Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 603 – Asking Him Personally

Chapter 603 – Asking Him Personally

Asking Him Personally

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Anger permeated the air all over the main hall. Kong Yang was determined to eliminate the Zuo family.

“Furthermore, the content of the letter has been spread all over Yuan Yang City. If we refuse to battle, our reputation will suffer, and our Zuo family will become a laughingstock. This old man is really good at planning. He has spent a lot of effort just to gain the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p.”

Zuo Yi Yan’s eyebrows furrowed. Either of the options would bring disadvantages to them. If they chose the first option, they would lose the battle, there is only a twenty percent chance of success and this would give the Kong family two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect, which would allow his younger generations to advance their grades and powers drastically within a few years, and at the time, the Zuo family would no longer be able to defend their territory. The second option which is not partic.i.p.ating in the battle, not only would it cause everyone to look down and mocked them. Zuo Yi Yang wouldn’t want to take the Zuo family’s lives for granted, he couldn’t bear the burden.

For a moment, the atmosphere of the main hall had fallen again into silence. They were not idiots, they knew very clearly their strengths, even if they were not the head of the family. The Zuo family had to accept this battle, even if it meant losing the two spots disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect, which would be very unfavorable for them in the upcoming few years, but it would still be better than having a war with the Kong family. The news of this battle had been spread to almost everyone in Yuan Yang City,. Should the war be declared, many of them would stand on the Kong family’s side, they would be placed in a very disadvantageous position, and this was what the members of Zuo family didn’t hope to realize.

“Is that Kong Yang really good? What’s so special about him?”

A voice that broke the silence came from somewhere in the main hall. It wasn’t anyone from the Zou Family, it was Jiang Chen. To him, it was a golden chance.

Everyone s.h.i.+fted their gaze on Jiang Chen. No one would dare to neglect him after knowing his ident.i.ty and ability, plus he was now the benefactor of the Zuo family.

“Brother Jiang. Although Kong Yang and I have fought many battles all these years, I have to say, he is very fierce. His cultivation of the Heavenly Fire Art has reached the purest skill of fire properties, it was peerless. Not long ago, he acquired the fire of the Fiery Violent Python Beast’s fire of origin. If I were to fight him, my rate of success will be lesser than twenty percent.”

Zuo Yi Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly. He wasn’t simply using his enemy’s morale to extinguish his own. He was very sincere when expressing his opinions, he didn’t dare to joke around given that his decision would decide their fates.

“Pure skill of fire properties?”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile on his face. If that was the case, it just matched his wish.

“Kaka, seeing all of your melancholic faces, let me explain to you all. That letter didn’t mention that it must be a member of the Zuo family or specifically Zuo Yi Yang to fight the battle. You can ask for our brother, Jiang Chen, to join the battle then it should be done, isn’t it?”

Big Yellow laughed ‘wakaka’ after finis.h.i.+ng his words. He was very certain about Jiang Chen’s ability. With his current power of an Eighth Grade Combat King, it was enough to fight an ordinary Second Grade Combat Emperor. Of course, Kong Yang was better than any ordinary Combat Emperor, but the bad thing for him was that his skills were of fire properties. Jiang Chen had obtained the Heavenly Earth Pure Water, his Water Dragon Seal would fully restrain Kong Yang’s Heavenly Fire Art, like the demons who were completely vulnerable under holy swords.


Everyone was petrified and stared at Jiang Chen inconceivably, but shook their heads afterwards. He was a matchless genius that could kill a First Grade Combat Emperor, but Kong Yang wasn’t an ordinary Combat Emperor. Even Zuo Yi Yang was no match for him, how could they expect Jiang Chen to do it? If they allowed him to fight the battle, it would really be a ridicule for the outsiders.

“Yeah daddy! You are not Kong Yang’s opponent anyway. Big Brother is a remarkable genius. If he represent our Zuo family to fight the battle, he will beat him up and eventually defeat him.”

Zuo Ling Er was very pleased. She didn’t know this big brother of her very much, but she was very confident about his ability, especially after she saw how he killed Kong Yan. She really thought that this big brother was invincible, attractive and handsome.

“Ling Er, don’t cause disturbance again.”

Zuo Yi Yang angrily glanced at Zuo Ling Er.

“These are Zuo family’s matter. I am an outsider and I don’t want to be of any inconvenience in the meeting. I will get some rest for the time being.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Zuo Yi Yang, then turned and walked towards the exit of the main hall. Big Yellow quickly followed him, the last was Tyrant. Before Tyrant left, he turned to Zuo Yi Yang.

“Patriarch Zuo, let me give you a piece of advice, to get through this crisis, Jiang Chen’s involvement is critical. I don’t give false advice, now that he has left the main hall, the only way to get him back in is to ask him in person.”

Tyrant turned and left. His words was true and firm. Given the situation that the Zuo family have, only Jiang Chen could fight Kong Yang.


Zuo Yi Yang frowned. The monk was Great Master Ran Feng’s disciple. He believed that his advice wouldn’t harm the Zuo family.

“Daddy, all of you are doubting big brother’s ability, he must have gotten angry.”

Zuo Ling Er’s small lips pouted.

“Patriarch’s daughter, this matter is related to the life and death of our Zuo family, how can we simply a.s.sign an outsider as our representative?”

“I agree, even if Jiang Chen is a genius, he is just an Eighth Grade Combat King. How can he possibly defeat the scary Kong Yang?”

“That’s right, young men are always proud of themselves. They don’t know how scary the power of Kong Yang is. Letting him fight the battle will result in losing the two spots disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect that is very important to Ling Er. Without a doubt, Ling Er will grow drastically once she enters Nebula Sect given her rare ability.”


Most of them said, disagreeing that Jiang Chen should be the one to fight the battle. Although Jiang Chen had rescued Zuo Ling Er, that was an entirely different case than the current situation.

“You all have discussed for so long. So are you all able to find the perfect candidate now? My daddy can’t join the battle. Even if he does, he will lose, so is our spot for the disciples.h.i.+p.”

Zuo Ling Er’s statement made everyone shut up instantly. She was absolutely right. It was certain that the Zuo family wouldn’t find a perfect candidate for the battle. If this was the case, the conclusion would be the same even if Jiang Chen lost the battle.

Zuo Ling Er kept her small lips pouting while walking out of the main hall. She was going to find Jiang Chen. Zuo family had already prepared the bedroom for him in another compound. She knew where he was, and was heading to his room.

A dull atmosphere once again filled the main hall, as though all of them were at their wits’ end.

“Why not let Jiang Chen fight?”

One of the elder Combat Emperor suggested. The others sighed but didn’t speak.

“It seems like we are running out of options. That little master is the disciple of Great Master Ran Feng. He won’t do something that will harm us. He said that the only way to survive this crisis is to depend on Jiang Chen’s help. Beside, even if he loses, the conclusion will still be the same.”

Another elder Combat Emperor said. Now is not the time for hesitation.

“But, the Zuo family is a dignified family, it/they actually a.s.signed a Combat King to fight the battle. He is also an outsider. Won’t this decision make everyone laugh their teeth off? If he wins, it will be our glory, but if he loses, we will be looked down upon, grabbing all of our fame and dignity away.”

“That’s true, honestly, can an Eighth Grade Combat King defeat Kong Yang?”

Someone was still unconvinced about Jiang Chen’s partic.i.p.ation, thinking that it was absurd to ask an Eighth Grade Combat King to fight.

“Patriarch, what do you think?”

One member faced Zuo Yi Yang.

“Just now before Jiang Chen left, his face was full of confidence, saying that he could deal with Kong Yan completely. If he wasn’t, he should’ve declined Big Yellow’s comment on the spot because he isn’t an arrogant man. He has just killed Kong Yan, if he confronts Kong Yang, what would all of you think will happen?”

Zuo Yi Yang said.

“Kong Yang will definitely want to eat him alive. If the two of them are fighting, Kong Yang will certainly kill him.”

Someone said.

“You are right, Will Jiang Chen not understand about this point? He won’t simply put his own life at risk. He is a heaven defying genius. Perhaps he has extraordinary methods of fighting. I think letting Jiang Chen fight for us, no matter if he wins or loses, we should to take the chance.”

Zuo Yi Yang gritted his teeth and said. He had decided to let Jiang Chen fight. He had no other option, there wasn’t anyone, including him, in Zuo family that would be able to fight Kong Yang. To gain the spots disciples.h.i.+p, he had to try and let Jiang Chen do it.

The others weren’t talking, trying to hide their reluctant agreement, but they all knew that what Zuo Yi Yang said was true. There was no way other than taking the chance.

It was quiet and serene inside the compound of the Zuo family. Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Big Yellow were sitting around the table with a pot of rice wine on it. They were drinking heartily while Zuo Ling Er was standing at the side, watching them.

“Big brother, can you really defeat Kong Yang?”

Zuo Ling Er’s watery big eyes were staring attentively at Jiang Chen.

“Little girl, your big brother will definitely beat him until he becomes a dead dog, bah! A dead pig.”

Big Yellow said.

“Big brother, can you fight for our Zuo family in this battle?”

The little girl squatted down a little and began pulling Jiang Chen’s sleeve like a spoiled child.

“Little girl, regarding this matter, you don’t have to worry.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“How can I not worry? This is going to cost our lives.”

Zuo Ling Er replied hastily.

“Ling Er, you should ask your dad and those elders to come here and ask Jiang Chen personally, perhaps he will promise you when he finds your sincerity.”

Tyrant said.

“Okay, I will bring my daddy and the others here. I trust my big brother will defeat Kong Yang.”

Zuo Ling Er didn’t know where her confidence for Jiang Chen’s ability had came from, but she knew that Tyrant’s advice was true. The only way to get through this crisis was to get Jiang Chen’s help.

In the main hall, everyone was still there. Zuo Ling Er rushed in, “Daddy, big brother said he knew how to defeat Kong Yang and big brother Tyrant said we need big brother’s help to get through this crisis.”

“Ling Er, we have decided, we will let Jiang Chen fight the battle. Quick, go and invite him again to this hall.”

Zuo Yi Yang said.

“Why didn’t you all stop him when he was leaving? Big brother Tyrant just said, Jiang Chen will only promise to fight for us if you all go and ask him personally.”

Zuo Ling Er pouted and said. But she was delighted that her daddy had agreed to let Jiang Chen fight the battle. Before that, she was afraid that these old men were too stubborn to accept the truth and in the end causing big brother to leave angrily. And at the time, the Zuo family would be over.