Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 604 – The Conditions of the Battle

Chapter 604 – The Conditions of the Battle

The Conditions of the Battle

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“What? He wants us to ask him to fight the battle personally? Isn’t he too presumptuous?”

Some of them were very dissatisfied. Letting an outsider to fight their battle was already a shameful act, now they had to go and ask for the outsider personally, which was virtually lowering their standards in the Yuan Yang City.

“Fine. We are seeking for his help anyway.”

Zuo Yi Yang stood up from his seat, followed by the two Combat Emperors, they walked out of the main hall. They didn’t feel unhappy because they had to go and ask for Jiang Chen’s help personally. They felt the exact opposite. The prouder Jiang Chen was, the happier they were, because that showed Jiang Chen was really confident on defeating Kong Yang. Jiang Chen wouldn’t act high and mighty if he wasn’t.

All geniuses were proud, plus Jiang Chen was not an ordinary genius. The Zuo family had offended him, so they had to go there and ask him personally for his help as they couldn’t get a suitable candidate to deal with Kong Yang. They had to take this chance, putting all of their hopes on Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

Despite the fact that some of the elders were dissatisfied with the request, they still followed to the compound where Jiang Chen stayed at. Three Combat Emperors had already made their way to Jiang Chen, there wasn’t any better reason for their refusal anymore.

Meanwhile, in the compound, Jiang Chen and two of his friends were enjoying their drink heartily, their faces look comfortable and happy.

“Little Chen, do you think they will come and ask for your help personally?”

Tyrant asked.

“Do you think they have any other choice other than asking for my help?”

Jiang Chen grinned. There is always a look of confidence on his face, always getting every element of the situation under his control, as though there was nothing that he couldn’t solve in front of him. He was a man of great charm that could impress and attract people.

“Don’t worry, Zuo Yi Yan isn’t a fool. Even if he is not confident that Jiang Chen could defeat Kong Yang, he has to give it atleast a try. It is because there is really no one else besides Jiang Chen that can face that fiery monster.”

Big Yellow was carrying the pot of rice wine on his chest while drinking it, and talked.

“Big Brother!”

As soon as Big Yellow’s voice faded, a little girl’s voice resounded from outside the compound. The little girl was fast, approaching them in an instant. Her pleasant facial expression was enough to tell them that the members of the Zuo family were coming over to ask for Jiang Chen’s help personally.

Very soon, her arrival was followed by a group of people. The first three leading the group were all Combat Emperors. They had all come to show their sincerity.

“Brother Jiang. The Zuo family have been rude to you. Please forgive us.”

Zuo Yi Yang looked at Jiang Chen from a distance and held up both of his fists, feeling ashamed.

“Patriarch Zuo is overly concerned. Why would I mind about that? It was the matter of Zuo family, I, as an outsider shouldn’t take part in the meeting.”

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone. Tyrant and Big Yellow didn’t know why seeing Jiang Chen’s face now was even as shameless than theirs. This dude had his ulterior motive for his action, but he was able to control it so well, hiding it in front of everyone.

“Brother Jiang, I imagine you are already informed about the crisis that our Zuo family is in right now. I will stop beating around the bush and tell you that we hoped that brother Jiang will represent our Zuo family to fight the battle. It doesn’t matter how the battle ends, we will reward you for whatever you did.”

Zuo Yi Yang went straight to the point. He knew that Jiang Chen was a smart person, speaking the points directly was the best way to get the message across.

“I am merely an Eighth Grade Combat King, although I am able to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor, facing such a strong compet.i.tor like Kong Yang, I don’t have much a.s.surance.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, pretending to be in a difficult situation. Tyrant and Big Yellow were starting to hate his stupid act, it was too shameless. It gave them the urge to charge at him and mark his face with their seven-foot sized footprint.

“Big brother, if you don’t fight the battle, then my daddy has to fight the battle. If my daddy lost to Kong Yang, the status of our Zuo family in Yuan Yang City will drop, plus the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p would be stolen away by them. When the time comes that the Kong family has grown to a powerful level because of the advances in grades of their younger generations in Nebula Sect, our Zuo family would be finished. Big brother...”

Zuo Ling Er was pulling Jiang Chen’s arm, swaying, trying to convince him by acting like a spoiled child asking for her daddy to buy her an ice-cream.

“I know that Brother Jiang must have ways to defeat Kong Yang. As long as brother Jiang volunteer to fight the battle, I will promise you anything.”

Zuo Yi Yang said. He could only wager now, putting all his stakes on Jiang Chen.

“Okay, little sister, don’t sway me anymore, you are going to shake my arm apart.”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and stood up.

“Big brother you have promised us.”

Zuo Ling Er bounced as high as she could from the ground.

“Patriarch Zuo, I can fight for the Zuo family and a.s.sure you that I can defeat Kong Yang. I have never told a lie. Kong Yang is powerful, but fighting me is his bad luck. After I have killed him, Yuan Yang City will be under your Zuo family’s domination.”

Jiang Chen said it thoughtfully.

“What? You can kill Kong Yang?”

The elders of the Zuo family exclaimed in unison, as if they had seen a ghost. Zuo Yi Yang was also stunned. Hoping Jiang Chen to at least defeat Kong Yang was already their ultimate hope, no one expected that Jiang Chen would say that he could kill Kong Yang.

“Say nothing about killing Kong Yang, if you are able to defeat him, it is good enough and, we, the Zuo family will be indebted to you.”

Zuo Yi Yang quickly held both his fists after speaking. In truth, he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could kill Kong Yang, but he was confident that Jiang Chen wasn’t a liar, he should have some kind of ways to defeat Kong Yang.

“But there is a condition.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Please say brother Jiang.”

Zuo Yi Yang asked, now that they were facing a crisis that controlled their lives and death, he would promise it even it was a big condition.

“After I kill Kong Yang, I want a spot for the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect.”

Jiang Chen said. This had been his intention in coming to Yuan Yang City. In his battle against Kong Yang, he would utilize all his strength to kill him although it wouldn’t be easy. Plus he had murdered Kong Yan, Kong Yang had to be resenting him very much. So he thought if that was the case, he had to dig up the roots of the weeds, not leaving in a bit of it to survival This had always been his method.

Zuo Yi Yang was petrified, along with the others. It was not under their expectations that Jiang Chen would make such a request. This condition wouldn’t do their Zuo family any harm. Firstly, if Jiang Chen failed to defeat Kong Yang, their Zuo family wouldn’t even get a spot. Secondly, if Jiang Chen successfully defeated Kong Yang, their Zuo family would be able to keep their foothold in Yuan Yang City and the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect. They would still have a spot after giving Jiang Chen one.

The Zuo family’s only hope was on Zuo Ling Er, so getting her in the Nebula Sect was very crucial. Whatever disciples.h.i.+p spot that was left wouldn’t make a lot of difference, so they were willing to give it to Jiang Chen. And, if Jiang Chen and Zuo Ling Er entered the Nebula Sect together, Jiang Chen, as her big brother, would take care of her, who was only twelve years old and still a kid and that was of a great concern for her daddy.

These facts were clear to not only Zuo Yi Yang, but to every member of the Zuo family. The benefits of Jiang Chen entering the Nebula Sect were never less.

“Alright, if brother Jiang can kill Kong Yang, the extra spot will be yours. Having you and my daughter enter the Nebula Sect together will put my mind at ease.”

Zuo Yi Yang accepted his condition.

“Wow, this is fantastic, I want to go to Nebula Sect with big brother.”

Ling Er bounced repeatedly and happily, as if Jiang Chen had already defeated Kong Yang.

“Brother Jiang, the battle will commence after three days. If brother Jiang needs preparation please say it, we will try our best to provide you any support.”

Zuo Yi Yang said.

“No preparation and support are needed, I will fight the battle after three days.”

Jiang Chen responded without hesitation. He didn’t have even an ounce of fear in fighting Kong Yang. If his opponent was Zuo Yi Yang, it would be the opposite. He wouldn’t stand a chance as he was only an Eighth Grade Combat King. Kong Yang was much easier to confront because his Water Dragon Seal could completely confine the fiery skills of Kong Yang, making him vulnerable and weak. The strong attribute of the Heavenly Earth Pure Water was deadly to any fiery enemy.

“In that case you can rest here during the three days, I will give orders that no one is allowed to come and disturb you.”

Zuo Yi Yang said before leading the Zuo family members out of the compound. The only Zuo family member left was Zuo Ling Er. She had become a plaster of a dog, impossible to get rid of without tearing it apart. It seemed that Zuo Ling Er and Big Yellow had a lot in common, she was completely involved in the fun she was having with Big Yellow.

“Big Yellow, I heard that your head is as hard as steel. I would like to try a punch using my knuckle.”

Ling Er stood before Big Yellow, taking what she said seriously while rubbing her knuckles and fingers like she was preparing for it.

“Little girl, how can you be this impolite to your elder? You should call me ‘Uncle Big Yellow.’”

Big Yellow said. As soon as his voice faded, Jiang Chen’s leg stamped on his face.

“You dare to joke around with manners? Eat my leg sandwich!”

Jiang Chen said it bluntly. Zuo Ling Er had called Jiang Chen big brother, now Big Yellow wanted her to call him ‘uncle’, wasn’t he trying to utilize Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with her to get the t.i.tle of ‘uncle’?

“Hey, hey…calling me brother is good enough.”

Big Yellow smiled and grimaced at the mild pain.


A while later, Big Yellow was using his dog head to continuously collide with Ling Er’s fists. One dog and a girl continued to test their strengths on each other in the middle of the compound, it was hard to tell who was better.

“Little Chen, this little girl is only twelve years old, but her fists’ strength is as strong as the weight of a big hill. Can you determine what’s the mystery hidden in her body?”

Tyrant said while looking startled. He knew that not many could collide with Big Yellow’s steel head. Apparently, Zuo Ling Er was a different kind.

“Her whole body consisted of an infinite amount of brute force. If my guess is not wrong, the blood that is flowing in her body is blood of the Ancient Barbarian Tribe. It has a very terrifying power, the person whose blood that belongs to this group will get stronger and stronger during advancement.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. He had seen how Zuo Ling Er had killed a Ninth Grade Combat King with only a punch, from there he had found out her extraordinary physique attributes. She was merely a twelve year-old kid, her future was inestimable.

Of course, talking about talent, Jiang Chen was the rarest amongst them. He possessed the power of monstrous talent. He was only nineteen and was merely sixteen when he was reborn. In other words, he only used three years of time to reach Eighth Grade Combat King today from the basic Qi. His history of advancement would certainly frighten the whole world.