Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 596 – Ran Feng Monastery

Chapter 596 – Ran Feng Monastery

Ran Feng Monastery

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They stopped from time to time during their journey since they had many encounters on the road. There were many roaming demons and devils that blocked their way, but Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had gotten rid of them without an issue, allowing Tyrant to focus in his meditation.

If they were to travel in full speed with their current power, they could use the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and travel through the Spatial Area in maximum speed, crossing different continents before reaching the Central of Mysterious Domain. However, Tyrant had entered into meditation all of a sudden. Therefore, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had to follow behind him, guarding him like his personal bodyguards to ensure his safety.

Three days later, as soon as they just got out of a foggy forest, they noticed some changes on Tyrant. A layer of golden light was covering his body, it was Buddha’s pure light. When it became so brilliant Tyrant sat down immediately with both of his lower legs crossed. Low and deep chanting was coming continuously from his mouth, lines of golden white Sanskrit were escaping his mouth as well, it was very holy.

Jiang Chen could make out the type of the chant, it was the Lotus Chant. It was a profound chant scripture. It seemed that during his meditation, Tyrant had been enlightened by the Lotus Chant. The s.h.i.+ning Sanskrit gradually surrounded and danced around his body, as though b.u.t.terflies were pollinating, which was very beautiful to look at.

The Light of Buddha shone far away in every direction, and ultimately becoming a pure golden light beam that sped up to the sky. Tyrant’s body started to float in mid-air and a blurred image of lotus had formed below him. He looked like a Buddha who was undeniably divine.

“Buddha Sect is a profound teaching. Although this monk didn’t restrain himself from alcohol and killings, he’s a person who has Buddha in his heart. Without that, he will not achieve such enlightenment.”

Big Yellow said.

“Absolutely, he acquired the Lotus Chant and summoned a lotus, it seems that this enlightenment is giving him a great boost in power. It will be out of our antic.i.p.ation of how many grades he will surpa.s.s. Perhaps he will surpa.s.s the Eighth Grade Combat King and reach the Ninth Grade Combat King.”

Jiang Chen envied. He could see it from his eyes what transformation Tyrant was undergoing. It wouldn’t only enhance his power but also his spiritual realm. The enhancement in his body from inside out would lead to great improvements, which would awaken the potential power of Buddha in him. In the future, he might be able to surpa.s.s Great Master Ran Feng.

“He is in a special condition now. I’m afraid this will last for a period of time. We have to be careful. We must not let anyone interrupt the process. Big Yellow, you need to cast a spell to protect this area. If you see any beast approach, kill it on sight.”

Jiang Chen said it in a solemn tone. This is a critical moment for Tyrant, he must not be disturbed. If he was distracted from the meditation, all of his efforts would be in vain and he had to start all over again.

There was a monastery a thousand miles away. It wasn’t a big temple, and there were only about several tens of people in it. At this point, an Elder Monk was sitting with his legs crossed under a big ritual bell, one of his hands was holding a string of golden Buddha beads.

His eyes suddenly opened, gazing at a far away direction. With the power of Buddha and his sensitive senses towards Buddha light, he could naturally see the Buddha light that shone from thousands of miles away.

“A very pure Buddha light!”

The Elder Monk was surprised.

At this moment, a silhouette sped and appeared before the elder monk. He was around his age, in his sixties. He also saw the Buddha light as the Elder Monk did.

“Abbot, it seems that there is a Buddha light coming from that direction, it has to be some high-ranking monk.”

The other Elder Monk said.

“Such pure Buddha light is very powerful, my power is far less than that. It seems a high-ranking monk of Buddha Sect has arrived in Yu Province. Let’s welcome him.”

The Abbot of the monastery said before transforming into golden light and flew to the source of the light, followed by the other Elder Monk.

In the lush forest, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had fortified their defenses against unknown enemies. They suddenly saw two silhouettes approaching them in the sky. As time pa.s.sed, two people wearing robes could be seen approaching them. One was an Eighth Grade Combat King and the other one had reached the Ninth Grade Combat King, they were powerful but not powerful enough to defeat Jiang Chen’s group.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow raised their guards, but the two elder monks didn’t go any nearer to them after landing on the ground.

“There is an eminent monk meditating here, we must not interrupt him. He is a genuine disciple of Buddha Sect who needs to be respected.”

The Abbot of monastery said. They fixed their gazes on the monk who was in the process of enlightenment. Then they let their palms touch their own palms and positioned themselves in mid-air, not intending to move any nearer an inch.

“They don’t seem malevolent.”

Jiang Chen smiled. His sharp senses told him everything, their conversation was very audible in his ears. He knew instantly that they were here because of the Buddha’s light.

“This place has to be the Yu Province of Mysterious Domain. Does Mysterious Domain has monks?”

Big Yellow was trying to find out why.

“What do you know? Fart? The disciples of Buddha Sect are everywhere, it is not just in the Western Continent that many monks go to. Temples and monastery can be found throughout the Divine Continent, their numbers may be not much, but all of them meditate in front of Buddha all the time, in search for detachment of their desires and find peace. That is why we can’t see them often out on the street. These two Elder Monks are from a monastery in Yu Province. When they meet a high-ranking monk, they must have great respect for him. Therefore, they will naturally come to find him.”

Jiang Chen explained.

Big Yellow felt that he had learnt something amazing, as though he was enlightened by Jiang Chen’s explanation. Now he knew that Buddha Sect not only existed in the Western Continent, and Great Lightning Tune Temple wasn’t the only powerful Buddha Sect. Many of them were located in a lot of provinces in the continent and other continents as well, Heavenly One Sect was just one of them.

Tyrant’s Qi became stronger, along with his Buddha light. The blurry image of lotus under him slowly became clearer. This process went on for half an hour, and then, Tyrant’s Qi rose to another notch, reaching the Eighth Grade Combat King.

It continued to rise without pausing! It was like what happened to Jiang Chen in Saint’s Cliff, pus.h.i.+ng his grade by two.

“This bald donkey’s advancement is too abrupt! He is going to reach the Ninth Grade.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled.

“Not only that. The enlightenment this time has helped him build a base for advancement into Combat Emperor Realm, which means, he can easily make his way to the First Grade Combat Emperor after this.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. So, it was true that when one achieve a certain enlightenment, that person could defy G.o.d’s will to a certain extent.

As Jiang Chen expected, Tyrant entered the Ninth Grade Combat King after half an hour. He finally stopped at a level above the basic level of the Ninth Grade Combat King, which was beyond ordinary.


All the Buddha light swooshed and returned to Tyrant’s body. Tyrant opened his eyes and landed slowly from the air. He took a deep breath and laughed for the advancement he had just achieved.

“Wakaka, I say to you…Amitabha!”

Tyrant approached Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, attempting to show off. But when he saw two Elder Monk flying towards him, his facial expression changed instantly and became rigid and stern like a high-ranking monk.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt nauseated by his action. The way he acted was too real. They laughed even harder when they saw Tyrant’s acting skill had improved. To save Tyrant’s face, they suppressed their laughter, as though they suffered a temporary constipation.

“I have the urge to slam his face.”

Jiang Chen whispered.

“I want to fart at his face.”

Big Yellow exclaimed with low tone.

Tyrant heard their comments, especially Big Yellow’s. He shuddered lightly while stepping a few steps back.

At this time, the two elder monk descended from the sky and moved towards Tyrant. Both palms touching their own palms and said with utmost sincerity, “I don’t know that you have arrived in Yu Province, forgive our delayed welcome. I am Abbot Yuan Ming of Ran Feng Monastery in Yu Province, this is my junior fellow, and his Dharma name is Yuan Tong.”

Yuan Ming announced his ident.i.ty.

“I am Monk Tyrant. You just said that you two came from Ran Feng Monastery?”

Monk Tyrant didn’t pay attention to their Dharma names, but the two words ‘Ran Feng’ were heard clearly. A monastery in Yu Province of Mysterious Domain used his master’s name, ‘Ran Feng,’ as the name of their monastery. Was this a coincidence?

“That’s right, it is Ran Feng Monastery. Great Master Tyrant, why not pay a visit to our place?”

Yuan Ming invited him.

“Good. I travel everywhere and will go to any temple or monastery if I see one.”

Tyrant accepted his invitation. He recalled that their destination was the Central Point of Mysterious Domain. Even though Yu Province was not very far from the Central Point, there would still be a long distance ahead of them. They shouldn’t delay their schedule but he needed to find out about this monastery that used his master’s name. He wanted to check this place and see whether there were any disrespectful things for his master.

“This is great.”

Yuan Ming was pleased. It was their honor to be able to invite such an eminent monk.

“These two are…”

Yuan Ming looked at them.

“They are my friends.”

Tyrant responded.

Afterwards, a group of people that were led by the two Elder Monks flew towards Ran Feng Monastery. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow understood fully why the sudden change of destination, they knew how much Master Ran Feng was worth in his heart. Or else Tyrant would have declined the invitation.

On the way, Tyrant didn’t attempt to smile and remained his firm facial expression, the expression of an eminent monk, and that made his two friends’ laughter to almost erup.

“Master Dog wants to see how long this stupid monk’s pretense will last.”

Big Yellow tried to wink at Tyrant, but he had no response. He was now totally a high monk.