Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 606 – Fighting Kong Yang

Chapter 606 – Fighting Kong Yang

Chapter 606 – Fighting Kong Yang

It was beyond anyone’s imaginations. n.o.body had thought that the dignified Zuo family would seek help from an outsider to represent them in battle. However, it wasn’t inexcusable for the Zuo family to do that. They couldn’t find anyone else that could fight Kong Yang, letting Zuo Yi Yang battle would only result in failure, he would just end up losing the disciples.h.i.+p to the Kong family. The best solution given this scenario was to get someone else’s help, someone who wasn’t a member of the Zuo family. Since the letter of battle didn’t specifically state that only the members of the Zuo family had to fight the battle, they could seek for Jiang Chen’s help in this life and death battle.

Seeking help was good, but why would the Zuo family seek for an Eighth Grade Combat King to fight the battle? Wasn’t this bringing extreme disgrace for the Zuo family?

On the battle platform, Kong Yang’s attention was focused on Jiang Chen, his eyes were about to spurt out fire, and said emotionlessly:

“You are Jiang Chen?”

“I am.”

Jiang Chen said it in a monotonous tone. He knew Kong Yang thirsted to kill him, but Kong Yang was fated to be disappointed.

“It seems that you don’t know how to write the word die. After killing Kong Yan, you didn’t choose to run away from this place, but appear in front of me right now, to fight me on behalf of the Zuo family. I wonder if you are an idiot or excessively confident. But, your presence today has saved me a lot of time in searching for you. Now, I will give you a chance. Commit suicide in front of me.”

Kong Yang sounded gloomy, as if Jiang Chen didn’t deserve his respect at all. Given his ident.i.ty and grade, he wouldn’t put an Eighth Grade Combat King in his eyes, he was confident that he could pinch Jiang Chen to death with only one hand.

“Why don’t you commit suicide instead? This will save us both our time. Since you are definitely no match for me.”

Jiang Chen said gently. After he finished his sentence, many people started to hurl all kinds of insults. They had never seen such an arrogant guy before, his arrogance was to the extreme, daring to say that in public. Perhaps only Jiang Chen could do that.

“Haha… Good, a wild young man who doesn’t understand the vastness of heaven and earth. Today I will let you know the consequences of being very arrogant.”

Kong Yang burst into a hearty laughter. He found Jiang Chen’s response very amusing. He swore that he wouldn’t allow Jiang Chen to die easily, he had to torture him intensely, making him wish he was dead.

“Zuo Yi Yang, I never realized that you have lost so many of your brain cells, finding a person who is as foolish as you to join the battle. In this case, I will behead this frantic kid openly, then our Kong family will get the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect. This kid has killed Kong Yan, killing him now will settle Kong Yan’s revenge and save my time seeking him.”

Kong Yang’s fiery red hair were rippling like a sea of fire along with the wind. His Qi level was bursting, totally locking on Jiang Chen, not giving him even a chance of survival.

“Come on big brother, beat him to death!”

Little Ling Er was waving her fists while cheering for Jiang Chen. Her words ‘beat him to death’ made those who heard it dumbfounded. They were both really young and frivolous, one was just as worse than the other. Their enemy wasn’t a n.o.body but Kong Yang, how could she say ‘beat him to death’?


Kong Yang didn’t want to waste any more time. His body flew high up into the sky, followed by Jiang Chen. At their level, they had to be off the ground to battle, as their destructive force would cause an enormous damage to the Central Square.

“Jiang Chen, I heard that you can initiate disasters even when you are just in the Combat King realm, turning Liang Province into chaos. You did play a critical role for all the incidents in Liang Province. Now, I will allow you attack me three times first before I start. I really want to see what kind of ability a man has that could cause disasters..”

Kong Yang’s face was full of conceit.

“Letting me attack three times? Then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook, dragon scales were forming on his palm. Without saying anything, he struck with his Fire Dragon Seal.


The sounds of dragons shook the heaven and earth, a fire dragon that was about 120 meters long was summoned by Jiang Chen. The giant fire dragon circled the sky, filling it with a sea of fire, the red and yellow flames scorched the spatial zone. It was like a fire dragon had just been reborn, charging towards Kong Yang and las.h.i.+ng him.

“A very brutal Fire Dragon Seal. This Jiang Chen is really special, he deserved to be called a genius. His fiery attack seems purer than Kong Yang’s. The flames of this fire dragon is like the fire of the sun, it is much scarier than Kong Yang’s Fiery Violent Python Beast.”

Zuo Yi Yang’s expression changed. He had detected Jiang Chen’s powerful Fire Dragon Seal and that increased his confidence for Jiang Chen.

“A very strong attack. No one would’ve thought that his fiery attack is purer than Kong Yang’s, but too bad that his grade is too low.”

“Although this Jiang Chen is only an Eighth Grade Combat King, he is not a person who can easily be dealt with. If Kong Yang really wants Jiang Chen to strike thrice first, he is getting himself into trouble.”

“It is true as the rumors said. He really is a scary little devil. Maybe, the result of today’s final battle will change.”


The crowd had started to become occupied with arguments again. As the saying went ‘the so-called experts can only prove themselves after they have shown all of their skills.’ Before Jiang Chen struck, everyone thought of him as a weak enemy that could be killed by just a pinch of Kong Yang, but his attack shocked them all. His attack was very powerful, it could kill a First Grade Combat Emperor instantly. He, who could turn Liang Province upside down, really had his own ways of killing.

The most astonished person was Kong Yang. His pupil became bigger and bigger as the fire dragon approached. His major attributes were Heavenly Fire Art, his sensitivity to fire was greater than anybody. He was amazed not only by the enormous attack of the fire dragon, but also the flames that the fire dragon was spewing.

“A blazing flame, as hot as the sun, as if it originated from the earth itself. I have no idea how many times this flame is greater than my Fiery Violent Python Beast. This is a blessing in disguise, although it seems that I can’t easily kill him, I have to obtain his flame. If I can integrate such a pure flame into my Heavenly Fire Art, I will gain an enormous benefits. It will allow me to instantly break through to the Third Grade Combat Emperor, and I even have the chance to reached Fourth Grade Combat Emperor. At the time, eliminating the entire Zuo family will only be as effortless as blowing dust away.”

Kong Yang’s eyes glittered with greed. The flames were too important for him, it made him feel envious.

In the blink of an eye, the fire dragon was exactly before him. Kong Yang quickly pulled himself out from his thoughts. Now, he could already feel the frightening attack of the fire dragon. Even with his current strength, he didn’t dare to make a slightest mistake. He struck with his palm, with a ball of fire, and collided directly with the fire dragon.


It shook the spatial zone, shredding it into transparent pieces. The vibration was as great as thunder. With Kong Yang’s grade, he was able to stop Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon Seal by a simple palm attack, this was the difference between their grades.

“Shameless. He promised to let Jiang Chen struck him three times. A lie. If he can’t afford to, then don’t say it out. He is really shameful for a dignified Patriarch.”

Big Yellow growled below them. His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Haha. This is shameful, very shameful for him.”

Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow did have a lot in common, they wouldn’t miss a chance to criticize their opponent sarcastically.

Almost everyone thought that Kong Yang was going to receive Jiang Chen’s three attacks like what he had promised. But in just the first attack he already defended himself. Being the conqueror of Yuan Yang City, but not keeping his words would only let people sneer at him.

“Patriarch Kong, did you hear that? If you can’t afford to withstand my three attacks then don’t promise it. This is making a fool out of yourself and the members of your Kong family.”

Jiang Chen’s face looked relax and calm.

Kong Yang’s facial expression turned ugly. He grimaced at the comments and was speechless for a moment. This was really bringing disgrace to himself and his family given his status in Yuan Yang City. But, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be this powerful. The Fire Dragon Seal was enough to eliminate a First Grade Combat Emperor. If he didn’t defend it using his palm, he would be injured seriously if the attack landed on him directly.

“Humph! I will take you down first before talking!”

Kong Yang humph coldly. He initiated to attack Jiang Chen now. He did not care for his reputation temporarily. The flames would win him back all the fame, thus, he must get Jiang Chen’s flames.