Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 598 – Zuo Ling Er

Chapter 598 – Zuo Ling Er

Zuo Ling Er

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The calm atmosphere suddenly became tense. The concealed murderous aura made Jiang Chen and the rest feel uncomfortable although the aura was not directed to them.

“If my guess is not wrong, they are preparing to start a murder for tomorrow’s prayer ceremony.”

Jiang Chen guessed. Tomorrow was a perfect opportunity to set an ambush for murdering someone during the prayer ceremony.

“It seems Abbot Yuan Ming hasn’t realized it. Should we tell him?”

Tyrant said.

“We cannot alert anyone because that will also alert the a.s.sa.s.sin. He may be an enemy of the Zuo family from a long time ago. The Zuo family is one of the high social cla.s.s in Yuan Yang City for they were able to build a monastery here. So I think the Zuo family should have some kind of preventive measures for such grand ceremony.”

Jiang Chen waved his right hand to Tyrant, implying that it was a bad idea.

During the silent night, there wasn’t a slightest attempt of a.s.sa.s.sination. Jiang Chen had no doubt about it now, the reason that this aura was concealed so secretly was that the attacker was waiting for a chance to strike. If he was targeting them or the monastery, he would have shown up earlier instead of staying silent and hiding for the whole night.

*Dang…* *Dang…* *Dang…*

The ringing of a large bell resounded as soon as daybreak began. Warm sunlight shone on the big piece of land, the lights that struck some parts of the monastery reflected off the building, as though a layer of golden s.h.i.+eld had covered it.

The ringing of the large bell lasted longer than usual. It was because today was a special day, a day of the annual prayer ceremony.

Yuan Tong came in person to invite Jiang Chen and his friends. The three of them followed him to the front of a big hall and stood beside a group of monks, waiting for the Zuo family members to arrive.

Soon, a harmonious cloud appeared in the sky. On top of the cloud, there were seven to eight people standing, each of them was wearing a robe with a vigorous Qi that suggested n.o.bility. The person standing at the front most was a little girl who was merely about twelve years old. She was in a brilliant clothing and her hair were tied with two pigtails, her skin was white as if it was crafted from a white jade. She looked pretty in her attire and had a face of a beauty, the attributes of an empress of a city.

She was attractive. It wasn’t only because of her good-looking face, but also her grade. A girl as young as her has already reached the Ninth Grade Combat King, she was a natural-born-abnormal.

“My G.o.d! This child is a Ninth Grade Combat King? Am I seeing it wrong?”

Tyrant’s eyes widened, unable to believe what he just saw. A Ninth Grade Combat King at the age of twelve or a thirteen? There were only a few of them like her in this continent. She must have started cultivating while she was still in her mother’s womb.

“This is Master Zuo’s daughter, Zuo Ling Er. She is twelve years old this year and has reached Ninth Grade Combat King, she is recognized as a genius in Yuan Yang City.”

Abbot Yuan Ming initiated to explain. His words were full of exultation and honor. Having a dazzling young genius in the Zuo family was truly something to be proud of. In truth, a Ninth Grade Combat King who was as young as her, not only would be a genius in Yuan Yang City, but also across the entire continent.

“Zuo family is very fortunate to have such a genius.”

Jiang Chen said.

Zuo Ling Er and her family landed outside of the monastery. It was a rule that they had to walk outside all the way into the monastery, they were not allowed to do the opposite, which was landing on the internal part of the monastery. The rule was set to show respect to Great Master Ran Feng.

Master Zuo and an Elder who were both First Grade Combat Emperors had gone to seclusion. Today’s prayer ceremony would be led by the Zuo family’s genius. It was the family’s honor to have her represent the Zuo family and she would be the most eligible to lead the cermony in front of Great Master Ran Feng.

Zuo Ling Er was a Ninth Grade Combat King, along with seven others, three of them were the same grade as her and four Eighth Grade Combat King. This combination of cultivators in a group was impressive in Yuan Yang City.

Yu Province was larger than Liang Province, with a lot of large powers and Combat Emperors. It wasn’t comparable to Liang Province’s Asura Palace.

Zuo Ling Er bounced in the direction of Abbot Yuan Ming and hugged him after she stepped into the monastery, “Uncle, Ling Er missed you so much!”

This girl’s body seemed thin and weak, but her strength was freakingly strong. After wobbling her uncle for two rounds, her uncle almost lost his balance.

“Little Er, don’t mess around, this is the monastery.”

Abbot Yuan Ming gave Zuo Ling Er a fond and affectionate look. Although he had become a monk, he couldn’t help growing very fond of this descendant of the Zuo family.

“Whee, why are there so many outsiders here today?”

Zuo Ling Er glanced at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in surprise. She didn’t notice Tyrant’s existence. This was because only monks of Ran Feng Monastery stayed here. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow weren’t monks, they were caught in her eyes at the beginning and was sure that they were outsiders.

“These are guests. Ling Er, go, kneel and bow down in front of Great Master Ran Feng. I will introduce them to you later, I believe you will be glad to know them.”

Abbot Yuan Ming said.


Zuo Ling Er hid her smile and returned to her serious face. She took big steps towards the statue. She was only twelve years old, but she was a lot more thoughtful than the other kids who were the same age as her. If she wasn’t eligible, Zuo family wouldn’t permit her to represent the family and lead this important ceremony.


When Zuo Er Ling made her first step and was just about to make the second, a rumbling as if from thunder was heard outside, which shook the entire mountain.

“It emerges at last.”

Jiang Chen squinted. The planned a.s.sa.s.sination was for the Zuo family or perhaps only for Zuo Ling Er. Yesterday Jiang Chen couldn’t figure out the real intention of the a.s.sa.s.sination, but after seeing Zuo Ling Er today, it all made sense to him now. An exceptional talent like her should be eliminated to clear off any obstacles in the future.

“Who is it?”

Abbot Yuan Ming’s face turned stern and clamored.

*Whizz* *Whizz* *Whizz*

As soon as abbot Yuan Ming’s voice faded, silhouettes of different people flew out from multiple directions towards the monastery. There were about twenty of them. They were all high grade Combat Kings, the weakest was at least an Eight Grade but most of them were Ninth Grade.

“Haha…It seems today will be the last time of Zuo family’s annual prayer ceremony.”

A person laughed. He seemed to be in his forties or fifties, he had a st.u.r.dy body behind his black clothes. The scary part of him was his grade: A First Grade Combat Emperor.

There is a First Grade Combat Emperor and tens of Ninth Grade Combat King and another tens of Eighth Grade Combat King. It was a frightening team. To the Zuo family, who hadn’t had even one First Grade Combat Emperor, it was going to be a destructive tragedy.

“Kong Yan, what is the meaning of all this?”

An elder of the Zuo family clamored, anger filled his face.

“What is the meaning? You think I am here to spend my time chatting with you, Zuo family? The spatial areas here are all sealed. All of you have to die here.”

Kong Yan announced without trying to hide his true intentions. There were two major powers in Yuan Yang City, they were the Zuo family and the Kong family. As the saying goes ‘a mountain can never fit two tigers’, these two families had been in conflict for so long, but the Kong family had never intended to raid the Ran Feng Monastery before. This was the reason that Zuo family permitted Zuo Ling Er to lead the prayer ceremony. They hadn't expected that the Kong family would launch a surprise attack on the monastery, and they had a First Grade Combat Emperor with them. As for the Combat Kings, only a few of them were Kong family’s members, most of them were probably hired to join the battle.

“Humph, you are the same as always. It seems that you have already set up an ambush before this, just to attack Aunty Er.”

Zuo Ling Er pointed at Kong Yan and said, “Unlike others, Aunty Er is a violent person, the girls aren’t allowed to fight”

“Sister, the little genius of Zuo family. You have grown fast, making the Kong family feel threatened. Also, the Nebula Sect is recruiting disciples, they have only two quotas in our City, thus only two people can enter from Yuan Yang City. Once you are dead, not only I have erased the potential threats, I can also grab those two quotas.”

Kong Yan smiled maliciously. Apparently, the Kong family had been preparing for this very day to come. They were informed that the Combat Emperor of the Zuo family had left for seclusion, therefore they would be able to get rid of Zuo Ling Er in Ran Feng monastery.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered when he heard of the recruitment of disciples by Nebula Sect, he finally found his chance.

“Too rude!”

Abbot Yuan Ming’s eyes were full of fury. “You, Kong family are really cunning to commit such wrongdoings. This is the holy land of the Buddha Sect, don’t you dare tarnish it!”

“Go f**k yourself. What dog’s fart holy land are you talking about? I am here so that the monastery and everything here will be razed to the ground. After obtaining the two quota of disciples.h.i.+p in Nebula Sect, the whole Yuan Yang City will be our Kong family’s. Soon, Kong family’s power will be on par with those major powers in Yu Province.”

Kong Yan was extremely c.o.c.ky, today, he won’t let anyone from the monastery to escape their deaths.

“Go! Destroy this monastery!”

Kong Yan shouted. The Combat Kings unleashed their auras, one of the Kong family’s Ninth Grade Combat King broke the parts and decorations of the big hall and stepped on the head of the statue of Great Master Ran Feng with his big leg.

“Haha…You all wors.h.i.+p an old monk, this is very silly.”

He mocked.


A sea of fury suddenly rushed out from Tyrant’s body and shot out in all directions. Both of his eyes turned red and stared at one of the Kong family member that was stepping on his master’s head. He had crossed Tyrant’s line, it was totally unacceptable.

“Get your a.s.s down the statue immediately, or else I will let you die in pain.”

Tyrant’s voice was ice cold, his words carried a horrifying murderous aura.