Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 602 – Kong Yang's Declaration of Battle

Chapter 602 – Kong Yang's Declaration of Battle

Kong Yang's Declaration of Battle

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“Act according to the situation. We must obtain the disciple quota from the Kong family.”

Jiang Chen revealed a plain smile. Anyway, it was impossible to stop the continuous battle between the Kong family and Zuo family. Therefore, it would be a waste to let go of the Kong family’s disciple spot for Nebula Sect. The answer on how to achieve it was to act according to situation.

Yuan Yang City, Kong family.

As one of the two major powers in Yuan Yang City, the Kong family wasn’t comparable to a minor power, such as Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction in Liang Province. Yuan Yang City was a large city in Yu Province. However, the Kong family’s influence wasn’t as strong as the major power in Yu Province, but it was powerful enough to dominate Yuan Yang City as they had a Second Grade Combat Emperor in place.

The Kong family’s territory was located at the north of Yuan Yang City, the territory was large, it had a ten miles radius. Every building of the Kong family was projecting the Qi of a high social cla.s.s.

At this moment, the Kong family was having a meeting in the main hall, the atmosphere was dull. A middle-age man in fiery red clothes sat on a chair that seemed like a throne. His eyebrows were sharp, eyes as ferocious as a tiger. Everyone could feel his extraordinary Qi, he was born with a body of grandeur. A faint glow of fiery light was flas.h.i.+ng on his red hair, dazzling people’s eyes.

Due to his anger, a plain fiery light was starting to glow on his body, increasing the temperature in the main hall. Below him, on the left and right side were two rows of people sitting. There was an elder, a First Grade Combat Emperor sitting on his left side.

The redhead wasn’t a n.o.body, he was the Kong family’s master, Kong Yang. It went without saying that he had cultivated skills and combat arts of fire properties, the Qi of fire in his body was dominant.

The dull atmosphere in the main hall was added with silence. Everybody was paying attention to Kong Yang and was afraid to speak due to the failure of the plan. Those who escaped had brought the latest news. There wasn’t any reason for Kong Yang to not be angry. Luckily, most of the Combat Kings were hired, they weren’t Kong family’s people. So, the Kong family only lost a First Grade Combat Emperor and a few Combat Kings.

However, losing a Combat Emperor was very unpleasant, a hundred Combat Kings might not be able to replace a Combat Emperor. In the battle, a Combat Emperor was the pillar of the army, its leader. This had dealt a huge blow to the Kong family .

“This is hateful. The plan was supposed to be flawless, the young genius of the Zuo family would’ve died, but it was interrupted by Jiang Chen.”

A Combat Emperor elder slammed the table using his palm, breaking it into pieces.

“This man caused the Liang Province to descend into chaos, now he is in Yu Province. The place where he goes will never be peaceful. He killed our Combat Emperor, we cannot allow this matter to be left unsettled.”

“Exactly, if it wasn’t for his interference, our plan wouldn’t have failed, and our loss wouldn’t be this big. But, this guy is a rare genius. I heard that he could activate the power of evil even if he was only at the Combat King realm, allowing him to kill Combat Emperors. It seems that he is hard to deal with.”

“What are you afraid of? That’s right, he can kill a First Grade Combat Emperor, but he is just a Combat King. How can he possibly fight a Second Grade Combat Emperor? Master’s Heavenly Fire Art has achieved the flame origin of a Fiery Violent Python Beast. Now that he has reached a scary level where he is at the peak of the Second Grade Combat Emperor. His Heavenly Fire Art is enough to fight an ordinary Third Grade Combat Emperor. Jiang Chen’s life is under his hands now.”


The member of the Kong family were all in the state of indignity, itching to avenge the murderer.

“We must kill Jiang Chen to avenge Kong Yan. However, the urgent matter now is the recruitment of Nebula Sect. Our Yuan Yang City is only given a two disciple quota. Two eligible candidates must be selected in ten days time, after that, an emissary of the Nebula Sect will come to bring them back. This is a good opportunity for our Kong family. These two disciple quotas must be in our hands. If that little devil gets to be one of the candidates, our Kong family will have a tough time ahead.”

Kong Yang was a cool-headed person, he was able to get his anger under control because he knew what mattered the most. He was very clear about Zuo Ling Er’s talent. Should she enter Nebula Sect, she would be nurtured extensively given her natural-born ability, giving her unlimited resources for cultivation. The Kong family would be done when she grew up, and Kong Yang wouldn’t allow this tragedy to happen, therefore, getting the two disciple quotas was of utmost importance.

“You are right, Kong Yan is dead. If these two spots slips away, our loss will be considerable. And, Jiang Chen must die, but we must focus on the disciples.h.i.+p first.”

The elder Combat Emperor said.

“The normal process of selecting an eligible candidate will be: each family is only allowed to have one representative. The young generation of each family will battle against each other to determine the winner. But, Zuo Ling Er’s physique is special and already reached the Ninth Grade Combat King. Our younger generations are no match for her in a fight. I’m afraid that we may not even get one spot of disciples.h.i.+p in the Nebula Sect.”

One of them frowned. Zuo Ling Er was only twelve years old, which was why she was a rare genius. A twelve years old genius plus an extraordinary physique were the things that the Kong family’s younger generation didn’t have.

If the Kong family chose not to battle, their family would be able to at least have a spot for the disciples.h.i.+p, but if a battle was chosen, they would definitely lose their spot.

“I know but I have my plans. When I return, I will write a letter of battle to Zuo family. This time I will be the one to fight the battle. As long as they can defeat me, the two spots for the disciples.h.i.+p will be theirs. If no one can, the spots will be ours.”

Kong Yang chuckled.

“This idea is pretty good. The Patriarch has reached the peak of Second Grade Combat Emperor. Even though Zuo Yi Yang has also achieved that, our patriarch’s cultivation of Heavenly Fire Art has obtained the Fiery Violent Python Beast, which is very terrifying. Also, our Patriarch is the only one who possesses this ability in Yuan Yang City. Thus, Zuo Yi Yang is not his opponent.”

Another man said. They weren’t confident for their younger generations but their confidence on their Patriarch was bursting.

“However, Zuo Yi Yang isn’t an idiot, if he knows that he is no match for Patriarch, he will refuse to accept the challenge.”

The elder Combat Emperor said.

“Humph, this is not up to him to decide. If he refused to battle, I will declare war on Zuo family, forcing them out of Yuan Yang City.”

Kong Yang clenched his fist and the joints of his fingers cracked, his eyes shot out two beams of fiery light.

Everyone looked terrified. If the war was declared, both families would suffer great losses. Even though Kong Yang could defeat Zuo Yi Yang, he wasn’t a simple enemy to deal with. It was difficult to get rid of him as their overall strengths and power were almost equal. This explained why only these two families could be the strongest in Yuan Yang City. Even if the Kong family succeeded in eliminating the Zuo family, their overall force would be severely damaged. This was also why a life and death war was not initiated for so long as no one could bear the consequences.

“We will fight. If they refused to battle, we will declare war on them. Kong Yan can’t die for nothing, this is something that we cannot swallow.”

A man said. If the war was started, the Zuo family should be the one to cower because Kong Yang was the greatest fighter in Yuan Yang City.


A hostile atmosphere filled Yuan Yang City after the news of the destruction of Ran Feng monastery, including the death of Kong Yan, were spread. Everybody was bubbling with tense emotions, they antic.i.p.ated that something bad was about to happen. Even though there had been battles between these two families, but the battle this time was especially intense. It involved a lot of casualties that had never happened before and the destruction of the Zuo family’s most respected a.s.set, Ran Feng monastery.

“Do you know that, the murderer of Kong Yan is the Jiang Chen from Liang Province?”

"Yah, I heard about it already. I never thought a devil would come to our Yu Province. He only arrived recently, and yet he's already killed one of the Kong famiy's Combat Emperors. He's a real twisted one, turning everything upside down like that."

“We’ll see. Kong Yang won’t do nothing about this. This is a big matter and it involved the matter of the disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect. The two families will fight again.”

“I heard that Jiang Chen had initiated a disaster before. They said that he is the devil of devils that could kill a Combat Emperor even if he is only in the Combat King realm. He is really not an easy opponent to face.”

“The Patriarch of the Kong family is the strongest in Yuan Yang City. Even Zuo Yi Yang isn’t confident enough to defeat him. Jiang Chen may be able to kill a First Grade Combat Emperor, but he is still in the Combat King realm, he is no match for Kong Yang.”


Gossips and arguments had drowned any other noises. Jiang Chen became the main topic of the gossips everywhere he went to, it was difficult for him to avoid this as whatever he did was going to arouse everyone’s attention.

The territory of the Zuo family was located at the south of Yuan Yang City, the exact opposite of the Kong family. After Zuo Yi Yang, Jiang Chen and the rest returned from Ran Feng monastery, they sat down in the main hall to have their small talks. Suddenly, a member of the Zuo family came in hastily, there was a golden spiritual talisman in his hand.

“What is fl.u.s.tering you?”

Zuo Yi Yang frowned.

“Patriarch, this the letter of battle sent by Kong family.”

That person didn’t attempt to make any delays, quickly pa.s.sing the letter to Zuo Yi Yang once he got it. The word ‘letter of battle’ created a tense atmosphere, everyone turned their eyes to the talisman.

Zuo Yi Yang made a holy chant to it, the talisman instantly turned into a golden light and disappeared. His face turned ugly.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Zuo Ling Er asked.

“Kong Yang wants to challenge our family. The battle will be held at the central square in Yuan Yang City three days later. In this battle, we will compete for the spots of disciples.h.i.+p of Nebula Sect.”

Zuo Yi Yang’s face looked unpleasant. He knew his enemy too well. This move indicated that Kong Yang would do anything to get the disciples.h.i.+p no matter what.

“It is unlikely that we accept his challenge.”

Someone said.

“Kong Yang said that if n.o.body dared to appear in the battlefield, he will declare a war on Zuo family, forcing us out of Yuan Yang City and seeking revenge on Kong Yan’s murderer.”

Zuo Yi Yang revealed a bitter smile. He didn’t think that Kong Yang was kidding because the disciples.h.i.+p was imperative for the two families.