Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 597 – Murderous Aura

Chapter 597 – Murderous Aura

Murderous Aura

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They were fast. The distance between the forest and Ran Feng monastery was a thousand miles, but it didn’t matter to them, as they could reach it like blinking their eyes. As they moved nearer, Jiang Chen could see the summit of a mountain from afar, topped by a monastery. The size of the building was as expected, it is a small monastery.

The monastery was surrounded by mountains, the environment was magnificent, it is a good place for training. Places where the Buddha Sect is located always gave people a sense of harmony.

“Great Master Tyrant, that is Ran Feng Monastery, please follow me.”

Yuan Ming gestured in a polite way. Tyrant was young, but Yuan Ming didn’t attempt to belittle him, calling him Great Master. He was amazed by the pure Buddha light emitted by Tyrant.

“There are a total of thirty monks in Ran Feng Monastery. They are remote from mundane society and meditate here peacefully.”

Abbot Yuan Ming introduced his monastery to them. Although the monastery wasn’t big, it could fit in at least a few hundred monks. Thirty of them were too little. However, this was common because Buddha Sects were normally a minority in any province. Unlike the Great Lightning Tune Temple which was incomparable.

Tyrant nodded then they landed onto the monastery. There was an overhead bronze gate, topped by three words in gold colour, ‘Ran Feng Monastery.’

Tyrant held his palm to his other palm and bowed when he saw his master’s name, “Abbot, why do you call this monastery ‘Ran Feng monastery?’ I am from the Western Continent, and there is a Great Master there with the Dharma name ‘Ran Feng.’ Is it because there is a connection between Great Master Ran Feng and this monastery?”

When they heard Tyrant was from Western Continent, they were thrilled. They changed their view of him instantly.

“No wonder Great Master has such a pure Buddha light at such a young age. You are in fact a Great Master from the Western Continent. That’s right, the name is ‘Ran Feng Monastery’ because there is a connection between Great Master Ran Feng and this monastery. Great Master Tyrant, please, come in, I will explain them in detail.”

Abbot Yuan Ming said.

Tyrant had to find out the reason behind all of these, he was curious why they had named the monastery using his master’s Dharma name.

Jiang Chen was a.n.a.lysing the monastery, trying to distinguish the things that were special here, and finding out what was the possible connection with Great Master Ran Feng. Since Abbot Yuan Ming had mentioned that the name originated from him, there had to be some kind of connections, which made Jiang Chen interested.

The monastery was small but the big hall inside was grand. They sat on the empty chairs that were two rows facing each other. Tea was brewed for them.

“My name is Zuo Hui Shan, I originated from the Zuo family in Yuan Yang City. This monastery was non-existent forty years ago. At that time, there was an eminent monk from the Western Continent that saved my father when his life was endangered during his journey, his Dharma name was ‘Great Master Ran Feng’. After my father came back, he decided to build a monastery that had the statue of Great Master Ran Feng so that he and his disciples could wors.h.i.+p him in the monastery. When I found this place, I knew that the monastery fitted here. Over the course of forty years, even though my father had pa.s.sed away, Zuo family will always return here to wors.h.i.+p him every year.”

Abbot Yuan Ming explained, describing every detail of the history as if there was nothing to hide, there was no secret.

“So this is how it is.”

Tyrant and Jiang Chen finally understood its root. It was because Great Master Ran Feng had done a good deed, and they were doing this as a return to repay his kind deeds.

“Forty years ago, I wasn’t born yet. My master was travelling around, therefore saving the head of the Zuo family was not uncommon.”

Tyrant recalled, he was an abandoned baby that was saved by his master during his travels. If it wasn’t for Great Master Ran Feng’s kindness, he wouldn’t exist. Now that he could travel this far in the Mysterious Domain and found a monastery named after his master’s Dharma name, he felt very proud of his master and himself.

“Abbot said that there is a statue of Great Master Ran Feng, right? Can you lead me to it?”

Tyrant asked. If there was a statue of his master, he had to at least give his master a few kowtows.

“Great Master, this way.”

Abbot Yuan Ming rose on his feet, and walked out of the big hall. There was another big hall behind the previous hall. This wasn’t as grand as the previous hall, with very little decorations in its surroundings, but there was a large statue in it. It was the statue of Great Master Ran Feng.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant stepped into the hall and saw a large statue of ten feet tall, wearing an ancient yellow robe on its body. One of its hands was placed upright in front of its chest and it had a peaceful facial expression, it also had a white beard that made the statue to look like the real Great Master Ran Feng.


Tyrant called out for his master. He strode to the statue and knelt down, creating a puffing sound. He gently made three kowtows before standing up. Immediately, he felt a good impression for Zuo family’s sincere intention and the exquisite craftsmans.h.i.+p for making this statue so real.


Yuan Ming and Yuan Tong stood rooted to the ground after hearing it. Their facial expression changed, they weren’t foolish. Seeing how Tyrant wors.h.i.+p the statue, could it be…he is the disciple of Great Master Ran Feng?

Tyrant turned to Yuan Ming, “Abbott is right, I am Great Master Ran Feng’s disciple.”

“A high rank disciple of Great Master Ran Feng has arrived in our monastery. Until now, I haven’t witnessed the ability of Great Master Ran Feng, but now I have the chance to witness the power of his high rank disciple. I will have no more regrets.”

Abbot Yuan Ming was undoubtedly excited. He didn’t think that the young monk that he met was actually the disciple of his benefactor. Without a doubt, Yuan Ming was sure that only a superior being like Great Master Ran Feng could nurture a genius like Tyrant.

“Okay, I have given my kowtows to my master. I will come to visit often next time, but I can’t stay any longer as I have important matters on hand.”

Tyrant said. He felt relieved after knowing the origins of the monastery.

Abbot Yuan Ming’s expression changed knowing that Tyrant was leaving and said, “Great Master coincidentally arrived to our monastery, and tomorrow is the day of Zuo family wors.h.i.+pping Great Master Ran Feng that happens yearly. Why not stay overnight for the prayer ceremony? Allow our Zuo family to fulfil our duties as the owner of the Ran Feng Monastery before you leave.”

Tyrant twisted his head to look at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen knew this very well: the relations.h.i.+p between Tyrant and his master, and said, “We are putting today’s task off and continue on our journey after the prayer ceremony with Zuo family, it won’t take a lot of time.”

“What this man said is true, how do I address you?”

Abbot Yuan Ming faced Jiang Chen. His eyes were full of surprise and doubts. He saw through that Tyrant needed Jiang Chen’s permission to stay, this young lad must be the leader, which reminded him not to be neglectful.

“I am Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen said.

If it was the others who heard his name, astonishment would be the first reaction. Those incidents that happened in Liang Province had spread throughout the entire Mysterious Domain, Yu Province was not excluded, and people here knew who he was. But, Abbot Yuan Ming and the others were detached from society, they wouldn’t know about it.

“Jiang Chen, Great Master Tyrant, I have received the news that the young lady of Zuo family will come to replace the master of Zuo family who has been in the state of seclusion. Today, please stay and rest here.”

Abbot Yuan Ming said.

That night, Abbot Yuan Ming made arrangements specifically for them, letting them stay beside a peaceful and beautiful yard. The yard was grown with flowers and gra.s.ses, making the air cool and fresh, and making the environment natural. The view of the moon and stars from the yard was clear, plus a pleasant smell were consistently released by the flowers, it was perfect.

“I have never expected to see my master’s statue here. Zuo family knows how to show their grat.i.tude, they have been wors.h.i.+pping my master.”

Tyrant said and felt satisfied with what the Zuo family did.

“You stupid monk liked to be a serious monk the whole time. Aren’t you tired?”

Big Yellow walked to Tyrant.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I am originally a high rank monk, didn’t you hear what the Abbot called me? It was Great Master! You d.a.m.n dog dare to disrespect a Great Master… Ouch!”

Without having the chance to finish Tyrant’s threatening sentence, Big Yellow bit him on his b.u.t.tocks.

“Stupid dog, release your teeth! You dare to bite an eminent monk’s b.u.t.tocks? You want to die?!”

Tyrant continued to threaten and curse, but Big Yellow didn’t seem to be losing his grip on his b.u.t.tocks.

Jiang Chen moved outside quickly to watch the stars. When the two of them started a fight, there wouldn’t be an end.

The result was true. Tyrant got entangled with Big Yellow with the matter of hurting his back for half an hour. He glared at Big Yellow vengefully, “Decayed dog, if this place isn’t a monastery, I swear I will fix you! I am a Ninth Grade Combat King now!”

Big Yellow didn’t care about his threats at all and went to sleep on a big green rock.

Jiang Chen, who was looking up at the stars frowned suddenly. He casted his Great Soul Derivation Technique, releasing his soul aura and his eyes focused.

“There’s a murderous aura.”

Jiang Chen said it with a very cold tone.

Tyrant’s facial expression changed, Big Yellow swooshed and climbed from his rocky bed.

“Little Chen, what did you just say?”

Tyrant asked.

“I can sense a cloud of murderous aura surrounding this monastery. Even though it was hidden and concealed well, it can’t escape my senses.”

Jiang Chen said. Tyrant’s sense wasn’t as good as Jiang Chen’s, he hadn’t sensed anything. After listening to Jiang Chen, he tried casting Lotus Chant to detect the aura and just sensed a plain aura.

“This aura isn’t targeting us.”

Tyrant deduced.

“If it isn’t targeting us, it should be targeting the monastery.’

Big Yellow said.

“It is unlikely, the monastery has been here for forty years. If there’s anyone who wants to launch an attack to the place, it should’ve been done a long time ago. What’s the use of waiting until now? Plus it is also purposeless to hide the aura.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes reflected a brilliant light. His wisdom and composure was always on top of them.