Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 565 – Powerless to Turn the Tables

Chapter 565 – Powerless to Turn the Tables

Chapter 565 - Powerless to Turn the Tables

"What's going on?"

The Ferghana Stallion was knocked back, and only then did he realize that the surrounding s.p.a.ce had been sealed off by a formation. This formation was extremely profound, and he could tell that it was created by an amazing person. The illusionary realm he had previously seen was brilliantly setup as well, that’s why he wasn’t aware of it when he arrived.

In fact, Jiang Chen was one of the major reasons that he was in this situation, as the Ferghana Stallion would never have expected a disciple of the Invincible Sect to plot against him. That’s why he didn’t take any precautions against Jiang Chen.

“Ferghana Stallion, there is no way you can escape today. Prepare to die!”

Without saying anything elder, the Heavenly Saint Sword once again aggressively slashed toward the Ferghana Stallion. If the Ferghana Stallion was at his strongest, he might have a chance of breaking out of this formation laid down by Jiang Chen. However, in his current condition, it would be rather difficult to do so, let alone the fact that Jiang Chen would never give him the chance to try.

“d.a.m.n kid! Today, I’ll let you know that an emaciated camel is still bigger than a horse! Even if I’m poisoned by you, I’m still not someone who you, a mere tiny shrimp, can ever compete with!”

The Ferghana Stallion gritted his teeth because of his hatred against Jiang Chen. A vigorous energy burst out from his body as he raised his palm into the air and unleashed a dazzling golden hoof. Countless runes could be seen all over the hoof, and with tremendous force, it charged into Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen and the Ferghana Stallion exchanged attacks, and he was knocked back a few steps. Just like the Ferghana Stallion had said, an emaciated camel is still bigger than a horse; the Ferghana Stallion was after all a peak Ninth Grade Demon King, and although his combat strength had greatly suffered, he still wasn’t someone that anyone could easily deal with.


Nevertheless, although he managed to knock Jiang Chen back with a single strike, the Ferghana Stallion was in no better condition. He threw up another mouthful of black blood.

“Haha, Ferghana Stallion, the deadly poison has completely penetrated into your body. The more you circulate your Yuan energy and fight, the faster the poison will circulate in your body.”

Jiang Chen roared with laughter. Although the Ferghana Stallion was still very strong, he would still die unless he was able to escape; there was no way he could survive this.

The Ferghana Stallion let out a long neigh that echoed through the entire place. It sounded tragic and stirring, as he was being belittle by someone over his weak condition. After that, the anger transformed into an enormous killing intent. Using his cold gaze, he locked down on Jiang Chen and said, “If that is the case, I’ll kill you first before treating myself.”

By now, the Ferghana Stallion knew that in order for him to leave this place, he would have to kill Jiang Chen first. Otherwise, with Jiang Chen obstructing him, there was no way he could leave.

“Tyrant, Tan Lang, active the killing formation! Let’s attack this stallion together!”

Jiang Chen shouted at Tyrant and Tan Lang. The Ferghana Stallion had been pushed into a desperate situation, and it was no time to underestimate him. However, this situation was also in Jiang Chen’s expectations, that’s why he had laid down this killing formation prior to this. The formation allowed three men to merge their combat strength together and fight against the Ferghana Stallion.


The two of them were previously given a talisman by Jiang Chen, which allowed them to control the killing formation at their will. In the blink of an eye, the killing formation was activated. It connected the auras of the three men together. Tyrant and Tan Lang’s Yuan energy was instantly channeled into Jiang Chen’s body, causing his combat strength to rise abruptly.

"Stallion’s Neigh!"

The Ferghana Stallion roared out. In a flash, he transformed into a Ferghana Stallion. This Ferghana Stallion stood three meters tall and nine meters long, and it looked very majestic. Its body was filled with blood red hairs that shone brightly.

Following the Ferghana Stallion’s furious roars, soundwaves began coming out from his mouth. Each of these soundwaves resembled a scythe, and not only were they razor sharp, they could also penetrate deep into one’s soul and attack it. This was an innate ability of the Ferghana Stallion, similar to Big Yellow’s Soul Crunching Tune. However, it was much weaker compared to Big Yellow’s Soul Crunching Tune. Although the Ferghana Stallion was a rare species among horses, when compared to Dragon Horses who were Divine Beasts, the gap between them was enormous.

The soundwaves shattered the s.p.a.ce and transformed into a vast ocean, shrouding Jiang Chen’s head.

Although he was facing a formidable attack like this, Jiang Chen showed no signs of panicking, and simply countered with a strike of his sword. The Heavenly Saint Sword was a frightening weapon, and there was nothing it couldn’t break, even soundwaves; it could destroy them like cutting through b.u.t.ter with a hot knife. Countless sword energies flew out through the sky, each of them transformed into the figure of a dragon, and they were proudly flying through the air. Finally, they twisted and interweaved into a gigantic net of sword energies and clashed against the Stallion Neigh unleashed by the Ferghana Stallion.


At that instant, the entire s.p.a.ce was destroyed by the violent impact. A huge amount of fiery sparks burst out from the spot where the sword energies and soundwaves had collided, and ignited into a large ocean of flames.

The Ferghana Stallion was indeed frightening. Even though he wasn’t at top shape, the soundwaves unleashed by him had still knocked Jiang Chen back, and that was under the situation where Jiang Chen had utilized the killing formation; merging the combat strength of Tyrant and Tan Lang together. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that if this Ninth Grade Demon King Ferghana Stallion was in top shape, there would be no chance of Jiang Chen defeating him.

“d.a.m.n it, this kid is just a mere Fifth Grade Combat King, how can he be so strong?! It’s a shame I am affected by the poison and can’t unleash all my strength. Otherwise, I would definitely cut this kid into a thousand pieces.”

The Ferghana Stallion couldn’t help but curse. He didn’t feel well currently, as every time he launched a powerful attack, the poison’s effect would become stronger. If the situation continued on like this, his combat strength would become weaker and weaker, and in the end, he wouldn’t be able to deal with Jiang Chen, and might end up at the mercy of Jiang Chen.

A single slip could mean death. Originally, the Ferghana Stallion was cultivating in the Invincible Sect, but because of his own greed, he had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap, which eventually brought him into this life-threatening situation. It was a tragedy.

“Hmph! Nine Phantom Wolves! I don’t believe I can’t kill you today!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. With a sway of his body, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared and surrounded the Ferghana Stallion. At the same time, Tyrant and Tan Lang who were channeling their combat strength into Jiang Chen’s body at one side couldn’t help but feel shocked upon seeing Jiang Chen unleas.h.i.+ng such an amazing movement skill.

The Spatial s.h.i.+ft used by Jiang Chen previously was an incredible skill, and they never expected to see yet another amazing movement skill like this one. In a split second, nine figures had appeared. Using an amazing movement skill like this in a battle was simply frightening, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as a skill that was beneficial in all aspects, especially against the Ferghana Stallion now.

If the Ferghana Stallion was in top shape, he might be able to tell who the real Jiang Chen was with just one look. However, the current Ferghana Stallion’s mental state was currently in great disorder, and he felt incredibly confused as he looked at the nine Jiang Chen. He had no idea which was the real one.


The Ferghana Stallion threw his head back and furiously roared into the sky. He was clueless, and failed to identify which was the real Jiang Chen. Thus, he could only launched an attack and target every Jiang Chen at the same time.

This was the exact result Jiang Chen wanted. As the Ferghana Stallion’s energy had split into multiple attacks, none of them could bring any threat to the real Jiang Chen. With a casual swing of the Heavenly Saint Sword, he could easily destroy the attack that came to him. And, when the other Jiang Chens were destroyed by the Ferghana Stallion, Jiang Chen would use the skill again; unleas.h.i.+ng nine identical Jiang Chens again and surround the Ferghana Stallion.


The Ferghana Stallion furiously roared out, wis.h.i.+ng he could leap onto the real Jiang Chen and devour him alive. But unfortunately, this was one cunning kid. Form the moment the Ferghana Stallion stepped into Jiang Chen’s trap, his destiny had basically been decided. All this time, anything Jiang Chen wanted to accomplish, he would.

“The Ferghana Stallion is finished. Little Chen is just too crafty.”

Tyrant shook his head. He could now see the Ferghana Stallion’s ending.

“Everything is under his control, including the Ferghana Stallion’s life. This was a flawless plan from the beginning. Becoming Jiang Chen’s enemy is just the beginning of a tragedy.”

Tan Lang said with a sigh. The more time he spent with Jiang Chen, the more frightening he seemed. Jiang Chen was like a kind who could control anything, whenever he wanted. Anyone who became his enemy would always face a devastating ending.

The battle continued developing just as Jiang Chen had predicted. The battle went on for another dozen minutes, and with the helped of the Nine Phantom Wolves, Jiang Chen forced the Ferghana Stallion to counter with all his strength each time. He had no other choice but to do this, as he failed to identify which the real Jiang Chen was. If he didn’t launch target all the Jiang Chens, he might leave an opening for the real one to attack, which could severely damage him. After fighting this guy, the Ferghana Stallion was forced to admit that compared to any other man he had met, this guy who was just a mere Fifth Grade Combat King was much more frightening.

Within this time frame, the more Jiang Chen fought, the stronger he became. On the contrary, the Ferghana Stallion’s condition worsened. He was severely affected by the poison, causing his combat strength to constantly be reduced, and he had begun showing signs of losing his strength.

"Haha, Ferghana Stallion, you're finished!"

Jiang Chen began laughing as he retracted all phantom selves back into his body. The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived. The Ferghana Stallion was fading, and now, it was time for Jiang Chen to counterattack.

The Heavenly Saint Sword rose high up into the air and produced a loud cry that shook both heaven and earth. The entire sword looked like a real dragon that had just come alive. It tore a huge crack in s.p.a.ce as it slashed toward the Ferghana Stallion’s head with tremendous momentum.


The Ferghana Stallion furiously roared out and tried resisting with all his strength. But unfortunately, in his current condition, he couldn’t even unleash ten percent of his original combat strength. With such combat strength, how was he going to fight again Jiang Chen?


Like splitting bamboo, the Heavenly Saint Sword sliced away half of the Ferghana Stallion’s body. Even half of his head had been cut off. It was a deadly injury, and blood splashed all over the place. The Ferghana Stallion let out a miserable shriek. He knew he was finished, he knew today was his last today. However, when he thought that a Fifth Grade Combat King was the one to kill him, his heart immediately filled with depression.


Jiang Chen swung his sword once more, slicing apart what remained of the Ferghana Stallion’s head; destroying it and revealing a blood red demon soul. At the same time, Jiang Chen unleashed the True Dragon Palm and took hold of the Ferghana Stallion’s body, and began drawing out its blood essence.