Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 600 – A Friendly Relationship

Chapter 600 – A Friendly Relationship

A Friendly Relations.h.i.+p

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*Argh!* *Argh!*

The intensity of the chaotic battle increased, followed by more mournful screams. Tyrant and Zuo Ling Er were both ferocious mad humans, the Ninth Grade Combat Kings were not enough to be their opponents. Big Yellow was also a scary one, as if a p.o.o.p stirring stick was stirring on the stubborn feces in a portable toilet, turning everyone upside down, the Eighth Grade Combat Kings who couldn’t bear his attack and were torn apart by the attack.

The battlefield was tragic. All the buildings in the monastery were almost destroyed, blood vaporized into the air, a stinging stench of blood could be smelled everywhere. Many high rank Combat Kings were making their ultimate sacrifices, turning the peaceful and calm monastery into Asura h.e.l.l. Such ma.s.sive incident happening inside the monastery did not alert anyone outside. No sound could escape from there as Kong Yan had sealed the entire spatial area in the monastery. Even if a spell casted could shake the sky above and the earth below, no one from the outside could sense it.

In this intense battle, both parties suffered injuries and casualties, especially the Kong family, but only a few members of the Zuo family suffered injuries. The Kong family had lost more than half of their group not very long after the battle had started. The one who were still alive were frightened to death, their fighting spirit had dropped to almost zero, while the Zuo family, on the other hand, was just getting started.

This was what usually happened in the battlefield, the army became so ferocious when the fighting spirits were sparked.

As for the battle that was happening between the two strongest men, Kong Yan was pressed on the ground and hit by Jiang Chen. One of his arm was broken and torn away from his body, blood had soaked his clothes in the helpless situation. When he raised his head to look at Jiang Chen, he could see a very relaxed and easygoing expression from his face. He suddenly felt that Jiang Chen was toying with him. Jiang Chen could easily take his life at the beginning.

“d.a.m.n! Truly unlucky! I had met a harmful abnormal unexpectedly today!”

Kong Yan spurted blood. The mouthful of blood was coughed because he was seriously injured, both physically and mentally. As for the mental part, he felt extremely unhappy to be defeated by an Eighth Grade Combat King.

“Master Kong, unlock the seal now, we can’t fight anymore.”

Someone shouted at Kong Yan while fleeing for his life. The seal was supposed to lock the spatial area to prevent their enemies from escaping. However the situation had changed, they realized that they had trapped themselves instead, with no way to escape from the place. The only person who could unlock the seal was Kong Yan.

Kong Yan himself also couldn’t stand the battle any longer. He summoned a talisman in his hand and threw it into the air. After it rumbled, the invisible seal in the spatial area disappeared. Kong Yan fled instantly, flying out from the battlefield.

“Young man, ‘Green mountains never gets old, green rivers will never dry’. We will meet again. Our Kong family has recorded down today’s incident, we will doubly repay you all in the future.”

Kong Yan left a vengeful message and chose to flee. Too bad, Jiang Chen wouldn’t allow him.

“If you have chosen to flee in the very beginning, I won’t be able to chase you, but with your current state, fleeing is just a vain hope.”

Jiang Chen’s revealed a cold smile. At the moment when he struck Kong Yan, he had already given him the death sentence. Jiang Chen wouldn’t allow a threatening enemy to escape from his grasp. Someone like him, a First Grade Combat Emperor, would bring trouble in the future.


Jiang Chen slashed with his Heavenly Saint Sword. The long sword turned into a long rainbow, slas.h.i.+ng through the dimensional area and arriving on Kong Yan’s back.


Kong Yan felt his life was endangered by the sword. It was too fast and firm. The Qi released from the sword had wrapped his entire body, eliminating all the chances of escaping.


“Kong Yan is dead…We have to escape now!”

“That man is too strong. Our plan has failed. Let’s run for our lives!”


Kong Yan’s death was a fatal blow to the Kong family’s fighting spirit. From fighters, they had become timid birds that flew away in all directions.

“Kill them all! Don’t let even one escape!”

Zuo Ling Er ordered, and chased one of them in lightning speed while swaying her fists in the air, crus.h.i.+ng his head. The enemies were high rank Combat Kings. Even though they couldn’t fight them anymore, they still had the ability to escape. Despite the Zuo family and Tyrant frantically killing as much of them as possible, several of them managed to escape.

To the Zuo family, this was an amazing battle that needs to be recorded. The Zuo family was supposed to be the prey, but in the middle of the fight, they had turned the situation around and caused the Kong family to suffer many casualties, which included a Combat Emperor. The Kong family would really feel extremely disappointed at the same time regretful regarding this situation.

The battle had ended, but everyone couldn’t calm down. They were now staring at the demolished monastery. The monks couldn’t help but sigh. Many of them were also staring at Jiang Chen. This handsome and white-clothed youth was undoubtedly their benefactor. They could imagine the tragedy that would happen if he did not help out today. Their lives would all be in danger despite the fact that Zuo Ling Er possessed a great talent, and had almost completed her cultivation in the Combat King realm. The gap between a Combat King and a Combat Emperor was too large, as if trying to jump over a huge monsoon drain.

“What’s your name, big brother?”

Zuo Ling Er came to Jiang Chen’s side. Her watery eyes were fixed on him. It was really hard to imagine an adorable girl like her had a violent side when battling: as ferocious as a lion.

“I am Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen smiled and extended his arms to pinch Ling Er’s cheek. Jiang Chen naturally felt pleased when a sweet little girl wanted to find out about his name.

“Amitabha, luckily we have your help today. If not, the consequences would be disastrous.”

Abbot Yuan Ming walked over, his words were full of grat.i.tude. He felt very fortunate that he had invited these three guests into the monastery and had them stay overnight. The opposite would cost the Zuo family tremendously. Apparently, the Zuo family had a good fortune this time.

“Jiang Chen. This name is somewhat familiar.”

An elder of the Zuo family tried to recall where he had heard the name before.

“You are the one who caused chaos in the Liang Province!”

One of them recalled his ident.i.ty and exclaimed when he saw the dog and the scary little monk beside him. He suddenly realized that Tyrant wasn’t the monastery’s monk. He heard that Jiang Chen had killed a Combat Emperor of Asura Palace, which was very extraordinary. There was also a monk and a dog that was always following him. Therefore, he found the connection between them and determined that the young man is Jiang Chen.

“It seems that my name is well known, even in the Yu Province.”

Jiang Chen smiled calmly, confirming his ident.i.ty.

“Wah! So that Jiang Chen is you, big brother? I have heard the things that you have done in Liang Province, it was too awesome!”

Zuo Ling Er cheered. Her eyes stared at Jiang Chen in admiration, as though her eyes were blinking like stars.

“So you are brother Jiang Chen. No wonder you were able to kill a Combat Emperor. If it wasn’t for your intervention today, our Zuo family would lose everything. This is a great kindness to us, please accept my grat.i.tude.”

A Ninth Grade Combat King elder of the Zuo family said solemnly. The others followed his actions and also showed their grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen. Today’s situation was very dangerous, they tried to think what would happen if Jiang Chen wasn’t here, Zuo Ling Er might get injured or even die. No one in the Zuo family could bear that responsibility.

“Not much courtesy is needed. Big brother is one of us now.”

Zuo Ling Er was very matured for her age. In spite of seeing Jiang Chen for the first time, she didn’t regard him as a stranger anymore and her manners towards him was forthright.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. This little girl did really have a good att.i.tude, he liked her instantly.

“Are you all don’t know how to be grateful for an eminent monk’s help?”

Tyrant couldn’t stand the situation anymore. His contribution in the battlefield was not meagre, but everyone turned their attention to Jiang Chen, totally neglecting his presence.

“Erm, this is Great Master Tyrant, a high rank monk that came from Western Continent. He is a disciple of Great Master Ran Feng.”

Yuan Ming quickly introduced him to Ling Er. He wouldn’t dare to antagonize a disciple of Great Master Ran Feng.

“What? Disciple of Great Master Ran Feng?”

Everyone’s attention now s.h.i.+fted to Tyrant, including Ling Er’s. At first, they thought that this monk was also one of them in the monastery. But, only after witnessing his powerful attacks did they knew that he was with Jiang Chen. Still, they couldn’t imagine this monk had a connection with Great Master Ran Feng. The monastery was built to wors.h.i.+p Great Master Ran Feng, now that his disciple had come here, Tyrant should be their guest of honor.

The members of the Zuo family were astonished. After a cold and silent moment, Zuo Ling Er broke the silence and invited Jiang Chen and his friends to the Zuo family to be their guests in Yuan Yang City.

“Miss, I think we have to leave now. I’m afraid that the intense battle here had spread to Yuan Yang City. I’m worried that the Kong family may act.”

An elder of the Zuo family reminded.

“Big brother, you and I hit it off even if we just met for the very first time. You must come to our Zuo family and be our guest. When my dad knows about this, he will be more than thankful to you. And, brother monk, you are a disciple of Great Master Ran Feng, if I can’t bring you back to the Zuo family, I will be scolded like h.e.l.l.”

Zuo Ling Er’s tone was aggressive and determined, it gave them a very hard time to decline her offer. But, that wasn’t the essential part, the most important thing in Jiang Chen’s heart was the matter regarding Nebula Sect. Even if he was not invited by Zuo Ling Er to Yuan Yang City, he would go there anyway. He wouldn’t let the chance of joining the Nebula Sect slip away.

“Alright, since you say it. If I don’t go, then I’m being impolite.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He was very clear that once he entered Yuan Yang City, he would be involved in the strife between the Kong and Zuo family. Despite the fact that he had killed one of Kong family’s Combat Emperor, it wasn’t the end and they wouldn’t just leave it like that. So, this would become one of his unsolved obstacles in the future.