Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 595 – Fragments of Heavenly Saint Sword

Chapter 595 – Fragments of Heavenly Saint Sword

Fragments of Heavenly Saint Sword

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At this moment, the atmosphere around the Big Central Hall was filled with a strong devil aura, making the air denser. Hundreds of them were unleashed, each of them was glimmering with terrifying light.

“These are devil souls. The devil souls of demons. My G.o.d…How did you get this many of them?”

“This is unbelievable! Even though these devil souls are the lowest of grade in the Devil King realm, these things were still invaluable. Look at that one, an Eighth Grade Devil King? How did Jiang Chen get so many devil souls?”

“At that time, the Devil Race intruded the large continent. They were forced back into the Devil World by the powerful cultivators from Pure Land and Buddha Sect. The Devil World was the neighbour of the Western Continent. It was controlled by the Great Lightning Tune Temple. It was said that many major powers in the Western Continent trained in the Devil World, they would kill the demons to obtain the devils’ souls and sell them to the Devil Religions in large cities. Only the Devil Religions which had influential power like the Dark Devil Religion was qualified to make a trade with them. Heavenly Devil Palace wasn’t qualified for the trade. It is hard to believe that Jiang Chen has obtained so many devil souls.”

“Every devil soul contained the essence of a demon. It is very precious to us or for the cultivators of Devil Religions. The power would be endlessly greater after the cultivation is complete.”

“Jiang Chen is too generous for giving out so many of devil souls.”


The people who stood in the Centre Big Hall were all High Grade Elders. It was not just them who were shocked, Dark Min Zi himself couldn’t imagine that this was true. He didn’t know how Jiang Chen got this much devil souls that even one of them is of Eighth Grade Devil King.

“Brother Jiang, how…how did you get so many devil souls?”

Dark Min Zi was petrified.

“I have entered into the Devil World and killed some of the demons there. My intention was to trade these devil souls away. But, since you have helped me a lot, I will give you these devil souls in return for your help. You think these devil souls are too little?”

Jiang Chen smiled and waved his hand and all the devil souls were sucked into a Heavenly Earth Ring. The ring automatically flew towards Dark Min Zi. That amount wasn’t going to take away all of the devil souls as he still had a lot of them. The time when he was in the Devil world, he obtained a part of the devil souls after killing the demons and mostly from looting some masters’ devil souls. Therefore, a hundred of them wasn’t a big deal to him.

As for Heaven Rank Restoration pills, he wasn’t in need of it since he had received ten million pills from Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist each. His advancement to Eighth Grade Combat King had consumed a million and left with nineteen million of them. So, he wouldn’t be worrying for pills for a while.

‘Too little?’

Was he joking? If a hundred of devil souls was too little, everyone in the Central Big Hall including Dark Min Zi himself would want to slap him on the face. This was a huge wealth. The benefits it would bring to Heavenly Devil Palace were great, it could be used to nurture many young geniuses.

“Brother Jiang, I am very grateful for such a great gift. I know that you are interested in Heaven Rank Restoration pills, here is three million of them. Please accept them.”

Dark Min Zi held out another Heavenly Earth Ring that contained three million Heaven Rank Restoration pills and sent it to Jiang Chen. Apparently, the pills had already been prepared by Dark Min Zi before Jiang Chen’s arrival and he would give it to him even without his gift.

“Okay, if this is the case then I will accept them.”

As a courtesy, Jiang Chen accepted the ring. These were energy pills and were very useful to him. While he was cultivating Dragon Transformation Art, the energy consumption was still unknown. It was impossible to estimate until he reached the grade of Minor Saint, which would be the time when the Heaven Rank Restoration pills weren’t effective to him anymore. It was when he would need ma.s.sive amount of Saint Restoration pills to support his refinery. It sounded scary enough for such a great consumption, it gave Jiang Chen a headache just thinking about it.

“Brother Jiang, over here. Your old brother, have fulfilled his duty as the lord of this palace.”

Dark Min Zi said and smiled, addressing himself as Jiang Chen’s old brother, treating Jiang Chen as his peer to show how much he admired him. In reality, Jiang Chen’s current power now was eligible to be one of Dark Min Zi’s peers even without his intention to use Jiang Chen in establis.h.i.+ng connections with the young master of the Dark Devil religion. He was now an Eighth Grade Combat King, which was way more powerful than two days ago. If he fought with Dark Min Zi, he would undoubtedly gain the upper hand.


At this time, a deep roar that came from a faraway spatial area rang into the entire hall. Everyone raised their heads to look for the source of the sound. Far away, a very bright sword could be seen. They could sense the wave of combat power, there had to be people having battles.

“Such powerful aura, it is an intense fight.”

“That place must be far away from here, out of the radius of Liang Province. It is unimaginable that the sound was able to travel all the way to here. I can also sense the pressure of their auras. The one who casted the spell has to be a master at the level of a Minor Saint. It is really hard to estimate how powerful it is.”

“Who are battling? The force can even travel far away from the battle site to here, it is scary.”

All the people in the Central Big Hall were commenting about the sound and aura. They couldn’t figure out how powerful a Minor Saint could be, but Tyrant was very clear about it. His master was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, he could kill a Ninth Grade Combat King by just staring at him through the incarnation created by a G.o.dly Chant. Their powers were completely beyond comprehension.


The light of a sword was reflected into the hall again. The two opponents were master cultivators, their ability was hard to estimate and it frightened one’s spirit. Jiang Chen’s gaze fixed on the source of light reflected from the swords, his focused gaze turned into a pleasant one, because he could sense a familiarity from the light of the sword. It was unmistakably the familiarity that came from Heavenly Saint Sword. Someone had found the fragments of Heavenly Saint Sword and used it to create another new weapon.

“Master Dark, who do you think are battling?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Judging from this terrifying power, the fighters must be at least a Minor Saint. In the Mysterious City, there are only five major powers who are this powerful. That sharp and brilliant light of sword was able to travel from a place so far away from ours. Perhaps, it is Master Xing Yun Zong. I heard that the sword that he is holding is a peerless sword. Some also said that he was very lucky to obtain one of the fragments of the sword left by the Greatest Saint. In several years time, he had completed the fusion of the fragment with its weapon and that is the sword he possesses now. My guess must be right, he has to be Master Xing Yun Zong because there aren’t a lot of swordsman in the five major powers.

Dark Min Zi replied.


Another clash was heard and then followed by the disappearance of their auras, as if the battle was over. But Jiang Chen couldn’t stay calm. The fourth fragment of the sword finally appeared.

“I think I know what my next target now.’

A glimmer of light reflected off Jiang Chen’s eyes. At first he didn’t have any idea where to go, but after this, he knew from his heart that his next location would be the Mysterious Domain. He had to find ways to enter the Nebula sect. He didn’t care who it was, his main priority was to retrieve his lost item. He had to get it back even if it was Master Xing Yun Zong, he wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n about him.

At dawn, Jiang Chen said his farewells to Dark Min Zi and the others before the three of them headed to the Center of Mysterious Domain.

“Little Chen, where are we headed?”

Big Yellow asked.

“We are on our journey to the Center of the Mysterious Domain. I am going to join Nebula sect.”

Jiang Chen replied.

“What is the use of joining Nebula sect?”

Tyrant was surprised, not knowing what Jiang Chen was trying to do.

“I have my own plans. We will go there and gather information. Joining into the Nebula Sect isn’t going to be easy, we have to find a chance.”

Jiang Chen said. He knew that Nebula Sect didn’t simply accept disciples.h.i.+p from outsiders at any time. The registration for disciples.h.i.+p only happened at a specific time in a year. If anyone who missed the date, it was impossible to enter unless the person had connections with the members in the sect.

Tyrant and Big Yellow didn’t know why he had to go there. To them, The Centre of Mysterious Domain was a compet.i.tive but enjoyable place to live at.

The distance from Liang Province to the Center of Mysterious Domain was very far. They had to fly across tens of large continents to arrive at their destination. Jiang Chen wasn’t hurrying, he was enjoying the beautiful scenery of the continents along his journey.

Tyrant didn’t say a single word in three days time, as if he had entered into some kind of state, especially when he was moving across the old forested terrain in the mountains. He would stare at something, focusing on it for a long time; two hours at the very least.

“What happened to you Tyrant? Why have you become so silent suddenly? I am not used to it.”

Big Yellow asked curiously.

“Buddha’s teachings mentioned about enlightenment. The eminent monk in Buddha Sect that meditated would take more than ten years just to achieve enlightenment. Tyrant was doing a soul searching in the path to enlightenment, fully immersing himself into his own world. A world of peace where he had to integrate himself into the nature in order to find the feeling of detachment from his physical body. The enlightenment was extremely difficult to achieve, so we must not disturb him, we must follow his footsteps while slowing down ours.”

Jiang Chen could see through it. The sudden feeling of enlightenment struck Tyrant, he was extremely lucky to meet it, it was something that could only be met by chance.

‘An insight from the enlightenment could shock the heavens’, this phrase wasn’t nonsense. Tyrant was a genius in Buddha Sect, who was able to meditate at a very young age. Once he had achieved enlightenment, he would push his grade to the Eighth Grade Combat King or even the Ninth Grade Combat King.

Enlightenment could bring unimaginable power and energy to people. Inside Tyrant’s body, the Relics and Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills’ effect were the enhancement. His pool of energy was deemed super strong. The higher the pool of energy a person had, the better their chances to achieve enlightenment.

“This dude is also abnormal? He can just simply achieve enlightenment and advance his Combat King Grade.”

Big Yellow said it with admiration.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes at his friend’s immaturity. He thought to himself ‘simply achieve enlightenment?’ what if he tried to do it.

This dog must be depending on sleep to advance his Combat King Grade.