Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 605 – The Half Broken Jar Has Broken Completely?

Chapter 605 – The Half Broken Jar Has Broken Completely?

The Half Broken Jar Has Broken Completely?

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Yuan Yang City was bustling with noise and excitement. People were forming circles of their own to gossip about the battle. Kong Yang was recognized as the strongest or the first conqueror in Yuan Yang City. Even though Zuo Yi Yang was a Second Grade Combat Emperor and the Patriarch of Zuo family, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Kong Yang. Therefore, majority of the people agreed that the Zuo family wouldn’t accept the battle, because once they failed, they would lose the disciples.h.i.+p spots for the Nebula Sect.

A moment later, while everyone was agreeing that this was the end of the Zuo family, a news from the Zuo family was heard. It said that the Zuo family had decided to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, on the life and death battle platform in the Central Square of Yuan Yang City. Someone in the Zuo family was going to confront Kong Yang.

“The Zuo family accepted the challenge, could it be that Zuo Yi Yang is confident in defeating Kong Yang?”

“Zuo Yi Yang have no other ways to avoid the battle. Now, everyone knows about the letter of battle between the two families, the Zuo family’s refusal in partic.i.p.ating the battle will bring them endless shame, becoming an object of ridicule of everyone in Yuan Yang City. At that time, Kong Yang will take advantage of the situation and declare war on Zuo family, causing more than half of the minor powers in the city to join the Kong family, which will bring an end to the Zuo family.

“You aren’t wrong. The reason they are fighting might be due to the Zuo family’s status or the family members’ life and death, or the disciples.h.i.+p of the Nebula Sect. Regardless of which reason, Zuo Yi Yang had no choice but to face the battle. Despite the fact that he isn’t Kong Yang’s opponent, he won’t easily be killed by Kong Yang as he is still a Second Grade Combat Emperor.”

“The battle has been confirmed, it will be very exciting to watch. We can’t miss this great battle between two Combat Emperors three days later in the Central Square, it will be wonderful.”

“That’s obvious! I heard that Kong Yang’s Heavenly Fire Art has reached perfection, plus he had obtained the origin of fire of the Red Fiery Python Beast, his cultivation after that will further enhance his fiery skill. I would like to see that in person. Seeing the battle of these two masters is really benefitting us.”


A new wave of arguments and discussion rose, stealing away all the peace in Yuan Yang City. One could imagine that Yuan Yang City wouldn’t obtain its serenity until the great battle had ended three days later.

Kong family!

“Good, as I have expected. Zuo Yi Yang have to fight the battle. When I successfully defeat him, and obtain the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p, the Kong family will grow at its fastest pace. In less than a few years, we will eliminate the Zuo family entirely. And…is that Jiang Chen still at the Zuo family?”

Kong Yang looked proud of himself and excited without forgetting his revenge on Jiang Chen.

“He hasn’t come out since he has been to the Zuo family from the monastery.”

Someone answered.

“Very good, observe his movements closely. I must avenge Kong Yan on Jiang Chen. Humph! That amateur kid actually came to Yu Province to kill our people…The consequences for his deeds will be shredding him into pieces.”

Tongues of flames were flickering from Kong Yang’s body. He was very determined to seek revenge on Jiang Chen.

Three days flew by in a flash, the level of excitement in Yuan Yang City never decreased. The most antic.i.p.ated day has finally arrived. Early in the morning, huge crowds of people started to gather at Central Square, there were many of them who didn’t sleep the other night, waiting at the battle scene to ensure a comfortable place to enjoy the battle later.

It was a wide city, the Central Square was just located right in the middle of the city. It has a ten miles radius wide, there were more than ten platforms standing at the center of the Central Square. Marks and imprints were left after each battles on the surface of the platforms. Any party who had a conflict against the other party would resolve it in this place. This place held the glory of Yuan Yang City, every mark left on the platform was the record of the history of the city.

All of a sudden, a powerful wave moved in the sky. Slowly, it became a blurry tyrannical silhouettes that landed gracefully in the middle of the Central Square. The leader among them was a red haired middle-aged man. He was like a fire G.o.d that had descended from the heavens, his gestures were accompanied with a formidable aura, stirring up the sense of idolization amongst the bystanders.

“Look, the Kong family has arrived. That man is Kong Yang, his Qi is very powerful. The aura that emanated out from his body is the light of fire, it is blazing. It seems that he has cultivated his fiery skill to the perfection stage.”

“Too powerful, Kong Yang has reached the peak of Second Grade Combat Emperor, which is only one step away from the Third Grade Combat Emperor. Truly amazing, I wonder how Zuo Yi Yang will fight him.”

“After today’s battle, their difference in power will reveal itself. In less than a few years, Yuan Yang City will be dominated by only one family.”


Kong Yang became everyone’s hot topic instantly, all the bystanders were looking at him full of admiration.

The bystanders automatically move aside leaving a line on the sidewalk. The members of the Kong family walked through them, their faces were filled with arrogance. As the conquerors of Yuan Yang City, they were eligible for doing so, it reminded people that they were the people you don’t want to mess with or you can’t afford to mess with.

The Kong family members followed Kong Yang and reached the place nearest to a battle platform, and waited for the Zuo family to arrive. However, there was no one to be seen even after more than ten minutes.

“What happened? Why hasn’t the Zuo family arrived? Could it be that they are afraid to come?”

“This shouldn’t happen, the Zuo family is also a conqueror of Yuan Yang City. If they aren’t present today, it will bring infinite disgrace to the family, making it difficult to keep its status in the city.”

“Wait and see, since every person in Yuan Yang City has gathered here to watch the amazing battle, they will be asking for trouble if they choose not to come.”


Many bystanders slowly became impatient for the Zuo family’s arrival. They had lost a part of their good impression on the Zuo family. They sensed that the Zuo family’s absence until now was because of their fear to face the battle. Unlike the Kong family, who had arrived long ago with a formidable Qi, indicating their confidence for the battle.

At this very moment, a wave of stable Qi not weaker than the Kong family came from afar. Without a doubt, it was the members of the Zuo family. The bystanders heaved a sigh of relief after confirming their movement. The Zuo family arrived at last, their presence here weren’t in vain.

There were two people leading the team, a middle-aged man and a young man in white. The middle-aged man was Zuo Yi Yang, everyone could recognize him. As for the young man who was dressed in white, no one had seen him before, they couldn’t recall that the Zuo family ever had such genius, a genius that could stand together with Patriarch Zuo. This was enough to show that the young man’s ident.i.ty wasn’t simple.

The Zuo family’s group weren’t weaker than the Kong family. Both families had brought at least forty members with them, including the high ranking members. This was a battle that involved life and death and the benefits of both families, all of them were very concerned about this battle.

The Zuo family stood in the opposite direction of the Kong family.

“Zuo Yi Yang, I thought you are afraid to come.”

Kong Yang smirked as he saw his old enemy.

“The Kong family is unlawful and shameless, sending a group of a.s.sa.s.sins to destroy my monastery secretly, and attempted to murder my daughter. You have no shame at all, this is a good time to clear off the debts.”

Zuo Yi Yang shouted. He wouldn’t allow his family’s morale to be lower than the Kong family even if he couldn’t defeat Kong Yang.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, Kong Yan was killed by your family, making us lose a powerful Combat Emperor. If you are counting debts, the Kong family should be the one who will claim it first. Zuo Yi Yang, since you have accepted the battle, there is nothing else better to say. Come to the battle platform, we will decide the winner and loser in this battle. The winner will obtain the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect.”

Kong Yang finished his sentence and leaped high over the platform and landed on it nicely, looking downwards while emanating a domineering aura from his body and intimidating people’s feeling.

“Zuo Yi Yang, come up right now, don’t waste any time. We have so much people watching this battle. If you are afraid, you can admit defeat now and pa.s.s over the disciples.h.i.+p.”

Kong Yang clamored.

“Kong Yang, don’t be overly confident. Our Zuo family will never let go of the disciples.h.i.+p. The Zuo family has promised to fight you, but it isn’t me who will fight, it will another man.”

Zuo Yi Yang smiled.


Everyone on the scene, including Kong, Yang exclaimed and were astonished, they couldn’t imagine these words to come out from Zuo Yi Yang’s mouth.

“What is going on? Is there someone in Zuo family who is better than Zuo Yi Yang?”

“Yeah, what’s the Zuo family trying to do? Zuo Yi Yang himself is not fighting the battle. Even if he fought himself, he won’t be able to defeat Kong Yang. Don’t even think about other people who can.”

Everyone was looking at the member’s of the Zuo family, trying to find the one who could match with Kong Yang’s standard, but they were disappointed to find that there is no one there that could fight Kong Yang.

“Zuo Yi Yang, are you kidding me? Does your Zuo family have someone who can fight against me?”

Kong Yang smirked coldly.

“I didn’t say that it is a member of my Zuo family who will fight this battle. I have invited Jiang Chen to fight this battle for my Zuo family.”

Zuo Yi Yang answered loudly. As soon as his voice dropped, Jiang Chen took one leap high enough to reach the platform, standing in the opposite direction of Kong Yang.

“What? Is this a joke? The dignified Zuo family asked for an outsider to fight the battle for them, this is a true disgrace!”

“So he is Jiang Chen. I heard that this man is a rare genius, who can create disaster. Although he is an Eighth Grade Combat King, he had taken Kong Yan’s life. His power is inestimable, but I don’t think he is powerful enough to fight Kong Yang.”

“The Zuo family have invited an Eighth Grade Combat King to confront Kong Yang, this is ridiculous. Isn’t this scenario like ‘A half broken jar fell and broke completely?’ Jiang Chen is undeniably powerful, but he isn’t fit to be the opponent of Kong Yang. He can kill a First Grade Combat Emperor like Kong Yan, but Kong Yan and Kong Yang are entirely different people in terms of their power, skills and grade. It isn’t comparable at all.”

“Hey, it looks like the Zuo family is abandoning the battle, by sending an outsider who doesn’t even have a slightest chance of winning. Jiang Chen is the killer of Kong Yan, but he will definitely die when battling with Kong Yang. Kong Yang will shred him into pieces. I don’t get it why he chose to fight this battle, is he not afraid of death? Or he thinks that he has ways of dealing with Kong Yang?”


The sudden change of expectation created another wave of noise. Who could have thought of this sudden change? Now everyone focused their attention on Jiang Chen.