Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 599 – Tyrant's Fiery Fury

Chapter 599 – Tyrant's Fiery Fury

Tyrant's Fiery Fury

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No one had expected that serious and lowly monk would suddenly step out to fight. All the attention were s.h.i.+fted to him, including Zuo Ling Er’s, Kong Yan’s, and especially the one who was stepping on the statue’s head.

Those of the Kong family who were placing their attention on their arch-rivals, the Zuo family, and also on Abbot Yuan Ming, never once had they thought that a monk would fight. Even though monks would feel angry about that action, but the ones that were provoked the most should be the Zuo family and Abbot Yuan Ming. They didn’t know why a n.o.body-monk would get so furious about it, and the fiery aura unleashed by him shocked them, he had also reached the Ninth Grade Combat King.

“Very good. I never thought that a small monastery has kept a genius like you, a young genius that had reached the Ninth Grade Combat King. It seems that the Zuo family isn’t that bad after all. Too bad, all of you have to die today. Yuan Yang City is destined to be ours.”

Kong Yan smiled coldly.

Tyrant didn’t look at him. Now he was full of rage and glared at the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who stepped on his master’s head. He swore that he wouldn’t let this person live.

“Haha, little monk. Why become so angry for a statue? I can just easily break the head by my leg.”

The Ninth Grade Combat King of Kong family mocked at Tyrant’s pointless anger. His leg began to step harder creating ‘KaKa’ sound, it could break at any time.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow shook their heads helplessly. They felt pity for the Ninth Grade Combat King. He was finished, no one on earth or heaven could save him anymore.

“Come and die!”

Tyrant raged, the rage he never wanted to show. His whole body turned into light and raced to his target. An illusion of a Buddha palm struck the Ninth Grade Combat King, his facial expression changed dramatically, he didn’t have time to prepare for it as it was too fast. The impact of the ferocious attack was enough to push and press him into a meat pie even if he used his full power to defend it.


Tyrant didn’t slam him to the wall. The big palm gripped the Ninth Grade Combat King’s neck, pulling him down from the statue. Tyrant had become an ancient violent beast, both hands clamping tightly on his target’s shoulders.

“You dare blaspheme my master? Die now!”

Tyrant exerted his hands that had millions pounds of strength, moments later only a sound of ‘Chi la’ was heard. The scene became very b.l.o.o.d.y, they witnessed a Ninth Grade Combat King that was absolutely defenseless under Tyrant’s attack. His entire body was torn into half alive, blood was pouring out profusely from the reddish side of the half body, the detached internal organs were thrown and scattered over the big hall.


Everyone gasped in horror. Yuan Ming and Yuan Tong eyes’ widened. This little monk was too ferocious. The way he slaughtered a man wasn’t like a high rank monk at all, he was even more violent than a demon, tearing the enemy’s body apart when he was still breathing. This type of slaughtering raised goose b.u.mps to everyone.

Yuan Ming couldn’t believe his eyes. He recalled the eminent and devoted monk yesterday, but it all changed when the monk struck his enemy, the attack was brutal and tyrannical. Yuan Ming and Yuan Tong understood why Tyrant became so angry, the intruder was stepping on his master’s head, which was unacceptable to him.

Tyrant’s power was beyond their expectation. He was the same grade as his enemy, both were Ninth Grade Combat King, the gap between them shouldn’t be extraordinarily wide.

The Zuo family members’ mouths opened wide out of surprise. Despite knowing all the people in monastery, they didn’t imagine a heaven defying monk like him had sneaked into the group. Judging by his means of killing, they instantly saw through that the Zuo family’s genius, Zuo Ling Er, was no match for him.

“G.o.d dammit! Raze this place! Crush the statue!”

Kong Yan raged. The attack made by the little monk was too fast, he didn’t even had a chance to save his comrade. The Kong family had lost one valuable a.s.set, a Ninth Grade Combat King. He was ordered to set an ambush in the Ran Feng monastery for a ma.s.sacre. But one of them was taken down before they could even attack their enemy, this fact made him very furious.

“Crus.h.i.+ng the statue…You have blasphemed my highly respected master. None of you can leave today, your lives will be the atonement for your sins.”

Tyrant’s tone was cold and serious. Thick murderous aura was coming out from him,. He was unquestionably furious. He was a cold-blooded killer, he murdered people without blinking his eyes. Now he couldn’t stomach the fact that his master’s dignity was being dampened, he wouldn’t allow this monastery to be destroyed, no one was allowed to touch his master’s statue.

“I will get rid of you first.”

Kong Yan raged and thrusted forward. His speed was fast, but there was someone moving faster than him, a young lad in white clothes, he blocked Kong Yan’s way like a ghost.

“You have to pa.s.s through me first before killing him.”

The young lad in white clothes wasn’t a stranger. He was Jiang Chen, nineteen years old now, slowly turning into an adult, who was full of heroic spirit.

“F*ck off!”

Kong Yan looked down on the young man that blocked him: an Eighth Grade Combat King. He couldn’t find a reason to respect him, he launched a simple palm attack, summoning strong wind that tore the spatial area, to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen confronted the attack simply by his fist, both attack met and created an impact and a loud explosion. Lines of cracks appeared on the spatial area. Jiang Chen stood rooted at his position and didn’t move, while Kong Yan stepped three steps back to find his balance.


Kong Yan exclaimed and stared at the white-clothed young man with his big eyes. It was like he had seen a ghost. Both families that were ready to battle were distracted, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

“Who is this dude? He is only an Eighth Grade Combat King…How can he force a First Grade Combat Emperor to back a few steps by just using his fist? What is he and how did he came to the monastery.”

The members of Zuo family were amazed. A young man with extraordinary power who was more powerful emerged before them, before they could even accept the madness of the monk.


Zuo Ling Er’s little mouth opened. That time when she came in, she had seen Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, but she didn’t pay much attention to them, treating them casually. She hadn’t expected that they had hidden their powers so well.

The two people who were surprised the most were Yuan Ming and Yuan Tong. Yesterday their attention was put mainly on Tyrant, totally neglecting Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. It wasn’t possible at the time to think that Jiang Chen would turn out to be a scary man. Now they realized that the reason why Tyrant had to ask for Jiang Chen’s opinion before deciding to stay overnight in the monastery, was because he was the strongest among them.

When Jiang Chen was at his Seventh Grade Combat King, he could kill a First Grade Combat Emperor. Now that he had reached the Eighth Grade Combat King, killing a First Grade Combat Emperor would be effortless. In truth, Tyrant was never stronger than Jiang Chen even after his enlightenment, but he was powerful enough to eliminate a First Grade Combat Emperor. The situation was getting a little menacing. Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any time, he would confront the Combat Emperor and leave the rest to the two abnormals, Tyrant and Zuo Ling Er, whom the number of enemies was too little for them to kill. Plus, Big Yellow was a time bomb waiting to explode.

“This young man, this is between us and Zuo family. I hope you won’t interfere.”

Kong Yan was staring at Jiang Chen.

“Zuo family and Kong family’s matter isn’t my concern and not in my interests, but I can’t stand here to see you destroy the monastery, if you dare to touch a thing here, I will take your souls.”

Jiang Chen said. Brilliant dragon scales emerged on his palm, he thrusted forward and clawed, casting the spell of True Dragon Palm, in the direction of Kong Yan.

“Rock Crus.h.i.+ng Palm.”

Kong Yan shouted. Strong winds blew as his palm moved, his eyes were full of fire. He couldn’t believe that a First Grade Combat Emperor like him could not defeat an Eighth Grade Combat King.


Kong Yan’s eyes were filled with terror when the True Dragon Palm and his Rock Crus.h.i.+ng Palm clashed. It was one of the skills that he was so proud of but it wasn’t effective to Jiang Chen. His Rock Crus.h.i.+ng Palm was crushed by the True Dragon Palm, as though he was pushed by a big mountain, sending him flying more than ten feet away. He could only find his balance to stand again moments later, but the unpleasant feeling inside of him could not be expressed.

“Kill them all! Don’t leave one alive.”

At this time, Zuo Ling Er roared and rushed towards one of the Ninth Grade Combat Kings.


The Zuo family shrieked, intensely and excitingly. They should be excited. They thought that they would all die today as the Kong family’s number was overwhelming and they had brought a Combat Emperor with them. Zuo Ling Er would die and the monastery would be destroyed, everyone would die. They hadn’t expected that there would be rescuers in the middle of their crisis. They were extraordinary rescuers, one of them was able to make a Combat Emperor lose his balance. This was a big turnaround of the situation. Now they couldn’t give their enemies any chance to live.


In the intense battle, both parties’ high rank Combat Kings were fighting with one another with their skills, wanting to kill as many as they could. Big Yellow and Tyrant quickly casted a layer of seal as protection for the statue of Great Master Ran Feng. They were afraid that the monastery was going to be destroyed by all the frantic attacks and spells in the battle, they thought that this type of a chaotic battle could even destroy ten of the same monasteries.


A person made a mournful scream, a Ninth Grade Combat King was taken down by Zuo Ling Er. Her fist attack exploded in his forehead, it was as violent as Tyrant’s. This little girl was emotionless and possessed unlimited brute force, which was a rare attribute, a force that was as big as a mountain. None of her peers which were in the same grade as her could match her strength.

Yuan Ming and Yuan Tong also attacked. The monks of the monastery came together to cast a formation spell to fight the Kong family. This was an intense life and death battle, no one was able to calm down and relax.