Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 566 – Danger is Safety

Chapter 566 – Danger is Safety

Danger is Safety

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To Big Yellow, Ferghana Stallion’s blood essence was far more important than the demon spirit. Extracting the Ferghana Stallion’s blood essence was not easy, it had to be done at the moment it was killed. If there was some delay, the blood essence in its body would be exstinguished along with the life of the Stallion.

Extracting the blood essence from the Ferghana Stallion wasn’t considered an easy feat. But to Jiang Chen, he was well-versed in the method.

Very soon, a small amount of blood essence was drawn. However, several black threads could be seen within the essence. The Profound Nine Solar Pill was clearly highly toxic. The lethal toxin had penetrated into the essence of Ferghana Stallion. It was a frightening concept. Of course, if it wasn’t for the lethal poison that took effect on the Ferghana Stallion’s body, Jiang Chen’s would need a backup plan as killing it without the poison would not be as easy as it was.


Jiang Chen waved his palm and the big formation disappeared along with the movement of his palm. The battle that had just taken place was responsible for the carnage in the surrounding areas. The mountains crumbled and collapsed, clouds of black smoke were rising into the air. The carca.s.s of the Ferghana Stallion was not far away; Jiang Chen didn’t even bother to look at it.

“Wow! You are truly a sinister fellow. The formidable stallion was slain by your hands!”

The Tyrant walked over to Jiang Chen and flashed him a thumb. The death of the Ferghana Stallion was perfect in every way; the execution of this flawless plan impressed him to no end.

“Little Chen not only possesses great combat strength, he also shows tremendous potential. I would not believe what occurred today if I had not witnessed it for myself.”

Tan Lang laughed and spoke. Jiang Chen’s strategy against the Ferghana Stallion’s life was cunning and cruel. This was eligible to be recorded in the history book.

One’s power could be judged by his combat strength and means of killing, but also the intelligence of the individual. A true G.o.d of war was never reckless.

“Big Yellow had been unconscious for too long. It's time to wake him up.”

Jiang Chen spoke. Big Yellow was knocked out in his attempt to save Jiang Chen. He could not express his sense of guilt. His only option was to heal Big Yellow back to health.

“But, Jiang Chen, even if the demon spirit of Ferghana Stallion has been extinguished, its blood essence contains deadly poison. Big Yellow would die if he consumes it.”

Tyrant spoke with a concerned tone. He could recall the death of the Ferghana Stallion after it was poisoned. The memory instantly sent a jolt down his spine. This toxicity of this poison was too strong, it was very likely Big Yellow would also die from the poison.

“Little Chen must know of ways to rid the poison in the blood essence.”

Tan Lang spoke.

“No, to remove the poison from the blood, we can only refine it with Fiery Thunder, but this method will destroy a majority of the essence of the blood, thus, greatly diminis.h.i.+ng its effects. The benefits of the blood essence and demon spirit of a Ninth Grade Demon King will overcome any side effects of the toxin. I will let Big Yellow consume this essence of blood without any refining."

Jiang Chen continued.


Tyrant and Tan Lang exclaimed. This was no different than gambling.

“There is no need to worry, this poison was able to take effect on the Ferghana Stallion’s body, but Big Yellow will be fine. His body can deal with it by filtering it out of the body.”

Jiang Chen said it with a smile. This poison wouldn’t do Big Yellow any damage as Jian Chen remembered how he coped with the Dark Python poison Jiang Chen unleashed onto him. Big Yellow was fine after a short series of vomiting.

“Are you serious? This is madness!”

Tyrant and Tan Lang rolled their eyes a few times in disbelief. It seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn’t the only abnormal being. Big Yellow Hound was also an unexplainable anomaly. As long as there weren't any external distractions when Big Yellow consumed the blood essence, he wouldn't be in any danger. They did not doubt anymore. They believed Jiang Chen wouldn’t put Big Yellow’s life at risk.

“If that is what you believe, feed him the blood now!”

“No, I have to find a quiet location for Big Yellow. This is our priority as Ferghana Stallion’s death will soon be detected by the masters of the Invincible Sect. Now we have to find a safer place."

A beast on the level of the Ferghana Stallion possessed its own pride; It wouldn’t allow anyone to ride on its back in normal circ.u.mstances. However, the master of Invincible Sect had a very close relations.h.i.+p with this beast, they had established a companions.h.i.+p. So, its death would cause a great deal of grief to the master.

“There is a safe place.”

Tyrant grinned.

“The Heavenhawk Island.”

Jiang Chen and Tyrant spoke the words out simultaneously, they were spelling out the name of the island.

“That’s right, the most dangerous place is the safest place to be. We ravaged all over Heavenhawk Island and ma.s.sacred so many of the Asura Palace’s people. They must be looking for us everywhere, but never in their lives would they suspect that we are going to take refuge on their island/"

Perhaps Tan Lang had been closely examining Tyrant and Jiang Chen all this while, his thought process had improved drastically.

Then, the extremely audacious trio decided to travel to the Chaotic Ocean after their discussion. Although Heavenhawk Island had been ravaged, it wasn’t hard to find a place to hide. This was because the island had become a wasteland. To Jiang Chen, it was the safest place to hide.

On the top of Gorge Mountain was a flat and wide open area. It was the battle arena of the four great geniuses of State of Liang. As dawn approached, the war kings of the four major powers emerged. A battle was impending.

The master of Invincible Sect was of average height. He was wearing a clean and light yellow robe and seemed to be somewhere in his fifties, but he showed absolutely no signs of the fatigue that came with old age. His face was without a beard or mustache. A thick, dark long hair twisted neatly in a bun. His eyebrows were exuding a calm but proud and an intimidating expression. He was a war king, a warrior many battles. As the master of Invincible Sect, his gestures were never far away from the n.o.bles. He was coined the Invincible Nie, a contemporary master of Invincible Sect.

Besides him were an old man and a young cultivator. The old man looked like he was already in his seventies, he was obviously frail, but his eyes had a piercing look. He was no doubt an elder from the Invincible Sect. The other war king seemed much younger. He might be only thirty years of age, but his cultivation matched Xiao Nan Feng’s.

He was a man of st.u.r.dy stature donning linen-made clothes.

On his back was a golden spear, illuminating a golden radiance to his surroundings. Part of the aura he exuded had to do with his arrogant expression. He had the right to be arrogant; his name was Qian Wen Yu, the number one genius of Invincible Sect who was a Ninth Grade Combat King. Wen Yu approached Xiao Nen Feng of the Asura Palace in combat ability.

At this moment, Invincible Nie’s calm facial expression underwent a dramatic s.h.i.+ft. His body shook as if he had experienced a ma.s.sive shock. He coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Who did this?”

Both of his eyes started turning red as his demeanor slowly descended into that of a mad man. He roared facing the sky surprising everyone. They were staring at their master having no idea why he had become so furious. His anger could almost be felt. It seemed as if there was a serious problem.

“Master, what's wrong?” asked Qian Wen Yu.

“Someone has slain my Ferghana stallion” Invincible Nie’ eyes were exuding a fiery light.

“What? The Ferghana Stallion is a Ninth Grade Demon King, it possesses incredible combat power. All the great war kings of State of Liang are gathered here, who could have the power to contend with it?”

The elder watched in shock. They knew very well that a strong relations.h.i.+p existed between Ferghana Stallion and Invincible Nie.

“So brother Invincible Nie's Ferghana Stallion was murdered.”

A voice rang out from the opposite side. That person seemed to be around the same age as Li Tian Yang, who was in his early middle-age. He was wearing a black robe, with a ferocious head skull of a devil embroidered on his chest. He was the master of Sky Devil Palace, a new generation of the King of Devil, Dark Ming Zi.

The four major powers in the State of Liang had been competing amongst each other, their relations.h.i.+ps with one another weren't great, especially the relations.h.i.+p between Sky Devil Palace and the other three powers. Dark Ming Zi was the happiest amongst them all after hearing about the death of Invincible Nie’s Ferghana Stallion.

“Dark Ming Zi, was it you who ordered someone to murder my Ferghana Stallion?”

Invincible Nie pointed at Dark Ming Zi with his spear.

“If you say I am the murderer, so what?”

The facial expression of Invincible Nie didn’t concern Dark Ming Zi.

“Haha, Invincible Nie, two devil kings of Sky Devil Palace are present today, your Ferghana Stallion possesses a strength of a Ninth Grade Demon King. Very few people in the State of Liang are capable of killing your Stallion, not to mention it died in your territory. I think there must be an outside force in play here.” said Li Tian Yang.

“Humph, I don’t care who it is, anyone who dares to kill my Ferghana Stallion will die under my hands!”

Invincible Nie spat that sentence with rage. He turned to the elder and Qian Wen Yu before continuing, ”The two of you will stay here and continue to fight. I will return and see who has the extreme courage to kill my precious mount.

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he vanished without giving the elder and Qian Wen Yu the opportunity to respond.

As Invincible Nie was rapidly making his way back from Gorge Mountain, Jiang Chen's group had hidden themselves perfectly in Heavenhawk Island. The Heavenhawk Island resembled a barren wasteland after yesterday night’s intense battle. Not a single person was present on the island, not even the people of Asura Palace. The people of Asura Palace wouldn’t think that Jiang Chen would be here.

Jiang Chen simply found a s.p.a.cious cave to hide in. He took Big Yellow out from his Dan Tian and placed him on the ground. Circles of golden light drifted onto his body, the effect of the Thunder Dragon Nine Solar Pill was not disappointing. It was helping him to recuperate. When Big Yellow woke up, the full effect of Thunder Dragon Nine Solar Pill would reveal itself.