Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 601 – Zuo Yi Yang

Chapter 601 – Zuo Yi Yang

Zuo Yi Yang

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Before Zuo Ling Er and the rest left the monastery, every one of them felt unpleasant seeing the monastery had become a little more than a ruin, unsightly looks were on their faces, especially the monks. This was supposed to be the place to wors.h.i.+p their master. It was destroyed just like that, there was no way they could wipe away the feeling of pain, but fortunately, the statue remained perfectly in its shape.

*Whoosh* *Whoosh*

At this time, three formidable silhouettes flew towards them from afar. Their Qi’s were very powerful, it blended with the unlimited aura of fury. They were all Combat Emperors. In the lead, was a highly dignified middle-aged man, who had reached Second Grade Combat Emperor, the other two were elders First Grade Combat Emperor.

Their facial expression changed instantly after seeing the aftermath of the battle from afar.

“Who did this?!”

The middle-aged man’s voice was as loud as a thunder that carried a surge of fury, and then he landed on the monastery. Everyone bowed to him at the same time, “Master.”

Without a doubt, he was the master of the Zuo family in Yuan Yang City, Zuo Yi Yang, a Second Grade Combat Emperor. After the seal of the spatial area in the monastery was broken, they sensed the battling Qi during their time in seclusion and rushed over hastily. Then, they saw this scene. The place of battle was the place that they held their annual ceremony of wors.h.i.+p, it had been nicely built and portrayed a calm and peaceful feeling. There hadn’t been anyone who dared to come and cause trouble here. Today was the first devastating incident that happened here, in which the monastery was destroyed. In Yuan Yang City, anyone could have guessed who was involved in this by just using their toes to think, the only one who wasn’t afraid of them and dared to touch the Zuo family’s foundations.

“Daddy, it was the doings of the Kong family.”

Zuo Ling Er came to her father’s side and said, telling him everything that happened just now, including how Jiang Chen killed Kong Yan and how he saved them. The Kong family had suffered a great loss and most casualties, only a few of them were able to escape with their tails between their legs. Zuo Ling Er didn’t forget to introduce Tyrant and his ident.i.ty to her father. Zuo Ling Er’s age might be young, but her way of thinking wasn’t so. She knew very well the position of Great Master Ran Feng in her father’s heart, so Tyrant’s ident.i.ty would be valuable to him.

After listening to Zuo Ling Er, the fury on Zuo Yi Yang and the other two elder’s faces almost exploded. They hadn’t thought that the Kong family would commit such a crime just for the two disciple quota to enter Nebula Sect. Setting up an ambush on the day that the prayer ceremony was held to wipe out the entire Zuo family, especially Zuo Ling Er. It was truly a vicious attack.

Luckily nothing bad happened to Zuo Ling Er, otherwise the Zuo family would fall into a mess. A sudden fear struck them when they thought of the consequences if that happened. They started to rejoice lightly for their good fortune and their eyes were fixed on Tyrant and Jiang Chen, full of grat.i.tude. If these two men didn’t coincidentally stayed overnight in the monastery, unacceptable things would’ve happen.

Zuo Yi Yang calmed his emotion before approaching Tyrant, and held his two fists in front of him.

“I didn’t know that a high rank disciple of Great Master Ran Feng has arrived. Our Zuo family is lucky. Great Master Ran Feng had saved my father; today, his high rank disciple saved my daughter. Such kindness…I really don’t know how to repay.”

The Zuo family already had favorable impression of Tyrant at the beginning, but now that they knew he was a disciple of Great Master Ran Feng, and had saved their master’s daughter, they felt very indebted to him.

“Patriarch Zuo is overly kind. We are just pa.s.sers-by. Also these people wanted to destroy my master’s statue, I won’t just watch and do nothing about it. However, the one who really killed Kong Yan is my good brother, Jiang Chen.”

Tyrant said. He felt delighted seeing that the Zuo family admired his master so much. He could sense it the moment he saw how furious Zuo Yi Yang was when he was told about the Kong family’s intention to get rid of them. He could imagine his master was a paramount leader to them.

Zuo Yi Yang and two elders s.h.i.+fted their gaze to Jiang Chen. As much as they felt thankful for his help, they also felt intimidated. For so many years that they had fought in the battles against the Kong family, they knew better than the others about Kong Yan’s ability. But, he was slashed into half by this young man who was only an Eighth Grade Combat King. What kind of a genius was he? Or did he possess the power of evil? If it wasn’t told by Zuo Ling Er and Kong Yan’s dead body as the proof, it was impossible for them to believe it.

Furthermore, the three of them somehow felt that the name ‘Jiang Chen’ was familiar. They were recalling about a man whose name is also Jiang Chen in Liang Province. Liang Province’ size was considered a big state in Mysterious domain, so they wouldn’t miss the news. Moreover, the chaotic incident was a news that anyone would desperately spread. That news was mainly related to a Combat King that had the power to initiate catastrophe. Jiang Chen’s name had been spread in many other big states of the Mysterious domain as well.

“Daddy, big brother is the hybrid devil of Liang Province…oh…no, it should be the scary genius of Liang Province.”

After Zuo Ling Er finished saying, she saw Jiang Chen stuck out his tongue. Jiang Chen was speechless. His name wasn’t that good after all, even a little girl knew that he was a devil and a hybrid devil at that.

“What? You are that ‘Jiang Chen’, the Combat King who can cause disaster and kill Combat Emperors?”

Zuo Yi Yang’s impression of Jiang Chen changed. The same went to the two elders. They heard a lot of rumors related to Jiang Chen roaming outside, but the Jiang Chen standing in front of them was a remarkable event since they might not have the chance to meet him in a lifetime. They foresaw that his future would be limitless.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Patriarch Zuo.”

Jiang Chen greeted Zuo Yi Yang with both fists.

“Brother Jiang Chen is an extraordinary talent. It is my honor to be able to meet brother Jiang. If it wasn’t for your help, my daughter would be in danger. The whole Zuo family is greatly indebted to you.”

Zuo Yi Yang said solemnly, completely removing his air of a proud patriarch and treating Jiang Chen nicely as if he was his peer, like they were of the same social status. Despite the fact that he was a Second Grade Combat Emperor, he didn’t look down on Jiang Chen. In his eyes, Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary Eighth Grade Combat King. He could easily kill Kong Yan, which suggested that he might possess the ability of a Second Grade Combat Emperor. The element that had gained Zuo Yi Yang’s respect the most was Jiang Chen’s power.

“Daddy, big brother and I hit it off when we first met. We have become sworn brothers and sisters. You called big brother as your brother. Does that mean I should call you brother as well? Wouldn’t that mix up the formal address in our family tree?”

Zuo Ling Er said it in a serious tone.

Jiang Chen staggered to his feet after hearing what she just said and everyone just rolled their eyes. This little girl had many patterns of expressions, which made everyone speechless. Jiang Chen was mostly overwhelmed by the feeling of speechlessness. No one witnessed him and Ling Er underwent any process of becoming sworn brothers and sisters, he knew that in his heart. Now, he had the feeling that he had just adopted a little sister.

Zuo Yi Yang burst into a stern fatherly mode, “Adults are talking. Go outside and play.”

After that he turned to Jiang Chen, “I have spoilt my child, she is rude and discourteous. This is shameful, please forgive her.”

“Never mind. Ling Er and I hit it off since we met and she was determined to call me ‘big brother.’ I think I will have to accept her as my little sister.”

Jiang Chen smiled. This little girl was peculiar but lovely.

“Haha…It is good that she has a brother like you. It is my daughter’s honor.”

Zuo Yi Yang laughed. He wasn’t stupid, he could see that Jiang Chen was an outstanding person amongst the others. Although Zuo Ling Er was also a gifted child, the distinction between the two of them was obvious. A man like Jiang Chen was going to obtain a phenomenal power sooner or later. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for his Zuo family to build a relations.h.i.+p with him.

“Patriarch, this monastery is destroyed. We better build it as quick as possible.”

One of Zuo family’s elder said.

Zuo Yi Yang scanned the surrounding, his facial expression signified his concern. He strode towards Great Master Ran Feng’s statue and knelt down. The rest of the Zuo family members followed him, including the monks. Tyrant wouldn’t kneel down even in front of heaven or earth like any ordinary cultivator. He had sworn to to kneel down to his master only, thus he also followed them and knelt down.

Only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t kneel down in the hall. Jiang Chen wouldn’t do that, he was afraid that Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t accept his wors.h.i.+p. Jiang Chen would kneel down before no one in this world except Jiang Zhen Hai.

As for Big Yellow, he was a heartless being. It would be impossible to ask him to wors.h.i.+p even a Great Master. He was proud of himself, since he was a dragon-horse blood.

“The monastery is destroyed, but the statue of Great Master Ran Feng is still here. The Prayer Ceremony will still continue!”

Zuo Yi Yang’s tone was solemn and pious. He led the rest of them to kneel down.

The prayer ceremony ended a few minutes later, then they all stood up. The Zuo family members didn’t feel offended when Jiang Chen didn’t follow them to kneel down. Since he was not a member of the Zuo family, it was unnecessary for him to follow the rules.

“Reconstruct the monastery immediately to its previous state, repair the statue of Great Master Ran Feng. I will just give you all one-day’s time. I want to see an undamaged and perfect monastery again.”

Zuo Yi Yang ordered.

“Yes, Patriarch.”

A Ninth Grade Combat King of the Zuo family quickly responded. To Zuo family, restoring the monastery to its previous state was an easy task.

“Patriarch, today we have lost a monastery, but the Kong family has lost a lot of men, including a Combat Emperor. Kong Yang will not let this go.”

The elder Combat Emperor of the Zuo family frowned.

“Correct. Firstly, they wanted to eliminate Ling Er this time. Secondly, they wanted to acquire the two disciple quota to enter Nebula Sect. Both of their plans has failed. Kong Yang will not let go of this, I’m afraid that a war will happen very soon.”

Another elder spoke.

“Humph, if a war really started, we, the Zuo family, will not fear them. We will return first,and wait and see what Kong Yang will do.”

Zuo Yi Yang made a cold humph, but Jiang Chen could sense a slight fear in his tone. It seemed that Kong Yang wasn’t an ordinary person to deal with.

“Big brother, you have promised me that you will follow me back to the Zuo family right?”

Zuo Ling Er was holding Jiang Chen’s forearm, she feared that he would break his promise.

“Don’t worry, big brother has promised you that I will go.”

Jiang Chen smiled and patted her head gently.

Later, they left Ran Feng monastery, flying towards Yuan Yang City.

“Little Chen, I imagine that the reason you promised to pay the Zuo family a visit is for the two disciple quota of Nebula Sect?”

On their way back, Big Yellow talked to Jiang Chen using the True Qi transmission. He knew Jiang Chen too well, this dude was going to Nebula Sect. How could he miss this opportunity?