Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 563 – Falling into the Trap

Chapter 563 – Falling into the Trap

Chapter 563 – Falling into the Trap

"Who are you?"

Ruan Hao was extremely shocked. He had never met this young man in white before, and there wasn’t anyone in Changling City who resembled this man. However, this young man had the ability to stealthily enter his room without alerting anyone. This proved how strong this young man was.

“I’m Jiang Chen, the one who vanished for a few months. However, I’ve returned. I thought your Invincible Sect was looking all over for me?”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

"What? You're Jiang Chen?"

Ruan Hao cried out in shock. A killing intent suddenly burst out from his body.

In a flash, an even stronger aura burst out from Jiang Chen’s body, flooding onto Ruan Hao like the fiercest wave. Ruan Hao’s expression instantly changed, because to his shock, he couldn’t even move a little bit under the suppression of Jiang Chen’s aura.

“You better not make any noise. Otherwise, I’ll kill you in an instant. If you attract someone here, everyone will be killed with you. And don’t think I’m joking.”

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent manner. His glances was very cold; as if it could freeze one’s soul. Ruan Hao inwardly shuddered. He did not doubt Jiang Chen’s words. This was an extremely formidable man, and if he went on a rampage and started killing, perhaps there would be no survivors left in the City Lord Mansion today. Even Ruan Hao’s father, who was a Sixth Grade Combat King would be killed in the end. Ruan Hao didn’t know what happened in the Chaotic Ocean yet, he wasn’t aware that Jiang Chen had just killed the Second Tyc.o.o.n, who was an Eighth Grade Combat King. However, even so, under Jiang Chen’s oppressive aura, he dared not move or make any noise.

"You… what do you want?"

Ruan Hao's voice was trembling.

“I have to questions for you. Did the Ferghana Stallion follow the Sect Chief to Mount Luoxia?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“No, the Ferghana Stallion is still in the Invincible Sect. It didn’t follow the Sect Chief.”

Not daring to hesitate, Ruan Hao quickly answered.

“Which mountain in the Invincible Sect does the Ferghana Stallion cultivate on?”

Jiang Chen asked again.

“On the Invincible Peak. It lives with the Sect Chief.”

Ruan Hao had no idea why Jiang Chen asked these questions, but that didn’t stop him from giving the correct answers.

"That's all I need. I won't kill you, but I'll need you to sleep."

After saying that, Jiang Chen slapped Ruan Hao’s head with his palm. Ruan Hao rolled his eyes and fainted immediately. In a flash, Jiang Chen once again vanished into thin air. He didn’t kill Ruan Hao, as the guy had no grudges with him. Although Ruan Hao was a disciple of the Invincible Sect, he hadn’t had anything to do with Jiang Chen before this.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen was going to use Ruan Hao’s ident.i.ty. When Jiang Chen left Changling City, his face had changed into Ruan Hao’s. After that, he began rus.h.i.+ng over to the Invincible Sect. When Ruan Hao later awakened, everything would come to an end.

In order for Jiang Chen to sneak into the Invincible Sect, he would need a proper ident.i.ty. And, in order to get in touch with the Ferghana Stallion, he would need a rather important ident.i.ty. Thus, Ruan Hao was the perfect choice. Soon it would be morning. Jiang Chen needed to lure the Ferghana Stallion out as soon as possible, attracting it to the traps he had previous set up.

Invincible Sect. Similar to most other sects, it was built on a mountain range. It was a place with a magnificent scenery and dense natural Yuan energy. A perfect place for cultivation.

When Jiang Chen finally arrived at the Invincible Sect’s entrance, the sky had started becoming bright. Wearing white clothes, Jiang Chen strode toward the entrance.

A few of the disciples standing guard appeared in his sight. When they saw someone coming, they immediately walked up. Upon seeing it was Ruan Hao, they quickly bowed their heads.

“Senior disciple Ruan, I thought you had returned home? Why did you came back so soon?”

One of the men said in a rather flattering manner.


Jiang Chen nodded his head unconcernedly. He didn’t pay much attention to these disciples, and went straight into the Invincible Sect.

Following what Ruan Hao told him earlier, Jiang Chen found the direction to the Invincible Peak and flew over there straightaway. Since Ruan Hao’s status and position in the Invincible Sect was quite good, he wasn’t stopped by anybody on his way, and was able to quickly reach the Invincible Peak.

The Invincible Peak was the Sect Chief’s exclusive cultivation place. During normal times, aside from the Sect Chief himself, the other resident of this place would be his mount, the Ferghana Stallion. Right at this moment, at the top of the Invincible Peak, a burly man was sitting with folded legs. He was wearing a blood-red robe, and even his hair was blood-red. The man had a very masculine body, and his disheveled red hair gave him a ferocious touch. His eyes shone with a red gleam, and his body was emanating a very powerful demonic energy.

This burly man was none other than the Ferghana Stallion who Jiang Chen was looking for.

Jiang Chen came straight onto the Invincible Peak and strode up to the Ferghana Stallion. The Ferghana Stallion stared at Jiang Chen, then with a cold voice, he said, “The Invincible Peak is not a place anyone can come to. It looks like you don’t know the rules.”

“I’m Ruan Hao, a core disciple of the Invincible Sect. Junior greets master Ferghana.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist and greeted the Ferghana Stallion.

"What is your purpose here?"

The Ferghana Stallion asked with an impatient expression. He didn’t know this Ruan Hao. Well, as the Invincible Sect had so many disciples, he barely knew any of them. During normal times, he only followed the Sect Chief.

“Master Ferghana, I’m here looking for the Sect Chief. However, since the Sect Chief isn’t around, I have no choice but to see Master Ferghana’s help. Two days ago, while I went out to temper myself, I stumbled upon a strange place. At that place, I found two pills, and both of them were emitting pure Yang energy. Nevertheless, as my cultivation was too weak, there was no way I could break the seal of those pills.”

Jiang Chen said.

"En? Two pills?"

The Ferghana Stallion’s eyes instantly lit up. The pills that were sealed, they must be pills of excellent quality. Also, since it was a seal even a Third Grade Combat King couldn’t break, it proved that these pills were no ordinary ones.

“That’s right. That place was originally a desolate valley, but because of those two pills, the place is now filled with spring air and energy. I’m guessing that these two pills are some incredible treasures. If they are found by anyone else, it will be a great loss for us, the Invincible Sect. And since the Sect Chief isn’t around, that’s why I came here, hoping that Master Ferghana can personally help me with this matter.”

Jiang Chen said like it was something that had really happened.

“Is this real? Does such a mystical pill really exist?”

The Ferghana Stallion stood up straightway. As a demon with a rare bloodline, he knew there were some natural treasures that existed in this world. If what Ruan Hao said was true, these two pills must be of superb quality.

“I would never dare fool Master Ferghana!”

Jiang Chen said, intentionally showing some fear as he spoke.

“Fine, I doubt you have the guts to fool me. I’ll follow you and pay a visit to that valley. At that point of time, we’ll split the pills; one for each of us.”

The Ferghana Stallion said.

"Thank you, Master Ferghana!"

Jiang Chen pretended to be extremely grateful.

The Ferghana Stallion grabbed onto Jiang Chen’s should and vanished into thin air. A disciple of the Invincible Sect would never fool him, that’s why the Ferghana Stallion didn’t doubt Jiang Chen’s words. More importantly, as the Sect Chief had gone to Mount Luoxia, staying in the Invincible Peak by himself was quite boring. If he could find himself a mystical pill, perhaps it could help him break through to the Combat Emperor realm. It would truly be marvelous if that happened.

Jiang Chen wore a faint smile on his face throughout the entire journey. Yet, only he was aware of what the smile meant. The Ferghana Stallion had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap, and what awaited him was an inevitable death.

When Jiang Chen arrived at the valley with the Ferghana Stallion, the sky was filled with light. Tyrant and Tan Lang had long ago hidden themselves inside the formations, and since the illusionary realm was controlled by Jiang Chen, the Ferghana Stallion wouldn’t be able to discover Tyrant and Tan Lang.

"Master Ferghana, look, this is the place."

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at the valley.

The Ferghana Stallion looked at the situation inside the valley. When he saw the br.i.m.m.i.n.g energy lingering within the valley, his eyes instantly lit up.

“The natural Yuan energy is lacking in this place, and this place is filled with desolate energy. I never expected this place to actually be so beautiful! It looks like this is really caused by these two pills.”

The Ferghana Stallion was filled with great joy. He finally made a conclusion that Ruan Hao wasn’t trying to fool him, and he didn’t suspect Jiang Chen at all. He immediately rushed into the valley. Tyrant and Tan Lang who were hiding inside the illusionary realm could clearly see the Ferghana Stallion arriving. The two men quickly held their breaths, and dared not leak out any of their aura, scared that they would alert the Ferghana Stallion.

In fact, the Ferghana Stallion’s attention was currently all focused on those two pills hovering above the large rock. He could clearly sense the pure herbal energy contained within the two pills. For the Ferghana Stallion, the Nine Solar Holy Water’s attraction was irresistible to him, and extremely tempting.

"There are really two pills here."

The Ferghana Stallion’s eyes lit up.

“Master Ferghana, the two pills are protected by a seal, and I have no way of breaking them.”

Jiang Chen said.

"Let me have a look."

The Ferghana Stallion stretched out his hand, grabbing toward one of the pills. However, he instantly felt a repelling force.

“Indeed, they are protected by a seal. This seal is very difficult to break for any cultivator below the Sixth Grade Combat King realm. For me, this is a piece of cake. “

The Ferghana Stallion exerted his strength, and with a cracking sound, the seal was broken, and the Profound Nine Solar Pill fell into his palm. This pill was the genuine one, not the one with poison.

After obtaining the pill, the Ferghana Stallion brought it to his nose and gave it a good smell. After that, he sent out his divine sense and examined it thoroughly. After making sure there were no problems with the pill, he said, “It is indeed a top grade pill. If I can consume this pill, it will certainly bring me great benefits.”

“If that is the case, Master Ferghana should consume is right away. This is Master Ferghana’s luck and fortune!”

Jiang Chen quickly flattered. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to fool this Ferghana Stallion, and that he would definitely examine the pill thoroughly. That’s why Jiang Chen purposely concocted two of them, one normal, and one poisoned. Once the Ferghana Stallion consumed the first pill, he wouldn’t suspect the second one.

“En, you’ve done good, young man. Let me try this pill first.”

The Ferghana Stallion looked at Jiang Chen with praise. He then placed the pill straight into his mouth and swallowed it. Witnessing this, a smile once again emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He knew that once the Ferghana Stallion took the first pill, he would not give the second one to Jiang Chen.