Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 564 – You're Not Stupid, I'm Just Clever

Chapter 564 – You're Not Stupid, I'm Just Clever

Chapter 564 - You're Not Stupid, I'm Just Clever

Hiding somewhere and witnessing everything, Tyrant and Tan Lang couldn’t help but give Jiang Chen a big thumbs up. Although he currently didn’t resemble Jiang Chen in any way, they knew Jiang Chen had the ability to disguise himself as anybody. Now, seeing the Ferghana Stallion falling into Jiang Chen’s trap one step at a time, deep in their minds, they had thrown themselves at Jiang Chen’s feet in admiration. Especially when they saw the Ferghana Stallion consume the first pill, they just couldn’t hold back their admiration. This guy could even predict that the Ferghana Stallion would suspect the first pill, so he simply made two of them.

If Jiang Chen had only concocted a poisonous pill, the Ferghana Stallion would definitely have sensed something wrong about it. At that point of time, all their effort would go to waste. But now, it was a completely different story. The Ferghana Stallion had consumed a perfectly normal pill, and he had no reason to suspect the other pill, which looked exactly the same as the first one.


After the Ferghana Stallion consumed the Profound Nine Solar Pill, a windy sound could be heard from his body. At the same time, his body could be seen glowing with a golden light, and it was as if he had turned young again. The transformation was very obvious. Of course, a peerless pill concocted by the greatest Saint underneath the heavens that also contained a large amount of Nine Solar Holy Water, the result would indeed be frightening. Even if it was consumed by the Ferghana Stallion, who was a Ninth Grade Demon King, the result would still be excellent.

The Ferghana Stallion took a deep breath and praised, “This is indeed a peerless pill. Since this milky white rock is able to support both pills, I’m guessing it must be a treasure as well. I’ll bring this rock back later as well. What a fortune! Ruan Hao, you have made a great contribution! When we return, I’ll reward you handsomely!”

The Ferghana Stallion patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and said in a praising manner. After consuming the Profound Nine Solar Pill, he felt his const.i.tution changing, and felt that this was indeed a great fortune for himself. After that, as expected, the Ferghana Stallion moved his glance over to the other pill; a greedy look visible in his eyes.

“Master Ferghana, I can tell that your cultivation has reached the peak of the Ninth Grade Demon King realm. If you consume the last pill, perhaps you can find an opportunity to break through to the Demon Emperor realm! Wouldn’t that be great?”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing that, an expression of great joy instantly emerged on the Ferghana Stallion’s face. However, he pretended to be embarra.s.sed, “I don’t think this is appropriate. I previously promise you that we would each take one pill. If I take them both, it would seem like I’m bullying you.”

Although the Ferghana Stallion said it like that, he was unable to move his eyes away from the last pill. He was very happy and delighted that this disciple would come up with the idea of letting him enjoy both pills by himself.

“It’s certainly more important for Master Ferghana to break through to the Demon Emperor realm! If I take this pill, the result will be far less effective. I’m wholeheartedly willing to give this pill to Master Ferghana! I just hope that Master Ferghana can promote me in the sect.”

Jiang Chen said with utmost sincerity. His sincerity truly touched the Ferghana Stallion. Once again, the Ferghana Stallion patted Jiang Chen on his shoulder, then said with a loud voice, “Alright, Ruan Hao, you’re an excellent disciple! I’ll put your kindness in my heart. From now on, you’ll be under my protection. In the future, if anyone dares to bully you in the Invincible Sect, I’ll be the first one to punish them. Also, once we’ve returned, I’ll immediately reward you with a better status and cultivation resources. From now on, I’ll make you rise to a position of great importance; I’ll make you skyrocket through the roof!”

The Ferghana Stallion kept putting out promises. He really like this disciple. Initially, he thought it would be rather shameful for him to seize the last pill by force, but he never expected this disciple to be such a sensible man. This truly moved him.

“Thank you, Master Ferghana! I will definitely serve Master Ferghana faithfully!”

Jiang Chen showed a look of being overwhelmed by the favors, and cupped his first toward the Ferghana Stallion. Looking at how he was behaving, Tyrant and Tan Lang were soundlessly laughing until their stomachs nearly cramped. This guy could really put up a good show, and his acting skills had reached an expert level. However, it was rather shameless as well.


The Ferghana Stallion nodded his head and stretched out his arm once again, shattering the seal protecting the last pill. Under Jiang Chen’s ardent glance, he simply put it into his mouth and swallowed it.

The pill turned into a raging medicinal energy and flooded the Ferghana Stallion’s entire body in an instant. Without having any doubts regarding this last pill, the Ferghana Stallion straightaway began absorbing it. His intention was to use this pill to break through to the Demon Emperor realm, so he made sure to absorb it thoroughly. This method of absorption could infuse all the medicinal energy into his bones and blood. This also meant that it would infuse all the poison contained within the pill into his bones and blood, thus making it impossible for him to expel it from his body.

Jiang Chen began laughing wholeheartedly. The moment the Ferghana Stallion swallowed the pill, he knew his plan had worked. Also, as the Ferghana Stallion was now standing right in the middle of the formation Jiang Chen had laid down, he was like a tortoise in a jar, and it would be near impossible for him to escape.

Before the Ferghana Stallion could express his pleasure, his expression changed dramatically. A layer of black mist suddenly emerged on his face.

“Something isn’t right, there is a problem with this pill.”

The Ferghana Stallion was greatly frightened. The deadly poison was now swimming around inside his body. In an instant, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of black blood. The Venomous Nether Toad and Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison combined could be considered the deadliest poison underneath the heavens. The Ferghana Stallion was lucky, as he was a powerful Ninth Grade Demon King. If it was any other ordinary man, the poison would have instantly killed him.

In fact, if the Ferghana Stallion could detect the poison upon swallowing the pill, with his abilities, he would be able to expel the poison from his body. Even if he couldn’t expect the poison, he could still at least temporarily suppress it. But unfortunately, as his guard was down upon consumed the last pill, the poison had now penetrated deep into his blood and bone marrow, corroding his body and all his internal organs at a constant pace. The damage caused to him was unimaginable, and it was nearly impossible for him to suppress the poison any longer.

"Pu... this poison is so strong!"

The Ferghana Stallion once more threw up a mouthful of blood. His condition after being poisoned was far more serious than what Jiang Chen had expected. The Ferghana Stallion turned to Jiang Chen who was standing beside him, and he could see that Jiang Chen was wearing a smile while staring at him. When he recalled what had previously happened, he immediately understood what was going on, “You did this?”

"Haha, that's right."

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out. At this point of time, there was no need for him to remain disguised. His facial bones began twisting, and in the blink of an eye, he returned to his original look. At the same time, the magnificent scenery transformed into a desolate valley. The crystal clear water pond had transformed into a pool of dead water. The milky white rock the Ferghana Stallion had planned on bringing away had also disappeared. Everything was like a dream; vanished upon waking up. At the same time, two figures revealed themselves, and they were staring at the Ferghana Stallion with smiles on their faces.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, who are you? You actually dare plot against this king?!”

The Ferghana Stallion furiously shouted. Up until this point of time, even an idiot would know he had been fooled. What happened today was something that had been prearranged, including those two pills. He hated to admit this, but this trap had worked out well. Even if he had to repeat this once again, he would still be fooled.

“I’m Jiang Chen. Ferghana Stallion, the poison in your body is a mix of the Venomous Nether Toad and Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison. Your greed made you completely absorb the pill, and now, the deadly poison has penetrated deeply into your blood and bone marrow. You’re doomed, give up on defending and surrender now.”

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out as he took out the Heavenly Saint Sword. Although the Ferghana Stallion was poisoned, causing his combat strength to be greatly reduced, he was after all still a Ninth Grade Demon King with a rare bloodline, so Jiang Chen had to deal with him using his full strength.


The Ferghana Stallion threw up another mouth of black blood. His condition was getting word, especially after hearing the Venomous Nether Toad and Green h.e.l.lish Python’s name. His expression immediately became extremely unsightly. He obviously knew of both these poisonous demons. Both of them were kings amongst the myriads of poisons. With his current condition, if he rushes to Mount Luoxia now and obtains the Sect Chief’s help, he might still have a chance to expel the poison in his body, allowing him to survive. The more he delayed, the worse his condition would get.

“You’re the Jiang Chen who attracted Heavenly Tribulation? It’s surprising that you’re still alive! But, you actually dare harm me? This is ridiculous!”

The Ferghana Stallion spewed out his words through his tightly clenched teeth. He had long ago heard of Jiang Chen’s name; a man who could attract Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm; the monster who destroyed the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail! Jiang Chen’s fame had spread far and wide. However, the Ferghana Stallion had no idea why Jiang Chen wanted to hurt him after returning.

However, it was useless to think about that now. The Ferghana Stallion knew he was in an extremely dangerous situation.

"Save your breath! Ferghana Stallion, you can go to die now!"

Jiang Chen shouted. He forcefully swung the Heavenly Saint Sword, aiming at the Ferghana Stallion’s head.

“Hmph! You must be dreaming! You’re only a Fifth Grade Combat King, there is no way you can defeat me. Even if I’m poisoned, my strength is still not something you can ever match. However, since I’m in a unique condition today, I’ll spare your life temporarily. Some day in the future, I will definitely cut you into a thousand pieces and let that serve as my revenge!”

The Ferghana Stallion dodged the Heavenly Saint Sword. After leaving behind a threatening speech, he instantly ripped apart s.p.a.ce and entered the void. He just wished he could kill Jiang Chen and the other two, but he was well aware that his current condition didn’t allow him to delay further. Thus, leaving this place and rushed for the Sect Chief was his number one priority.


But in the following moment, the Ferghana Stallion was knocked straight out of the void. Jiang Chen’s trapping formation had completely sealed off this valley.