Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 567 – The fury of Invincible Nie

Chapter 567 – The fury of Invincible Nie

The fury of Invincible Nie

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“Little Chen, Big Yellow’s life energy is becoming stronger. It seems that the Thunder Dragon Nine Solar Pill is having some effect,” Tyrant couldn’t help saying.

He was staring at Big Yellow, who was laying on the ground full of energy. He had taken a Thunder Dragon Nine Solar Pill before, and was well aware of the incredible power it had. With the support of some relics and the pill, he could push his combat king combat level to the seventh grade in no time.

It isn’t easy to break through to the sixth grade. It’s one of the later grades in the combat king realm, after all, and is naturally harder than the grades before it. But, with the aid of some relics and the Thunder Dragon Nine Solar pill, it wouldn’t be too difficult to reach this higher level.

“You’re right. Big Yellow’s body and internal injuries have recovered completely. What has to happen now is that the Ferghana Stallion’s blood essence and demon spirit awaken Big Yellow’s dragon-horse blood.

Jiang Chen gave a cold smile as the thought of Big Yellow’s awakening floated around in his head. This was indeed good news.

Tan Lang shook his head, “I was shocked when I heard Big Yellow has the body of the legendary Dragon-horse Beast. He looks like a hound, nothing like a dragon-horse.”

The dragon-horse beast was a divine and valiant creature. Who would think that a hound is related to the legendary dragon-horse beast? It was really a joke.

“Our world is full of wonders. There must be some special reason for Big Yellow’s form. When he finally takes on the true form of the dragon-horse beast, he will surely be very powerful,” said Jiang Chen.

There were many things in this world that couldn’t be understood. There were many exceptional species. Jiang Chen was one of them himself. Even now he had not fully grasped how he should train the Dragon-transformation skill. He believed there was more than one was to train the skill; there had to be some great secret to training it. The Blood Talisman of Purgatory h.e.l.l in Purgatory City had aroused a sense of familiarity within Jiang Chen. It had increased his blood flow, and had automatically activated the dragon-transforming skill.

There was no doubt that that situation was truly abnormal. Jiang Chen wasn’t an idiot. He had lived two lifetimes; his experience and knowledge wasn’t comparable to any normal human. He knew about the connection between the blood talisman and dragon-transforming skill. He understood that he had to return to Purgatory h.e.l.l once he mastered the dragon-transforming skill; the blood talisman occupied a big portion of his memory.

“With the blood essence and demon spirit of a Ninth Grade Demon King, plus the Thunder Dragon Nine Solar pill in Big Yellow’s body, there is no limit to this guy’s power,” Tyrant said jealously.

Big Yellow had the body of a Dragon-horse beast. As he regained his consciousness, his blood would undergo another metamorphosis. It was similar to Jian Chen’s Nirvana rebirth. The transformation with the help of the blood essence and demon spirit of a Ninth Grade Demon King made it difficult to estimate the power Big Yellow would possess.

“If I’m not mistaken, Big Yellow can reach Sixth Grade Demon King at the very least. He might even reach Seventh Grade Demon King or higher,” Jiang Chen said with confidence.

He was honestly not too sure how many level boundaries Big Yellow could break through. Big Yellow’s body contained four elements, after all - blood essence, demon spirit, Thunder Dragon Nine Solar Pill, and the blood metamorphosis of the Dragon-horse beast. He couldn’t make a good tentative estimation under these circ.u.mstances.

This was a good chance for Big Yellow, none-the-less. ‘If you do not die in a disaster, you will reborn’, or so the saying went.

A cool breeze whispered through the air, but the atmosphere in Heavenhawk Island was dead quiet. It had been thus ever since the intense battle of the previous night. This was now the burial ground of many disciples of the Asura Palace, so many people were too afraid to go near the town. No one could be found within a ten-mile radius of the island. People who could travel on the sea would even circle around the island. They didn’t dare to go past the island directly.

For this situation, it was in Jiang Chen and his buddies’ best interest. Everyone wouldn’t have thought of this, they would expect Jiang Chen to escape and disappear from the State of Liang after the battle. No one would have thought he was still in the Heavenhawk Island.

In the s.p.a.cious cave, Jiang Chen was injecting all the blood essence and demon spirit into Big Yellow’s body. This was all he could do for his friend. The rest Big Yellow had to do himself. Tyrant and Tan Lang still had some worries for him, especially considering the deadly poison contained within the blood essence. This poison was the mixture of the poison from dark poisonous clams and dark poisonous pythons. Not even the Ferghana Stallion could withstand this poison, any flaw was harmful to Big Yellow. However, Jiang Chen’s facial expression was confident, there wasn’t a single trace of worry on it. It made the two relieved - they shouldn’t worry about anything Jiang Chen wasn’t worrying about.

Meanwhile, the master of Invincible Sect, Invincible Nie, was on his way back from Gorge Mountain. His heart was connected to the heart of the Ferghana Stallion, so he could discover its whereabouts easily. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen had left the scene, and only the the ruins and the dissected carca.s.s were left in the area.

“Who did this? Who exactly did this?” raged Invincible Nie.

The fury of a war king rose up to the sky above the valleys. The demon beasts and beginners within a few hundred miles s.h.i.+vered with fear. They could feel the intense rage rising out of nowhere.

“d.a.m.n! I don’t care who it is, I will find the person and send him to the gates of h.e.l.l.”

Invincible Nie’s fury was rus.h.i.+ng to the sky. There was no way for him to calm down. The Ferghana Stallion wasn’t just his mount, it was his best friend. The two of them were companions. Their relations.h.i.+p involved the connection of their blood. When the horse was killed, Invincible Nie was injured, and his blood essence was damaged. It was no longer possible for Invincible Nie to reach Second Grade War King in one year. Blood essence couldn’t be recovered in a short period of time, so it would take him at least three years to reach the next level.

After a period of fury, Invincible Nie finally calmed down. He started contemplating the matter deeply. He began to think of the possible causes of the incident. Him being one of the contemporary kings of Invincible Sect proved that he was a superb individual

‘Ferghana Stallion normally located itself on the summit of Invincible. If there isn’t an important matter, it wouldn’t leave Invincible Sect. How could it appear in this desolate place? There is nothing in this valley that could possibly attract it, not to mention with its level of Demon King, no one in the State of Liang should be able to kill it. Even if I were to attack it, there would still be room for it to escape.’

Invincible Nie thought carefully about the key points of the matter.

After a while he turned around, and disappeared. He was heading to Invincible Sect.

Currently, the circ.u.mstance in Invincible Sect was still the same, no one knew that Ferghana Stallion was killed until the powerful fury reached the mountains of Invincible Sect. The flaring of such great power left no one with any illusions; something big had happened.

“What happen? I thought master was bringing along brother Qian Wen Yu to Gorge Mountain? Why has master returned with such a furious aura?”

“I have no idea either. In all the years I have been in Invincible Sect, this is the first time I’ve witnessed our master’s fury.”

“There must be a reason. Didn’t you notice that only master returned? Neither Elder nor Qian Wen Yu was with him. The battle at Gorge Mountain must not be over. There must be something more important than the battle that forced master to return.”

Everyone was surprised, all of the disciples of Invincible Sect were shocked. The had no idea what had happened.

“Did anyone see when Ferghana Stallion left Invincible Sect?”

Invincible Nie hovered in the air above Invincible Sect. His voice reverberated in the ears of every disciple and elder. Some of them even hummed in pain.

A few combat kings flew to Invincible Nie’s side. The weakest of the elders was at the eighth grade, and the strongest was in the ninth grade. Not even they could remember a time when they had seen the master so furious.

“Master, I didn’t see Ferghana Stallion leave. Has something happened to it?”

One ninth grade combat king elder asked curiously.

“Humph, Ferghana Stallion was murdered in a valley. There must be a reason for this, someone must have done it deliberately.”

Invincible Nie humphed in an impolite way. He wasn’t surprised that no one knew of his horse’s absence. If he wanted to sneak out of the sect, no one would notice him leave.

“What? Ferghana Stallion is dead?” a few elders exclaimed in surprise.

Their faces were full of disbelief. If these words weren’t coming out of Invincible Nie’s mouth, they wouldn’t believe it at all. However, this was the truth; Ferghana Stallion was dead. They finally understood why their master was so furious. Everyone know how important the horse was to their master.

“No way! How could Ferghana Stallion be murdered? So this is why our master is so angry, he even abandoned his battle in Gorge Mountain, and returned to Invincible Sect alone.”

“Who did this? Who has the nerve to plot to kill Ferghana Stallion?”

“What I was curious about is the war kings of four major powers were already in the Gorge Mountain. Who could be the opponent of the horse in the whole State of Liang? Could it be there are still other war kings hidden in this state or war kings from other big states? But our sect has a good reputation and hasn’t offended anyone.”


The atmosphere in Invincible Sect became nervous. The death of Ferghana Stallion could start a storm in Invincible Sect. Not only this area, it could perhaps affect the entire State of Liang. The fury of Invincible Nie wouldn’t only stimulate their group. His burning desire of revenge on his horse’s killer would ignite everyone in the State of Liang.