taking revenge on him. Would it concern him if he could even kill the Patriarch of the family, Kong Yang?

Once Kong Yang was dead, it meant the end of the Kong family. Then, the Zuo family would eliminate them all even before Jiang Chen could move a finger on them.

“Jiang Chen, I admit defeat! Please don’t kill me.”

Kong Yang begged for mercy. Before death, anything including his fame, pride, and dignity were useless, only his life was the most important.

“I didn’t permit you to admit defeat.”

Cold lights glittered from his eyes. He never intended to let Kong Yang live from the very beginning. Now that his enemy had fallen into his grips, there was only one way for him, death.

“Presumptuous! You dare to kill our Patriarch?”

A Combat Emperor of Kong family clamored, his voice rose up to the sky. The other high ranking members of their family had the same expression, it seemed that they were preparing to fight Jiang Chen.

“Humph! You think the Zuo family is not here?”

Zuo Yi Yang made a cold humph. He wasn’t an idiot. Today, Jiang Chen had provided them an advantage and they would use it against the Kong family.

All the members of the Zuo family flew forward together, blocking the advance of the Kong family.

“Listen up, capture every member of the Kong family, and kill those who resist!”

Zuo Yi Yang’s command decided the Kong family’s fate. There was only one First Grade Combat Emperor left in Kong family and that wouldn’t help them to defend themselves against their family.

Zuo Yi Yang was a Second Grade Combat Emperor, he alone could wipe the entire Kong family out.


Before the Zuo family launched their attacks, a shrill cry resounded above the sky. Jiang Chen’s strike was brutal and merciless, chopping off Kong Yang’s head with a slash. The Kong family’s Patriarch, the famous and strongest person of Yuan Yang City just died on the battle platform of the Central Square. Kong Yang would never have dreamt of dying under the hands of an Eighth Grade Combat King and hence, ending the prosperity and survival of the Kong family.


Kong Yang was dead. The members of the Zuo family unleashed their powerful Qi. Zuo Yi Yang was in the lead amongst them, surrounding and pus.h.i.+ng all Kong family members to the center.

Each of the member of the Kong family looked drawn. How could they ever fight back? Even the First Grade Combat Emperor had given up defending himself. They were very clear that resistance would only lead to death. Kong Yang’s death caused the Kong family’s power to fade away, it’s impossible to regain their social status again.

“Capture every one of them. Sixth Elder, you immediately bring people to invade the Kong family. From today onwards, there is only our family in Yuan Yang City. There’s no more Kong family.”

Zuo Yi Yang’s voice made the surrounding tremble, sentencing the entire Zuo family members to death.

The battle was over. It was the biggest shock in Yuan Yang City’ history. The Kong family fell and Kong Yang had died in the final battle. All the high ranked member of their family were sealed by a talisman of the Zuo family, the rest of them were forced out of the city. From now on, the Kong family is gone and only the Zuo family’s power stood.


“Ah, who would have thought that this will be the ending? Kong Yang’s action led him to his death. He was the one who initiated the battle. If he did not send the letter of battle to the Zuo family it wouldn’t end up like this.”

“The crucial element here is Jiang Chen, he is too scary. A mere Eighth Grade Combat King could kill Kong Yang who was at the peak of Second Grade Combat Emperor. I won’t believe it if it wasn’t my own eyes that saw it.”

“In my opinion, the blame is on the whole Kong family themselves. Their greed to obtain the two spots of disciples.h.i.+p for the Nebula Sect brought this to them. They set an ambush in Ran Feng monastery, planning to kill the little genius of the Zuo family. Though they successfully destroyed the monastery, they were not able to kill Zuo Ling Er due to Jiang Chen’s help.”

“The Zuo family indeed has a good fortune to be able to befriend a rare genius like Jiang Chen, it is a good blessing.”


The whole Yuan Yang City was shaken by the news. Everyone was busy in their discussions. One of the strongest family had collapsed. Zuo Yi Yang was resolute to eliminate their enemy the moment Jiang Chen killed Kong Yang. He was the first to sentence them, not giving his enemy even a bit of chance to react. Especially those high ranked Combat Kings, capturing them before any of them had the chance to escape.

The Zuo family’s palace was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. Their celebration party for conquering the entire Yuan Yang City and Zuo Ling Er’s entry to the Nebula Sect continued without stopping. In the meeting hall, Jiang Chen and Tyrant were treated as distinguished guests, sitting on the same line of seats as Zuo Yi Yang. Even the two elders who were both Combat Emperors were below them.

This was the first time the Zuo family had this kind of sitting positions. However, there wasn’t anyone who felt awkward or dissatisfied about it. In their eyes, Jiang Chen’s power was enough to qualify him to be on the seat atop.

Every member looked at Jiang Chen in awe. They were very clear that he was the game-changer. If it wasn’t for his partic.i.p.ation in battle, killing Kong Yan would remain an absurd idea to them and the members of their family wouldn’t stand a chance to defeat him. Perhaps the fate of the Kong family would have happened to their Family.

For the Zuo family, this kind of deed was impossible to repay. To Jiang Chen, he had helped Zuo family, but in truth he just helped himself. The reason he left the Liang Province and came to the Central Point of the Mysterious Domain was to enter the Nebula Sect. It was where the fourth fragment of Heavenly Saint Sword could be found. Jiang Chen wouldn’t do nothing about it as it was his lost item, he must get it back using all his wits.

It would be extremely hard for him to enter the Nebula Sect alone. Luckily, there were two spots of disciples.h.i.+p for the sect that was granted in this city, solving his problems.

Zuo Yi Yang took out his Spatial Ring and brought it to Jiang Chen, “Our family had been greatly indebted to brother Jiang. These are the things we expropriated from the palace of the Kong family, you have to keep it.”

Jiang Chen glanced at it, then chanted a holy spell to visualize what was inside the Spatial Ring. He saw a mountain-like acc.u.mulation of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills, Heavenly Earth Pure Spirits and many kinds of rare potions and pills that were as expensive as a city. There was at least ten million Heaven Rank Restoration Pills. Jiang Chen chuckled, he had never thought of this accidental blessings. Millions of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills were never enough to him, but the more the better.